Fang Qi hurriedly asked "you also go? What are you going to do? "

"I feel the call. I have to enter the gate."
"ah! What did you say? "
Fang Qi was surprised for a few seconds, and soon he was associated with just a vision. He looked at Ji Tianci with a dignified look. "Yu Wenke Huang once said that if our original green emperor died, the new green emperor would be inherited by the celestial green envoy, but he wanted to destroy it …"
Fang Qi stared and said quickly, "We have to plan this matter well."
"If you can’t come, the star gate will open one day. I have to go now."
"But …"
Ji Tianci patted Fang Qi on the shoulder. "You’ve done well enough. We should get everything ready. Don’t worry, Yulun and I will finish the future of mankind. We still have to rely on you. Take care of yourself."
After that, Ji Tianci glanced at Nangong Yulun without waiting for Fang Qi’s reply, and then said to Drassus, "Let’s go!"
Turn over and jump behind Della Seuss, politely stretch out your right hand and pull up Nangong Language Lun, and soon they are ready to start.
Della Seuss faucet turned to Fang Qi Fang Qi and nodded, and then a growl rang all over the evil sword fortress. Della Seuss opened his wings and didn’t flap his wings. The end of his wings lit up with red light for a second, and he broke through the night like a meteor with JiTianCi Nang Lun.
Ji Tianci looked back at the crowd every day and saw an inconspicuous corner in the crowd. Rumanwen was at a loss and looked at himself.
I went in a hurry and didn’t care to say goodbye.
The gate … Can it come out after going in?
There was a cry in the crowd, and everyone waved their hands and wished to give all their strength to Nangong Language Lun, complaining that they could not make a little contribution to human life and death.
Get rid of the gravity of the earth, the vision of the moon Ji Tianci Nangong becomes bigger and bigger.
The vast universe is bright, the moon is bright, and my beloved husband goes to despair together. This is the most romantic moment in her life.
Della Seuss turned to the moon and came to the Nangong Language behind them. He hugged JiTianCi’s waist and put his pretty face on JiTianCi’s shoulder.
Two people Yi Long fly to the direction of the sun de la seuss speed rises sharply.
In order to better fly in Taizhong, Drasus specially made a portable optical radar, which can detect whether there are obstacles in Drasus’ flight path. Because it is a straight line detection, Drasus’ sublight flight is still very safe if it is not for the meteorite hitting the high-speed flight from the side.
A warm air dispersed Ji Tianci and smelled the long-lost body fragrance of Nangong Language Lun.
Too angry. It was the "Fenglingshi" that inspired the air mass and enveloped them.
Fenglingshi is a product of heaven, which can stimulate an air mass with temperature psionic energy to protect the weak life from roaming in the middle.
There are many powerful families in heaven, and there are also many small and weak descendants. These small and weak beings can live after leaving the stars. Although they can travel through the universe by speedboat, they can’t personally understand the vastness of the universe.
Therefore, people in heaven will see the business opportunities and create this kind of wind stone, which is low in cost and can not only generate air pressure and temperature to stimulate wind aura, but also nourish physical broadcasting.
"How I wish we had been flying like this …" The Nangong Language Lun was almost speaking with JiTianci’s ear.
However, Ji Tianci didn’t reply, except for feeling the delicate and soft body of Nangong Language Lun, and there was Rumanwen figure in his mind.
"Do you think this will be our last good time? Will you miss me if I die? "
Nangong Lun’s eyes are blurred. At this moment, she no longer thinks about whether human beings are dying and thinking about their lovers.
Ji Tianci heaved a long sigh and touched Nangong Yulun’s long hair hanging from his chest. "I can feel that you will not die and you will be able to complete your mission. Don’t worry, you will be able to return to Earth safely in one day."
"What about you?"
"Me?" JiTianCi far looked at mercury direction "I don’t know … he doesn’t know …"
The seventh volume QingMeng again Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Landing on Mercury
The romantic journey lasted less than two hours, and the Nangong language held Ji Tianci quietly behind her, and her words were no longer stretched. The starlight was so charming that it was like being in a dream. She enjoyed the warmth and tranquility of this moment and did not want to wake up from her dream.
However, the speed of Drasus began to slow down, and the sun in front almost occupied their vision. Then a small black dot in the center of the vision began to grow bigger and bigger, gradually blocking the sun and the back side of Mercury appeared in their eyes.
Mercury’s rotation speed is very slow, and it can only rotate once when it is close to two months, which means that Mercury will last for a month during the day and a month at night.
The two men landed in Yi Long at the center of the Mercury Gathering Array, and the whole array was disguised. Even if you look down on this area, you won’t find anything special.
Ji Tianci looked down at his feet. He knew that there were nearly 300,000 Qingmeng soldiers stationed on the other side of his feet. The temperature there was over 4 degrees, while the temperature in his eastern hemisphere was 153 degrees lower.
The word "inflammation" lit up on his forehead, and Ji Tianci clearly saw that the green allies gathered at the foot of the huge star tree and waited for the gate to open.
The earth star tree is a little different, and the branches and leaves of Mercury are particularly lush. They all stretch out like a giant umbrella, and the Qingmeng soldiers shade and absorb solar energy like a huge solar panel.
Ji Tianci observed for a long time before saying, "The gate may be opened faster than we expected. The Youth League has buried the source stones in the roots of the star tree. Presumably, they know that the earth has changed. At this time, they want to open the gate earlier and return to the earth as soon as possible."
The nangongshan language shimron heart in a surprised "how did that happen! Then I don’t have to activate the gathering spirit array immediately now? "
"Don’t worry, Fang Qi said that once mercury is activated, it will quickly fall to the sun. Before it hits the sun, it will be completely destroyed. The tidal gravity of the sun will tear it into pieces, and the high temperature of the sun will vaporize these pieces. If the initial speed of mercury falling meets the requirements, it will be destroyed in three hours."
The nangongshan language shimron thought for a moment "are you going to enter the gate? Then don’t we have to let the gate open before destroying mercury? "
Ji Tianci nodded. "I guess the gate will open in less than two hours, and then we will wait for 90 minutes, and then you will activate the gathering array, Drassus, and then take me to the gate. At that time, the gate will open during the fall of Mercury, and even if it is sent to Mercury, the Qingmeng soldiers will be attracted by the gravity of the sun, and even if they are given three hours, they will not send too many troops and I will be able to enter the gate."
"Well, I will activate the array after listening to you for 90 minutes."
After talking about Nangong Yulun, he hesitated and asked, "Is there any way to come out after you enter the gate?"
"I don’t know …"
"Then what are you going to do in there?"
Ji Tianci still shook his head. "I don’t know, but I felt the call and I had to go in."
"But we can not solve the crisis by activating the large array to destroy Mercury now? Still have to enter the gate? "
Ji Tianci sighed, "When mercury falls, the Qingmeng will escape from here, and they still have Kun Suo. Although the earth is protected by wilt virus, if the Qingmeng does not return to the earth, it will take us a long time to hunt them down. The Qingmeng will open the stargate again. What we are doing now is to gain time. Humans are still in crisis, but maybe I can find a solution to the crisis after entering the stargate."
The Nangong Language Lun heard her heart heavy, and Della Seuss turned into a human figure and said with a slightly sad tone, "I know my aunt, and I can say that she betrayed the Qingmeng."
"Your aunt?" JiTianCi doubt asked.

"Are you going to play in the recreation area?" Liu Ziyan is going to order food in the building.

"yes!" Sun Xiaoyu has taken action.
"I’m sorry, that little girl is my granddaughter. Could you please take a look at it for me? I’m going to buy her some food! " Liu Ziyan saw a person who was almost as old as she looked next to the amusement park, perhaps a few years older than her.
"Is that it?" The man stared at Liu Ziyan for half a minute and then stretched out his hand and pointed to Sun Xiaoyu to make a determination.
"It’s your trouble!" Liu Ziyan believes that the other party must also be here to see their children.
"Go without you!" Men seem to have a good accomplishment and speak slowly. Liu Ziyan really feels that she has met a gentleman.
"Thank you!" Thanks again, Liu Ziyan Lou went to buy Sun Xiaoyu’s favorite dessert and juice.
"Thank you, Sir!" After Liu Ziyan came back, she put a plate of special sweets in front of the man. "I invite you and the children to eat!" "
"children?" The man puckered his forehead slightly with wrinkles, and he didn’t know what consciousness a woman was.
Section 434
"Didn’t you come with your children?" Liu Ziyan also felt a little abrupt.
"Oh!" The man knew that he had been misunderstood and shook his head slightly. "I didn’t bring my children here. I came here myself!" "
"Sorry, I made a mistake!" Liu Ziyan smiled shyly.
"Grandma, is my dessert here?" Sun Xiaoyu excitedly calling
"You can come out to eat!" Liu Ziyan waved at the child.
"Are you from China?"
"Do you understand Chinese?" Liu Ziyan has some surprises.
"no!" The man smiled and shook his head. "My wife is from China, too. I know her mother tongue is like this, that’s all!"
"Oh!" Liu Ziyan’s mouth opened wide. "Do you have a wife from China? Great! "
"Maybe!" The man shrugged his shoulders and seemed to have a feeling of resistance in it.
"What, are you unhappy with your wife?" See Sun Xiaoyu didn’t mean to come over immediately. Liu Ziyan just sat opposite the man. She thought it was pleasant to chat like this.
"My wife and I have a great distance in age and background culture. Sometimes we feel that there are some obstacles in communication, and she seems to prefer living in China. Every time she goes back, she seems to have no desire to come back!" Men also find it strange that they would be willing to communicate with a stranger in a different place like this, and it seems that it feels good.
"It’s common to have a big age gap between husband and wife now. I believe her vitality and youth must be what you like. Is it not a loss to properly package her sexuality and naivety?" Liu Ziyan and Miao have been getting along for a long time, and her character has also gained a lot of tolerance.
"If you think she grew up in China, I think you can go with her. There are many beautiful places in China, and I think it’s good to walk together. Why not act? Missing needs to be expressed! "
"Your marriage must be very happy!" The man looked at Liu Ziyan with admiration in his eyes.
"That’s really disappointing to you. I also lost my partner and lived until I was so old!" Liu Ziyan didn’t whitewash her fault. She was glad that she finally lived in vain in a limited period of time.
"Grandma, I want to eat dessert!" Sun Xiaoyu suddenly cheerful came running interrupted two people chat.
"Go and wash your hands first and say hello to grandpa!" Liu Ziyan got up from the chair.
"Hello, Grandpa!" Sun Xiaoyu greeted her in standard English.
"Hello!" The man lovingly rubbed Sun Xiaoyu’s hair, but his heart was slightly awkward. If his present wife really gave birth to a child for him, wouldn’t it be smaller than his grandfather’s child? It’s so tangled!
"Then we won’t bother. We’ll go there!" Liu Ziyan nodded slightly at the man and took Sun Xiaoyu to the other side of the world.
"Who is grandma’s grandfather?"
"Grandma doesn’t know. She should be a kind grandfather!" Liu Ziyan has a good impression on men.
"Didn’t grandma say not to talk to strangers?" Sun Xiaoyu pouted and felt that Liu Ziyan had done something very dangerous.
"Yes, grandma can’t learn from her if she doesn’t behave well!" Liu Ziyan smiled and put the sweet in front of the child. "Let’s eat. Grandma will take you to the supermarket later!"
"I love my grandmother!" Sun Xiaoyu narrowed his eyes and smiled very cute.
It is very comforting to watch the child finally come out of the shadow of losing her parents. In the process, she also gained a sincere feeling, which seems to make up for her many emotional deficiencies. This child is like an angel given to her by God.
Liu Ziyan and Sun Xiaoyu are happy, and the pictures are all seen by men. There is something in their eyes that I can’t tell. I don’t know, but he is the father of two sons and two daughters. What do you rarely experience like this? Are you too greedy or running too fast and missing a lot of good things?
"Excuse me, can I invite two ladies to have dinner together?" Surrounded by loneliness, the man slowly came over with a very modest attitude.
"But we don’t know you!" Sun Xiaoyu is still very principled
"Can you call me Lao Mo now?" Men seem to be particularly patient with children.
"Mr. Mo won’t be broken. If you want to eat, you can come home at any time. We will be very welcome!" Liu Ziyan thinks it’s a bit much to go to dinner together just after we met.
"But we are going to eat out today, aren’t we?" Sun Xiaoyu defected if he didn’t
"Then can we be together?" The man cast a look for support at Sun Xiaoyu.
"Well, it’s really boring for you to eat alone. Grandma and I will accept you!"
"Small language!" Liu Ziyan didn’t expect that it’s embarrassing for children to dare to be in charge now.
"You just invited me to eat sweet, and now it’s my turn to invite you to dinner. I think it’s very reasonable, isn’t it?"
"well, if you insist!" Liu Ziyan also feels that she is not melodramatic when compared with men.
At a dinner, Liu Ziyan told men a lot about China customs and communication habits in order to help men better understand themselves. China and his wife talked about art, social development and so on. Liu Ziyan had not talked about Kan Kan for a long time, but she was in a particularly good mood. She could feel that men were in a very good mood.
"I see that you have become good friends, but you can leave a phone number for each other, which will make it easier to get back together!" Sun Xiaoyu gave his own advice with Ba in his hand.
"Children are not allowed to interrupt when adults are talking!"
Liu Ziyan really seems to find a crack in the ground. How can this child take the initiative to ask someone for a number? What a shame!
"Is it convenient for me to leave you?" When Liu Ziyan was still educating Sun Xiaoyu, Lao Mo had already called the clerk to bring a pen and paper.
"Of course!" Liu Ziyan took the pen in the man’s hand.
It’s a good thing to have one more friend in this strange city, and then chat with one more audience. Liu Ziyan didn’t expect men to have such an idea, and her heart suddenly comforted a lot.
From that day on, Liu Ziyan had another friend. They always went out for coffee and chat together on weekends. Although Sun Xiaoyu was always around, it didn’t seem to affect the smooth and pleasant communication at all.
Liu Ziyan never asked Lao Mo’s name, and Lao Mo never asked Liu Ziyan’s background. It seems that they are just the simplest friends. It was not until one day that Fei Er was angry in front of her that she realized that the so-called Lao Mo was Fei Er’s current husband Morant.
"I don’t see why it makes sense for you to show me these photos?" Liu Ziyan looked at herself and Morant in the photo and was very calm in her heart. She felt that the result was somewhat diaphragmatic.
"Ms. Liu, you are also a person who has experienced marriage and ups and downs. I don’t think you are stupid enough to want to destroy my family!" Phil is not at all polite to talk.
Liu Ziyan and Miao, the mother and daughter, have long been hated by Feier! The daughter robbed her first love, and my mother robbed her current husband. The world is really crazy, and now she is a widow. She doesn’t know what this old woman in Xu Niang is trying to do.


A month later.
Naruto lives in a three-story single-family house. It is no problem for more than a dozen people to live here, but they are suspected of disrepair. They have been creaking their feet on the floor and it is particularly harsh in the quiet night.
In the past, cleaning this kind of thing had to be done by Chiba himself, but now Naruto has been trained by Chiba. Cough is very virtuous and hardworking … Boys can do housework and master everything.
Naruto has been fully responsible for this kind of thing when Chiba is not available.
"Chiba Nissan, don’t mess around. I’ll do it!"
As soon as Chiba brought a basin of water into the room, Naruto ran barefoot and took over the floor of Naruto’s house. Chiba wiped the floor easily and made holes.
Naruto took the basin, wet the dishcloth, wring it out, and then bent down to wipe the floor. He moved skillfully and had a smooth rhythm … To be honest, Naruto seemed to prefer doing such trivial things to practicing Ninjutsu.
It seems that there is something wrong with the style of painting
Chiba training seems to be too successful. What can I do if Naruto is too gentle?
However, it seems that Chiba is a little too worried. These are just the typical personality characteristics of Naruto boys who rest, ambition and continue to eat and die.
There is no need to worry about Chiba.
Naruto only comes three, four, five, six, seven times a year, so there’s no need to worry.
If it is like this every day, it is sick and cured!
But look at him. Chiba can’t help but blurt it out.
"Naruto, it’s almost enough. It’s easy for you to have no girlfriend!"
To tell the truth, Chiba’s personality is really not suitable for spitting, because sometimes it is too sharp.
Naruto froze immediately when he moved!
Chiba is really a pot that can’t be boiled. Naruto’s brother gave him the love of his parents, and he took Naruto to play with Sasuke. When he was a child, Kimiko didn’t lack playmates.
However, the precocity of the ninja world led Naruto to develop from a naughty drama to a point of no return for pick up hot chicks to find a girlfriend.
I have to say that Naruto’s second generation has a great legacy with his father’s fourth generation, Namikaze Minato, but his eyes are as blind as a blind monk
Just like the original, Naruto actually saw Haruno Sakura a year ago and was influenced by Chiba. After seeing KINOMOTO SAKURA for the first time, Naruto took the initiative to confess.
However, KINOMOTO SAKURA did not accept that he still likes to be small, rich and handsome.
Sasuke always laughed at Naruto when he was with him. Without a girlfriend, no girls will like him in this life.
This made Naruto very sad.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Naruto admission
Then it became a sore spot for Naruto.
"Nissan …"
Naruto quit, pulling a long note and holding Chiba’s thigh to sell Meng Tao
"Ok, ok, kidding. Naruto in our family is really handsome. How can no girl like it when everyone loves it? Let’s clean the house. Tired, brother, take you to have fun in Lamian Noodles!"
Chiba touch naruto head comfort way
Eat Lamian Noodles this recruit really try lark naruto immediately don’t coquetry ceng jumped up and ran out cheering.
"It’s the freshman enrollment day of Ninja School. When you get to school, listen to the teacher’s words. Don’t just play with Sasuke, do you hear? !”
Chiba earnestly educated Naruto.
Naruto then promised that he didn’t know if he had listened to Chiba’s words.
It’s Naruto School Day, which is why Chiba is going to clean a room with Naruto.
There must be a ceremony, right?
Ninja school the next day
It’s sunny and the sun is shining.

Sometimes it’s a pity that I can’t speak. For example, it’s a pity that I can’t describe it to a man when I see such a beautiful scenery now. But she believes that when a man finds the feeling he wants, he will definitely come here with Miao, and then she can tell him everything she has seen and heard.

"Is it halfway up the mountain?" Listening to the whistle all the way really makes me feel a little upset
"hmm!" It’s necessary to make proper corrections when Miao stood guard and handed the water to the man.
"Is the scenery beautiful?" The man drank a few mouthfuls of water and handed the towel to wipe the sweat.
"hmm!" Being unable to speak is all kinds of anxiety. It’s really crazy. Why pretend to be dumb? In fact, you can try to talk with your nose. It’s silly!
"If I remember correctly, I should be able to see the lake now. Isn’t it beautiful?" Lu Fengxing felt the picturesque scenery of the mountain peaks, and his mood was clear in his mind.
I really want to cheer. The scenery in front of me is so beautiful. Men’s memories are absolutely correct.
"I am going to scream!" Miao hastily wrote a few words in the man’s palm.
☆ Chapter 312
That’s trying to cheer. I can’t say’ beautiful’ or’ I love you so much’. I hate that I’m not my identity at the moment, or she will jump on this handsome man on the spot!
There is a man left in the forest to listen and laugh, and Lu Fengxing feels a kind of method to erase his vitality, just like the feeling brought to him by Miao, and her beauty is in his mind!
Looking at the man smiling and smiling, he grabbed the man’s palm with his lips raised. "Your smile is very cute!"
Lu Fengxing felt that his hands were crisp and itchy, and he felt funny and smiled but didn’t respond.
"Will you bring your wife here?" The following continues.
"Yes, I will!" Lu Fengxing answered with certainty.
"She will love it here!" My heart writes about my feelings.
"Let’s go. The scenery is more spectacular at the top of the mountain!" Lu Fengxing put away his palm and he didn’t want to be so quiet and alone.
Miao stubbornly took the man’s hand. "It’s almost time to eat breakfast first!"
I don’t object to women’s opinions when they find that they are really hungry when they wake up.
I can’t see myself. The man squeezed his nose or patiently took out the wet tissue paper and gave it to the man carefully. Then I gave it to the man and sat next to him for breakfast.
"How did my mother find you? I think you are really pretty! " Lu Fengxing tastes good when a woman makes three cures.
I smiled smugly and ignored the man. When she came, it was just that the man himself was unwilling to explore. Now you know how many talented people are!
"But if anyone marries you, there will be a lot of pressure. You are actually very strong in your bones!" Lu Fengxing gave a pertinent evaluation. As soon as the good mood disappeared, some resentment and small eyes looked at the man.
"Of course, I just said casually, don’t take it to heart!" Lu Fengxing also feels that he talks a little too much in front of women, but if there is no noise in the dark world, it will be too lifeless. Who makes women dumb sisters?
What do you mean, just say what you really think in your heart and let people not take it to heart! How can you not take it to heart? If others say it, forget it. What wife doesn’t take her husband’s words to heart!
I am sad and lamented, and suddenly I really want to know what men think of themselves, so I put it into action.
"Is your wife strong?" The writing is very direct.
"Are you so interested in her?" Lu Fengxing doesn’t like to talk about his lover with others, and it will always be his treasure.
"Then be curious!" Lu Fengxing withdrew his palm and continued to appreciate the taste of food in his hand.
I stamped my feet with anger, but he still couldn’t help but vent my anger at the food. It took half an hour to trim and finish the three treatments and handed the milk back to my backpack, which seemed to be much lighter.
"Have you been carrying a bag?" I didn’t realize anything until I drank half the milk.
"Hum," said the man angrily, "I don’t want to carry it. Have you eaten?"
"Give me the backpack and I’ll carry the rest of the way!" Lu Fengxing insisted on putting out his arm.
"no!" You’re welcome to pull a few in the man’s palm.
"What do you mean, the top of your mountain will arrive soon!" A man shows a strong side. He doesn’t allow himself not to be a man.

"… who is the rescue team outside … help me …"

Suddenly, the hand suddenly shrank into the door as if it had been dragged back by something. Then a man screamed in despair at the door, "Don’t … help … I don’t want to die …"
For a moment, Tianyang almost rushed in to save people, but he still resisted the impulse and went quietly into the passage.
Because he felt that the room was empty and there was no breath of life.
At this moment, the door suddenly punched out from the inside and a figure that made people’s hair explode. It had a head like a trumpet, many hands and feet, and several faces were stuck at random.
Those hands and feet belong to human beings, and they are even wearing protection, just like living people who have their limbs torn off and then put them in their own bodies.
To those people
Faces, faces and mouths are still open, and they keep sending out continuous and finely asking for help. "… where is this? Come and save me …"
"… can anyone hear me? Help! Help …"
Even if Tianyang was calm, he couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning, not that he was scared by the monster in front of him, but that he remembered that he had encountered such a monster.
At that time, Yun Ze led his team to be disturbed by the black people in Baoshi Town. When Tianyang volunteered to rule it out, he met the black people in front of him and was later chased by a quiet knight.
But at that time, what kind of black people would appear in front of us?
As soon as he was in doubt, the black man had stretched out a’ tentacle’ twisted by his arm and thigh and pulled it up like a whip.
Tianyang doesn’t flash or avoid is to raise your hand’ huang huo’ awe-inspiring and split the broken blade and spit out purple explosion, which turns into an inflammatory tide and sweeps away, melting the tentacles and then igniting the monster to make the screams in the flame disappear.
A moment later, the thick darkness came again and eroded the surrounding area quietly, and even the glow and fire emitted by Tianyang itself were greatly suppressed.
The sun is always changing, and he wants to see what tricks can be played in this darkness. After a few minutes, he feels the airflow and hears a huge gasp, as if a huge monster is dormant in the darkness.
The wind sounded overhead.
Duty looked up and saw a huge palm patting him, which looked like a human palm with large and small purple pimples. It seemed to want to pat Tianyang into a paste.
Tianyang’s figure became blurred, and the huge palm roared and patted him, but nothing happened because it was Tianyang’s residual figure.
Tianyang appeared a hundred meters away. At this time, he saw beams of light passing through the darkness, letting him see the chariots and human bodies that were falling. He saw strips of tentacles like octopus with palm arms. He saw these wrist arms entangled and stirred like snakes, catching falling vehicles or people everywhere.
Then the day after tomorrow, Yang saw a huge corner, and the road with twisted lines at the corner was a dense black mane!
In an instant, Yang knew what he saw.
Abyss The Infiltrator!
At the beginning, the super-large black people encountered in the battle with the black king in the desert valley town bridge!
Look around, Tianyang feels as if he has returned to the abyss of the deserted town. He is an oblique stretch of Liang Shi. There are vehicles and human bodies falling around him, and there are explosions and screams.
While the abyss The Infiltrator looked at Tianyang and roared with a shock.
That thing suddenly swung out a wrist arm, and the palm of your hand clenched a fist and smashed it to Tianyang.
Tianyang calmly erected’ huang huo’ blade shield and punched the monster hard.
The huge fist hit’ huang huo’, and Mars splashed and smashed a circle of gray ripples.
Tianyang felt a huge force spreading from the blade surface and felt the body shake him.
I used to face an illusion, but from this force, I overturned his idea.
So when The Infiltrator hit again with a punch, Tianyang no longer foolishly followed him hard, and another Liang Shi star appeared, and The Infiltrator’s arm was overcast.
The shadow twisted and suddenly turned into a sharp sword. The arm was scratched and the black mud was sprayed like plasma.
The Infiltrator roared and waved seven wrist arms to attack Tianyang, but they were all hidden from him by Tianyang. It was very beneficial for these wrist arms to take advantage of the flash and move a few breaths, and then they were already in The Infiltrator.
Huang huo’ reversed Tianyang and suddenly stabbed the broken blade into the monster’s big head. The crack on the blade surface was bright, and the violent flame rushed into The Infiltrator’s body.
This monster’s big head is instantly red, and then flames gush out from its eyes, nostrils and mouth. The Infiltrator’s big head swells and Tianyang immediately draws the blade and flashes.
For a second, the monster’s head was completely fried, and a column of purple fire was sprayed from his body, like a volcanic eruption, which lit up all around.
"Be careful …"
When the darkness hit Su Lie’s body surface, he immediately surged and dazzled, and Guanghua Xing Yun turned into quarrelling and quickly condensed out protective armor. With the help of the light emitted by quarrelling armor, he lit up the surrounding area, but at this time he could not see Tianyang.
Su Lie was slightly dazed, and the swaying stars turned into pieces of silvery white flames, which immediately lit up his own range of ten meters, but I didn’t see the shadow of the sun.
"We were sent to different places? The enemy wants to divide us? "
Su Lie chuckled. He didn’t deny that the enemy’s strategy was good, but if the other party thought it was easier to deal with them, it would be wrong.
From a long journey to a recent war to sacrifice to Samana, Su Lie knew his weight very well, and he believed that even in the face of different gods, he had a fighting force.
So he is not nervous to find the culprit who will divide them, and naturally he can meet Tianyang.
With the help of the brilliance of the stars, Su Lie saw that there were no stone tablets engraved with various symbols on the feet or the top of his head, but there was a sarcophagus not far away that seemed to be engraved with something.
Su Lie walked over and saw the ordinary sarcophagus cover engraved with some strange symbols. When the symbols stared at Su Lie, it was like seeing several worms crawling.
His face and arms were covered with black lines in an instant.
Su Lie was surprised and decisively closed his eyes and suddenly turned around before his body gradually recovered.
"I seem to have seen this sarcophagus and that symbol …"
"Those symbols …"
"Do they mean to swallow the tomb of the God-eater … Shadi Jia?"
Su Lie Huo Ran opened his eyes and cried softly, "I remember seeing it in my’ grave’. I explored the grave area at that time. I went deep into the restricted area and saw this sarcophagus in a relic in my restricted area."
"Yes, I still remember those symbols. I remember seeing those symbols at that time. Although I didn’t understand what they meant, I felt like I was exposed to taboos as if I wanted to know the horrible truth."
"I feel real fear …"
"But now I actually know the meaning of those symbols? Is it because of the stars? "

"Why did you hit your sister?"

"She just pushed Ruyi not to play with their toys!" Kidney beans are righteous and have no intention of giving in at all.
"Then you can play sister? It’s a shame for you to hit a girl by a boy! " Sun also don’t know the end.
"Well, it’s all children. It’ll be all right soon!" Ping Li and the mud.
"Jiao Jiao, will you and Sasha take your sister to play together?" Ping Li called Tang Jiao, who was a little scared.
"Sasha, can you tell mom what’s going on?" It seems that Kou Jing is the most patient. She wiped her tears and gave her a full hug before she patiently asked why.
"Jiao Jiao and I were playing with each other. When my sister came, she made trouble and took our tableware away. I pushed her when I was in a hurry!" Kousha obviously knew she was wrong and bowed her head with a guilty conscience.
"Oh!" Kou Jing nodded seriously. "Did the wishful sister cry?"
"no!" Kousha shyly shook his head.
"That wishful sister is so strong!" Kou Jing gave a thumbs-up directly. "I hope Sasha can be stronger later, okay?"
"hmm!" Kousha’s expression softened a lot without being criticized.
"Ruyi’s younger sister is over one year old, and she still can’t understand the rules of your play house. She is also upset. You and Jiao Jiao are sisters, so you should learn to take care of your younger brothers and sisters. This is the most meaningful play house, don’t you think?" Kou Jing guides children’s way of thinking
"I know!" Kousha has no sad feeling.
"Then should we apologize to Ruyi’s sister?" Kou Jing finally got to the point.
"hmm!" Kousha nodded seriously and went straight to Xiao Ruyi to apologize.
"Well, you all go and play!" Sun was relieved or took a symbolic pat on the ass.
"Mommy, can I go to play too?" Tang Jiao blinked and asked Ping Li for instructions.
"Go ahead!" Ping Li kissed Tang Jiao on the forehead and let the child go on playing.
"Quiet, you are so patient!" The following is really folded
"It’s okay!" Kou Jing gently reminded the lip angle.
"I don’t know how many times your method is better than mine!" Sun directly from sigh.
"children actually have their own criteria for judging right and wrong. Sometimes we need to be patient and touch them. When they are emotional, we also need to play a listening role, so that she will feel valued, have a desire to communicate and find the real crux of the problem."
"I think we need to ask you more later!" I nodded and agreed with Kou Jing.
"Let’s explore together. Children are different. The methods suitable for each child are definitely different. It is also a pleasure to grow up with them!" Kou Jing looked at the children with a faint happiness in his eyes.
It’s easy for people to see many problems clearly after a lot of experiences. Kou Jing is in this state now. It seems that nothing is a big deal for her. Nothing is unacceptable. It is understandable that she wants the same thing for her children.
"Miao Miao, your son is so focused on digging sand that he almost doesn’t move when sitting in the bunker!" Ping Li was amused by Liu Xiaoyang’s show of cuteness.
"Nonsense! You can all go. He has a climbing level, and they must feel very unbalanced, so they seek self-entertainment from the project! " Miao has long found that she is persistent.
"This kind of child’s attention is very rare, usually three minutes of heat!" Kou Jing also participated in the discussion. "It seems that your family can’t sit still after school!"
"I hope so!" Miao really doesn’t ask too much of Liu Xiaoyang, but he can also ask others, but she didn’t want to be the best one, but at least she can’t be the worst one. That’s all.
I don’t know if my expectations are too negative, but I always feel that this life has a decision for my life. She doesn’t want to manipulate him too much, just want him to take good care of himself and have a strong heart!
After the weekend, I explained everything in my hand, took my children and my parents to embark on a flight to new york, and Ji Hucheng accompanied me.
There are too many stirring memories on the other side of the ocean, but they found each other in all kinds of chaos anyway, but now she really lost him, and there is no possibility of holding hands anymore!
Looking at the white clouds outside the window, I really hope that the man will suddenly appear in front of me. Forget it, close your eyes and sleep and dream realistically! Pulling the blindfold directly ruined my sleep
I don’t know if God didn’t go with her on purpose, but since I got home, I haven’t dreamed that Lu Fengxing slept every night, which is more practical than Mao Meng’s. Sometimes I wonder if the man has forgotten her after drinking Meng Po Tang.
"Aunt-"just got her luggage and walked out, and she heard a small voice shouting. The little girl in the crowd had cheered and waved to them. Liu Feiyang was also excited with delicate and charming roses in his hand.
Miao smiled and waved and pushed the child out with his parents.
"Sister Liu hasn’t seen you for a long time, okay!" Yuan Qing took the flowers from Liu Ziyan’s hand and gave a warm hug directly.
"That’s right. It’s almost half a year ago. Are you all right?"
"It’s all right. This life can be counted as a few more years!" Yuan Qing took Liu Ziyan’s arm and began to talk at home.
"Master!" Liu Feiyang still dedicated the flowers in his hand to Wu
"hey! You’ve come here to learn western style! " Wu took the flowers and teased, "It seems that your grandmother didn’t treat you badly!" "
"Yangyang, have you missed your sister? My sister misses you!" Sun Xiaoyu took a mouthful of Liu Xiaoyang’s neck. Liu Xiaoyang had a lot of complaints and rubbed his face. He always felt that the girl in front of him was too crazy and stared at Sun Xiaoyu for a long time.
"Aunt Yangyang doesn’t seem to know me!" Sun Xiaoyu is somewhat injured.
"No, this is just waking up on the plane and going home slowly!" After rubbing the top of smiles send us light’s hair, I feel that the child has changed in a few days, and he has really grown taller.
"Sister, I’ll push it!" Liu Feiyang took the initiative to accept the luggage cart from Miao, and it seemed natural that he found his height advantage as soon as he got close to Miao.
"Do you still adapt to flying?" After a pause, I still feel that I am looking at a big boy.
"I’m fine!" Willow flying slightly hook lips handsome face has been very attractive.
"Xiao Yan Feiyang’s brother already has a girlfriend!" Sun Xiaoyu is very interested in tattling.
"Oh?" I am a little surprised that this is absolutely not allowed in China.
"Sun Xiaoyu, why are you so divinatory!" Liu Feiyang really wants to kick Sun Xiaoyu directly home with one foot, so it’s out of the way.
"Feiyang, you can’t do that at your age, so you still have to study hard!" Wu was nervous and taught seriously.
"Don’t worry, the root is nothing!" Liu Feiyang scratched his head and felt a little annoying.
"What about Ida?" Sun Xiaoyu is very angry and asks.
"Ida?" Following some scratching their heads.
"Ida is uncle Richard’s niece who runs to our house all day and flies. Brother or classmate flies. Brother Ji is her full-time partner!" My girl confessed everything she knew and didn’t leave Liu Feiyang a face.
"Oh!" I smiled and didn’t comment, so I don’t really need to think too seriously about my age. Facing different national conditions, everyone needs an adaptation process.
"Don’t listen to gossip. There’s nothing wrong with Adagen!" Liu Feiyang doesn’t know what the meaning of a’ oh’ is, but his heart is directly uncertain.
"I know!" Miao smiled and hugged Liu Xiaoyang out of the car. It seems that this problem is not a problem at all.
Is to let the following didn’t expect is now Sun Xiaoyu mouth heroine has been waiting in the living room at home.
"Grandma is good, grandpa is good, and aunt is good!" Ida greeted them politely when they came back.
Adalai wanted to call Sister Liu Feiyang together, but she immediately changed her mind when she saw Miao. She thought it was easier to call Sister Liu Feiyang and Miao.
"This child is so clever and so sensible!" Yuan Qing smiled and pulled IDA to sit on the sofa. "I heard that you are Feiyang’s classmate. Are we doing well in school?"
"Feiyang’s grades in the class are the best. Everyone likes him very much!" Ida’s face felt proud that Liu Feiyang was her home.
"So powerful!" I rubbed Liu Feiyang’s head. "I’ll treat you well tonight!"

Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Goodbye White Tiger Phantom

I noticed that Chu Fei inserted the key of the secret room into the oval hole one-third instead of inserting the key into the oval hole at one time.
A few seconds after the secret room Shimen Chufei inserted the secret room key into the oval hole, we slowly sank to the ground in front of us.
Chufei Shimen took the key out of the oval hole in Shimen after the reaction of sinking into the ground.
As the front stone gate slowly sank into the ground, I saw a swinging room in the front stone gate.
There is another stone gate as far as the eye can see. The stone gate has oval holes exactly like the stone gate that is slowly sinking into the ground.
Chufei took my grandmother and me straight to the front of the second stone gate. This time, I inserted the key into an oval hole and tried my best.
This time, the keyhole selected by Chufei is different from the first stone gate.
The same scene reappears the second stone gate and slowly sinks into the ground in front of us.
At this time, Chu Fei said that since the establishment of the Snake Chamber, there are only two keys to open the Snake Chamber, and it must be done in accordance with the correct method.
After hearing what Chu Fei said, I asked Chu Fei what would happen if he copied the key to open the chamber of secrets.
Chu Fei told me that no matter how high the imitation key is, it is the secret chamber Shimen. This problem is a word of mouth of the leaders of the Snake Sect.
If the high imitation key opens the Shimen of the Chamber of Secrets, it will not only fail to open the Shimen of the Chamber of Secrets, but also lead the people who were in the tunnel to fall into a trap.
I glanced at grandma and picked her eyebrows. Grandma shook her head and smiled.
Behind the second stone gate is still a swing, followed by the third stone gate.
The third secret room of Shek Mun and the Snake Sect is finally presented to us.
There are stone cabinets with large and small boxes on three sides in the Snake Sect Secret Room.
Chufei went straight to the cupboard and took a box from the cupboard and handed it to grandma with both hands.
Grandma hit the box and took out the red inside.
Segmented reading 292
Pass me the box after the cloth is wrapped. I took the box and looked into grandma’s hand. I saw grandma hitting the red cloth and there was another square seal in it.
In front of another square seal, I saw in a small village in Zi Shan that the shape of the square seal was exactly the same, and there was indeed a lifelike white tiger phantom in the square seal.
It’s the white tiger phantom in the square seal in grandma’s hand that poses differently.
If two square seals are put together, are the two lifelike white tiger phantom postures head-to-head or tail-to-tail?
Grandma can’t hide her excitement with that seal.
At this time, Chufei told me and grandma that there were two snake seals, and the other one was lost before the seal.
When I heard that Chufei was always another square seal before the Snake Sect, I frankly told Chufei that the other square seal before the Snake Sect was in the hands of my grandmother and me at the moment. I simply told Chufei that there was a female ghost in a small village in Zi Shan.
Chufei was a little stunned and nodded and said, then it’s good to say that the snake sent the seal or it would fall into other people’s hands.
Before looking at it, it became mature and steady overnight. Chu Fei couldn’t help sighing in my heart.
I reached out and patted Chufei on the shoulder and told Chufei that everything would get better. Chufei smiled faintly and said that he knew how to ask me why Xie Yiming didn’t come with us.
I said that Xie Yiming had gone to experience with his master, and Chu Fei said that he wanted me to tell Xie Yiming that I missed him for many days.
I didn’t realize that I hadn’t contacted Xie Yiming for more than half a month.
After leaving the Chamber of Secrets, I urged Chufei to go back and have a good rest. Chufei nodded and agreed to ask Grandma if he could help me.
Grandma said it was time for us to leave the snake pie when she didn’t say it was okay.
Chufei some stupidly, and then tried to keep my grandmother and I for a few days, saying that he hadn’t had a chance to catch up with me.
Grandma shook her head and refused to say that what we are going to do next is not suitable for snake pie, and it has been more than half a month since my summer vacation, and she will take me somewhere else to learn more.
Chufei reluctantly agreed to send me and grandma away from the snake pie.
Chufei, at the gate of the dilapidated courtyard on the ground where the snake was sent, pursed his lips with tears in his eyes.
Seeing that Chufei is now looking like a teenager, I gave Chufei a big hug and said to Chufei with a smile, I will see you later, and said with a smile that Chufei is now a snake faction leader and a man with indomitable spirit.
Chufei’s face appeared and he said with a smile that he also knew that men don’t flick when they have tears.
Pat Chufei on the shoulder again. I smiled and waved goodbye to Chufei and left with grandma.
I didn’t go back to take another look at Chu, but I could feel that Chu Fei had always set up a snake Sect and kept his eyes locked on my grandmother and me at the gate of the courtyard.
If you don’t give up, you can’t change it. You always have to leave the ending, and then you have to live hard. These are all experiences in growing up.
Away from the snake pie, I asked grandma where she was going next.

Jane has a deep affection for Ling Fei. If he goes out directly to stop Jane from listening, the best messenger is their family.

"Our baby is really a small jealousy altar!" Jane smiled and rubbed Xiao Ran’s face and added, "Let’s not go to the advanced house outside."
Chapter 649 Thank you for not letting me go.
It is not only Lingfeiyu’s first visit to the Qin family’s camp in the United States, but also her first visit. She was also surprised when she saw this large manor.
She has been incredibly proud of them in Jiangbei Nuoyuan. Many people have struggled for generations, but compared with the Qin family’s mansion in new york, USA, Nuoyuan is dwarfed.
Entering the pavilion and rockery fountain from the main entrance, all kinds of leisure facilities are alive. It is a modern leisure park, which is not like a private residence.
It can also be seen that Sheng Tian’s financial and material resources and Qin Yue’s leadership ability are far beyond Jane’s original imagination
It seems that she really knows too little about Qin Yue, which is definitely not a qualified wife.
Seeing Jane’s eyes scanning around, Qin Yue walked to her side and gently hugged her waist. Judo "I wanted to bring you back for a long time, but I was always caught up in things."
"No, I’m here now." Jane looked up and smiled at him and said, "I didn’t think much of anything. Don’t worry."
The two of them have been through so many things together, and she can’t understand how he treats her. How could she possibly misunderstand him?
"It’s good not to think much." Qin Yue rubbed her head. "When you are better, I’ll accompany you to stroll around for a while. I’ll let Xiaobao and Ran Ran show Miss Ling around."
Qin Yue is not very willing to take the initiative to introduce and visit that type of person. Lingfei is particularly curious about that type of person. He has no leisure and elegance to be a guide. It is most appropriate to give this to Qin Xiaobao and Xiao Ran.
"Well, let Ran Ran greet the distinguished guests for us." How about your physical condition? Jane Ran must be clear. At present, she still can’t blow the wind, and she can’t entertain Lingfei well soon.
Xiao Ran, however, is their baby, and she likes Lingfeiyu in particular, so Xiao Ran, however, is certainly happy to oppose Lingfeiyu.
"Jane!" Qin Yue suddenly stopped to hold Jane’s shoulder.
"Huh?" Jane looked up at his deep eyes.
Qin Yue pulled the broken hair from her forehead behind her ear and pushed her into her arms according to the back of her head. "How nice!"
He said two words without beginning or end, but he knew what he wanted to say simply.
He must mean to say that the two of them can still walk hand in hand as they are now, and he can hold her in his arms-how nice!
Not only does Qin Yue feel so simple, but also every minute and second they are together is so precious.
On the day of the explosion, she closed her eyes and couldn’t wake up.
Never see her again. Qin Yue never see her again. Xiao Ran never see the charming sunshine again.
When she was lying in a hospital bed, she was almost swallowed up by a black vortex several times and wandered around the edge of life several times. It was so difficult for her to wake up and never dared to think that she could get up and let him hold her beside Qin Yue. She snuggled in his arms and listened to his steady and powerful heartbeat quietly.
In this life, she has experienced many things, such as losing her parents, being disembowelled to recognize her thief father and so on.
But she doesn’t regret coming into this world at all.
Because among many bad things, she met Qin Yue, a man who loved her in his hand.
Because the other person is him, she is willing to spend a lifetime with him …
Because of him, the bad things that happened in her life are not so memorable. She remembers him, remembers him, remembers her well, and remembers their happy time together.
Qin Yue!’ She called his name softly and looked at him with burning eyes.
"What do you want to say?" Qin Yue asked.
"Thank you!" Jane said with a smile
Thank you for not thinking about letting me go in a bad environment!
Thank you for making me believe that there is true love in this world!
Thank you for making my life so unbearable that I can bloom the most beautiful flowers.
"Stupid?" Thank you again. Qin Yue frowned again. He didn’t want to hear her kind words with him.
"I’m not stupid!" Jane nestled in Qin Yue’s arms and listened to his steady and powerful heartbeat, reaching out and holding his lean waist.
No matter how bumpy the road ahead is, she won’t worry if she has him and Xiao Ran by her side.
"Jane, let’s go to the Aegean Sea before the 20th of this month." Qin Yue planned to surprise Jane with the wedding, and he planned to wait until the wedding day to tell Jane.
This is the most romantic thing he can think of for Jane.
"Why did you suddenly think of going there?" Aegean Sea is a holy place that Jane has always wanted to visit, but she has never had a chance to go.
"I didn’t agree to go and see it before." Qin Yue has been preparing for the wedding for a long time and has been delayed for a long time. This time, it can’t be an accident
"Good!" Jane made up her mind silently to take care of her illness and then go to the Aegean Sea so as not to hold Qin Yue back.
"Elder brother and sister-in-law, there are a lot of you two. Now you are very much in love. You should greet the guests to greet the guests. Sister-in-law should go to rest." Everyone in the family is busy, but today the protagonist is hiding in the garden, "cheating". Where can Qin Xiaobao, an eventful guy, see the past?
"You are an adult, it’s good for you to do things at home." Qin Yue was very dissatisfied with Qin Xiaobao’s jumping out of trouble at this time. He was simply going to the Aegean Sea.
Qin Xiaobao held back his mouth. "Mom asked you to go back to the house. When she came to the United States, she went to the temple and asked her sister-in-law for an amulet to formally give it to her."
Qin Yue wanted to say something else, but simply squeezed his hand. "Let’s go home. That’s mom’s wish. If you don’t take me, it’s the point."
Jane didn’t believe in Buddhism, but Qin’s mother believed in Buddhism and the elders asked for the amulet. It must be that the younger generation thought of the elders’ wishes, and she should take it well.
"That’s good" is a simple bite, and Qin Yue must obey it 100%.
It seems that he has always had no bottom line here, but he didn’t realize it himself.
"Sister-in-law, I really hate my brother more and more." Qin Xiaobao took Jane and stared discontentedly at Qin Yue. "Now he never cares about me."
Think about it. Before Qin Yue got married, Qin Xiaobao was the most important thing for Qin Yuegong.
Qin Xiaobao often makes trouble, and everything can make trouble. Qin Yue often follows her and cleans up her mess.
[ps recommends a "Billions of Favorite Marriages" by the West Lake]
Chapter 65 Let him smile more.
At that time, it seemed to be a pleasure for Qin Yue to clean up the rotten stalls for her, so Qin Xiaobao also happily created "fun".
Because her wooden brother is really a piece of cold ice outside work, if she doesn’t help him create some fun for his spare time, he will probably suffocate.
But all these things changed after Qin Yue got married.
After marrying Jane, Qin Yue’s attention is no longer outside Qin Xiaobao’s body work, but all the focus has shifted to Jane’s body.
His thoughtfulness to Jane is many times better than that to Qin Xiaobao.
Think about brother Mu no longer paying attention to himself. Qin Xiaobao is sometimes a little sad and jealous, but think about it again. Without brother Mu, she still misses the North.
Although the man who fought in the North never knew how to be fond of jade, she could slowly train him.

The housekeeper was embarrassed to say, "Well, we all came out of Jiaocheng by car this time. Because no one has aged for a long time, I’m afraid there is a safety hazard, and Sir Zhong has something urgent to go back to Beijing. I wonder if you can give us a lift at a familiar time?"

Shen Xinyu thought that if he borrowed a car, she could consider it, but she wanted to plant Gu Zhenglin for a ride.
Let her go with that malefic?
Shen Xinyu’s heart is a little resistant. Although she spent a short time together that day, she still doesn’t want to get too close to her family.
"Don’t be difficult, girl." At this time, the man who hasn’t spoken came over. He wore a woolen black coat that reached his knees. If he hadn’t known something about him in his previous life, I’m afraid he would really be an ordinary noble gentleman.
"Let’s just wait." The man smiled and looked at Shen Xinyu’s soft voice.
"But Mr. Jing Bei can’t be the first class, and it will take the team at least two hours to get here. We have no problem but you."
"I didn’t." Gu Zhenglin still looked at Shen Xinyu with a smile on her lips, looking like a particularly spoiled junior elder.
Shen Xinyu was a little uncomfortable by this look, as if she didn’t allow Gu Zhenglin’s car to blow cold air here for two hours.
It’s a little scary to think about that scene
I don’t know if Gu Zhenglin’s smile is true or false. If she doesn’t agree with this person, she should retaliate against herself.
"Well, that’s my rudeness, Miss Shen."
The housekeeper looked at Gu Zhenglin with a sad face and remorse.
I can still hear other anxious voices on the other end, saying that there is something wrong with the car. It seems that things are quite big.
Shen Xinyu bit her lip and thought about the flashing blind necklace again and nodded, "If you don’t dislike Mr. Gu, come with us."
Guanjia noodles yixi
Gu Zhenglin’s expression is not much different. The corner of his mouth is "thank you."
So handsome?
Shen Xinyu can ignore the strange feeling in his heart. Looking back, he wants them to pick a car at will. When they sit, they will see the housekeeper bend over and pull her to sit in that car and invite Gu Zhenglin in.
Shen Xinyu’s eyes widened in disbelief. When the housekeeper saw it, she was embarrassed to explain, "Thank you, Miss Shen. My master’s lumbar spine is not good. I still have to take care of some cars all the way."
Shen Xinyu ""
After buying milk tea, Aunt Wu was a little confused when she saw this situation, but one of her servants didn’t speak and handed the milk tea to Shen Xinyu and took the initiative to sit in the front position.
The car goes slowly
The housekeeper snickered and covered her mouth. The man opposite ordered, "Rest in place for half an hour before going."
It’s always wrong with the car in front, otherwise it’s not good to be found
Seeing Mr. Zhong take a girl’s car and leave, people are not shocked, especially Xiao Beilai’s head is not working well. It took him a long time to reach a shocking conclusion. Oh, my God, Mr. Zhong, is this about Tang Shiyan’s fiancee?
Shen Xinyu was a little unnatural in the car. Why did she agree? She was really crazy to believe that housekeeper’s nonsense. If she remembered correctly, Gu Zhenglin had a private jet. How could she blow cold air for two hours?
Section 314
Lean against the window and drink a cup of milk tea. Shen Xinyu quietly glanced at the man next to him.
This man didn’t say a word from the car, and it seemed like a real car ride.
However, it seems that there is nothing worth plotting for her. It should be a coincidence.
It’s also comfortable to think of Shen Xinyu in this way, but after two hours, we will go our separate ways when we arrive in Beijing North.
Gu Zhenglin felt that the little girl around him had been on alert, and he relaxed his expression and casually ticked the corner of his mouth.
My mind is quite sensitive.
The atmosphere eased almost. The man knocked on his knee and asked, "The horse is going to have a holiday. What are you doing in Beijing alone?"
Shen Xinyu is still holding the cup of milk tea and looking at him. He said, "I have something to do temporarily. Our tutor asked me to go back."
The man nodded and knew enough. Instead of asking questions, he changed the subject and said, "Do little girls like cherries?"
"Huh?" Shen Xinyu looked puzzled at the cup in his hand and then smiled, "It’s okay, not everyone likes it, but I think it’s quite delicious."
"That’s good."
The man speciously vomited three words from his mouth, like a sigh of relief. Shen Xinyu turned his head and looked at it.
These eyes are moist and crystal clear, but they are somewhat like the dream he once had. It’s like thinking that this man smiled and said, "I just feel that no one in my home has a place to eat cherries."
I just painted the backstage for a long time, and it’s a little late.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Doctor Liao is going to live abroad for a long time?
"Do you grow cherries?"
Shen Xinyu felt that she had been frightened recently. It was really one after another that Gu Zhenglin gave her expensive gifts to meet her, or talked to her in a whisper and rubbed her car. She also said that she would give them to her when the cherries in his garden were ripe.
Not only that, they also chatted about other fruit trees in his garden, such as apples, persimmons, peaches, grapes and so on.
So Shen Xinyu attention was attracted to the past.
Sitting in the front seat, Aunt Wu sighed softly, and said, Miss Shen is really a silly girl. This is to give her what she wants, and she didn’t even notice it.
Although she is a servant, she often goes in and out of this rich family, and her sight is much broader than ordinary people. I have to say that this Mr. Gu is more experienced than his own husband in pleasing girls, and he is also very skillful in talking. It is very accurate to master when to associate with others. More importantly, it is the safest to fight snakes and hit seven inches to face Miss Shen, which is sensitive and cautious.
The atmosphere was good all the way. Gu Zhenglin returned a business card to Shen Xinyu before leaving, saying that when the fruit trees bear fruit in spring and summer, she would be invited to go shopping with Tang Shiyan. Although this was polite, she brought Tang Shiyan to Shen Xinyu and smiled.
Shen Xinyu, accompanied by Yu Kai Zhang Cheng, arrived at the crew and recorded a song overnight.
The next day, before she came to have a good rest, she was taken to a publicity meeting by the crew, so she sang a song of her own. It was then that she found that her fans were already many, and many fluorescent lamps were written with her name Evodia.
It is much more pleasing to the eye than fish.
When it was noon, Shen Xinyu came back to Jiaocheng. As a result, Yu Kaizhang stayed to discuss which company to sign. Later, there was an emergency saying that the crew wanted a variety show before the Spring Festival. The director wanted to take her and let her show up to sing a song without recording the later programs.
This variety show is one of the best traffic programs in China, and it is broadcast once a week and later in prime time.
Yu Kaizhang hung up and Shen Xinyu set out for the program. Fortunately, Tang Shiyan left a stylist in Beijing North, or Lao Yu was really busy alone.

My mind is not stable. After Su Ling thought for half a day, I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand and pull away the burn-in dust and hug her arm. Then I got up from the wooden couch with a very gentle gesture. When she was softly on the ground, she glanced at the sleeping burn-in dust and made a perfect sleep for him, and then I walked out of the wing.

And just as she turned and left the instant soft couch, the sleeper suddenly opened her eyes, and a pair of bright eyes like obsidian were not sleepy!
In the middle of the night, Su Ling sat alone at the front desk of the wing with her hands dragging her cheeks, and some gods stared blankly somewhere.
Now I can make heartless Su Ling become so taciturn. I have no choice but to burn my third child!
Suddenly, in the silent night, whenever there is a little noise, it will be particularly clear. When Su Ling was still in a daze, there seemed to be a tiny step outside the door, which completely awakened Su Ling’s mind
The moonlight shone brightly on the door. When the black shadow was exposed by the door, Su Lingfeng’s eyes suddenly changed and narrowed, and danger flashed out. Dark mans hands stood up according to the round table and moved lightly to the door when they heard someone whispering outside.
"Rao younger sister, do you think it’s ok for me to go in now? If I disturb the prince and the princess, I still have a life? "
This is Yushu sound!
On hearing Yushu’s remarks, Yu Suling was all alert and vanished. Nai looked at the two shadows outside and whispered!
But Yushu wouldn’t want to come in and disturb it if it wasn’t for something late at night! Now they’re in Xiangfu. If it’s the palace, we can talk about it in the daytime, but if it’s not …
At this time, I was sleepy at the vigil outside the door, and I was so shameless that I kept approaching her, which also made her suddenly awake a lot.
But see Brigitte Rao turned around and looked at the wing and immediately provoked a side eyebrows leering at Yushu and said, "What do you want to say now? If you want to die, I won’t stop you. Feel free! "
Yushu "…" is really what kind of master has what kind of slave!
Say something! Ah!
Yikes …’ A Yushu was thinking about communicating with Birao again when the door behind them opened when Su Ling stepped out.’ What can I do for Yushu?’
At the sight of Su Ling suddenly appearing like a ghost in the middle of the night, Yushu almost didn’t kneel! Lianqu looked surprised. Yushu looked behind her through Su Ling’s shoulder. Did he see the old figure burn? He couldn’t help but start playing drums. He didn’t know if he could tell the princess about the news he had just received!
But he can’t decide if Shinohara is too young!
Su Ling was cautious as dust. When she carefully observed Yushu’s expression, she saw that his eyes were smart and slipped around, and then she looked at Yushu with her brow. "Aren’t you going to say it?"
Every time Su Ling’s little eyes turn around with malicious intent, it’s white. She must be trying to punish herself so many times again. It seems that it’s time to learn a lesson!
When Yushu word directly to Su Ling front step moment quietly said, "the princess breeze to news that shinohara snow Tainv really met an ambush on the way back! But the other party has let the breeze settle! They will probably leave the boundary of Qi and Chu at noon, and the news will come back when the breeze comes! "
"Sure enough?" Su Ling muttered a good-looking arch eyebrows with a sarcastic radian, squinted slightly and sipped her lips, and suddenly asked, "Did you check the identity of the other party?"
Yushu shook his head "no! The news in the breeze said that those people should all be dead, and once they are caught, they will kill themselves immediately! There were thirty people in this ambush except one who escaped and died! "
"good! I know! " Su Lingqiao’s face was tense after listening to Yushu’s explanation, and then she put on her clothes and looked at Yushu and said, "You stay here and watch me go out!"
"Ah?" Yushu one leng looked up at the sky. What’s the princess doing out in the middle of the night? !
Is it suitable? !
Su Ling, who is in Yushu dazed leng, has already handed Bi Rao a look. If two people are close to each other, they have reached the exit of the West Wing Arch. Yushu doesn’t even have a chance to ask, so they put it together!
He seems to feel that when the prince wakes up and finds that he can’t find the princess, does he have to lose his skin?
Princess, please let go!
The night is the deepest and most quiet in the middle of the night. Red lanterns are hung on both sides of the streets of Beijing. In the night wind, they keep swinging from side to side in the streets. The dim light is like being covered with a floating golden awn.
"Miss, where are we going?" I haven’t followed Su Ling for a long time. Bi Rao is not sleepy at all. I think the number of times she and Miss acted late at night was really countless!
"Come from afar!" At the moment, Su Ling is wearing a cloak of moderate thickness, and she is carrying a beautiful butterfly in front of it in the hazy light of the street. The cloak behind her is like a blooming flower, which keeps lingering behind her.
After answering Bi Rao, she was silent for a moment in the middle of the night. Soon after, Su Ling asked again, "What did Aunt do recently?"
Bi Rao is not stupid, especially when she has been with Su Ling for a long time. The angle of view is no longer as simple as it used to be. As early as when Feng Shuang Yuan Zhulin caught fire, she vaguely smelled a little conspiracy.
Now Su Ling is asking Bi Rao, and the in the mind is even more Bai Xiangfu. Even people who have a heart for disaster secretly recalled the moment Bi Rao approached Su Ling and said, "The big lady has nothing to do every day, but she and her wife seem to be more intimate recently! I will meet my mother almost every day, and sometimes I will walk around the backyard! "
Bi Rao was thinking of saying a few more words. In the blink of an eye, she found that there was no Su Ling around her. She was just about to start shouting when she heard a faint voice behind her, "She is really dishonest!"
Brigitte Rao was a quiver in situ wait for a while looking back a look secretly sighed a young lady, can you walk suddenly stopped!
What the hell!
Today, Wan Geng, this is Yi Geng!
Zhang Baisi arranged for the Bao family three brothers!
"What happened to the girl?" Tian Yagyu on the second floor of the restaurant looked at what he was looking at with a sleepy face. Su Ling secretly yawned and asked, "The eyes are ruddy."
At the same time is Tian yagyu behind some embarrassed package three brothers are also looking at Su Ling also some doubts.
Su Ling took a sip of her teacup, sighed and raised her eyebrows and said, "I’ll find the three of them. Go to bed first!"
"Oh?" Tian yagyu smell speech turned around and looked at the Bao family three brothers blinked and nodded without saying much, then took the lead in leaving the second floor room.
At that time, Su Ling’s silence left in the wing made the three of them play drums in their hearts. After all, it’s been a long time since the second capital office, and the news of Jing Zhaoyin has never come out again!
It is said that the new mega-Yin in Beijing is personally pulled by the dust king, and the government office has changed its position. Now it is still in ruins and people always dare to have too much to say about it.
During their stay in the restaurant, the three brothers have never had a chance to see Su Ling, and they can understand her true attitude. Now, when she suddenly visits in the middle of the night, anyone will feel nervous!
"Are you three ready for me to do something?" Su Ling looked at the three brothers with dribbling eyes. Although they can give them comfort in the restaurant, if they really choose to follow themselves, they will inevitably start running around to comfort themselves in the future.