That song … that song …

That’s when men and women express their love for their loved ones.
He asked himself what this meant.
She’s a little upset …
Seems to know the answer, but dare not be sure.
How is that possible?
She has only been with him for a few days.
She can’t believe that he likes her.
"You shouldn’t blow that song by Cousin Moon Lo to me …" [
It took her courage to say this in a weak voice.
Ji Yue Yun Luo Zheng then hooked his lip angle and smiled gently. "What?"
He never took his eyes off her face.
Gazing at her face tenderly with a shallow charming smile
Dark and bright eyes give off a bright luster.
If you swallow your saliva, you will be hesitant because of nervousness. "Do you know the reason …"
Well, he’s really a bad guy.
Know what you want to say that, and deliberately play dumb with her …
Even seven-year-old children should know that this song "The Most Lovesick" can’t be played to others casually.
Ji Yue Yun Luo sat down beside her, picked up the paddle and rowed the boat a little bit towards the middle of the lake.
There is a gazebo in the middle of the lake.
There is an old man selling grilled fish in the pavilion.
I heard that that fish he bake is very delicious.
"Is there anything wrong with me playing it for you?"
He asked with a serious expression, turning his eyes to her beautiful little face from time to time. Section 516: A good marriage is destined to be 56
She looks really beautiful when she blushes.
I can’t get enough of it.
"Of course not …"
If you cherish a wrinkled and delicate eyebrow and blush with shame, "I … I’m not the person you like. How can you just blow it to me?"
Ji Yue Yun Luo raised his head with a scorching light in his dark eyes [
Like a fire burning in his eyes.
The heat from that bur flame made her little face hot.
Her consciousness just wants to avoid such eyes …
But he wouldn’t give her a chance.
Suddenly he took her little hand.
Despite her struggle, she held tightly and said urgently and enthusiastically, "What if I didn’t blow it to you casually?"
She is so clever …
We should understand what he is saying.
If cherish was stuck …
"Silly girl …"
He lovingly rubbed her head.
How could he just blow it to her?
He himself has made it very clear.
In fact, she has already lost his mind, right?
She’s shy. She just pretends not to know.
She shivered gently …
I feel that his hand is also like a hot air …
She shrank back …
He held out his hand to hold her little body [
I took her into my arms with a little effort.
She is really petite and soft …
A small ball curled up in his arms like a cat.
Her hair exudes a charming fragrance …
Light fragrance smells great …
"You … you let me go …"
Although if cherish with Chu month from also had such intimate behavior.
But the feeling is completely different
Where did her heart beat so hard …
Where will blush so much …

Make it clear that Zhang Sheng asked with a jerk in his heart.

Wolf took a stack of photos from the handbag and handed it to Zhang Sheng. This is a photo taken by our satellite. It’s really magnificent. I guess it’s really a great Indian god.
Zhang Sheng took a stack of photos. The photos are very simple. A huge black monster has a long dark green horn and emits strange black gas. The black flame is constantly spraying in his mouth. The black flame actually devours the resurrection ability. Wherever the black flame goes, it will become ruins.
Several Buddhists are in heaven and Christians are working together to deal with this monster, but despite their good strength, the monster is still too different. Almost every time this monster sprays a flame, it will die, and a large number of people will practice in New Delhi, and they will be shrouded in an atmosphere of fear.
One photo after another can give a general idea of the situation at that time.
Buddhists are big in heaven, but Christians are not the monster. The opponent’s battle is one-sided, but just when this monster is going to attack the urban area, a vague figure is now in hand, and a huge sword is actually used to force the monster back, but this monster is quite intelligent, and the huge figure has already arrived in the urban area in a flash.
Black flame New Delhi is not angry at all. Zhang Sheng seems to have heard the screams of several people. Even if Zhang Sheng doesn’t like India, he can’t help but feel a little pity for these ordinary people. You have set free fierce beasts for your own interests, but in the end, it’s just these people.
A few photos were taken, one of which was covered with the vague figure, and the last photo clearly recorded the fighting situation of the monster. The vague figure had to launch the strongest attack, but it was because of this different attack that a New Delhi was completely turned into a dead city.
What spectacular pictures! After these photos are taken to Hollywood, they will be excellent materials. Zhang Sheng smiled faintly.
The wolf sighed, but this happened in the real situation of people. It seems that the vague figure is one of the great gods in India
It must be that kind of tough attack. Even the other day, Huang Feihu couldn’t do it. Zhang Sheng frowned and said with a wry smile
It’s a good thing this monster didn’t come to China, otherwise it would be really troublesome.
Zhang Sheng said with a cold eye that even if he came, he couldn’t pick it up like me.
By the way, director, there is another thing that needs to be told. The Roman church has been rebuilt. The Pope has invited you to go to Rome.
Oh, Zhang Sheng’s heart moved, and the Pope’s peerless face could not help but nod and smile in his mind. Tell the Vatican that I will attend on time.
What about the monster alliance? After this question, the wolf asked again
Monsters Alliance: My God, if you don’t, I’ll forget what they want. I’m not in the mood and energy to go to their headquarters. Zhang Sheng patted his forehead and said, "I can’t bear it."
Wolves smiled faintly and said that they demanded legal status, and human beings could not arrest them at will, and they promised not to kill a good man at will.
It’s a good thing to ask, but you should do it, but you should put your posture higher and let them know the truth that they beg us, not us.
The wolf nodded, of course, and the director will go to Europe in three days. It seems that Europe still has unfinished business.
After the wolf walked, Zhang Sheng sat on the spacious sofa and looked up at the luxurious ceiling. Thinking back to the strange life in recent years, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. From a person who knows how to eat and drink for himself to the strongest person in the world, things often change.
Zhang Sheng has made a decision to get things right in Europe. It’s time for him to take a break.
Three days later, Zhang Shengyuanjue and his wife left for Europe.
Yuan Jiao, I still find that you are much more relaxed than me. Two people are flying at a high speed with Zhang Sheng twist a head and look at it. Yuan Jiao can’t help but say
Don’t, don’t say that. Yuanjue shakes his head again and again. I’m sorry, Mr. Zhang. You are the strongest person. If there are not many things, it will be strange. Me, however, is just a nonsense sesame official in the China Monastery League. I should be idle
Seeing that you are so carefree, I’m angry and won’t fight.
Then I’m willing to be so tired if you give me all your adventures. In a few years, you’ll be busy when your legs soar to the celestial world and you’ll be strong in places like the celestial world
When it comes to celestial Zhang Sheng can’t help but smile bitterly, and there is no progress at all. Zhang Sheng can barely make the first move in the other seven strokes, and he can’t even touch the way to practice, let alone practice.
It seems that people in front of Yuan Jiao suddenly said
Zhang Sheng nodded and felt who it was long ago. It’s just that he can float in the middle. Zhang Sheng is waiting for repairs at this time, even if he is hundreds of miles apart, he can still perceive his opponent’s repairs.
It’s not ridiculous that people in front can’t live naturally, but it’s not ridiculous that these people dare to block people’s strongest way.
The way is that the faces of two young people are already showing tender Zhang Shengyuan’s smile and stopped to wonder what these two people want to do.
You brought your magic weapon, but an older young man opened his mouth to rob them.
Zhang Sheng Yuanjue held back his laughter. Zhang Sheng looked very experienced. Are the two Taoist friends trying to rob us?
That’s right, we are the strongest people, disciple Zhang Sheng. Recently, my master needs to cultivate a powerful weapon and some magic weapons to induce you to bring them quickly.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four World pattern
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four World pattern
The two men were startled by Zhang Sheng’s efforts to stop laughing. You are Zhang Sheng’s apprentice.
That’s not true. The two teenagers’ faces changed, and the older teenagers shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense. My master is still waiting. If you annoy the master."
Zhang Sheng’s face became serious, and a faint murderous look gradually enveloped the two teenagers. Suddenly, they just swaggered, and their faces changed. Both of them had a cold sweat on their foreheads.
I don’t think it’s brave for anyone to take my name around and cheat you. Let’s not say that your disciples will be idiots like you, and I have seen monasticism. I don’t know how to write the word "death" at a young age.

At this moment, the nine grievances suddenly rang one by one, and it was even more obvious that the sound waves of the ripples were coming towards the four people.

This is the talent of nine resentments, and the magical power can shock people with a roar, which is not to say that it can make them weaker than him and collapse the Yuan God and die.
Of course, Li Yueling and other magical powers want to hurt them with this magical power, but they can’t, but it is enough to make four people lag.
The first one to recover from the shock and roar of nine grievances was Sun Wu, who was born a stone monkey. He must have been infected with these magical powers. At this moment, nine grievances have spread their wings and become a small black spot in the sky. He can’t help but be short of breath. This devil is also devious.
Because Sun Wuzhi knew that it was difficult to catch up with the nine grievances even though the somersault cloud speed was difficult, but he didn’t catch up with the former.
Don’t want to at the moment is from nine hatred shock roar Li Yueling is a wave of his hand a colorful clouds metamorphoses.
Aside Sun Wu Avenue, haha, how could I forget you, brother? Haha, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, brother. You stop that fellow first, and I’ll come later.
Li Yueling also dare not delay more. Although the speed of colorful fairy clouds is the top order, it is obvious that the speed of nine grievances is absolutely not much slower.
Today is a moment, and I can’t delay it. Li Yueling has not yet responded. One sentence is that I nodded my head, and I have already stepped on the colorful fairy clouds and gone far and wide towards the sky.
It’s hard to shout for a rapid escape, but I never thought that people in this world could chase after themselves. When his four wings were on display, he was born with a sense of looking back. He couldn’t help but be stunned to see a tent of Fiona Fang ten zhangs and colorful clouds set foot on a five-color fairy armor man thousands of zhangs behind him, and the distance was much closer when he looked back.
Today, Li Yueling has pushed the colorful fairy clouds to the limit, and has driven more than a thousand feet away. Seeing the nine grievances is also a drum to try its best to flap its wings and fly. Li Yueling decided to raise his hand and offer a sacrifice to kunlun mirror Kunlun, where you can resist his mirror.
Kunlun mirror has to diffract thousands of feet at the moment. Yin Hui, this piece of Yin Hui, is suddenly condensed into a piece of cloth. Generally, the silver rainbow is condensed now. Although it can’t stand still, it has won enough time for Li Yueling to intercept it in one fell swoop.
After the successful interception, Li Yueling didn’t see the slightest slack in raising his hand, but he had already pinched the nine golden seals of the forbidden decision. As Li Yueling’s words were scattered, a small imprisonment circle was formed in the surrounding area in an instant. Although it was not powerful, it was less effective to stop the nine grievances from turning around. This skill also came from the tower of hades.
Don’t take the last words, you’re dead set. Li Yueling’s light rebuke has already sacrificed the incomparable power. At the same time, kunlun mirror also removed the mirror light and flew back to Li Yueling’s hands
At the same time, two pieces of Taigu congenital Lingbao were urged by Li Yueling with the strongest power.
Whether you are the devil of chaos or not, today the emperor wants to kill the effect.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven True fire refining
Later, when Sun Wu and others arrived, they saw that Li Yueling was standing alone with his hands on the cloud. His face was quite pale and his mouth was smiling.
Li Laodi even your colorful fairy clouds can’t chase Sun Wu’s distress and sigh a way
Although the devil is superb with oil on the soles of his feet, it is not difficult to chase him. Li Yueling chuckled with a smile. Brother Sun, it’s time for you to come. I need to breathe back to Yuan for a moment. The devil in kunlun mirror was refined by three people. Li Yueling was always unable to suppress his chest, blood and gas, and his mouth was slightly pale with golden blood.
It’s almost impossible to make the avatar vomit blood when his magical power has reached the level of Li Yueling, unless he meets a very powerful opponent and suffers enough damage to his strength.
Bro, you’re hurt because Sun Wu, the devil with nine grievances, saw Li Yueling’s mouth bleeding and didn’t listen to the second half of the sentence. Immediately, he took Li Yueling’s pulse and entered a very pure immortal force. At the same time, Li Yueling’s pale face was much better.
Might as well things can be in addition to the nine grievances devil suffered a little injury, but it is also worth Li Yueling’s taking kunlun mirror to Sun Wu’s hand. Although the younger brother will blast hundreds of pieces into the world of kunlun mirror mirror, the devil has not been destroyed. Today, the younger brother will take a breath here and the three will work together to thoroughly refine the future trouble forever.
Zhenyuan is also crossing into Li Yueling’s body with his cultivation of hundreds of thousands of pure Daoyuan at the moment to help him crush and suffer. However, he listened to Li Yueling’s foreword and couldn’t help but be surprised. Brother has sealed the devil. That’s really great. Wait for it to be thoroughly refined. The four of us are left with two demons.
But it’s a sure win
This bothers the three elder brothers. Li Yueling’s injury caused by the desperate counterattack of nine grievances is not serious, but he can’t adjust his breath back to Yuan in a short time. However, he doesn’t want to talk about it any more. He nodded his head and replied. After the younger brother recovered, the two elder brothers elaborated on the devil’s hand.
Say Li Yueling according to the cloud head in a towering mountain, live in a circle of ten feet, Fiona Fang cloth, a small forbidden cross-legged sitting in it, running immortal pranayama back to Yuan.
Sun Wuxin took Li Yueling’s injury to be rushed away, but it was the town yuan who took Li Laodi, the moral brother. The injury was not as serious as you think. It was only when he vomited blood that he took the opportunity to remove the residual magic Shaqi. Today, he first sealed the body of the devil in the mirror and thoroughly refined it.
Having said this,
Zhenyuan’s heart is even more shocked that Li Yueling’s terrible thing can be dismembered and sealed by a chaotic devil at the cost of a little damage in this short time. Even today, Suoji, the palm water god, can do it.
In fact, Zhenyuan thinks too much. If it comes to personal strength, even Li Yueling, who is pregnant with two innate treasures, is at most equal to him. It is because of a series of designs that this amazing ending can be achieved.
One is that Li Yueling didn’t struggle when he stopped nine grievances.
I am thinking of continuing to escape and returning to my lair first. Besides, I have lost my desperate heart and nine grievances. Secondly, the array of gods is destroyed by all kinds of demons. The main array of people is also greatly depleted. Even if his chaotic magic body is also consumed by the collapse of this law in a short time, Thailand’s semi-strength will not be Li Yueling’s mistake.
However, there is a bigger gap between the two, and the third is that Li Yueling has a very fast hand and one hand is the winner. kunlun mirror, these two ancient fairy treasures, can do their best. It’s really awesome and it’s a surprise attack, which has played an important role in raiders.
It is also in such circumstances that Li Yueling will be dismembered in an instant and will be sealed in kunlun mirror. Even if Li Yueling wants to pick up nine grievances one by one, there is absolutely no such speed.
Even if you pay the price, it will be more than spitting blood.
Town yuan is sun Wu less gas after a few people listen to what he said, but also by anxious heart will hand kunlun mirror meet a throw way this magic cub incredibly dare to hurt my old brother Ma Lian immediately refined it into fly ash is cheaper for him.
Besides, three people in Sun Wu Town, Yuanjiro Zhenjun, sacrificed their lives to refine the body of kunlun mirror, and sealed it with a hundred sections of nine grievances. After a short breath on the top of the mountain, Li Yueling was already in the dreamland, but his body was damaged and he was in the earth, and the immortal force was quickly restored.
Before you know it, it’s been three days and nights. Li Yueling suddenly opened his eyes and saw a huge light group with three-color flashes shining overhead. He already knew that Sun Wu and others had not been able to complete refining and nine complaints.
After three days’ recovery, Li Yueling was completely recovered, and immediately prompted the colorful fairy clouds to meet, but in a blink of an eye, he was already in the tricolor light group, but he saw Sun Wu Town, Yuan Erlang, and the three men were in a triangle, and kunlun mirror was surrounded by the central government. Everyone was pushing a palm and diffracting a bright fire into the kunlun mirror.
See three people to look tired Li Yueling also don’t hesitate to fly three elder brother younger brother also to add fuel to the fire.
Li Yueling’s life is the true fire, which is the most integrated fire. The power of Zhong Yunzu’s flame is stronger than that of Sun Wu and others combined.
After three days and nights of continuous refining, 100 pieces of magic resin have been refined by three people for seven times. At this moment, Li Yueling has been joined by such a vital force. It has been another hour that the last piece of magic resin sealed in kunlun mirror has been completely refined.
From then on, it is impossible for the world to be chaotic. The name "Nine Complaints" won Li Yueling’s efforts to refine and refine the nine complaints. After Zhenyuan’s hard work, Li Laodi really laughed. I think the first person in the purple mansion world is you.
Being able to get this level of praise from Zhenyuan is sure to show how shocking Li Yueling’s single-handedly exterminating the magic was to him.
It’s just a chance. Elder brother, don’t take this first person to hurt me again. Hey, hey, Li Yueling has never taken the title seriously. He smiled and laughed. Today, there are still two demons left, and it will take more time to recover according to the younger brother’s disappointment. At that time, we will wait for the four of us to storm hand in hand and take the remaining two demons to refine and return the fairy star to a happy place.
It’s true that Li Yueling’s words of refining and refining have won the town Yuan Sun WuErlang Zhenjun’s consumption is also quite large, so the three of them should sit in vain and adjust their breath back to Yuan and oppose Li Yueling’s dharma, and the three of them can have no worries.
A Tsing Yi man and another black man in Wuzhuang Temple looked fierce. After a long time, the Tsing Yi man took the lead in stopping his fingers and frowning. The third brother has been gone for three days, but he hasn’t seen his return yet. But it turns out that even the secret arithmetic method can measure his recent situation. The second brother, you are better than me in calculating magical powers.

At the same time, Situhao let Mu Ling’s hand pretend to be tired, and closed his eyes slightly, which looked like a resting place. Mu Ling couldn’t help but have a fainting impulse again.

Situhao is so ridiculous.
Just then our headquarters came in, followed by Ye Xueyue.
Sister Ling, this is our immortal-burning patriarch.
Ye Xueyue came in and said directly to Mu Ling. At the same time, her eyes fell on Situhao’s face and face immediately filled with doubts.
Situhao is still alive and kicking. She didn’t come back from a trip in the past. How did she become like this? It seems that she hasn’t slept for hundreds of years.
Aya’s son gave the elder Anmu Aya. Although it is a fairy tale and martial arts, it is our headquarters. Anyway, it is also Grandpa Situhao. She can’t disrespect him.
Our headquarters saw that Mu Ling’s face was full of surprises. She nodded kindly. Don’t bother to see me after the ceremony. It’s like seeing one of our own. Although you are the younger brother of Cang Ling, after burning immortals, it’s your home. If you don’t mind, you can call me grandpa. Call me grandpa after you marry Hao Er.
Mu Ling didn’t expect that the first big door of the magic way would be so kind to the patriarch. Her heart was restrained and immediately disappeared, and then she didn’t mention it to Grandpa.
Hehe, that’s a good boy. Hao’s eyes are really good
Grandpa is joking.
Grandpa, after I stole the Soul Yuan from the Immortal Sect, I just rushed back to the Immortal Sect, which can be described as exhaustion. Now I don’t want to give you peace or salute you. You must forgive me. Ha Situhao’s words are full of exhaustion and facial expressions. He really wants to have a good sleep for hundreds of years.
Why don’t you take a white look at Stuart and be polite to grandpa? Since you are so tired, just sit down. I don’t care about those empty gifts.
Mu Ling looked at Situhao sitting there with his legs crossed, and said such words with great expression. The lifelike words seemed to be really exhausted. No one in front of her, I’m afraid she couldn’t help laughing.
On the other side, Ye Xueyue’s face became more confused, but she couldn’t imagine that Situhao would become so sleepy in such a short time.
Does he already talk to Mu Ling during this period?
But it’s not right. Mu Ling is not dressed neatly at this time, and her face is not tired. It doesn’t look like she has done that kind of thing.
Besides, it’s not so weak for Situhao to show his fighting capacity when he entered his boudoir at night.
Ye Xueyue thought that Situhao might have longed for Ling to do that, and her heart became heavy, but when she thought that it was impossible for two people to finish that thing, her heart would become relaxed again.
However, as far as Situ Hao is tired, she is always wandering between the two of them whether they do it or not, and her heart is sometimes heavy and sometimes relaxed.
In this mood, she turned and walked into the side to make tea.
Hao son, are you looking for the soul? Xian zong’s headquarters didn’t have Ye Xueyue’s mind. He went to one side and sat down in a chair and asked Situhao directly.
This is also the question that Situhao made him curious.
Desire for Soul Xianzong is an ancient clan that has been inherited for tens of thousands of years. It has always been a mystery, but Situ Hao didn’t find it in a few months and stole the soul yuan of Zongbao in Desire for Soul Xianzong Town. Anyway, this is something that our headquarters can’t figure out.
At this time, Ye Xueyue was carrying a small wooden tray and everyone had made a cup of tea.
Hey, hey, hey, I was lucky enough to meet my brother, and then I followed him all the way, so I found him and stole the soul yuan Hualien.
Obviously, I have never heard of Ye Xueyue, the immortal of desire for soul, and their faces are full of doubts.
Soul Yuan Hualien wants the soul. Zongbao in Xianzong Town should not be easy to steal. You can steal a petal from Soul Yuan Hualien to reunite Ling Er’s soul and realize that you are still young.
Grandpa, you are wrong.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground and his face immediately looked confused. I was wrong. How was I wrong?
I did not steal a petal from Soul Yuan Hualien, but stole Soul Yuan Hualien.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground and his face changed greatly. The teacup in his hand was directly dropped to the ground. What did you say?

So much Li Yueling heart thumped a pair of eyebrows slightly wrinkled way that’s still in the early days.

Six-armed pale ape nodded and confirmed this repair.
Then when you saw what magic weapon it was, Li Yueling seemed to grasp a little key and asked
Back to the patriarch, Shang Tong’s evil dumpling was sacrificed when he hit it. After throwing it, he saw a yellow seal about the size of Xu.
When the power is triggered, it suddenly shines brighter than Yao, and Jin Xia Huan’s color is also the one that encircles the evil dumpling life.
To develop the evil dumpling according to the situation at that time, it’s strange to blame that it was too big, and it was as sure as a gun, but I didn’t expect that the evil dumpling was still a means to die in the end in Xuanyin Erwu soul-cutting knife.
It seems that it’s true that he is still dead. It is estimated that his evil dumpling is a monster with an initial knot. There is no magic weapon to suppress him, and then he can finish the work. It is because of this great thought that he has turned the demon into a fatal move.
It seems that the level of repair is not the key to determine the strength of the key, but the magic weapon is the key to win the game. Isn’t it just like killing the water repair in the late Ming Dynasty with several magic weapons and a sudden attack?
Li Yueling shook his head and chuckled, saying that the information of knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves is always in the first place. After a preliminary understanding of the evil dumpling means, his mind is already an idea that has just been refined into an elixir monster, which is equivalent to fixing the truth in Yuan infant period. In fact, after all, this evil dumpling can be regarded as general.
The evil dumpling is fierce in the monster elixir, which is different from Buddhism and Taoism. Once refined, Yuanying elixir is a more powerful magic weapon, and the second one is that the evil dumpling holds the magic weapon Xuanyin Erwu soul-cutting knife.
Li Yueling has heard of this stuff, but it was an amazing magic weapon during the evil war of Shushan in those days. Although it is not very powerful, it is far worse than Li Yueling’s snatch of the green Suojian, but it is definitely the first choice in sneak attack and assassination.
I don’t know how this thing got into the evil dumpling in the pool of gathering yin and cold.
By the way, how many monsters are there in this cold pool forbidden zone today? Li Yueling, after weighing it, recognizes that he has finished his ability to kill that evil dumpling, but it is the same as killing, which can reduce the risk by a few minutes. It’s always good for his evil dumpling to fight hard and not correct himself. Will the future monster master deal with him together?
It is not difficult for the four demons around us to convince those monsters who are afraid every day to invest in their own clan.
The five-tailed fox demon is the most intelligent of the four demons. She took the lead in grasping the meaning of Li Yueling and immediately volunteered. The patriarch said that there should be seventy monster colleagues in the forbidden circle in Fiona Fang in this cold pool for more than ten miles. If it is possible, my daughter is willing to run together with the six big brothers, and all the demons will be called together to worship the patriarch’s door first, and then the evil dumpling will be destroyed together. Those monsters and monsters are all killed by the cruel atrocities of the evil dumpling. Then I hope that the patriarch can show some means or give them some confidence.
Don’t you notice the evil dumpling with such fanfare? Li Yueling is enchanted, but he doesn’t understand.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Poly demon work together 2
Six-armed pale ape said, this is not the case. The evil dumpling will devour one or two monsters every sixty days, and then it will stay in the abode of fairies and immortals. If it can’t get into the abode of fairies and immortals for ten days, the evil dumpling will surely not notice the movement.
Li Yueling smiled and said, "What are you waiting for? You two go and recruit other monsters. Just go to the central cold pool. What means will you show when the monsters are recruited? However, you can see with your own eyes that after ordering the five-tailed fox demon and the six-armed pale ape, Li Yueling turned to the pig and the tiger. Come with me."
But at this moment, Jin Nuanyu, on the other side of the mountain, is pacing up and down in the abode of fairies and immortals with anxiety, and Li Yueling is still annoyed at not agreeing to take her with him.
Seeing my mistress in such a hurry, I’m sure he won’t miss this opportunity to kiss up. I’ll hang my head and eyes and encourage you, Madam. Don’t worry, Master. He holds the ghost and eats the soul in his hand. How can that evil dumpling be his old man’s opponent? That’s not an easy solution.
Little guess master must have thought that this whole thing was too simple and it didn’t take Jenny with him.
Besides, I’ll also go with Master Tuozhu Dahu so that it won’t be a problem. The real thing is the evil dumpling.
Jin Nuanyu listened to the poison shadow, but her anxiety turned to the poison shadow. Then when will Yueling come back?
This question obviously stumped the poison shadow. Where did he know how long it would take Li Yueling to solve the evil dumpling? But now Jenny’s adult has asked it, and he can’t stop laughing at the poison shadow for a long time.
Don’t be like this. Isn’t Master Jenny leaving a magic pill when she leaves? Not now. After the exercise and pranayama, I want to come. I’ll wait here for Master Jenny to protect the law when I was young.
Jin Nuanyu, if you think about it deeply, it’s too low to worry about yourself. Although the poison shadow is oily, this remark is quite right. At this time, you are worried that you will not step up your cultivation.
It’s better than being in a hurry
Important friends can’t type the old domain name, but they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
After reading this, Jin Nuanyu smiled and thanked you. After that, he swallowed a magic pill that Li Yueling left for her before her hair, and went into the nearest stone temple to exercise and resolve her medicine.
Poison shadow has seen such temperament and beauty as Jin Nuan jade, and the beautiful woman smiled and almost lost her soul for a while.
It was not until Jin Nuanyu stepped into the stone temple that he recovered, and at the same time he secretly said in his heart that Mrs. Jenny was noble, beautiful and kind-hearted
If you are still so kind to yourself, you must protect her.
I’m afraid Li Yueling will be surprised if she knows that Jin Nuan Yu’s personal strength can make poison shadow such a real villain produce this idea, so the beauty lethality will have to ask poison shadow himself.
Li Yueling and Pig Tiger 2 came to the cold pool side.
Li Yueling first fixed his eyes on the evil dumpling entrenched in the abode of fairies and immortals not far away, but he could vaguely see a bluish-gray need, which was quite imposing in the abode of fairies and immortals.
Immediately release a trace of god knowledge to explore.
Which thought that Li Yueling’s strong unique knowledge was also abruptly blocked outside the haunting abode of fairies and immortals, which surprised the former heart. According to the current intelligence, this evil dumpling’s physical strength could not have the earth to the point of not knowing the gods.
But the fact is that Li Yueling is equivalent to a distracted mid-term practice to have the knowledge of the earth, which has also been blocked outside the abode of fairies and immortals.

It’s really your ghost crying elders who see Guo Xiaosi nod and admit that when they say that you have a fairy with a handle that can kill the master of cultivating immortality, the master of cultivating immortality in the eyes of ghost crying are all masters who are about to break through the knot Dan period and reach the realm of refined gasification God.

Well, Guo Xiaosi stared at the ghost crying elder and whirled around in his mind, secretly estimating that the ghost crying elder asked what this meant. Why do you ask this?
Hehe, Elder Ghost Cry shook his head with a wry smile. He was unlucky to meet a little devil with such powerful equipment. Fortunately, Guo Xiaosi didn’t bring the fairy handle early in the morning, otherwise it would have become a part of heaven and earth. You may not know that Mongolia listed your wanted object as a magic weapon, Dan medicine reward, and took your life. Elder Ghost Cry smiled wryly, but people who have seen the fairy have given up the idea of taking your life. Although the reward is very good, it’s a pity that you will die to take it. It’s so abnormal to get the fairy.
Oh, Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that he would become a wanted man, so he didn’t take it to heart. Really, anyone who dares to think of himself will never let go, but it’s also Guo Xiaosi who doesn’t seem to keep a low profile. It seems that it’s best not to expose his identity, but it’s necessary to change his image, or sooner or later, some greedy people will find you.
If you want to avoid these greedy pursuit of cultivating immortality, you should first inquire about the situation, so as to attract recruits and achieve a low-key state. When Guo Xiaosi asked the ghost crying elder, did you give me a detailed description?
Well, I have a blue sword in my hand or a woman named Liu Mei is good at the secret sword tactic. At the same time, the fire operator is wearing a ruler-shaped fairy with some Dan medicine. The ghost cries and the elders silently recall the description of Guo Xiaosi. It seems that these others don’t remember much. After all, I also know that my strength even Zhang Tianhua died in your hands, and I am even worse.
Guo Xiaosi listened to the words of the ghost crying elders and was deep in thought. I’m afraid Liu Mei Liu Jian, a group of Liu family members, Nangong brother Huang Wei, and others didn’t know that they were good at law. But now that they have said that they are good at law, they can say that they are familiar with their own people and take refuge in Mongolia, and the most likely person is Liu Jian.
When Guo Xiaosi asked, did Nangong Sect take refuge in Mongolia?
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Anji City
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Anji City
Hearing Guo Xiaosi’s words, Elder Ghost Cry laughed well. Nangong Sect took refuge in Mongolia when the master of cultivating immortals in Mongolia attacked again, and your detailed information base was Liu Jian, the patriarch of Nangong Sect.
However, it’s Liu Jian
Then Guo Xiaosi shook his head and didn’t go to these things. He took the ghost to cry and walked to the abode of fairies and immortals and stepped on the jade feather and drove off towards Anji City.
Stopping outside Anji, Ling Cuiyu Guo Xiaosi looked at the ghost crying elder and said, I’m going to let my brow kill you or let Xiaobai kill you. It’s not a violation of my oath. When I heard Guo Xiaosi’s words, the ghost crying elder’s face changed and he immediately recovered. Guo Xiaosi really wanted to do this early, and he wouldn’t tell himself so bluntly.
But you cooperated very well and didn’t engage in any intrigue. Guo Xiaosi smiled and smiled. That’s why I appreciate you. I hope that everything that happened today will rot in your stomach. We have never met. After all, it’s not good for anyone if things go wrong.
Thank you, Elder Ghost Cry, for nodding again and again, so that you will definitely not tell others that although you have lost your care for decades, it is very cost-effective to change your life
Guo Xiaosi, look at the ghost crying. Elder Honky is crying. What are you worried about? Don’t worry when you laugh. The medicinal properties of that pill I gave you will disappear in three hours. You can rest assured.
After listening to Guo Xiaosi’s words, the ghost crying elder thoroughly felt at ease and said to Guo Xiaosi that the Guo brothers would meet later.
Guo Xiaosi also said that after the meeting, he saw the ghost crying and the elders disappeared in the jungle. Honky cried and the elders wanted to wait until the medicinal properties of his body dissipated before going to town. Everyone was here to mix. Who would have no enemies?
Brother Guo, did you get the blazing sun in the abode of fairies and immortals? When the ghost cries, the elder leaves the arch eyebrows and quickly comes to Guo Xiaosi.
Hehe, you’re Guo Dage. Will the Jockey Club fail? Guo Xiaosi smirked and didn’t intend to tell her that Liujian had taken refuge in Mongolia. Even if Liujian didn’t have an arch eyebrows, it was just an increase in anger.
Xiaomei, now that the situation in the cultivation of immortals has changed, we must seal up our mana and not reveal it, otherwise it will cause too much trouble. Guo Xiaosi will get the situation department from Ghost Cry and tell Liu Mei.
After listening to Guo Xiaosi’s words, Liu Mei was shocked. She didn’t expect that it was only three years before the valley, and now the world has become so chaotic that she even cultivated immortality and killed it. It was to get a reward from the mortal emperor. At the same time, Liu Mei had to admire the Mongolian Khan for condescending to cultivate immortality. Unfortunately, I am afraid that the number of immortals will drop and the foundation of cultivating immortality will be affected.
Then Liu Mei shook her head and was not thinking about these problems. By virtue of her ability to change the current pattern, she took good care of herself and let herself be born in this troubled times. At present, it is the most important thing. When Liu Mei slowed down the operation speed of body mana to a standstill according to Guo Xiaosi’s instructions, she would not find her self-cultivation status unless she surpassed herself.
Xiaomei hasn’t walked around the world for a long time, so let’s take a good stroll on the street. When we see Liu Mei’s eyebrows, we hide a little sadness. Guo Xiaosi quickly diverts Liu Mei’s attention from shopping.
Ok, I haven’t been shopping for a long time, either. I started shopping. My brow sorrow suddenly dissipated and I rushed into Anji City. Guo Xiaosi shook his head with a wry smile and followed behind Liu Mei. I don’t want Liu Mei to do anything.
Walking into Anji City, hawking, bargaining, laughing and talking poured into my ears. Guo Xiaosi followed closely behind the arch eyebrows and looked at them like a little girl. Look at this, touch the little figurine snacks and so on, and raise a happy smile on his face.
At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also found that in this city, there are still many bodies vaguely magical. Unfortunately, they don’t look like cultivating immortals. This makes Guo Xiaosi very curious. It should always be the world. In Guo Xiaosi’s view, those who call Wulin experts say Wulin experts have to turn their mana into their strength because they haven’t cultivated immortality or their qualifications are too poor. And through observation, it is found that these people are still vaguely connected. It seems that they are all together.
Guo Xiaosi is not interested in who they are. When he took a few glances and mixed them in the city, two or three people followed behind arch eyebrows after cultivating immortality in the state of rotating photos.
Let the carriage be careful. At this time, a carriage rushed over. Guo Xiaosi hurriedly pulled the arch eyebrows to avoid the collision of the carriage. The arch eyebrows were pulled by Guo Xiaosi and poured into Guo Xiaosi’s arms. When she saw that it was Guo Xiaosi, her face suddenly blushed and quietly relied on Guo Xiaosi’s arms.
Guo Xiaosi also wanted to feel warm for a while, but passers-by looked at him with surprised eyes, which made him embarrassed to get close to Liu Mei. When Guo Xiaosi took Liu Mei’s hand and walked in the street, they enjoyed the fun, delicious food and beautiful juggling.
Holding hands by Guo Xiaosi, Liu Mei didn’t run around crazily anymore. She was quiet and slightly shy. Guo Xiaosi wandered in the street. The wonderful love taste slowly spread and grew in both of them. At this moment, Guo Xiaosi was tempted to go to eternity, to eternity and to eternity.
Not only did Guo Xiaosi think so, but arch eyebrows also wanted a generation, so Guo Xiaosi walked hand in hand
At the moment, Liu Mei doesn’t know that Guo Xiaosi’s thoughts are more worried than sweet feelings. Guo Xiaosi has put his heart on Liu Mei, but Guo Xiaosi knows that there are too many secrets in his body, and the biggest one is that he can become a monster and a monster.
Guo Xiaosi wanted to tell Liu Mei that he could become a monster, but he was always afraid when he was about to say something. Guo Xiaosi was afraid that when Liu Mei knew about it, he would leave himself and be afraid of himself.
These are not things that Guo Xiaosi wants to see. The thing is that although Guo Xiaosi Liu Mei is very happy and full of happiness when she is together, there is timidity and fear hidden in the bottom of my heart, and she has kept a certain distance from Liu Mei and has not broken through the last low line.
Guo Xiaosi Bai Ai hurts more and more.
Anji city is not so big, but it is a good city in this remote area. The streets are wider and there are more pedestrians. There is no shadow of war from their faces. Perhaps it is best for the people to look forward to the future.
Let’s drive for a while before the carriage sped again. The previous difference is that this time we followed many soldiers behind the carriage. It seems that there are people with more status sitting in this carriage.
Just then, those martial arts experts who were mixed in the crowd suddenly drew their weapons and roared, "Kill the dog officer and kill the Mongolian lackeys."
Seeing this emergency, Guo Xiaosi pulled the arch eyebrows aside as far as possible away from this right and wrong. It seems that when these so-called martial arts experts attacked the carriage, four or five people wandering around the city gathered here to cultivate immortals, and they also vaguely saw the surrounding battle.
Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi immediately realized that this was just a trap for these martial arts masters. Looking at this group of martial arts masters full of blood feelings, Guo Xiaosi shook his head and the martial arts master Xiu Xian lost. It must be the martial arts master’s side.
When soldiers at the back of the carriage saw this group of martial arts experts attacking the carriage, they rushed to resist the attack of martial arts experts, but they were just ordinary people who usually did some ordinary physical training. If hundreds of soldiers were involved, these martial arts experts might be captured by these soldiers. Unfortunately, at present, only a dozen soldiers are doomed to become the ghosts of this group of martial arts experts.
Wulin experts rushed into the dozen soldiers and didn’t notice that they had been surrounded by four or five immortals, and they didn’t seriously think about what happened, such a terrible thing as assassination. People in the carriage could still stay.
At the time of the assassination, everyone in the street had already run far away, including Guo Xiaosi, and they didn’t want to get into trouble.
When the soldiers who acted as bait were killed by these martial arts experts, these martial arts experts rushed to the carriage, and when they uncovered the curtain of the carriage, their fierce expressions hung in their faces, and their eyes were filled with doubts and surprises.
Too bad, among this group of martial arts experts, there are finally some clever people who have become white-haired. What has happened has turned pale and their eyes are full of fear. Since this is a trap set by others, what will the other party do to deal with themselves?
At this time, a martial arts expert has seen the five people surrounded by them, feeling each other’s strong mana fluctuations and crying with horror. Their eyes are completely frightened instead of them. That is to say, the cultivation of immortals is not something they can deal with.
In the distance, Guo Xiaosi arch eyebrows stared at the changes in the field and wanted to know what the five immortals would do to solve these martial arts experts.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Magic Yu Pei

Yan Tianqing is here, too. Good Wuzong genius, hey hey, will have a good chance to refine his hand. Meng Fei looked at the arrogant Yan Tianqing in white and suddenly escaped a sneer.

Forty-one million, another VIP room has reached a sound. Meng Fei depends on who is bidding. That Yan Tianqing actually said forty-five million.
Meng Fei was shocked again, and the attitude of Yan Tian Qing treated 45 million huge wealth as if it were an ordinary mouthful of utensils, which really held huge wealth.
46 million a stereo sounds like a show fairy. She seems to be testing.
50 million Yan Tianqing did not hesitate to shout a price that shocked everyone.
At this price, you can buy a magic weapon.
Field crow
Finally, he bought this golden dumpling dome.
Hey, hey, it seems that Yan Tianqing is also an adventurer, and it is very likely that he will get the same experience as Yan Nanfei, but even if he gets the adventure, he can’t compete with me. Every day, I have a steady stream of huge wealth, and it is not difficult for my wealth to crush their two brothers in time, Meng Fei thought to himself.
The golden dumpling dome, the highlight of the treasure-selling conference, was bought, followed by the second treasure, but it was nine one-man tall gourds filled with five lines of holy water
Although the five elements of holy water is a good thing, it is not uncommon for all major sects to buy it in Meng Fei at a slightly higher price of two million pieces.
That Yan Tianqing didn’t auction it. It seems that he can’t see this thing.
As soon as Meng Fei got the five lines of holy water, he immediately lost all the names on the gods list. After eating Jinlong, his body flashed a little yellow light, which seemed to increase some strength, but he still didn’t break through the boundary.
There are too few holy water in the five elements, which is far from enough for me to break through the realm. Look at that five-element warrior. Since it is a unique warrior, it is at least as much as a big pond, which can make me break through the realm.
It’s incredible that an absolutely five-element warrior of God of War contains five elements of qi, which has been drawn from the back and forth for decades. It’s far from enough to condense and refine the sacred water of Wang Xing.
That time, when Jinlong rose to the level of speaking, it took effect because he drank the seven leaves of the demon king, which was equivalent to half a pond and five lines of holy water.
Every time it rises, it needs five lines of holy water to cultivate to immortality, even a surging sea can satisfy it.
Jinlonglai’s strength is definitely an immortal master of spirit. Now it takes enough five lines of holy water to recover without boundary bondage, and it can soar directly.
However, there are so many five elements of holy water in a vast sea that even the Northern Yuan Empire is hard to get it.
Compared with ordinary cultivation, the five elements of holy water are still very precious. Although it is nothing to the immortal level, it takes a lot of effort to refine it.
Now, if Jinlong wants to completely restore its strength, it must take 100 immortal levels to learn from the aura of heaven and earth and take five lines of holy water from it for at least 1000 years, otherwise there is absolutely no way.
Its only chance now is to wait for Meng Fei to enter the immortal realm and then slowly help it recover. The rest is a drop in the bucket and cannot solve the root problem.
Meng Fei, you see, it’s an auction. It seems that you entrust someone to consign this kind of thing, the soil mother. I don’t know how many mountains are piled up in your field. Why did you consign a small plate?
Jinlong suddenly yelled. In the middle of the store, the third treasure has been auctioned. It looks like a small khaki crystal sand, but people with strong spirit feel that this small khaki crystal sand contains huge soil energy.
What do you know about the precious anomalies of soil-retaining mother? Don’t look at the ancient mountains piled up in my field. A handful of soil-retaining mother can be used to control water, and a flood can be stopped by a vast dam. This treasure is also the best material for refining soil and fighting warriors. After refining, it will be a special magical power to resist water.
Interest mother
Taigu has great power to control water.
Grab a dam and throw it at will, and stop the flood for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years, so that the people of Lebanon can live and work in peace and contentment without floods.
Generally, the master avatar will stop the flood and temporarily build a dam, which will be washed away in a few decades.
You must also know that this is the earth relic, the earth mother. This kind of relic is not only the best treasure to cultivate the earth magical power, but also the greatest place to strengthen the field and cultivate the elixir in the field.
You can build an unbreakable connection between heaven and earth by integrating the soil mother into your field. Not only can other people’s magical powers be unbreakable, but the length of planting elixirs in the field will increase several times.
Starting at 5 million pieces of Lingxing stone, the price increase shall not be less than 100,000 each time. The barefoot fairy introduced the benefits of this land-saving mother, and many people secretly nodded and knew that they meant what they said.
The biggest advantage of this kind of treasure is that the construction field is more integrated than that of Meng Fei, and even a few realm experts who are higher than him will attack without moving. It can be said that the nest is built like an iron wall.
What’s more, in the field of long-term cultivation, the mother of soil will also produce a lightning bolt. The enemy’s attack will move and condense the vitality of the earth, and the demon will be eliminated in the lightning bolt.
However, one bite is 5 million Lingxing stones, which is not affordable for ordinary people.
In the field of Meng Fei, this kind of fallow mother has accumulated into a small mountain peak. How many Lingxing stones would it take to auction at this moment? It is only now that Meng Fei knows that the mysterious guardian has given himself a huge fortune.
Actually, it’s my own consignment, and Meng Fei is welcome. He shouted a piece of 5.1 million for his own things, but he didn’t mind being a trustee to drive up the price.
Five million two hundred thousand, followed by a person called Meng Fei, who looked at it, but gnashed his teeth as if he were going to buy this baby with all his worth.
Meng Fei smiled to see that this man’s cultivation is a magical power of the earth, and that the true spirit has gained this land. If he goes back and realizes it carefully, maybe he can get the true spirit to transform and achieve spiritual truth.
After the spiritual qi is achieved, it is not far to condense Fadan.
However, Meng Fei knows that this person can’t buy such a baby as a fertile mother. It is really very difficult to photograph this thing without strong financial resources.
However, a person in the VIP room directly shouted 5.5 million
The man who just stepped into the level of speaking is frustrated, and the ball is limp. Obviously, 5.2 million is already his ruin.

With the passage of time, this severe pain has finally been gradually adapted to Yuan Yeli’s running and quarrelling. Day after day, he constantly sucks the rich strength around him. I don’t know how long it will be before Yuan Yeti’s respect for humanity has faint qualitative change.

In this scene, Yuan Ye was surprised and looked at this situation again. He was afraid that he would break through and immediately try to command the Tao Zun Li, and finally the Tao Zun Li operated faster and faster. At a certain moment, the Tao Zun Li had changed color and finally rushed to the last pulse. After completing a perfect cycle in the body, they returned to the lower abdomen again.
Tao Zun’s second turn to the peak succeeded. Yuan Ye’s eyes snapped open. He was already able to feel his own body, which was almost more powerful than before, and he was nearly several times more powerful.
Mom, keep practicing Ye Chen, and I’ll kill you when I get to the first one. Yuan Ye gnashed her teeth and suppressed Xin Yue’s eyes again.
Yuan Ye knew that his deputy armed forces had barely killed more than a dozen officials in the honour list. The root of his carelessness was not that his opponent had lost his armor to protect him. That Ye Chen was stronger and the seventy-one masters in the honour list would never be careless in the face of himself at the same time. That is, if he had broken through to the peak of the second turn, he might not be able to win even more. The Jianzong people in Kuangqing would never let himself go easily. The peak strength of the second turn was not enough. Only when he reached the realm of the Taoist statue and the third turn could he protect the official Honglie in Chapter DiYisijiu.
As the days passed, Yuan Ye was still practicing hard.
When forgetting, forget the place and forget yourself.
My heart is in that ethereal state of Xuan Ming. Once I enter that wonderful state, I may wake up in an instant, or I may wake up in three or five days, or I may wake up in ten years and a hundred years, which is very difficult to say. Once I close it, it will be a hundred years, and the Millennium may be over soon.
But now Yuan Ye has entered this mysterious state, and things can disturb him except uniting the world.
Blink of an eye is nine days in the past, and the spirit beast snaps up not far away. At this time, the spirit beast has recovered from his injury, and a terrible breath is also scattered from his body. The spirit beast waits for a terrible fierce eye to look at Yuan Yefang, and finally shakes his head and turns away.
Several hills around the huge Red Soul Mountain outside the cave are already surrounded by people.
More than 6,000 Xiaoyao Mountain, tens of thousands of Xiaoyao Army, a mountain and a mountain, carpet search, Qing Jianzong, Thousand Lakes Island, Wanjialou, and those who stand for power are clever, and few of them pay attention to the movement of Xiaoyao Mountain, so they can go to Xiaoyao Mountain as soon as they encounter the spirit beast, which is a big fight, and then several other major forces can immediately chase it. Finding Warcraft is this way to find that way, and Xiaoyao Mountain knows that this is also very resistant.
At this time, the camp of Qing Jianzong was stationed in the place where Qing Jianzong was stationed. Everyone’s face and expression were very serious. Qing Jianzong came to the four top-ranking masters this time. More than 200 Taoist and three-peak masters. This is definitely an elite. But today, there are only two people left here, Guan Ren Guan Yu Ying, leading dozens of people. Others are actually invisible.
Xiaoren, it’s up to you to tell your grandfather what happened recently when he comes here. He loves you the most. It’s up to you to say something better, officer. Rain Eagle looks hard to see Xiang Guanren.
At this time, Guan Ren’s injury has already healed, but he doesn’t look good when he hears this, but he still nods to me, Uncle Bai.
Ah, it’s just a narrow difference between success and failure. Even if the loss is bigger, it’s nothing, but we failed. Six top ranking experts were killed by that beast, and we were almost able to kill it. It’s just a little. Elder Jin Yu is also dead. Our Qing Jianzong lost two top ranking players in the blink of an eye. This loss is really too great.
Uncle should care that the beast’s strength is so strong that its body and soul can be absolutely far away. Generally, it’s not easy to catch grandpa when he comes. By then, with that soul, I can definitely reach the top 20 of the honour list. It’s not a good thing for us, Guan Ren said, but the soul has not been taken away, and he already wants it.
Well, it’s more difficult to hurt that beast than it is to look at the fifteen masters of the honour list. The wounds caused to it are all minor injuries. If it weren’t for the last cold night and autumn, Li Hongfu and the top ten masters of the honour list joined forces to attack its abdomen, I’m afraid the beast would continue to kill. It’s really terrible to reproduce it once.
Tell less patriarch two elders patriarch to a green sword ZongDi ran to kneel way
Immediately, the masters of Qing Jianzong walked towards the direction, and Guan Yu Ying Guan Ren was the first to meet them.
An old bridled man in a red robe walked slowly step by step. The old man looked quaint and surprised, and he didn’t have any momentum. You can’t see anything different from him in that gorgeous dress in the crowd, but if you look carefully, the old man also has a pair of eagle eyes, eagle eyebrows and official benevolence, which is somewhat similar.
The old man came around alone and didn’t even follow half his entourage. He is the first master of the ancient land, Wang Guan Honglie.
Meet grandpa
Meet your father.
Brother meets the patriarch
Guan Ren Guan Yu Ying also saluted those green swordsmen.
Well, officer Honglie should be a light.
Father, how can you be the only one to come to the official? Rain Eagle immediately asked carefully
How come I’m not an official by myself? Honglie sneered at the words with absolute faith. I stretched out my hand to help the official. I laughed. Ah, ah, ah, this battle for the honour of the soul is a big event. I’ll give it to you. If you succeed in the future, you will believe me. Now it seems like a pair of urgent things to call me here. Even if you win the honour of the soul, your prestige will still be difficult.
Guan Ren was wronged and looked at Guan Honglie. Grandpa didn’t want to work hard, but there were too many accidents this time. If you don’t do it, I’m afraid it’s hard to get the honor of the soul this time. The elders of Guanqing and Yukang are all dead. That’s all we have left to send good players.
What officer HongLie that GuBo surprised face finally changed color, immediately sink a way what’s going on? Tell me clearly.
It was Guan Ren who bent down and immediately said that this time we entered the Red Soul Mountain, and Yuan Ye, the free and unfettered military commander, actually blocked our way and refused to let us in. He also said that he would kill our grandchildren. You didn’t want to defeat him by fighting together.
Guan Ren knows that things born here will come back to Guan Honglie’s ear sooner or later, so it’s hard for him to hide it. It’s just to take the light and embellish it.
Yuan Yeguan Hong Lie is chanting this name, that is, the newly promoted 93-year-old master who ranks higher than you. Don’t be discouraged if you lose. It is not difficult for me to help you surpass him.
Officer rain eagle behind a listen to the face with a wry smile officer HongLie haven’t listen to the back.
Guan Ren continued, Guan Qing, the elder, couldn’t stand the challenge and didn’t want to be cheated by him. It turned out that his hand was killed.
Guanqing is the bold officer Honglie who killed Yuan Ye immediately roared.
Guan Ren arrived at once, and it was him and Grandpa’s strength improved very quickly. It is said that three months ago, he was a Taoist priest with three peaks and his strength was far from the list.
What did you say again? Officer Honglie was shocked by his body. This time, he was shocked far more violently than the last time. He has seen too much of the world. For this kind of genius, Officer Honglie has seen this officer Honglie, and he dare not forget the days when he was sharp and holy.
That Yuan Ye can practice from Dao Zun San Zhuan Feng to Zun Bang level when he is three months old. Guan Ren repeated.
Take a deep breath and look at Guan Honglie carefully. Tell me honestly whether your Yuan Ye has already made enemies.
Guanren hesitated for a while and finally nodded.


A Jintai fan flies two people, and the forest-moving magic ape seems to have made a feeling. Generally, it turns out that it is once again chasing the two people with a step of shaking the earth.
Seeing this, Liu Kui’s face suddenly changed into a shape, and at the same time, his mouth shouted, "You won."
Hearing this, the pace of drinking the huge magic ape just stopped, and then the light surged and the magic ape dispersed. Lin’s body shape was also exposed. He twisted his body and looked at Liu Kui, who was still wanting more, and said goodbye.
Smell speech Liu Kui two people’s faces can’t help shaking-they are pressing people, but today it is Lin Dong who is pressing hard to continue to fight, but it is just a humanoid sandbag. When two people sigh hard, they stop playing.
Hehe chengrong
Looked at Lin also can’t help but laugh, he knew that this first round he was successfully passed Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Emperor Puying.
On the north side of the huge temple, there is a high wall. Mo Jingtian, Lin Fan and many other powerful people are gathered here. There is a field not far in front of them, which connects the temple. People who can walk through these five channels will get five places in this selection.
There are light curtains on the high wall, which are flashing with various situations in the temple. Among them, the figures are flashing and the hands are extremely fierce, while Lin Fan and others are staring at the light curtains and straining their bodies, showing that they are very nervous about this quota. Therefore, even though this selection is still in the first round, they dare not relax at all.
They swept their eyes and suddenly looked at a light curtain, where three figures appeared, and when they saw these three figures clearly, they were tutting.
That’s two small mountain families, isn’t it? It’s lucky that they got together.
Then the third one seems to be the Lin clan, the Lin clan. Khakhalin Brahman seems that your Lin clan is unlucky enough. This kind of probability can be met by a powerful Lord. When you turn your head and look to one side, Lin Brahman’s brow is also wrinkled because of the scene in the light curtain. Although this same sect of people got together in the first round, he has never seen it before, but the probability is quite low. I didn’t expect that it would be touched by Lin.
Khakhalin brahman patriarch looks like you will lose in the first round of Lin clan. A tanned middle-aged man looked at the screen but couldn’t help laughing.
It’s not good for Mengshan to be happy too early. Lin Fan glanced at this middle-aged man who is the patriarch of this mountain.
That is called Mengshan big fellow smiled, but his face could not conceal his schadenfreude. Lu Hou was one of them. Maybe he would be upset when he met Lin Dong, but today they are together at the same time. This kind of anxiety disappeared immediately because of his tacit understanding. Even if Lin Dong joined hands, he could fight for the first world war. Even if Lin Dong was in the limelight recently, he might not win if he wanted an enemy.
Everyone looked at the screen and seemed to want to see what the man of the hour was capable of in the Great Inflammation Dynasty recently.
Lin Brahman’s complexion is quite calm. He has seen the level of Lin Langtian’s war on that day, even if it is unusual, it is extremely difficult to win. Although Liu Kui claims to be able to compete with it, they don’t know that even if it is true, the winning rate will not exceed 30%. Otherwise, Lin Zhi will not be beaten by Lin.
And in the crowd watching the screen, the three men also quickly exhibited atrix, but with the passing of time, Mengshan’s face gloated more and more, because the winning situation in his imagination did not happen now, but instead, Liu Kui and his two men were overwhelmed by the forest.
Especially in the final blow, it seems that the curtain is shaking around, and the main faces of those forces are flashing with a look of surprise, and then the eyes are slightly dignified and looking at the huge far-reaching ape in the curtain.
Hehe, the patriarch of Mengshan has accepted.
Lin Fan looked at the curtain of the tie and smiled, and then gave a sudden livid face, and Mengshan arched his hand. Now their two competitions in the mountain were directly brought to the end in the first round by Lin, which made him almost impulsive.
It’s fucking bad luck.
Mengshan grim-faced can mercilessly wave his sleeve robe. He also didn’t expect Lin’s strength to be so tough that even Liu Kui joined hands to get no benefit in his hands.
Haha, Brother Gong Lin and Brother Fan have joined the Lin clan. Both of them have made it through the first round, but some influential leaders around them are smiling and congratulating them.
Lin Fan smiled and reciprocated one by one. When Lin Dong successfully defeated Liu Kui, the other curtain Lin Langtian also easily defeated his two opponents, so Lin Dong Lin Langtian almost entered the round smoothly.
I don’t know who their opponent will be.
Looking at the screen, Lin Fan’s eyes became dignified gradually because he was better in the first round, but then it would be really tricky. After all, people who can enter the first round are definitely the best of these geniuses. I almost ran into those people who have the most chance to win places, so I’m afraid it would really be a bitter war.
The next two rounds are the most important two rounds in the selection.
In the hall, when Liu Kui gave up, the bronze door in the north of the hall was closed slowly, and Lin took a deep breath without much hesitation and stepped in directly.

Yeah, Gu Mengmeng wiped the tears on his coat. Conway shook his head again because of his childish behavior.

If you want to step, the phone bell rings again.
Gu Mengmeng surprised limit picked it up and saw it was Commander Kang’s home landline.
She quickly connected again.
Hello, this is MengMeng. Is it Mom and Dad?
This time, something magical happened, and suddenly, I often speak very fluently.
Words are thinking of children’s daughter-in-law He Shanyun calling and asking her that Conway’s happy tone has changed since she was together.
Happy Chinese New Year, you little ancestors
Gu Mengmeng stick out your tongue and smile and put the words into Conway’s hand to let him say.
Conway took the phone hug Gu Mengmeng to parents elder brother sister-in-law also great aunt wu New Year.
In the words, it is faint that Ningning is called the music of the video-machine joint party, and it is still full of reunion.
After chatting for a while, I just talked about the signal problem, and my mobile phone snapped and broke.
The two men looked at each other and couldn’t help sighing about the coverage of China Mobile. Why not take care of Yimu River?
Later, they received Enya Gu Jingxi’s New Year greetings intermittently, which made them lose their temper in the middle. Enya said that He Yang would return to Beijing after the New Year, which would bring Gu Mengmeng a surprise and make her look forward to it.
What is it?
Enya Heyang went through all the hardships to come to the wedding or not.
With a hint of doubt, she snuggled up in Conway’s arms and found the most comfortable position to hold him and fell asleep.
After the Spring Festival, the Yimu River is still cold, but every day we go forward, it is getting warmer and warmer in spring. In a few months, the snow and ice will melt. In summer, the remote mountains of the Yimu River are full of green and refreshing scenery, and the frontier flavor will be different.
The soldiers are looking forward to a good day.
The one-week training course is more strict than before at the beginning of the year. Conway requires elite troops from various border defense companies to form sharp knives. Even the soldiers are good at training hard, not afraid of hardship, and strive to master the advanced training essentials brought by instructors.
Gu Mengmeng is busy losing subsequent manuscripts in the computer room every day.
On the eve of leaving, the editor-in-chief replied in her message that last year, you missed the Dutch competition award ceremony because you were absent from Iraq. It’s a pity that the first prize in journalism that belongs to you was awarded to someone else. This year, your new touch immediately attracted great attention from the jury, and they just sent an invitation letter to the newspaper asking you to go to Amsterdam for a half-year lecture.
Is it true that she froze in and didn’t believe that she seemed to pinch her arm?
Shake hands and knock on information. Really? How can she not know that the qualification of the most powerful event in the international professional photojournalism competition is limited to making a sudden contribution? Photographer, an unknown person, has she been invited by China Junbao Photography?
The editor-in-chief responded with a big smile. The jury urged you to arrive in Amsterdam before mid-March and asked you to give them a reply.
Can I go, editor-in-chief? She’s still dreaming.
The editor-in-chief gave an angry expression this time, and he can definitely go. The newspaper has already replied to you and agreed to the invitation of Jose.
Thank you, editor-in-chief. Thank you, editor-in-chief Gu Mengmeng, covering her lips and saying goodbye.
Luck blessed her and made her dreams come true perfectly. Last year, she saved her lover in Holland, and she never gave up her obsession. She passed the high point of her life without hope, but everything turned around and was full of hope. Chapter 212 Yimu River whistle in the morning.
It was confirmed that the helicopter from the military area command would pick them up. After the arrival of the helicopter the next day, all the frontier defense companies fell into the former depression.
For the magic soldiers, getting along with Kang instructors in just a few months has brought soldiers not military technology advancing by leaps and bounds, but also a noble personality. They can’t forget that he braved the wind and snow to complete several times his workload, and he can’t forget that he was wise and astute in facing the enemy. He can’t forget that the training ground was amazing and captured the enemy, and he can’t forget that his comatose comrades ran back to the tall figure during the patrol.
Instructors are still a tall and straight pine tree standing in the snow. The colder the snow is, the more noble his pride can be revealed. They are not afraid of the harsh environment for young Kang instructors to come to the frontier sentry to interview Gu Ji. In addition to admiration or admiration, they are moved or moved.
Young soldiers don’t know how to express their respect for him, but they can silently look forward to doing every little thing around them. They get along with each other day and night, and the instructor and his wife say goodbye.
The weather was fine that day.
Conway Gu Mengmeng got up very early. After washing in the house, Gu Mengmeng finally picked up the cleaning bed table, thermos, tea jar and desk lamp, and wiped them carefully. Conway went to get the tools to repair the broken latch.
There are too many beautiful memories for them here, and Gu Mengmeng, a military wife, has enjoyed the family leave for the first time, which is worth remembering for a generation.
Looking at a few steps away and concentrating on repairing Conway, she was moved by words.
Go over and stick to his warm back from behind, and feel the little condensation in my heart silently.
Conway smiled and patted her watch to appease.