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His face turned cold and said, "OK, let’s have another game, but I don’t think losing to the net is exciting enough. How about adding more yards?"

"What do you want?" Two people immediately looked at Ye Qing nervously. "Lost in addition to see me after the net have to respectfully call a brother! This is not difficult, right? I am your brother! " Leaf tilt is very serious tunnel They have always looked down upon Ye Qing’s nature, and they have […]

"Princess Huanzhu" Er Kang even carried the body back, but it turned out that he was still alive. I feel that my popularity must be able to create this miracle! She can’t give up. Never give up!

Night hangs over the wasteland of South Africa. There is a kind of original fear, and all kinds of weirdness make people nervous. The man with a cylindrical thigh injury in the tribal square has been exposed to the sun for a day, and the night has long been astringent and trembling in the face […]

At this moment, the nine grievances suddenly rang one by one, and it was even more obvious that the sound waves of the ripples were coming towards the four people.

This is the talent of nine resentments, and the magical power can shock people with a roar, which is not to say that it can make them weaker than him and collapse the Yuan God and die. Of course, Li Yueling and other magical powers want to hurt them with this magical power, but they […]


A Jintai fan flies two people, and the forest-moving magic ape seems to have made a feeling. Generally, it turns out that it is once again chasing the two people with a step of shaking the earth. Seeing this, Liu Kui’s face suddenly changed into a shape, and at the same time, his mouth shouted, […]

The cracks in the flesh are now repaired at an alarming rate, and with the back-and-forth process of fracture repair, more and more vortex forces are torn and swallowed up by others and merged into the body.

This means of devouring the whirlpool force can only be put to good use if it weren’t for the devouring force of Jiuyou rattan, Meng Fei, who is busy at the same time, uniting into the whirlpool, not to mention devouring the force inside, even if the body is easily ground into dust. At the […]