A month later.
Naruto lives in a three-story single-family house. It is no problem for more than a dozen people to live here, but they are suspected of disrepair. They have been creaking their feet on the floor and it is particularly harsh in the quiet night.
In the past, cleaning this kind of thing had to be done by Chiba himself, but now Naruto has been trained by Chiba. Cough is very virtuous and hardworking … Boys can do housework and master everything.
Naruto has been fully responsible for this kind of thing when Chiba is not available.
"Chiba Nissan, don’t mess around. I’ll do it!"
As soon as Chiba brought a basin of water into the room, Naruto ran barefoot and took over the floor of Naruto’s house. Chiba wiped the floor easily and made holes.
Naruto took the basin, wet the dishcloth, wring it out, and then bent down to wipe the floor. He moved skillfully and had a smooth rhythm … To be honest, Naruto seemed to prefer doing such trivial things to practicing Ninjutsu.
It seems that there is something wrong with the style of painting
Chiba training seems to be too successful. What can I do if Naruto is too gentle?
However, it seems that Chiba is a little too worried. These are just the typical personality characteristics of Naruto boys who rest, ambition and continue to eat and die.
There is no need to worry about Chiba.
Naruto only comes three, four, five, six, seven times a year, so there’s no need to worry.
If it is like this every day, it is sick and cured!
But look at him. Chiba can’t help but blurt it out.
"Naruto, it’s almost enough. It’s easy for you to have no girlfriend!"
To tell the truth, Chiba’s personality is really not suitable for spitting, because sometimes it is too sharp.
Naruto froze immediately when he moved!
Chiba is really a pot that can’t be boiled. Naruto’s brother gave him the love of his parents, and he took Naruto to play with Sasuke. When he was a child, Kimiko didn’t lack playmates.
However, the precocity of the ninja world led Naruto to develop from a naughty drama to a point of no return for pick up hot chicks to find a girlfriend.
I have to say that Naruto’s second generation has a great legacy with his father’s fourth generation, Namikaze Minato, but his eyes are as blind as a blind monk
Just like the original, Naruto actually saw Haruno Sakura a year ago and was influenced by Chiba. After seeing KINOMOTO SAKURA for the first time, Naruto took the initiative to confess.
However, KINOMOTO SAKURA did not accept that he still likes to be small, rich and handsome.
Sasuke always laughed at Naruto when he was with him. Without a girlfriend, no girls will like him in this life.
This made Naruto very sad.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Naruto admission
Then it became a sore spot for Naruto.
"Nissan …"
Naruto quit, pulling a long note and holding Chiba’s thigh to sell Meng Tao
"Ok, ok, kidding. Naruto in our family is really handsome. How can no girl like it when everyone loves it? Let’s clean the house. Tired, brother, take you to have fun in Lamian Noodles!"
Chiba touch naruto head comfort way
Eat Lamian Noodles this recruit really try lark naruto immediately don’t coquetry ceng jumped up and ran out cheering.
"It’s the freshman enrollment day of Ninja School. When you get to school, listen to the teacher’s words. Don’t just play with Sasuke, do you hear? !”
Chiba earnestly educated Naruto.
Naruto then promised that he didn’t know if he had listened to Chiba’s words.
It’s Naruto School Day, which is why Chiba is going to clean a room with Naruto.
There must be a ceremony, right?
Ninja school the next day
It’s sunny and the sun is shining.