Behind every transaction is an oppressed and exploited family!

Su Yu cold drink a way
After Ann and her nephew An Gaochi recovered, they worshipped Master An Yuda.
Anhe followed Su Yu’s powerful intelligence and was responsible for finding evidence against the duke.
The famous Yanjing Castle was also handed over to a trusted confidant.
An he ying Dao
"Stay after the orcs redeem people you will publish these evidence! And give Anchang’s eating inside and picking outside things to the young master to parade around and show the public that he will die! Then hang the head of the sacred mountain into history! "
Su Yu said in a low voice that his voice was calm, but he made Anhe particularly appall and was gratified that Ziya Mountain had a single-minded democracy
The fact holds the intelligence, and Anhe really knows that the duke has colluded with other people.
But who would have thought that Anchang was so greedy that Yanjingbao alone knew that there were hundreds of pieces of news.
After a search by his hand, he found more than a thousand pieces.
The young master is not only greedy and angry, but also controls the heartache of the people.
It is a blessing for the people of Ziya Mountain to have such a benevolent Lord!
"Yes, young master, this is the list of corrupt officials selected day and night by Yanjing Fort. Please have a look."
Ann and thoughts flow and pulled out a long throne.
This head is mostly on the list of corrupt officials in this plane, from the duke to the small official Anhe, and it is worthy of being the intelligence king of Ziya Mountain. I am afraid that even Ziya Mountain Sect is slightly weak in such detailed information.
If it weren’t for Anhe’s weak power, I’m afraid he would have been famous in Xinghai!
Thanks to this, Su Yu can make such talents belong to himself.
Su Yu nodded, and then he heard the guards of the Lord’s mansion come to report that "the little orc emissary has come to visit!"
Just took Anhe and handed it to Su Yu and heard the guards report.
His eyes were slightly surprised, but he listened to An He’s mysterious way: "Little Lord, there is a star field near this plane that is the territory of the orcs, and this orc seems to have some origins, so it must be some secret law notification cases."
The so-called origin of Anhekou made Su Yu blink.
There are too many foreign heirs to be counted, and it is common to send a weak heir to the lower plane at will.
Yu Anhe said Yuanyuan, I’m afraid this belongs to the illegitimate category.
"Then let him in. Is Anhe Manhuo still alive?"
Su Yu moment low way
Yesterday, it was quite a fire to let Anhe take the pig head to the duke to teach him a lesson. I don’t know what happened after a night.
"Pretty fire must still be alive. Don’t worry."
Ann and heard the little Lord’s words and immediately cold sweat came.
He was busy investigating intelligence yesterday, and threw the pretty fire at Shu.
I remember that I said at the time that it seemed that I wanted someone to live, and I could do whatever I wanted.
It seems a little bad to think about it now. If he remembers correctly, there are a group of foreigners who like men in Yanjing Castle. Those guys don’t put Man Huo with those perverts, do they?
"You go and have a look first."
Su Yu looked Ann and deep way
An He gave Su Yu a courtesy and left the room.
Soon there will be a bodyguard from the castellan’s mansion who will bring the orc messenger here.
"Orc emissary is quite built. See Ziya Mountain for details."
Manjian is an alien at present, and the clan leader is related by blood. Nai’s strength is too weak to be arranged in a lower level. This stay is a thousand years. If it weren’t for the fire, he wouldn’t even represent Zongli.
But Manjian is an ambitious alien, and he hopes to return to the Sect through Manhuo to compete for the control of the Orcs.
Therefore, Manjian is willing to lower his noble head and negotiate with Su Yu.
Su Yu’s eyes are slightly surprised. Pretty cheap?
That’s a cheap name
"Are you ready to negotiate with the main star domain?"
Su Yu thought and then asked
Manjian knows Su Yu’s deeds.
Su Yu, the young master of Ziya Mountain and the emperor of Yanhuang, is not as old as himself, but his hand power is far higher than himself.
However, both of them are related by blood, and the difference in identity and circumstances between the young master and the young master also makes the establishment uncomfortable.
"The orcs are willing to take out an equal star domain and seven lower star domains to redeem Gu Tianjiao."
Pretty low build said
This is the condition that Zong is willing to give.
Listen to "Touch!" one
Su Yu slapped the table and glared at it.
In the whole body, the emperor’s anger is not spontaneous, and the sight of Su Yu’s anger is slightly nerve-racking.