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"Why did you hit your sister?"

"She just pushed Ruyi not to play with their toys!" Kidney beans are righteous and have no intention of giving in at all. "Then you can play sister? It’s a shame for you to hit a girl by a boy! " Sun also don’t know the end. "Well, it’s all children. It’ll be all right […]

Jane has a deep affection for Ling Fei. If he goes out directly to stop Jane from listening, the best messenger is their family.

"Our baby is really a small jealousy altar!" Jane smiled and rubbed Xiao Ran’s face and added, "Let’s not go to the advanced house outside." Chapter 649 Thank you for not letting me go. It is not only Lingfeiyu’s first visit to the Qin family’s camp in the United States, but also her first visit. […]

The housekeeper was embarrassed to say, "Well, we all came out of Jiaocheng by car this time. Because no one has aged for a long time, I’m afraid there is a safety hazard, and Sir Zhong has something urgent to go back to Beijing. I wonder if you can give us a lift at a familiar time?"

What? Shen Xinyu thought that if he borrowed a car, she could consider it, but she wanted to plant Gu Zhenglin for a ride. Let her go with that malefic? Shen Xinyu’s heart is a little resistant. Although she spent a short time together that day, she still doesn’t want to get too close to […]

My mind is not stable. After Su Ling thought for half a day, I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand and pull away the burn-in dust and hug her arm. Then I got up from the wooden couch with a very gentle gesture. When she was softly on the ground, she glanced at the sleeping burn-in dust and made a perfect sleep for him, and then I walked out of the wing.

And just as she turned and left the instant soft couch, the sleeper suddenly opened her eyes, and a pair of bright eyes like obsidian were not sleepy! * In the middle of the night, Su Ling sat alone at the front desk of the wing with her hands dragging her cheeks, and some gods […]

But now, they are used to it. The man who always wins is like this, and his mouth stinks. But it seems almost impossible for him to change this habit. When he meets things and people he doesn’t like, he will be sarcastic and critical without mercy.

Since it can’t be changed, and journalists have to interview him and pay no attention to him, then they have to endure … For today’s journalists, it’s no longer offensive to be a constant winner. They just think it’s a constant winner’s mantra. "But when we asked Mourinho this question, he looked very angry …" […]

"I’m still worried"

How to say don’t listen to Qin Yue also don’t say, embrace Jane’s head and kiss. Sometimes talking, regardless of action, is more effective than anything else. It is agreed that today is the two of them, and it is the two of them. No matter who or Xiao Ran, he doesn’t want anyone to […]

"If you’re afraid that I’ll take your credit, you can rest assured that I won’t start work as a witness … after all, I want to see people die and see the body."

"I knew this old thing didn’t believe me." The snake demon scolded 1 but didn’t stop Yu Zhong from extending the snake letter for a moment. He said hoarsely, "This way." The wind urged the snow to follow the snake demon in silence until the snake demon took him through the bushes to a hidden […]