"… who is the rescue team outside … help me …"

Suddenly, the hand suddenly shrank into the door as if it had been dragged back by something. Then a man screamed in despair at the door, "Don’t … help … I don’t want to die …"
For a moment, Tianyang almost rushed in to save people, but he still resisted the impulse and went quietly into the passage.
Because he felt that the room was empty and there was no breath of life.
At this moment, the door suddenly punched out from the inside and a figure that made people’s hair explode. It had a head like a trumpet, many hands and feet, and several faces were stuck at random.
Those hands and feet belong to human beings, and they are even wearing protection, just like living people who have their limbs torn off and then put them in their own bodies.
To those people
Faces, faces and mouths are still open, and they keep sending out continuous and finely asking for help. "… where is this? Come and save me …"
"… can anyone hear me? Help! Help …"
Even if Tianyang was calm, he couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning, not that he was scared by the monster in front of him, but that he remembered that he had encountered such a monster.
At that time, Yun Ze led his team to be disturbed by the black people in Baoshi Town. When Tianyang volunteered to rule it out, he met the black people in front of him and was later chased by a quiet knight.
But at that time, what kind of black people would appear in front of us?
As soon as he was in doubt, the black man had stretched out a’ tentacle’ twisted by his arm and thigh and pulled it up like a whip.
Tianyang doesn’t flash or avoid is to raise your hand’ huang huo’ awe-inspiring and split the broken blade and spit out purple explosion, which turns into an inflammatory tide and sweeps away, melting the tentacles and then igniting the monster to make the screams in the flame disappear.
A moment later, the thick darkness came again and eroded the surrounding area quietly, and even the glow and fire emitted by Tianyang itself were greatly suppressed.
The sun is always changing, and he wants to see what tricks can be played in this darkness. After a few minutes, he feels the airflow and hears a huge gasp, as if a huge monster is dormant in the darkness.
The wind sounded overhead.
Duty looked up and saw a huge palm patting him, which looked like a human palm with large and small purple pimples. It seemed to want to pat Tianyang into a paste.
Tianyang’s figure became blurred, and the huge palm roared and patted him, but nothing happened because it was Tianyang’s residual figure.
Tianyang appeared a hundred meters away. At this time, he saw beams of light passing through the darkness, letting him see the chariots and human bodies that were falling. He saw strips of tentacles like octopus with palm arms. He saw these wrist arms entangled and stirred like snakes, catching falling vehicles or people everywhere.
Then the day after tomorrow, Yang saw a huge corner, and the road with twisted lines at the corner was a dense black mane!
In an instant, Yang knew what he saw.
Abyss The Infiltrator!
At the beginning, the super-large black people encountered in the battle with the black king in the desert valley town bridge!
Look around, Tianyang feels as if he has returned to the abyss of the deserted town. He is an oblique stretch of Liang Shi. There are vehicles and human bodies falling around him, and there are explosions and screams.
While the abyss The Infiltrator looked at Tianyang and roared with a shock.
That thing suddenly swung out a wrist arm, and the palm of your hand clenched a fist and smashed it to Tianyang.
Tianyang calmly erected’ huang huo’ blade shield and punched the monster hard.
The huge fist hit’ huang huo’, and Mars splashed and smashed a circle of gray ripples.
Tianyang felt a huge force spreading from the blade surface and felt the body shake him.
I used to face an illusion, but from this force, I overturned his idea.
So when The Infiltrator hit again with a punch, Tianyang no longer foolishly followed him hard, and another Liang Shi star appeared, and The Infiltrator’s arm was overcast.
The shadow twisted and suddenly turned into a sharp sword. The arm was scratched and the black mud was sprayed like plasma.
The Infiltrator roared and waved seven wrist arms to attack Tianyang, but they were all hidden from him by Tianyang. It was very beneficial for these wrist arms to take advantage of the flash and move a few breaths, and then they were already in The Infiltrator.
Huang huo’ reversed Tianyang and suddenly stabbed the broken blade into the monster’s big head. The crack on the blade surface was bright, and the violent flame rushed into The Infiltrator’s body.
This monster’s big head is instantly red, and then flames gush out from its eyes, nostrils and mouth. The Infiltrator’s big head swells and Tianyang immediately draws the blade and flashes.
For a second, the monster’s head was completely fried, and a column of purple fire was sprayed from his body, like a volcanic eruption, which lit up all around.
"Be careful …"
When the darkness hit Su Lie’s body surface, he immediately surged and dazzled, and Guanghua Xing Yun turned into quarrelling and quickly condensed out protective armor. With the help of the light emitted by quarrelling armor, he lit up the surrounding area, but at this time he could not see Tianyang.
Su Lie was slightly dazed, and the swaying stars turned into pieces of silvery white flames, which immediately lit up his own range of ten meters, but I didn’t see the shadow of the sun.
"We were sent to different places? The enemy wants to divide us? "
Su Lie chuckled. He didn’t deny that the enemy’s strategy was good, but if the other party thought it was easier to deal with them, it would be wrong.
From a long journey to a recent war to sacrifice to Samana, Su Lie knew his weight very well, and he believed that even in the face of different gods, he had a fighting force.
So he is not nervous to find the culprit who will divide them, and naturally he can meet Tianyang.
With the help of the brilliance of the stars, Su Lie saw that there were no stone tablets engraved with various symbols on the feet or the top of his head, but there was a sarcophagus not far away that seemed to be engraved with something.
Su Lie walked over and saw the ordinary sarcophagus cover engraved with some strange symbols. When the symbols stared at Su Lie, it was like seeing several worms crawling.
His face and arms were covered with black lines in an instant.
Su Lie was surprised and decisively closed his eyes and suddenly turned around before his body gradually recovered.
"I seem to have seen this sarcophagus and that symbol …"
"Those symbols …"
"Do they mean to swallow the tomb of the God-eater … Shadi Jia?"
Su Lie Huo Ran opened his eyes and cried softly, "I remember seeing it in my’ grave’. I explored the grave area at that time. I went deep into the restricted area and saw this sarcophagus in a relic in my restricted area."
"Yes, I still remember those symbols. I remember seeing those symbols at that time. Although I didn’t understand what they meant, I felt like I was exposed to taboos as if I wanted to know the horrible truth."
"I feel real fear …"
"But now I actually know the meaning of those symbols? Is it because of the stars? "