Fang Qi hurriedly asked "you also go? What are you going to do? "

"I feel the call. I have to enter the gate."
"ah! What did you say? "
Fang Qi was surprised for a few seconds, and soon he was associated with just a vision. He looked at Ji Tianci with a dignified look. "Yu Wenke Huang once said that if our original green emperor died, the new green emperor would be inherited by the celestial green envoy, but he wanted to destroy it …"
Fang Qi stared and said quickly, "We have to plan this matter well."
"If you can’t come, the star gate will open one day. I have to go now."
"But …"
Ji Tianci patted Fang Qi on the shoulder. "You’ve done well enough. We should get everything ready. Don’t worry, Yulun and I will finish the future of mankind. We still have to rely on you. Take care of yourself."
After that, Ji Tianci glanced at Nangong Yulun without waiting for Fang Qi’s reply, and then said to Drassus, "Let’s go!"
Turn over and jump behind Della Seuss, politely stretch out your right hand and pull up Nangong Language Lun, and soon they are ready to start.
Della Seuss faucet turned to Fang Qi Fang Qi and nodded, and then a growl rang all over the evil sword fortress. Della Seuss opened his wings and didn’t flap his wings. The end of his wings lit up with red light for a second, and he broke through the night like a meteor with JiTianCi Nang Lun.
Ji Tianci looked back at the crowd every day and saw an inconspicuous corner in the crowd. Rumanwen was at a loss and looked at himself.
I went in a hurry and didn’t care to say goodbye.
The gate … Can it come out after going in?
There was a cry in the crowd, and everyone waved their hands and wished to give all their strength to Nangong Language Lun, complaining that they could not make a little contribution to human life and death.
Get rid of the gravity of the earth, the vision of the moon Ji Tianci Nangong becomes bigger and bigger.
The vast universe is bright, the moon is bright, and my beloved husband goes to despair together. This is the most romantic moment in her life.
Della Seuss turned to the moon and came to the Nangong Language behind them. He hugged JiTianCi’s waist and put his pretty face on JiTianCi’s shoulder.
Two people Yi Long fly to the direction of the sun de la seuss speed rises sharply.
In order to better fly in Taizhong, Drasus specially made a portable optical radar, which can detect whether there are obstacles in Drasus’ flight path. Because it is a straight line detection, Drasus’ sublight flight is still very safe if it is not for the meteorite hitting the high-speed flight from the side.
A warm air dispersed Ji Tianci and smelled the long-lost body fragrance of Nangong Language Lun.
Too angry. It was the "Fenglingshi" that inspired the air mass and enveloped them.
Fenglingshi is a product of heaven, which can stimulate an air mass with temperature psionic energy to protect the weak life from roaming in the middle.
There are many powerful families in heaven, and there are also many small and weak descendants. These small and weak beings can live after leaving the stars. Although they can travel through the universe by speedboat, they can’t personally understand the vastness of the universe.
Therefore, people in heaven will see the business opportunities and create this kind of wind stone, which is low in cost and can not only generate air pressure and temperature to stimulate wind aura, but also nourish physical broadcasting.
"How I wish we had been flying like this …" The Nangong Language Lun was almost speaking with JiTianci’s ear.
However, Ji Tianci didn’t reply, except for feeling the delicate and soft body of Nangong Language Lun, and there was Rumanwen figure in his mind.
"Do you think this will be our last good time? Will you miss me if I die? "
Nangong Lun’s eyes are blurred. At this moment, she no longer thinks about whether human beings are dying and thinking about their lovers.
Ji Tianci heaved a long sigh and touched Nangong Yulun’s long hair hanging from his chest. "I can feel that you will not die and you will be able to complete your mission. Don’t worry, you will be able to return to Earth safely in one day."
"What about you?"
"Me?" JiTianCi far looked at mercury direction "I don’t know … he doesn’t know …"
The seventh volume QingMeng again Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Landing on Mercury
The romantic journey lasted less than two hours, and the Nangong language held Ji Tianci quietly behind her, and her words were no longer stretched. The starlight was so charming that it was like being in a dream. She enjoyed the warmth and tranquility of this moment and did not want to wake up from her dream.
However, the speed of Drasus began to slow down, and the sun in front almost occupied their vision. Then a small black dot in the center of the vision began to grow bigger and bigger, gradually blocking the sun and the back side of Mercury appeared in their eyes.
Mercury’s rotation speed is very slow, and it can only rotate once when it is close to two months, which means that Mercury will last for a month during the day and a month at night.
The two men landed in Yi Long at the center of the Mercury Gathering Array, and the whole array was disguised. Even if you look down on this area, you won’t find anything special.
Ji Tianci looked down at his feet. He knew that there were nearly 300,000 Qingmeng soldiers stationed on the other side of his feet. The temperature there was over 4 degrees, while the temperature in his eastern hemisphere was 153 degrees lower.
The word "inflammation" lit up on his forehead, and Ji Tianci clearly saw that the green allies gathered at the foot of the huge star tree and waited for the gate to open.
The earth star tree is a little different, and the branches and leaves of Mercury are particularly lush. They all stretch out like a giant umbrella, and the Qingmeng soldiers shade and absorb solar energy like a huge solar panel.
Ji Tianci observed for a long time before saying, "The gate may be opened faster than we expected. The Youth League has buried the source stones in the roots of the star tree. Presumably, they know that the earth has changed. At this time, they want to open the gate earlier and return to the earth as soon as possible."
The nangongshan language shimron heart in a surprised "how did that happen! Then I don’t have to activate the gathering spirit array immediately now? "
"Don’t worry, Fang Qi said that once mercury is activated, it will quickly fall to the sun. Before it hits the sun, it will be completely destroyed. The tidal gravity of the sun will tear it into pieces, and the high temperature of the sun will vaporize these pieces. If the initial speed of mercury falling meets the requirements, it will be destroyed in three hours."
The nangongshan language shimron thought for a moment "are you going to enter the gate? Then don’t we have to let the gate open before destroying mercury? "
Ji Tianci nodded. "I guess the gate will open in less than two hours, and then we will wait for 90 minutes, and then you will activate the gathering array, Drassus, and then take me to the gate. At that time, the gate will open during the fall of Mercury, and even if it is sent to Mercury, the Qingmeng soldiers will be attracted by the gravity of the sun, and even if they are given three hours, they will not send too many troops and I will be able to enter the gate."
"Well, I will activate the array after listening to you for 90 minutes."
After talking about Nangong Yulun, he hesitated and asked, "Is there any way to come out after you enter the gate?"
"I don’t know …"
"Then what are you going to do in there?"
Ji Tianci still shook his head. "I don’t know, but I felt the call and I had to go in."
"But we can not solve the crisis by activating the large array to destroy Mercury now? Still have to enter the gate? "
Ji Tianci sighed, "When mercury falls, the Qingmeng will escape from here, and they still have Kun Suo. Although the earth is protected by wilt virus, if the Qingmeng does not return to the earth, it will take us a long time to hunt them down. The Qingmeng will open the stargate again. What we are doing now is to gain time. Humans are still in crisis, but maybe I can find a solution to the crisis after entering the stargate."
The Nangong Language Lun heard her heart heavy, and Della Seuss turned into a human figure and said with a slightly sad tone, "I know my aunt, and I can say that she betrayed the Qingmeng."
"Your aunt?" JiTianCi doubt asked.