"Well, I’m going to take a trip to Hao Xiao Tian Yi and then I’ll save the happy bodhi old zu back to your peaceful practice in an instant."

Sue should say that finish a punch bomb broken virtual walked toward the jade palace.
Chapter 1316 Tianhaiyan
As soon as Sue came out of the Jade Palace, she thought about Qingzhou Yang.
It is convenient for him to land in the heaven when he met Wang Ran in Qingyang City, and then he collected the forces of the whole Qingyang Mountain by his own means.
This is one of his strongholds. Sue should plan to wait for more and more demons to teach people the day after tomorrow, and then all of them will be sent to heaven to be stationed in Qingyang Mountain range.
As the saying goes, there are so many mountains hidden in the city’s heaven, so it can be said that it is definitely a great help for Su Ying to grow up a little bit in the sand of the Ganges River.
Sue should take a virtual step and go directly to Qingyang Ancient Pagoda in Qingyang Mountain Range, and his mind will move directly to the top of the ancient pagoda.
"What person?"
To the king of dyeing is closed practice suddenly feel someone interest through Qingyang pagoda banned can not help but heart in a surprised.
"I don’t panic."
See bearer such as king dye face one leng suddenly surprise way "male come back! Meet the public. "
"All right, all right."
Su Ying smiled and looked at Wang Ran. "You are already a half-step god. It’s very good."
Wang Ran heard that Su Ying praised Qiao’s face and smiled. "This is all thanks to the public. Without the public, it is impossible for me to get a glimpse of the God."
Su Ying nodded and Wang Ran said yes. If he hadn’t met his own Wang Ran, it would have been impossible for him to reach the realm of the emperor.
This is the fate, some people meet noble people, if they grasp it, they can soar, otherwise they will remain so for life.
Wang Ran is obviously the former. She met Su Ying and Su Ying gave her an opportunity.
"What is the development of Qingyang Mountain now?" Sue should sit the ancient pagoda throne inquired.
Wang Ran didn’t want to think directly, saying, "Report back to the whole 600-million-mile Qingyang Mountain range, and all the clan ministers and sects are my spiritual sects, and every door owner has been banned by me. If you don’t slay it on the spot."
"Good" Sue should nod and suddenly move a finger in her heart.
For a moment, a spiritual idea entered the sea of Wang Ran’s knowledge. Looking at Wang Ran, he looked puzzled. Su Ying smiled, "This is a sacred school. You can practice in the future. You may not have failed to achieve the sacred statue. Maybe these spiritual veins will also give you a master resource."
"God reveres God"
King dye gawk back to mind JueXue whole charming body couldn’t help shivering.
Their spiritual school is the highest Juexue, that is, a true god achievement method. Even she herself only came to this step by Su Ying and Qingyang Pagoda.
But now Su Ying is ready to give her a unique skill, which can make her not excited?
This is Shenzun Avenue
If you achieve the deity, then you are the real overlord of heaven and the real enemy.
In the past, Wang Rangen didn’t even dare to think about it, but now it still feels like a dream.
"You don’t have to think much about it. After practicing hard, the benefits will be more. I’m leaving and I’ll call you."
Su Ying’s face echoed in his mind for a long time when the whole person disappeared directly.
Leaving Qingyang ancient city, Su Ying hurried to Tianhai without stopping for a moment.
Tianhai was formed by the aftermath of the collapse of heaven and earth in ancient times.
Several tributaries flowed into the river for 33 days to form a weak water Tianhe 3.
Su Ying walked all the way through the void, but it took five or six days to feel the place in the heavens and the earth.
"The treasure house of Ganyuan Venerable is a tributary of Tianhai, but it’s a pity that there are too many Tianhe in 33 days. My current strength is not calculated by Wang Baoku."
Su Ying suddenly thought that he had got Ganyuan’s powerful magical power, which was the Juexue of Ganyuan Venerable in Heaven.
The venerable Ganyuan is the same as the venerable Tongyuan.
Ganyuan Venerable Master Tongyuan Venerable patrol the sky on behalf of Su Ying, and the deserted celestial ship is owned by Tongyuan Venerable.
They are both kings of gods, but the emperors of the heavens are their right-hand men.
As soon as he landed, he saw a huge vortex, and the sea suddenly became calmer than the violent sky. A huge vortex appeared in the center of the sea, pulling four Zhou Haishui into the vortex!
"This is Tianhai"
This vortex does not enter the volume, and everything devours everything. We should see that the deep part of the vortex has a strong tearing force, tearing up the virtual tears and twisting the seawater into different dimensions, and it keeps forming and breaking. Even if the general ancestors are involved, I am afraid it will be difficult to support it for a long time and then it will be ground into slag!
"In the past, the aftermath of the big burst of heaven and earth? Really terrible! "
Sue should carefully feel the sense of touch. In this maelstrom, there is a kind of conan the destroyer’s dead breath, but it will be hidden, not contained and not leaked. But if it breaks out, it is bound to be conan the destroyer!
This kind of power makes his heart palpitation, and the breath in the whirlpool is faint, which can restrain him. Ten thousand scriptures make him feel that a thousand people in his heart are unwilling to step into it.
His ten thousand scriptures reappear the ancient glory, thirty-three days and ten levels of hell, and this whirlpool is the great destruction of heaven and earth. The aftermath once destroyed the great past, and the world threatened him greatly enough to destroy his body and everything!
"World tree breath!"
Su Ying felt a shock in her heart and suddenly felt that the world tree in this maelstrom was alive, and her eyes suddenly became brighter and heavier. "I didn’t expect there to be a world tree here."
Sue should be in situ wanted to think immediately strode towards the sea eye.
The world tree is so important to him that if he can get another piece, it will make him grow faster.
And the other body avenue can also be completely undertaken.
When the time comes, the king of God will not talk.
When he came to Haiyan and looked down at the square sea eye, it was really like a huge magic eye, which was daunting. There was a surge of earth suction in the sea eye. This suction was enough to suck a peak deity into the sea eye, and the closer it was to the suction, the greater it would be, and eventually the king of God would be pulled into the sea eye to escape!
Tianhai Haiyan is the creation of heaven and earth, and the lingering aftermath of the collapse of the world is far stronger than the human law of God, the king and the soldiers.
However, Su Ying can’t go there. There are a small number of tree fragments living outside the world, and most of them are in the hands of the gods. Su Ying’s current strength is to snatch it from these gods.
In the eyes of the sea, the debris of the world tree is the main object. If he can get it, his strength will make great progress and he may even break through to become the king of God!
However, the sea eye is really dangerous and can trap the king of God. Even Su Ying has some worries. If you enter the sea eye and come back to wait for him, it will be the old dead sea. There is no second possibility!
"This sea eye devours the breath of everything in heaven and earth, but it doesn’t show the breath of the world tree. It can be handed out from the sea eye. The fragments of the world tree in the sea eye must be serious … huh? There are still others here! "
Sue should suddenly stop and feel thick breath of the earth, and immediately search for breath. Looking at this sea eye, Fiona Fang is thousands of miles away like a huge eye.
He suddenly noticed that the sea eye was full of visions, lifeless, frantic and collapsed, and the power swept into a huge eye, just like narrowing the sea eye.
"Someone watched the operation of the sea eye in an attempt to deduce a profound mental method from the aftermath of the ancient Great Disintegration!"
Su Ying looked at the center of this huge eyeball with awe and saw that the magic eye was full of death and destruction. At the center of the eyeball, a young man stared at the sea eye, and various runes, characters, numbers and symbols appeared on the surface of a huge sphere. Crazy calculation of the operation of the sea eye attempted to reproduce the ancient great disillusionment!
Chapter 1317 is a little small
Sue should frown slightly and be alert in her heart. Look carefully and see that this young man is dressed very luxuriously and richly. He should be from an extraordinary background. Behind him stands a door, one layer of doors covers another layer of doors. I don’t know how many doors have been opened. The last layer of doors has not been opened.
Obviously, this person, like him, also opened a door and reached the peak of God.
"I am trying to reproduce the ancient grand world, but this person is trying to deduce the ancient great disillusionment. If he calculates the ancient great disillusionment, isn’t it said that he can restrain my mind?"
Su Ying’s heart was shocked. This is a very mysterious and strange way of thinking. Su Ying’s previous experience is very different.
Su Ying has seen the strong and pure Yang Gate, the Ying Zhao Merit Gate, the Demonbane Taiquan Gate and the HarmonyOS Gate Xuanzang Gate, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a strange and strange gate!
The first floor rhyme of these doors is not strong, very weak and unsightly, just a little stronger than the divine king, which can be regarded as a common method, but the first floor rhyme breeds the second floor door, and the second floor door rhyme will go beyond the first floor, and then breed the third door, and then breed the fourth and fifth floors …
All the way to the center gate 49!
This man’s door is stronger than the first floor, and the Heaven and Earth Avenue born in the center door will be awesome!
And sue should immediately realize that this kind of mentality is not only as simple as being tough, but also the most outstanding place, that is, Ann.
When he jumped out of the door, he had to face his own way to crush it, but this person’s mentality was to jump out of the first door step by step, and he was already able to say that his god’s ability to repair was greatly improved, and he was 100% sure when he faced the second door.
When he jumps out of the second floor, his repair strength will rise to the point of jumping out of the third floor again, and so on. Finally, the 49th door can make him become more powerful!
"Emperor level center method! Who is this person? "

If the water is not deep, the dragon is the spirit.

Here, the immortal hidden dragon looms in the landscape.
Quiet house, this hidden feng shui brings together Fang aura.
It’s like being congratulated by a hundred officials
"What is this place?"
Su Yu stared at the small house in front of her eyes and unconsciously made ripples.
The feng shui here is excellent, and there are no signs of people living here.
However, it seems that people often come here to clean it, which shows that the owner of the quiet cottage is very fond of it.
Such a precious place will be lent to myself and my father?
Su Yu’s heart is confused, but Su Long is already stirring at the moment.
Quiet cottage, elegant waterside pavilion, lotus pond cyan and lotus stand on its feet.
These are all what she once said!
She’s-she’s really!
"Feather, let’s live here."
Su Long suddenly debuted, and he looked excited and looked around with nostalgia.
Su Yu gave a silent hand and waved back Anfu.
Such a precious place must be owned by my mother who has never met before.
Being such a treasure doesn’t mean that you can get it.
Unless the mother is in a very high position!
Thinking about wearing the Oracle since childhood, Long Pei Su Yu’s eyes are dark.
Anfu quietly back out when he saw this.
Everyone knows that Su Yu, the Emperor of Yanhuang, is ruthless and decisive, and he can laugh and kill a star field when he treats aliens with iron and blood.
But at the same time, the Emperor Yanhuang and Su was a man who was kind to the people and held a high position in his hand.
However, people know that the good name and the bad name are neck and neck, and the Emperor Yanhuang is a complete filial piety.
Feeling at the same time, Anfu heart also has some doubts.
This quiet cottage is one of the few treasures in Ziya Mountain.
Although Su Yu is an emperor of Terran and the first saint of Xinghai, can she live in this quiet cottage?
What is intriguing is that the construction of the quiet cottage originated from the request of the Virgin of Ziya Mountain.
Don’t Terran Su Yu Notre Dame have any connection?
Anfu secretly thought about it and quickly went to report the situation to the bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain.
942 Chapter 942 Chapter 942 Zhang Anzhi Confucianism Calculation
Back to Ziya Mountain, the ancestral mountain!
Anfu told me everything that happened.
The bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain naturally knows what happened at the entrance of Ziya Mountain, and the bodhi old zu is more willing to listen to Anfu to say what he thinks.
A dazzling twenty years have passed.
Seeing Su Long and Su Yu again, he couldn’t help feeling deeply.
I still remember that after the return of An Yuxin, he ordered people to build that quiet cottage.
After the cottage was built, she devoted herself to cultivation and ranked first.
Purple cliff mountain bodhi old zu staring at the bottom of Anfu eyes flashed a little thought.
Is it time to announce that the original owner has returned to Ziya Mountain as a minor theme?
Before he could speak, an announcer hurried in.
"The ancestors have something important to report."
The announcer knelt down toward the bodhi old zu low way
"Come on, there are no outsiders here."
The bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain came to Anfu to smell the news, and his mind was shocked and his heart was ecstatic.
The bodhi old zu regards him as a confidant!
"The bodhi old zu Gu Tianjiao joined Liao and fell."
The bodhi old zu turned his mind to Ziya Mountain, and it was a little late to send the news today.
The announcer’s voice stopped and Confucianism immediately showed surprise.
Gu Tianjiao joined Liao. That’s a semi-dragon Tianjiao!
Who is so powerful that even Gu Tianjiao was killed!
"Is it a human place?"
Ann check Confucianism hurriedly asked
"It’s the first saint of Xinghai. The most terrible thing is that he didn’t even move his spiritual power, which led to the explosion of the ancient tianjiao."
"The celestial pride of Yan Huang only produced nine saints who killed dozens of scorpions, snakes and semi-dragons."
"Even the semi-dragon Yaolongtang was destroyed by Yanhuang."
The informant said in a low voice that his voice was a little unsettled.
Anyone who knows this kind of news will be shocked.
"This news can be taken seriously! ?”

Sue should Zhang Jinghong heart a loose hurriedly hand way

Su ying
Zhang Jinghong
The barefoot girl smiled and said, "Aren’t the two brothers going to invite your little sister to sit down?"
Su Ying Zhang Jinghong glances smiled and stretched out his hand to invite him to say with smile "Girl please"
With a smile on her face, the girl walked leisurely, and the jade bird fell off the boat. The wings of the jade bird behind her turned into a maid, and the girl followed her closely.
"Sure enough, mother bird!" Niu Shan beamed and made eyes at the bluebird.
The girl glared at him mercilessly and then looked up and ignored him. He was very proud and charming.
Su Ying asked the barefoot girl to sit down and smiled. "The girl should be passing by this time. I don’t know what I want to do with my brothers?"
"My surname is Su Ming Sunset, and this is my sister, Qingqueer Little Sister. You won’t take the liberty to visit two brothers, will you?"
Su Sunset laughed. "Just now, my little sister came on her way and suddenly she saw someone huffing and puffing and heard two breathtaking sounds, so she came to see the two brothers. She was relieved and malicious."
She has a strange charm. Although she is very straightforward, she does not hesitate to tell her stories directly, but it makes people feel good about her.
Su Ying said with a smile, "It’s just a temporary breakthrough that will make you lose your breath."
He didn’t explain the story. Su Ying, a vegetarian and a profound scholar, should guess that even if Zhang Jinghong teamed up with him, he would not be a rival.
When they talked, Zhang Jinghong thought for a moment, but then he suddenly looked up and said with surprise, "You are a sunset!"
Sunset Zhan Yan smiled and glanced at Zhang Jinghong and nodded, "Little sister is."
Su Ying looked at Zhang Jinghong with a suspicious face. This bitch seems to know a lot about this woman. Then she listened to him and explained, "It’s really what I said. Ahem, let me introduce it again. My name is Zhang Jinghong from mending the magic religion. This is my brother. Su Ying is a saint who shoots the venerable man."
As soon as Su Ying and Zhang Jinghong heard of Su Sunset, one of them was a mending-heaven magic sect, and the other one was even worse, but it was actually said that he was a younger brother of the venerable master.
Suddenly, the beautiful eyes looked at Su Ying for a few more times and then laughed. "It turns out that both of them are big sects, especially this Su Xiong turned out to be a younger brother."
Su Ying took a look at Zhang Jinghong, but when she saw this bitch staring at Su Sunset with a smug look on her face, she suddenly asked, "I wonder who the girl is?"
Before sunset talk aside Zhang Jinghong immediately beat way "bro, you are really ignorant! I don’t even know Miss Su. "
Sue should give him a hard stare. This bitch keeps showing off if she wants to have a beautiful woman next to her.
"Miss Su is a heavenly maid!"
Sunset nodded and smiled "Zhang Xiong said yes"
"Tianyao Palace?"
Sue should slightly think lining suddenly suddenly hand way "turned out to be a virgin cry cry"
The so-called Tianya Palace is the same as the Western Region, but the demon temple is one of the two major sects.
The demon temple is located in the south of the western regions, and the demon palace is in the middle of the wild forest in the north of the western regions.
It is said that the temple of the demon was a pulse phase, and then it was separated from the temple of the demon because of some changes.
When these two companies merged, they were collectively referred to as the Heavenly Demon Palace. Later, the Demon Temple stood on its own feet, and another group of demon families founded the Heavenly Shake Palace. When they came to commemorate the once heavenly demon Gong Er, they took a soaring attitude.
Because the demon family in this heavenly palace is a family of birds.
Su Ying looked up slightly and said, "Saint, it’s not just curiosity, is it?"
Day shake saint gently took a sip of tea for a moment before slightly laughed "it is not".
Chapter 349 Enlightenment
Su Ying, who sipped tea gently in the sunset, smiled. "The saint has something to say, and my brothers can do their best."
"Not bad, not bad"
Zhang Jinghong blinked and smiled. "It’s my pleasure to play for Saint."
Sue should leave the pie mouth and wait for the sunset without speaking.
"Both of them are dragons and phoenixes, and they are already dragons and tigers at a young age. In the future, they will become the top figures of their respective clans. Little sister wants to discuss it with you."
Su Sunset quickly cut to the chase and said, "To tell the truth, the reason why my little sister came to the door this time is because those two fascinating voices are still immature, but I can see that the potential is poor. My little sister wants two brothers to help."
"Miss Su, please speak."
Su Sunset smiled thoughtfully. "It’s a long story. Little sister has an enemy who has been after us. This time she came here to join hands with me to fight against the enemy. Of course, the benefits of two brothers are indispensable afterwards."
"What? I cann’t believe someone dares to kill you Miss Su, who are you talking about? This will cut him off. "Zhang Jinghong was outraged and rubbed his hands.
However, Su Ying shook his head slightly and looked cool. "It’s not good."
As soon as he said this, the two of them immediately looked at the sunset and asked, "What’s wrong?"
Su Ying said with a smile, "Girl, you are joking. If I’m not mistaken, at least you can’t cope with your enemy. Plus, Zhang Xiong and I are also fighting with each other. So forget it."
He saw clearly that there was no factor that the sunset promised to move.
Su Sunset nodded and looked strangely at Su Ying. She was confident and beautiful. It was inconvenient for her to shake her arms and shout. She killed many people, but the boy didn’t move at present.
Although Zhang Jinghong was confused by her, it was not stupid. Su Ying said that his heart was a little bit awkward and he didn’t say much.
"Master, you can help the vegetarian girl Bai, just as an old cow can also contribute." Niu Shan Su asked behind him to speak with a face of pleasing to look at the green sparrow behind the vegetarian sunset, but the other party was cold hum a root and ignored him
Sue should face a smoke in the heart can not help but dark scold this rammed goods.
"Go away."
He light drink a Niu Shan suddenly a face of shan shan stepped aside face also quite some not.
Su Ying secretly shook his head in his heart. This stupid thing is still good for this business. Su Ying is already a dragon and tiger, but he is still not enough to see the master of the fetal environment.
Su’s sunset repairs are less advanced than Yuan’s second child. This kind of repairs will be pursued. Su Ying and others have also sent food.
If others sue, by the way, they should also sell vegetarian sunset, even if it is not good, it is considered that the palace has a little friendship, but this is a life-threatening situation
Imagine losing your life. There’s another advantage.
"In that case, the little sister won’t force the two brothers."
Su Sunset chuckled. "By the way, my sister is a little tired after several days of traveling. I wonder if you can rest for a few days."
The first promise was Zhang Jinghong and the second was Niu Shan.
Damn it, these two idiots!
Sue should shake her head again and again. What do you mean unexpected trouble? This is called unexpected trouble!
However, if a beauty wants something, he can’t refuse it face to face. Nai nodded, "Go ahead, Miss Su."
The ship slowly flies. Zhang Jinghong’s room is practicing Niu Shan to please the green sparrow. Sue should be alone in the ship and look at the stars at night. I don’t know what to think.
Suddenly, he felt a sense of movement that someone came from behind without answering, "Miss Su doesn’t rest so late?"
"Brother Su didn’t have a rest either?"

This meal is delicious but expensive, but it is only five dishes and one soup, but it costs 2,000 yuan, especially the Australian lobster, which costs 100 yuan for a plate of drunken shrimp, 400 yuan for salted duck, 500 yuan because it is said that the local duck from a certain place makes two fried vegetables, which is about 50 yuan. Together, 100 radish ribs soup and 300 yuan of rice are not money.

The couple wolfed down the salted duck, which is an authentic southern native duck. It usually comes to make soup. Just to buy it, it costs one or two hundred yuan. The meat is tender, tender, abnormal and nutritious. Naturally, the price is expensive, and this duck is about six pounds. As a result, all three people have eaten it. Not only this dish, but also lobster, drunken shrimp and other dishes, including soup, have been swept away. Of course, there are three martial arts practitioners who have a large appetite, but the couple didn’t eat two meals:
Chapter 163 Newcomer
However, when the bill was settled, the couple felt dreary exercise. Although it seemed that the amount was sufficient, Shang Tang Lian called directly telling the clerk to deduct it from her chips.
This is true, but after all, these are obviously a family, so it is still possible to do so for convenience.
When three people were having dinner, Marco didn’t idle himself for the first time to tell Brother Seven about this matter. Brother Seven’s first reaction was to promise something strange. Why did Marco even ask himself about this trivial matter? Otherwise, it was such a trivial matter that he couldn’t find himself, especially Marco, who had never been right with himself, was so careful to accompany him, which made Brother Seven wonder what was wrong with it.
The seventh brother here also pulled out Marco and said this little thing. Marco’s family can finally get through it. Marco just said what happened just now again, focusing on the performance of a Shang Tang lotus.
This seven elder brothers finally solved the puzzle, but their hearts were depressed. Marco could have thought that seven elder brothers could never have imagined that it was not luck that seven elder brothers could sit in this position, but their brains may not be better than Marco’s, but they must be the same.
Seven elder brothers can’t help cursing Marco’s old fox in their hearts. What is natural because Marco is now equal to fighting with Seven Elder Brothers’ higher level than him? He threw this hot potato to Seven Elder Brothers. Let’s go back to Shang Tang Lotus. If there is any conspiracy, Seven Elder Brothers will be prostrate. It’s not allowed, is it? Shang Tanglian’s fifteen million dollars can be taken away today. Although the casino seems to have no loss, it is also equivalent to doing nothing. Even if it’s in his own body, the seventh brother can’t easily decide. Looking at Marco’s smiling face, he will know that Marco can’t have a good thing to do when he finds himself.
Just as Brother Qi and Brother Marco pushed the matter around, the door was pushed, and they were furious. Who came in without knocking? I want to die, right? I don’t know if things are being discussed in it now, and I dare to be so casual.
Immediately, it was rare for these two people to agree to show the people who came in. As a result, when they saw the people, their anger dissipated, they smiled and of course they respected them.
See two people respectfully bent down to say hello to people "hello, young master".
Seeing people nodding, Brother Qi couldn’t help asking, "Why did you come here today?"
Come to humanity. "There is nothing I heard that you have something to discuss. Let’s not see if there is anything that can make Marco undecided and make you two argue. This is somewhat interesting. If you don’t mind, Marco, tell me what is the big deal that can make you two so entangled."
Marco is in conflict with Brother Seven, but he knows all about it. When he heard that Marco was going to ask Brother Seven for advice, he was interested. He came in on a whim to visit.
Marco didn’t dare to elaborate on what happened before, and then Marco stopped talking and looked at the bearer.
People didn’t even listen to Marco’s explanation, but they also thought of the same problem. Besides, outsiders were also very interested. I don’t know who was so powerful and wanted to meet it. I don’t know how to hear about it. People thought of a girl he had met before. That girl was also cold and informal. Of course, there were some weird things. Marco said that when he accidentally thought of each other, he was also interested in the little beauty in Marco’s mouth and wanted to meet it.
The bearer waved his hand and said, "All right, leave this matter to me. You can go to work, Marco. If they come over later, you can bring them to me and I will solve it. If the other party is harmless, then this is not a problem."
Marco and Brother Seven don’t know this truth, but there is no objection to seeing people say so. What’s more, people are willing to take over, and they are also welcome. They are worried that this hot potato has nowhere to throw.
Immediately Marco and Brother Qi respectfully said, "It’s a young master." Then Marco added, "I’ll take them to find the young master when they come over."
When the bearer nodded with satisfaction, he didn’t know how long the other party had eaten this meal. After thinking about it, he left a bodyguard there and took others around for a tour.
Just when Shang Tang Lian and the other three found it, the bearer had just made a patrol. It wasn’t long before I heard that Shang Tang Lian had come, looked at the remaining space and left.
Into the room, people looked at sitting there waiting for people to be shocked. It was rare for Shang Tang Lian to have a flash of surprise in her eyes. They didn’t expect to meet each other in life. They didn’t expect to meet again soon.
Huangfuying spoke first. "Shang Tang Lotus is really you. How did you come here? Did Marco just say that it was you?"
Shang Tanglian took a look at Huangfuying. Compared with the previous look, he looks pale and looks much better now. Presumably, his body injury is almost the same. Today, Huangfuying is wearing a white trench coat, and the whole person looks tall and handsome. Compared with the misty light that day, Shang Tang Lotus looks more clear today.
Shang Tang Lotus nodded slightly. "Well, I see that your face is much better and your body is hurt."
Huangfuying nodded, "Well, it’s all good once, thanks to your help."
Marco followed Huangfuying and heard that Shang Tang Lian had come and followed him. He wanted to introduce them to each other. Who knew that his young master knew each other and immediately surprised, "Young master, do you know this business lady?"
Huangfuying said, "I happened to meet once before." Although Marco had several questions in his heart, Huangfuying didn’t explain the meaning to Marco.
Now that they know each other, it will be easier to handle this matter. There is no problem for the young master to make decisions. Marco is also relieved, so he said to Huangfuying, "Young master, in this case, let me know when the young master has the results. I’ll go to work first."
Huangfuying nodded. "Well, I see. You go first."
Although I know Shang Tang Lotus, I still have to ask clearly what Shang Tang Lotus is going to do. I doubt that Shang Tanglian is a spy sent by the other party. Huangfuying has no doubt that if the spy can make moves, it will ruin the opponent’s half-life happiness, which is enough to pull hatred. If so, Huangfuying also recognizes it:
Chapter 164 Silly
The Huangfuying also asked Shang Tang Lian "What did you ask your parents to do in our casino? Where did you learn gambling skills?"
Shang Tang Lian didn’t admit that she had the other side to confuse her gambling skills. Her parents didn’t care if it was Huangfuying. Shang Tang Lian picked her own answer. "I can tell you that my purpose is simple, and you don’t doubt who sent me. I just want to exercise them. It’s best to let them learn some management techniques and get in touch with some management things for reasons. Please tell me, of course, they can avoid some things involving secrets in your casino. I will also tell them not to be too curious. After half a year, they can leave, but I ask not to know the horse.
"What are the requirements" HuangFuYing really don’t know Shang Tang lotus think this is not a requirement that what is a requirement?
Shang Tang Lian said faintly, "My request is very simple. My parents come to your place as Dutch officials, so the salary and salary are the same as yours. These are secondary, mainly because I ask my parents that if they meet the promotion conditions, you must give my parents a promotion regardless of their qualifications. As I said just now, I am training their management ability."
Shang Tang lotus, after all, for this reason, it is natural to ask the other party for some qualifications. After all, this is to let the other party give a back door or a big back door. Shang Lian explained one.
Huangfuying hesitated for a long time. Although I don’t know what Shang Tang Lotus is going to do and exercise her parents, this statement is really strange. However, after listening to Marco’s report today and her contact with Shang Tanglian that day, Huangfuying is somewhat clear. It seems that Shang Tang Lotus is really strong and even takes charge at home.
Want to see this Huangfuying nodded with a smile. "I agree with you, but we can see his qualifications, but others may not necessarily be in this period. If something happens, don’t blame us for some interpersonal relationships and don’t think about how we can protect them."
Shang Tang Lotus nodded, "That’s good. You can stick to the rules and do things without hurting your life. Everything else is good to say. If something incalculable really happens, you can also call me to get involved in life. I want to exercise them, not let them experience it." Shang Tang Lotus also has this meaning. What Huang Fuying said is just what she wants. She is very worried that Huang Fuying will give the couple too many back doors, and she also emphasizes that she is letting the couple exercise.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t bother with Huangfuying politely. He solved what he wanted to do and had a good meal. At present, the little handsome boy is as beautiful as ever. Shang Tang Lian is in a good mood. "I will let them come to class on a good day."
Huangfuying said, "But I’ll let Marco arrange it."
"Thanks for these chips, I’ll give them back to you." Shang Tanglian kept his word.
Huangfuying said, "Leave five million. This is the loss left in our casino. I’m in charge. You can take it back." Anyway, this five million has made up for the loss, and Marco won’t deduct the money left. Huangfuying can see that Shang Tanglian won’t be the thing in the pool. Maybe it will be her time later.
Shang Tang Lian is also welcome, so it’s better. She has earned 10 million more, which is much better than working hard in the stock market.
After things were agreed, Shang Tang Lian took the couple home.

Feng Lin said lightly, "Don’t look at me. I’m a mercenary with money to help people eliminate disasters. The Belan government entrusted me to protect you. I’ll be responsible for protecting you. Whether you want to save them or not is beyond my control, but I can give you a piece of advice. Peacekeeping forces are not allowed to intervene in the war in the region. This is a violation of the UN resolution, and peacekeeping will become armed intervention, which will bring great diplomatic pressure to the country."

Wang Ning can’t help but hesitate.
In the distance, there are guns and shells exploding. You can see the shells exploding here. Don’t say that the rebels are killing and being chased by the rebels. The civilians are almost desperate. I don’t know who took the lead. First, one by one, then one by one. Finally, thousands of people knelt down. They have a way to go. The peace peninsula guards the only safe passage. Besides, to the left, there are surging rivers, and to the right, there are mine-covered roads and agricultural reclamation areas. Besides, even if there are roads, what can the rebels do? They have a lot of trucks Now the only hope is to hide in the peace peninsula. Maybe the rebels will be afraid to attack the base because of China’s national prestige. They can save their lives. What’s the point of kneeling to the peacekeeping force?
Wang Ning looked sad and called "Dismantle some roadblocks and let them pass!"
Feng Lin said, "If you do this, the rebels will probably take it out on you and the whole base will suffer."
Wang Ning is bold.
Say, "So what? It’s not a day or two to keep looking at those bastards! If you want to fight, who are we afraid of? "
Feng Lin said, "If the rebels insist on pursuing, they will definitely go through our base. Will you let them go?"
Wang Ning said, "Fart!"
Feng Lin said, "I’m afraid you can’t be a major because of the conflict."
Wang Ning said, "Even if the boss wants to punish me, I have to have a life to go back!"
Soldiers of peacekeeping forces moved some roadblocks to direct refugees to pass quickly and orderly, which violated various provisions of the United Nations code of conduct for peacekeeping forces. The suspicion of armed intervention in the region made the Republic criticized by various countries. Feng Lin was right. This major Wang Ning really failed-after returning to China, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. When he saw many refugees, he couldn’t walk. Wang Ning simply asked heavy trucks of transport forces to send them away. A dozen heavy trucks were immediately crowded with people except. There is no place where there is no one outside the wheel. Fortunately, Belan people still love each other until now, so that the old, the weak, the women and the children can see their magic needles in the car. Wang Ning roughly estimated that when they were a darling, they were transported away for more than half of the camp. Looking at the meat ball truck, his heart was pulled up. You know, the road to the capital was blocked by mines, and the dirt road was bumpy. Can’t you play a lot of flying people with such a bump? Thanks to their laughter.
Suffering refugees moved quickly, and it didn’t take long for the mercenaries to barricade the intersection again and start to mine the conflict. It’s rare to prepare for the war early. The soldiers all got enough ammunition and several mortars were moved out. Since they all stepped in, it’s better to do it more thoroughly. Just after this preparation, a long line of broken cars came from the distance. The cars were also crowded with people, not less than two or three thousand people were wearing machine guns, and many armed bayonets were carrying flesh and blood. Blurred heads Some people even saw some 15-and 16-year-old baby soldiers carrying submachine guns with a bunch of black stuff hanging around their necks. It was the male genital baby soldiers who cut them and wore them as amulets! Looking at all this, Wang Ning almost vomited in his stomach. Are these guys really human? Look at their fierce and bloodthirsty eyes, they all look like a group of wild animals!
The Fenglin Grenade launcher fired a shocking bomb with a strong light and a huge explosion to warn the other party that this road is blocked! The motorcade stopped quickly, and the armed men jumped out of the car and hid themselves on the spot. An officer dressed in rags growled with a fierce expression and slapped a hip pistol from time to time. Wang Ning was very arrogant. He knew nothing about Bein. Please ask Feng Lin to translate the wind.
Lin is proficient in many languages, which is also an important reason why he was sent here. Feng Lin said, "He said that he is the general department of Solacha and asked us to hand over those untouchables, or he would kill us all and scalp the base commander to make a holster!"
Wang Ning said, "You tell him that we have never seen any refugees. They are barking up the wrong tree!"
In the past, the officer grimaced and said, "We have been tracking us down. Don’t try to cheat us! Whoever dares to shield our enemy is our enemy! "
Wang Ning stubbornly said, "then let me be your enemy! Open your eyes and see clearly that this is the headquarters of the peacekeeping forces of the Republic of China, not the place where you run wild. Get out of here as soon as possible! "
The officer turned violently and shouted at his department, "Warriors, these aliens are trying to shield General Solacha’s enemies. What do you think we should do?"
Thousands of rebels shouted "kill them all!"
"Dig them up and cook!"
"Cut their heads and hang them on the bedside!"
"pry their skulls and light candles!"
Violent roar swept through the night like a storm, making people feel weak, but the base was quiet and quiet, as if thousands of people were killing without blinking an eye. The rebels were different. Every soldier, whether a peacekeeping engineer or a mercenary, clenched his weapon.
War is on the verge.
The third chapter outpost (3)
Liu Weiping, a rebel of the Republic peacekeeping force Solacha, was questioned by the special investigation team of the Military Commission when the jet lag in Beijing was small. He went too far in the Annan War, especially in the South China Sea War, which led to extremely serious consequences.
Minister of Political Affairs: "Why do you want to go its own way to trigger a war in the South China Sea and make the situation almost out of control?"
Liu Weiping "Because that is our best and last chance to solve the South China Sea issue, we will regret it if we miss it!"
Minister of Political Affairs "But do you know that all the diplomatic efforts of our country in the past 20 years have been wasted because you are bent on your own way?"
Liu Weiping said, "I know."
Minister, "Do you know that because of this war, everyone in Asia thinks that we are public enemies?"
Liu Weiping "I know"
Minister: "Your indiscretion has made the national international stage extremely passive!"
Liu Weiping "But we have taken the initiative in the South China Sea issue"
Minister, "You have us surrounded!"
Liu Weiping "But it also inspires the wildness and cohesion of foreigners. History has long proved that we are not afraid of foreign worries and troubles. When all foreign enemies are knocked down, we will inevitably start to consume ourselves. In the end, we will consume ourselves. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have always maintained a high degree of centripetal force. That is because we are surrounded by enemies. Our territorial waters have been cruising for a long time, and several aircraft carriers and ships are located in the three northern areas. The long border of the Soviet Union is in danger of national subjugation and extinction! Under such great pressure, the people of our country are highly United, which makes the country dare not easily challenge our bottom line! Now that the Cold War pattern has undergone drastic changes, this long cold war will come to an end at the latest ten years, and we will also usher in a golden age of development … "
Several high-ranking figures shook their eyes and asked, "Since you know everything, why are you so impulsive to disrupt the historical development track?"
Liu Weiping: "Because I don’t want to see our country once again fall into the historical cycle where there is no foreign invasion, there will be worries. Since there is no enemy, we will start fighting. Why can’t we start to create some less powerful enemies for ourselves as soon as possible?" What’s more, these monkeys still occupy our territorial waters, which is even more unbearable! "
Minister: "We all know that the problem is that you have gone too far. Because of this battle, we lost a whole generation of naval elites. Such a serious loss is our law!"
The military representative suddenly spoke. "
The military regards this battle as a military history honor. "
The representative of the navy said, "This battle is the eternal pride of the navy."
The minister is somewhat choked.
Chief sternly said, "even if you are right, you should shoot such a serious thing without the consent of the military commission and ZongCan!" You have to know that the army is the most sophisticated machine, and everything must be closely meshed to keep it running efficiently. If you are as free as you want, the only result will be chaos. Is that what you want to see? "
Liu Weiping doesn’t talk.
The chief commander said, "You can’t shoot ten times for committing a crime. Seeing that you will make amends and command the army to win the naval battle, I will give you a chance to admit your mistake and write a good word of not less than 10,000 words to review your attitude of admitting your mistake. This matter is over."
Liu Weiping asked, "What if I don’t review?"
The general manager said, "You can choose one if you are suspended."
Liu Weiping said that everyone in the "I choose to suspend my post" place showed a look of regret. Even from the beginning, I was prepared to give Liu Weiping a lesson to let him know that everything should give priority to the core interests of the country, and the minister is no exception. Everyone knows that the future of this tartar is limitless, and it is rare for the country to be loyal. The suspension of an excellent general is definitely a heavy blow to his future. Maybe it will have a bad impact on his half life. This price is not too great, and it is a huge loss for him and the country!
The general manager was a little annoyed. "Are you really not considering it anymore?"
Liu Weiping was about to speak when the Minister coughed and said, "This Xiaoliu has made great contributions. His suspension is a bit too much. Why don’t you let him take a half-month vacation first? I believe he will figure out a lot of problems when he has this leisure time. Let’s stop here. Let’s come up with a plan to completely control the East China Sea and the South China Sea as soon as possible. This is a rare opportunity. If the iron is not hot, it is likely that those monkeys will dig up our territorial waters one by one …"
The minister said so. Everyone has different opinions and can swallow them. In fact, the generals have no problem with Liu Weiping. This question is a bit for the Ministry of Political Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It means that it is not a day or two since they want to fight this battle. Liu Weiping pushed hard behind them and made them famous in World War I. How can there be opinions? This guy is causing trouble every day. Yes, but everyone refuses to allow him to suspend his duties. Fortunately, the minister’s adult is still sensible. Hold it high and gently fall to everyone’s satisfaction.
The chief said, "No, he is too sexual. If this sex is not changed, it will destroy him sooner or later and even bring to the country."
Great disaster! We can’t spoil him like this any longer. I have decided that Major General Liu Weiping, the head of the military advisory group, will be responsible for the military assistance of the brotherly countries and come back as the teacher when he comes to his senses! "
The minister hesitated. "Is this … appropriate?"
The total length looked at Liu Weiping.
Liu Weiping said calmly, "I accept this life."
The minister asked, "Are you sure you don’t think about one any more?"
Liu Weiping said, "If you make a mistake, you have to pay the price. There is nothing to consider."
The minister sighed and left together.
The great men dispersed one after another, leaving Liu Weiping and the chief commander to sit face to face for a long time.
It took the chief commander a long time to ask, "Have you really considered it?"
Liu Weiping said, "I have considered it very clearly."
The chief asked, "why do you have to choose such a difficult road for yourself?" You know, if you stay in the country, even if you don’t make any great contributions, you can step by step with your previous achievements. Come on, I’m going to transfer you to the second department of ZongCan in half a year … "
Liu Weiping Nai shrugged and said, "I keep in mind that the chief cultivates me, but how can I put it? I’m really not suitable for step by step. I’m a natural troublemaker. If I want to be quiet, I might as well let me die."
The chief didn’t good the spirit say, "Stop smirking there and get serious! You know, if you accept this life, you will become the highest commander of the Yanlong Corps, that is, the head of mercenaries. Mercenaries are not protected by international conventions, and they will die in vain. If you encounter danger, the country may give you support by law rather than condemn you on specific occasions for diplomatic needs … Are you really ready to face these? "

Then Mu Nianci turned to the tent and shouted, "Come out, mother-in-law, it’s the purple blood Taoist."

Then Ping Li figure leaned out from the tent and saw that it was indeed Zhang Ping. He quickly called out, "Zhang Daochang turned out to be you. Jinger told me that he was separated from you at that time. This didn’t happen without you, but Jinger, several other teachers and Tiger Tiger came? I haven’t missed them for a long time. "
Zhang Ping then smiled and replied, "I’m afraid this will disappoint Mrs. Li. Jinger’s seven masters should still be in Jiangnan at this time, and naturally follow Xiao Ying’s elder sister and Brother Sheng, but there are really some things I want you to discuss next time. Let’s go in and say again."
Ping Li, after hearing this, quickly said, "Where do you listen to Jinger? If it weren’t for the Taoist priest, Jinger, a silly little boy, doesn’t know how many times he has died in the Central Plains. If you have anything, just tell him."
Then the three of them went into the tent together. Mu Nianci Zhang Ping poured a large glass of koumiss. Zhang Ping first took a long drink before continuing to say, "This koumiss is rough, but it also has a unique flavor. But Mrs. Li, I came here this time to make sure that Jinger is well now. Second, I want to persuade Jinger to take you back to Jiangnan as soon as possible."
Ping Li heard what Zhang Ping said and didn’t ask Zhang Ping about this so-called thing? So? He replied generously, "Zhang Daochang’s remarks are very much to my liking. In fact, I have long wanted to go back to the former residence of Niujia Village in Lin ‘an to see this Mongolian life. Although it is good, it is not that I grew up in the south of the Yangtze River. When I am old, I always want to return to my roots."
In fact, all this suggestion of Zhang Ping was a whim. After seeing Li Ping, Zhang Ping suddenly recalled in his mind that Li Ping refused to persuade Guo Jing to attack the Song Dynasty and finally killed himself in Guo Jing, Mongolia. Since Temujin turned against Zhang Ping sooner or later, he naturally had to prepare early. Seeing Ping Li’s objection to returning to Jiangnan, Zhang Pingxin was even more happy.
So Zhang Ping continued, "Well, then Mrs. Li, you should prepare for it. When Jinger comes back to me, he told him to resign here and take you back to Jiangnan as soon as possible."
However, Zhang Ping, Ping Li and Mu Nianci waited until late, but they didn’t wait until Guo Jing came back. Zhang Ping went out to find a small tent to sleep first.
The second day early in the morning, Zhang Ping just came to Ping Li tent to have some breakfast after finishing the morning class and mixing Yuan Gong, and suddenly he saw Mu Nianci running in with red eyes.
Li Ping didn’t know before asking that yesterday, Xu Jin Guo joined forces with some non-Temujin tribes to launch a crisis. Guo Jing took the lead in helping Temujin win a big battle and killed three people who came to sneak attack on Temujin. Temujin, a master of Xu Jin Guo, was rewarded for his work last night. At this time, he had already regarded Guo Jing’s husband Mu Nianci as crying and ran back after hearing the news.
Seeing this, Zhang Ping said to Mu Nianci, "Miss Mu is fine. I’ll go and see Guo Jing, and you will wait for me here."
Then Zhang Ping went out of the tent to display her flying skill and ran all the way to Temujin Camp. The guards at the gate of Temujin Camp didn’t know Zhang Ping. Not only did he not let Zhang Ping in anyway, but he also wanted to arrest Zhang Ping as a spy of Xu Jin Guo. However, just a few Mongolian soldiers were really ants in Zhang Ping’s serious situation.
Without saying anything about long sleeves, Zhang Ping stormed several people into Temujin’s tent. At this time, a large number of guards came from all directions to surround Zhang Ping for three times. However, in the face of invulnerability, it is difficult to hurt Zhang Ping. These Mongolian soldiers have the courage to be true, but they are by no means brainless. It is meaningless to let them die in vain. Most people will not do this kind of thing.
Just as these soldiers were pushed back by Zhang Ping step by step, suddenly a long cry came from Temujin’s tent, "Who dares to come here to assassinate and sweat?" Then a lithe figure swept out, and Zhang Ping’s eyes caught a glimpse and found that Guo Jing had arrived.
Guo Jing saw Zhang Pingyuan’s aggressive expression and immediately changed into a darling lamb. He stopped drinking nearby Mongolian soldiers and quickly greeted Zhang Ping. Then he said, "Master Zi Xue is well. Have you come to Mongolia to see me?" Jing son is really very happy to see you. "
Zhang Ping said directly to Guo Jing regardless of the reaction of Temujin and others who followed him. "Jinger, I came to Mongolia this time to ask you a question. What would you do if Mongolia were to raise an army and attack the Song Dynasty one day?"
Guo Jing stare big eyes incredible way at this time "how is it possible? Mongolia and Dasong are allies. How can Khan attack the Song Dynasty? " Guo Jing also specially turned to look at Temujin. Temujin listened to a translator and said to Guo Jing, "We Mongols are the most particular about being sincere and will never have a Covenant ally."
Zhang Ping said to Guo Jing at the sight of this, "Silly little, if Xu Jin Guo is destroyed, is there any covenant between Mongolia and Dasong? Besides, now that the Song Dynasty is in a mess, the captaincy is fighting against the border army. Ask Temujin if he can guarantee that Mongolia will never attack the Song Dynasty? "
At this time, in the face of Guo Jing’s eyes and translation here, Temujin pondered for a long time and finally said, "Temujin’s words and deeds have kept Mongolia and Dasong friendly from generation to generation, and no one can guarantee anything."
Zhang Ping then said to Guo Jing, who was puzzled, "There will be a war after the death of the Jin State in the Great Song Dynasty of Mongolia. Now you are helping Mongolia to destroy the gold, which is actually to help Mongolia destroy the Song Dynasty. Think about it from yourself, but if you want to leave me, no one can stop you. This may be your master, me and you do the last thing. Come to your mother to find me when you think about it. I will not force you to support you in any decision you make."
Then Zhang Ping suddenly displayed her flying skills like a bird. After several ups and downs from the surrounding Mongolian soldiers’ heads, she disappeared, leaving something to be said. Then Guo Jing remained in a daze with a face of distress to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Shooting Carving Volume End
Back to the tent in Ping Li, Zhang Ping, regardless of Guo Jing’s final decision, said that after Ping Li and Mu Nianci talked about it, he quietly thought about his future plan.
In fact, after the castration of Yin Zhiping, Zhang Ping can leave this world at any time. However, there are still some things that have not been dealt with. Zhang Pingcai spent a lot of time. After Zhang Ping’s character killed Song Ningzong and Zhao expanded, he should leave directly.
However, Zhang Ping’s only apprentice, Guo Jing Zhang Ping, is always assured that he doesn’t have to come to see the situation in Guo Jing to help this silly little arrangement before Zhang Ping can leave at ease.
After listening to Zhang Ping’s words, Ping Li and Mu Nianci have different thoughts, but Zhang Ping doesn’t have much time to think about these at this time. What he is considering now is whether Temujin will be seriously injured again if he finally wants to kill himself, just like killing Song Ningzong Zhao Kuo.
However, Zhang Ping also thinks about this. Zhang Ping doesn’t like to rock the boat at this moment when he is about to leave the key. He will grab Temujin and find a mountain bandit and rogue guy to give him a knife. Can the dragon spirit itself be itself?
It’s Ping Li and Mu Nianci, who meditate and practice Jade Gong at ordinary times, regardless of packing.
When it was getting dark, Guo Jing finally came back to this tent, but he was accompanied by Temujin, Torre, Hua Zheng and others.
Temujin laughed when he saw Zhang Ping. "You saved Temujin’s life in those days, Zixue Daochang. Temujin has always been a grudge. For your sake, Temujin promises you that I will never attack Song Ru in my lifetime?"
Zhang ping saw this heart andao "you attack song I do? Don’t you know that even the Emperor of the Song Dynasty was sent by me to report to the terrifying? "
Then Temujin added, "The purple blood Taoist priest is a Taoist master. Temujin heard that learning Taoism can make people immortal. I wonder if it is true?"
After listening to Zhang Ping, he laughed, "Immortality is just a good wish. If people can’t fail, Shou Yuan will dry up, but it is no problem for Taoism to practice breathing and breathing to prolong life in the depths."
Temujin was overjoyed and quickly said, "Please ask the Taoist priest to teach me how to be a Taoist priest in the future, but Temujin will do his best if he needs it."
Zhang Ping then said to Temujin, "Don’t be impatient with me, Khan. Can my disciple Guo Jing say something?"

Atlantis Hotel is located in an artificial island in Dubai. This artificial island is a tree-shaped island called’ Palm Island’. There are a large number of villas and apartments for sale. The whole emirate of Dubai has added many beaches that are in short supply.

Dubai Palm Island, built at a cost of 1.4 billion US dollars, is known as the "world’s greatest miracle"
The Atlantis Hotel is said to have a high degree of ancient civilization. The theme of Atlantis covers an area of 113 mu and costs 1.5 billion US dollars. It is located on the most Ushizo island in the world.
The hotel is luxuriously decorated and elegant, and there are many star-rated restaurants, nightclubs and business centers.
Li Fanzhi was invited to the hotel to participate in the auction. Four people stayed in two luxury rooms. There were 15 rooms in the hotel. Ji Tianci was shocked when she saw the room price. The cheapest room also cost 59 cents, and the rooms they stayed in were all 29 cents a night.
Professor Ye and Li Fanzhi live in the same room, and Ji Tianci and Lu Manwen are also in their room at this time.
Ji Tianci once again summoned Mo Xie Mo Xie, who was very excited and told everyone that the sword was on the top floor.
Li Fanzhi sighed that the top floor was the auction venue, and the auction officially started at 9: 00 pm, and the auction started with at least one million dollars.
Li Fanzhi didn’t pay too much attention to this auction. He originally wanted to go on holiday and didn’t plan to attend the auction. Because this auction was "too expensive", he just waited for himself to auction it out and take the money and leave.
Fang Li Fanzhi said to the three of them, "Do you know who held this auction?"
They shook their heads.
Li Fanzhi went on to say, "Think about what this hotel is called Atlantis."
Ji Tianci pondered for a moment. "Atlantis first appeared in the Dialogue by Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher. It was described as a city-state with a high degree of cultural development. The kingdom of Atlantis was founded by Poseidon, the sea god, and Zeus was a brother in Greek mythology. Is this hotel owned by European temples?"
Li Fanzhi nodded "exactly! Although Atlantis is a folk hotel, there are many temples behind it. At this time of year, auctions are held here, mostly for things in the mortal world, but every five years, there is an extraordinary auction here.
You should all guess that the Fengshen Cup is also held every five years, and the extraordinary auction here is just to catch up with the Fengshen Cup. The auction held the year before is the extraordinary auction.
I’ve also heard that the finale of this auction is a well-known artifact’ Seafood Trident’, saying that it was once the weapon of Poseidon, and the temples would auction it because none of them could make it again.
The second time they bought Thunder, their vitality has been greatly weakened, and the whole Greek economy has been affected. This time, they must want to sell Seafood Trident at a high price to make up for the loss of the national treasury. "
Professor Ye heard this and asked Li Fanzhi, "Do you have any information about this auction? Since it is an auction, customers can know what will be auctioned before, right? "
Li Fanzhi smiled awkwardly. "I didn’t plan to buy anything before, so I didn’t pay much attention to you. I’ll go to the organizer to get an auction album."
When Li Fanzhi finished speaking, he walked out the door. As soon as he got out of the ladder, he saw two "security guards" standing at the door. Behind the security guards, there was a warning sign saying "Do not enter unless" in various languages.
These two security guards are Europeans, and Li Fanzhi can tell at a glance that they are extraordinary temples and both are C-class extraordinary.
Li Fanzhi took out an "invitation letter" from his pocket and handed it to the security guard. When he saw it, a security guard took the invitation letter and took it in his hand. Then he looked down at the invitation letter and two blue lights came out of his eyes.
In a second, the security guard returned the invitation letter to Li Fanzhi and then made a "please" to let Li Fanzhi enter the venue.
The venue is divided into the front hall and the back hall. The front hall is a magnificent lounge, and the back hall is the auction venue. The door is locked and has not been opened yet.
At this time, most of the anterooms are workers, and there are many large screens hanging in the lobby, which show in detail that the auction is about to take place.
Li Fanzhi didn’t look at these screens too much. He glanced at them and found a wide steel sword in them. He asked a beautiful young worker to bring him a thick atlas, which also contained detailed information.
After getting the atlas, Li Fanzhi went back to the room without stopping.
Ji Tianci tossed and turned around this album, and when he turned to the steel sword, Ji Tianci summoned Mo Xie again.
When Mo Xie saw the atlas, he shouted excitedly, "It’s him. He’s my husband’s lieutenant."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Conversation Luan
Everyone looked carefully at this steel sword atlas and explained it in detail. This sword is an epee with a length similar to that of Mo Xie, but the width is 33. The pattern of the body is bare. I don’t know if the photographer’s "skill" is strong or what. This photo steel sword seems to be emitting cold light.
The armguard of this sword is slightly wider than the body, and the parameter says 35, but the hilt is 366, which must be for people to hold the sword with both hands.
Looking at this sword again, it weighs 99kg. It is very difficult for ordinary people to lift it, let alone make it.
In addition to the photos, there is also an introduction on the side of the album that this sword was bought by the people in the 1950s, and experts have studied it for many years, but they still don’t know that this sword is made of a kind of material, even if it is A-class extraordinary, it can’t leave traces.
This sword has been kept by many temples, and everyone suspects that it is an unsealed artifact.
After reading the introduction, Li Fanzhi told everyone, "I estimate that this sword has been auctioned many times and has not been sold to the Tibetan temples. It is deliberately said that this sword may be an unsealed artifact just to sell it at a higher price. I think the bottom price of this penultimate auction will not be too low.
They don’t know the magic of this sword, but they also know that this sword is not made by any sword. They will set a higher starting price and would rather auction it in their own hands for decoration than sell it at a low price. "
Professor Ye pondered for a moment and asked, "So it is very likely that we will buy this sword at the starting price, but we just don’t know what the starting price will be. Do you have any news?"
"There will be a genius to announce the starting price, and there are no acquaintances in my temples. Now playing obedient will attract the attention of the other party, and maybe it will raise its reserve price.
Let’s prepare more money first. Yesterday, Professor Ye and I raised some money and raised enough $100 million. The starting price of this sword will never exceed $100 million. Generally speaking, ordinary artifacts will be the starting price of $100 million, and this sword is a’ suspected artifact’. I think the starting price should not be too high. If there is no competition, $100 million can definitely be taken. "
Lu Manwen thought for a moment and then asked, "Should I say hello to my father first? If I want to make a big deal, I also need my father to authenticate me. I’m afraid he will come if I contact him again."
"I’ll talk to him later if you have a video conversation."
Ruman Wen Dian nodded and immediately dialed his father’s words. More than three people waited for Ruman Wen to say hello outside the video range, and Ji Tianci was a little nervous at this time.
The words were quickly connected to the screen of the mobile phone. A middle-aged man with elegant appearance, Ji Tianci, had seen photos of Luan, and Luan wanted to look younger. At this time, Luan was a little old and tired in the video.
Luan saw her daughter smile at the moment. "Man Man, how did you think about calling Dad today? Is it awkward with your little boyfriend? "
"Dad, how do you know God-given?"
Lu Manwen has never mentioned Ji Tianci to her father. She is going to take Ji Tianci home directly during the Chinese New Year.
"Of course I have to worry about my daughter. You two schools are so high-profile. Just ask any classmate."
"Dad is by my side" LuManWen glanced at JiTianCi some shyness.
Ji Tianci Ma went to the video range "Hello Uncle"
Luan observed it carefully for a while before Ji Tianci said, "Young man, you shouldn’t be burdened with Manwen. Although I have some status in Lujia Jiuyou, I don’t want my daughter to find an expensive brother. If only she could be happy, you shouldn’t fail her."
"Uncle, I won’t visit you with Manwen in a few days."
Luan gratified smile "You held an art exhibition in Art City the other day, and I also saw the photos. I didn’t expect you to have such accomplishments at a young age, and you can already be called a master. You are just too handsome when you are young. Don’t be like that."
Lumanwen couldn’t help laughing when I heard that. JiTianCi also looked at the side with a strange face.
Li Fanzhi finally couldn’t help it. He was embarrassed to gather his head together. "I am always coughing up Lu."

"Good bye!"

I hung up after I finished, and I didn’t even have a ripple in my heart. Only then did she realize that the man’s influence on himself was not as deep as I thought. Maybe it was that making a dream by myself had no practical significance!
"hey!" High holding Xia Shuang came along.
"Huh?" Miao put away her mobile phone and returned to reality.
"You accompany Xia Shuang to get something to eat first, and I’ll arrange an aunt’s funeral!" Gao Qing knew at a glance that the father and daughter were inexperienced. In this hot weather, the body must be placed in an ice coffin and there must be a place for the ceremony.
"That will trouble you!" Miao held Xia Shuang and was very grateful for such help.
☆ Chapter 56 Being near means hurting.
In Gaoqing, Zhang Yun’s mourning hall was quickly decorated. The Shu family was a foreign immigrant, and there were no relatives and friends to mourn. The base was all neighbors.
Everyone is very resistant to such a result, but they feel a little overwhelmed by the summer sea, so a good home is ruined, except for sighing, and everyone will sigh!
Xia Shuang quietly stood beside Zhang Yunling, and there was no excitement or self-control. She had already left her white mother.
"Drink some water!" Gao Qing slowly came to Xia Shuang’s side, and there was cherish in his deep eyes.
"Thank you!" Xia Shuang just took the mineral water in Gao Qing’s hand. "It is estimated that there is no way to accompany Feifei these days. I hope you can help me explain it to them!"
Gao Qing caressed Xia Shuang’s cheek involuntarily. "Just take care of yourself!"
Xia Shuang said goodbye to his head awkwardly. "Thank you!"
The man took back his big hand in embarrassment. He knew he was reckless, but such a lovely woman really worried him!
The scene of interaction between Gao Qing and Xia Shuang has been seen in her eyes and put in her heart. Although she doesn’t know Gao Qing very well, she can’t accept the saying that birds of a feather gather together and people are divided. Since they are together, they must recognize each other.
She has suffered a loss in this respect, so she must never let Xia Shuang suffer the same loss. She is very grateful to men for helping her, but she cannot let her guard down because of this.
"Mr. Gao, can I talk to you?" Miao approached Xia Shuang’s side with a high smile, which was very kind.
Gao Qing nodded slightly and followed Miao to the outdoor.
"Mr. Gao is very grateful for your help!" I still expressed my gratitude first.
"You’re welcome!"
"Xia Shuang and I can be called sisters, which I believe you have already felt." Miao quickly cut to the chase. "You and Lu Fengxing believe that you already know what I paid, but Xia Shuang doesn’t know all this. I don’t want her to be sad."
Gao Qing is really ashamed to think of those who thought of their bad tastes in the past!
"I can do that just because I don’t want Xia Shuang to get hurt. I also know that you saved her when she was drunk. I am very grateful that you didn’t take advantage of people’s danger. I believe you are a soldier! But we are too far away from you. You are close to many times, which means that it is very sad to hurt Xia Shuang! "
High with displeasure frowned "do you think I will hurt her? Is this too arbitrary! "
The following faint smile "Mr. Gao, you should not deny that you belong to Gao Fushuai this category! Do you think this charm is harmless to women? What’s your idea of being so close? What if Xia Shuang is tempted? What kind of result can you give her? "
The man was silent. He never thought about these problems. He felt that he was willing to get close to the woman, so he naturally did it, but he didn’t think about what it was and what kind of result he wanted.
Section 25
"Xia Shuang’s mind is very pure and clear. When you don’t think about it, I hope you still keep some distance. Although we are small, we are independent. We are used to being overwhelmed by big winds and waves, but our feelings are hurt. Do you think she can still withstand it now?"
Miao believes that Gao Qing is much taller than Lu Feng, which can be seen from taking care of Xia Shuang’s drunkenness. At this moment, she believes in the personality charm reflected by this straight military uniform. She always has a feeling that this man will not hurt Xia Shuang.
Maybe it’s the words that remind men, or maybe men really have important things to deal with. It wasn’t long before Gao Qing said hello to Xia Shuang and left first.
There are only three people left in the huge mourning hall and Xia Dahai’s father and daughter. Xia Dahai didn’t have a good rest to watch gambling these days.
"Dad, you and mom go back to rest first and bring Uncle Xia back! Xia Shuang and I will be here! " Miao knows that Xia Shuang must think so, too. Her dad is really annoying.
Wu looked at Yuan Qing and looked at it again, showing that there was no state. Xia Dahai shook his head. "Ok, we’ll go back first. You take care of Xia Shuang!"
"Don’t worry, I will!"
Both Wu and Yuan Qing sighed, so what can they do but accept?
Xia Dahai was helped out of the mourning hall by Mr. and Mrs. Wu. It was dull when she didn’t look good.
☆, Chapter 57 VIP good
"Shuang Zhangyi has already left, but I still have to go!" Miao sat next to Xia Shuang. "She must not want you to be so sad!"
"following what you said my mother don’t want me? Do you think I just don’t want her when I move out? " Xia Shuang lay quietly in tears, thinking deeply in sorrow.
"How come?" Miao took Xia Shuang’s shoulder. "We came out to live with Zhang Yi to support her and want to protect her. How can you have a mother who doesn’t love children?"
"Then why did she leave me? Doesn’t she know how important she is to me? " Xia Shuang sobbed in pain.
Miao stroked Xia Shuang’s back. "Shuang, we all know that Zhang Yi’s life is very difficult. Your father’s life is not the same for a day or two. It must be very hard for a woman who can’t get a man to love her. Maybe she wants to free herself. You have grown up and are so independent. She should rest assured. Let’s not blame her for making her feel uneasy, okay?"
Xia Shuang sobbed and leaned her shoulder. "I really miss her!"
"Then we must strive to make her feel more at ease with us and make her proud!"
"Well, don’t keep crying. Zhang Yi will feel distressed!"
"It’s a quiet mind when people leave, Zhang Yi. Why can’t we let down at this point?"
Xia Shuang wiped her cheeks with tears. "I must find a man who knows that I love me. I must be happy! I will never abandon my children! "
"well! Come on! " Miao gently helped Xia Shuang wipe the tears. "We must be happy!"
"I am your only relative!" Xia Shuang is very precious and pulls the hand.
I hold Xia Shuang instead. "We will always be good sisters and family!"
"Come on!"
A loud report sounded behind two people, and Xia Shuang turned around in unison. A young soldier bought a big bag that should be takeaway food.
"Hello! This is what Gao Tuanchang asked me to send! " The soldier put his pocket on the next table. "Colonel Gao said that people are iron rice and steel. I hope you can cherish your health."
The young soldier said that it was a beautiful military salute, and then he left with a silly smile. When the two pan-leng women reacted, the person had already disappeared.
"High head? Is that Gao Qing? " Xia Shuang thoughtfully looked at the following.
"It is estimated that it is him, and there is no one else!"
"It’s very troublesome this time. I don’t know how to thank him!" Xia Shuang has some worries.
"If you want to thank others first, you can’t live up to their kindness!" Miao pulled up Xia Shuang and walked to the table.
"But I really seem to have no appetite!"
"Who wants you to have an appetite? Now is to let you finish eating! " Miao unceremoniously pressed Xia Shuang on the stool next to the table. "Hey, it’s quite rich!"
There are two boxes of exquisitely packaged Yangzhou fried rice in the bag, as well as cut fruits and some cakes and snacks, and many kinds of drinks are prepared. It’s really a detailed dinner lunch.
"So much trouble? I owe him a lot again! " Xia Shuang bitterness holds up the bar.

Finally, Mr. Jiraiya is knowledgeable and proficient in all kinds of endurance, but what he is best at is that some small coptis and kakashi have been harmed by him. I think he will certainly harm more aspiring young people. In this respect, Mr. Jiraiya should be destroyed humanely! Yeah, PASS it off! Unqualified!

But … "
Jiu Xin Nai was just about to continue to criticize, which is not accurate. A group of Jiraiya said something nice, but it was caught by Gang Shou. "Okay, stop, you see, you can put up with these shortcomings. Why should I accept them?
No, is that a disadvantage? This is simply a human problem. He is really unfit to be a woman’s husband. He is fit to be a slut! "
"But but Gang Shou’s adult you also not suitable for staying at home? Because you don’t seem to like children …! " See face sick Gang Shou nine sinai gave a sigh of relief.
"No, you’re wrong. I really like children. You know, I have a younger brother! Brother! How could I dislike children? At the beginning, I would go home with him every day. It’s a pity … "Gang Shou’s eyes were misty and obviously thought of something.
"Oh, I’m sorry!"
"Nothing has passed for so many years. Besides, I also have a younger brother now. Although this younger brother is not his own, I am still very happy!" Gang Shou eyes almost smile narrowed!
Jiu Xin Nai muttered to herself that you are really hopeless, Mr. Jiraiya. You’d better accept your fate when you meet a monster like Little Martial Uncle! There’s nothing I can do! And Gang Shou’s adult is not a prosecutor, right? Zhengtaikong, right
Finally, the word "Zhengtaikong" occupied all the brains of Nai Nai ~!
Chapter 62 orochimaru "comfort"
Outside the house, sighing outside the house, sighing outside the house, I have you in my heart, and you and I are both in debt because of youth ~
Jiraiya didn’t even eat rice and left directly, while Gang Shou noticed that nothing had left. They all left the back room, and all four of them were silent. This meal tasted sour and I don’t know how to drop it. I can’t eat it anymore.
Orochimaru followed the toad smell and found Jiraiya, who was sitting on the tree and drinking the wine.
"What’s the matter? Sad? Who let you always be so indecent? Are you ready now? " Orochimaru directly mocked him. At this time, Jiraiya couldn’t listen to any comforting words. He could accept these naked pains.
Jiraiya grabbed orochimaru’s jar and now he is not in the mood to think about him. Now he wants to anesthetize himself.
"Jiraiya, we have been getting along for decades. I told you that if you really want to pursue Gang Shou, you will change all your problems. Unfortunately, you didn’t listen to me at that time.
On the contrary, you have become more and more’ ashamed’ of the little problem of the old man’s body. Your department has learned it, but you haven’t learned to be domineering! I told you at the beginning that you can’t drop Gang Shou. The closer you get, the deeper you get hurt. "
Orochimaru simply said these irrelevant words, and Jiraiya was more regretful with his ears.
"I know you must be complaining about yourself now, and there is something wrong with me. If I had supported you, maybe you could have won the beauty back!" I have to say that orochimaru’s words are still to the point. If he really helped Jiraiya in those days, then Jiraiya will certainly be able to win the beauty back now. You know, there are two effects with assistance and assistance.
"Do you want to the old man also have those problems what old man can embrace beauty? Actually, you really don’t know them. I mean Gang Shou and the old man. They both have a very special aura, which is called domineering! It can make people awe and fear, and it is easier for people to worship them!
You also know how the old man became the second generation of Huo Ying in the battlefield. Adults personally asked themselves that four old men were hiding Utatane Koharu Watergate Inflammation, but some old men were confident to lead their troops out of the encirclement of Yun Ren. None of them had that kind of verve!
Isn’t this old man very domineering? And adorable, right?
Gang Shou? Do you need to say more about her domineering? She is the only woman among the three of us, but do you think she is the first to fight? She has always regarded herself as the shield of our three-person squad, and at the same time, she also has the responsibility of a wet nurse. Generally speaking, she has two jobs.
Plus, she can become the first medical expert in the world. Do you think she is also very admirable? You may not know that there is hardly a woman in this world who doesn’t worship her! Even a strong man like Shui Ying really worships Gang Shou, so Gang Shou becomes Shui Ying’s ideal opponent! If she doesn’t acknowledge her achievement, she will choose Gang Shou as her own opponent?
And you lack such domineering! You can never lift your head in front of Gang Shou, so don’t even think about pursuing him! "
Jiraiya has finished drinking two altars of wine. He spread out the scroll and took out a lot of drinks again. Now the scroll food has become a habit of Konoha Ninja. In the past, they used to use scrolls to arm and equip corpses, etc. However, after the popularity of the tree-grown food Konoha, everyone gradually developed the habit of scroll food. Who can make people cook delicious food? Moreover, Shu Mao is easy to hide and eat, and it can still maintain delicious taste even if it is left for many days.
It is precisely because of this that Jiraiya also learned this trick to scroll to drink! And Jiraiya found that the scroll wine may be the most suitable for him, because he can fight with wine even in a combat situation! You know, wine with his fire escape power is not small!
Jiraiya took out the jar and glanced at orochimaru, which seemed to say, "You go on and I’ll continue to drink. Well, that’s quite good ~!"
Orochimaru a face of black line, especially old endowment is to comfort you, what is your eyes? Uncle Snake was unhappy and grabbed the Jiraiya scroll and skillfully took out an altar of wine from it. "Forget it, I guess you don’t want to hear it. I’d better drink with you!"
In this way, the two men sat on the trees and drank altar by altar. In the end, Jiraiya blushed like a monkey’s ass, while orochimaru was still pale and had no blood …
At this time, Jiraiya began to pour beans. "You and I don’t want to be domineering, but …"
Jiraiya took a sip again. "But I was a little domineering at first, but look, I was almost killed by Gang Shou!" Jiraiya opened his mind with two very obvious scars, one was left by Gang Shou, and the other was a reward from Naruto after demonization …
"I just said something frivolous. You see, she almost killed me! You say how can I get up ~! "
Orochimaru muttered, so this is the reason why you have fallen. Have you already seen the impossibility?
"Yes, I have long known that it is impossible, but I have been. I still have hope, but I am deceiving myself! What? I want to give up, but why can’t I let her go? What? "
"Well, your situation is really troublesome, and it will be disturbed when it is broken ~ that is, people like you! But now Gang Shou gave you a knife. I think she will help you break it even if you don’t want to! "
"Broken broken good! Haha, it’s good to break it! "
Jiraiya said so, but does orochimaru know that he can really let go? I guess if he could really let go, it wouldn’t be so painful, right? Well, mortal feelings are really not snakes. Can uncle understand that they are just breeding offspring? Is it difficult to draw some blood and cultivate one casually? Is it difficult? What makes you drink like this here? Uncle snake’s expression is understandable!
Chapter 63 Plain Huaguoshan

"Come back early!" Yin Hang felt awkward, but he also felt it was a good opportunity to get along with Ding Liang alone.

"good! You two take care of the children! " Cao Aihua told me when he left. It’s really a mother’s concept
"I want to go to the toilet!" Ding dang got up from his position. "Don’t worry, I’m going to squat for a while!" "
It’s so good that two fathers laughed and sprayed the child’s taboo directly!
"Go ahead!" Yin Hang sent a sentence. Ding Liang rubbed his little head and waved his hand. Ding dang ran to the toilet.
"It seems that children get along well with you!" Ding Liang took the initiative.
"It’s all because of Aiwa. She is very patient with this child, and the child treats her as a mother. I have been marginalized a lot!" Yin Hang didn’t flatter himself. "Your father’s position in your heart is quite stable!"
"Aren’t you going to tell Ding Dang Liao Huan something?" Ding Liang frowned slightly.
"The child is still too young. We don’t want his childhood to be too complicated. He certainly can’t accept the fact that Liao Huan’s actions and my actions are cruel to him!" Yin Hang didn’t shy away from his idea.
"But what do you think is fair to Liao Huan?" Ding Liangyin had a little excitement.
"The most important thing for Liao Huan is not that she is fair. If she cares about this, she won’t retire quietly. She cares about the growth of children and how the future is beneficial to the growth of children!" Yin Hang admitted that these words sounded cruel to Liao Huan and Ding Liang, but men often think rationally.
"The fragrant chicken wings have nothing to do with the pixel potato grid!" The waiter’s delivery voice interrupted the men’s conversation.
"In fact, Ding Dang is lucky. He has two fathers who love him and three mothers who love him. This is a great spiritual wealth. Liao Huan bravely and privately endowed him with all this. I hope we can raise him together and cultivate him!" Yin Hang raised his fist at the man and he was expecting some kind of response.
Ding Liang breathed a sigh of relief and felt that his thinking was a little melodramatic. Will a person who has been away for seven years have to influence the lives of the living again? What is more important than being happy now?
It’s really a smile to hook your lips slightly, which means that Ding Liang punched Yin Hang.
"Are you comparing fist sizes?" Ding dang came running in a good mood.
"Little classmate, did you wash your hands when you came out of the toilet?" Looking at the dry hands, Yin Hang raised his eyebrows and checked.
"I forgot!" Ding dang vomitted to stick out his tongue naughty.
"Let’s go. Dad will take you to wash!" Yin Hang got up and took her son to health.
Looking at the happy back of the father and son, Ding Liang finally let go of many worries in his heart. Maybe it’s just like the little woman said. These are all Liao Huan’s knowing and making arrangements to enjoy life. Finally, their son is a satisfactory result!
Cao Aihua and Li Jing in the shopping mall, two old people each bought a suit, and the bright colors were also festive.
"Ai Huajie, I have never bought anything for Ding Liang’s parents!" Li Jing wondered whether a daughter-in-law like her would be very unlovable.
"If you don’t have a job yet, no one will care. Just pay attention to courtesy at ordinary times!" Cao Aihua handed the packed clothes to Li Jing. "Gifts and tinkling are all please!"
"You’re welcome!" Li Jing took Cao Aihua’s arm. "Are you used to going to the market with you?"
"It’s cold in winter there, and there’s no heating in the room, so be annoyed!" Cao Aihua paused and said his own thoughts. "What I insisted on bringing Dingdang there was to give us a new one. Although my parents-in-law also like Dingdang very much, it is difficult for old people to say anything. I don’t want our feelings to be affected."
"Actually, it’s quite good. I think it’s the most important thing for children to be with their parents. If children can adapt to you, there’s really no need to turn back and wait until the children are older!" Li Jing felt that Cao Aihua did not ignore the problem after considering it.
"It depends. I haven’t discussed this issue with Miao. Yin Hangye’s development in the city is not bad. We are also discussing it!"
"How nice!" Li Jing envies this kind of husband and wife going hand in hand, feeling that there will be endless common language.
On that day, we talked about a lot of trivial things in life, which seemed to be the feeling of living, but the feelings of the two families were obviously involved. Ding Liang seemed to have no hostility to Yin Hang, and many things could be discussed objectively.
After dinner, everyone watched a movie with Ding Dang. Li Jing and Ding Liang left the team to watch a romantic movie, which was still sweet.
"Mom, do you think mom and dad can get married?" Looking at the advanced field, Ding Liang and Li Jing Xiaodingdang wondered if he had been at ease.
"It should be no problem!" Cao Aihua active wide heart "have you seen the static aunt hand ring? Mom also has it! " Cao Aihua said, putting up his left hand and giving the finger ring to his son. "This was given to my mother when my father proposed marriage. Does it mean that you agree?"
"Is that what the little mother’s ring means?" Ding dang is a little excited.
"Of course, don’t believe you can interrogate your dad tonight!" Cao Aihua understood Ding Dang’s careful thoughts.
The child always thinks that he has delayed his father’s life, and he is also very considerate of Ding Liang’s hard work. He is eager to find a sweetheart for Ding Liang so that his heart will feel better.
After the film, Yin Hang still sent Li Jing back to the family and sent Li Jing to the door.
"There can be a wedding candle or something!"
"yuck!" Li Jing blushed.