The TV play in the dream is very popular, but there is also a problem.

That is, the original play was actually copied from him.
In other words, this novel was published by the original copywriter.
In this way, although the TV play was very phenomenal at that time, it was once notorious because of the actual rebuttal evidence given by the author’s law and after being deeply analyzed.
Of course, that’s the author’s problem and the drama is not big
In that play, his actors did not suffer any harm and made great progress with the phenomenal scenery.
However, there is a small problem with the original TV play.
Yes, this TV play is Hua Qiangu.
There is nothing I can do to choose this drama.
Fang Siyi’d like to write to the sky kingdom, but the latter, although the plot seems simple, is really not what he can achieve now.
Because if something is restored in a dry way, it is not called a novel, it is called a drama.
After much reasoning, Fang Siyi decided to write Hua Qiangu first.
First of all, Hua Qiangu didn’t appear until 2000, and those so-called plagiarism templates were five years later.
It’s only been four years now. If you are creative, you can believe him, but if you are …
He ha ha each other a face.
Besides, different people have different writing styles.
Fang Siyi has no reason not to write a novel that has been proved to be a great sensation after being remake.
Anyway, he is a copywriter.
Besides, a man writing a sadomasochism and a woman writing a sadomasochism are two different things.
However, Fang Siyi, who has a TV play, doesn’t mind modifying the original work.
The most primitive fact is that Hua Qiangu is a primary school student.
On the one hand, it is naturally because the original author copied it, on the other hand, it is also because the original author just started to enter this circle at that time and has not yet formed his own personal style. Compared with Fang Siyi at the moment, the root method of dealing with some details is
Still the previous sentence.
Bad writing is better than good memory.
Writing too much for some words is naturally not comparable to those new people who are new to the country.
Although Fang Siyi’s description in writing is neither nuanced nor elaborate
But Fang Siyi also has his own advantages.
This advantage is the huge amount of reading!
Even if a person likes reading Fang Siyi very much, he will read dozens or hundreds of books at most, and some people may never read so many books in their lives.
But what about Fang Siyi?
Having a dream and working hard during the day will be twice as long as others when you enrich yourself!
More keys, that’s a dream!
The cause of dreams has been verified, but I believe many people know that time in dreams is completely different from reality.
In ancient times, there was a saying that it was such a thing as a dream.
In fact, although many people can’t remember clearly what happened in their dreams, I believe many people know that the time you have to spend in your dreams is much longer than in reality.
Chapter 2 Something terrible has happened!
In this way, you can easily watch a film and television drama in your dreams, and it may be only a few hours in reality.
But what if you watch TV dramas in reality?
I’m sorry, but it’s less than two hours, but it’s a drama.
You know, even today’s shortest twenty-TV drama, you have to watch fifteen hours every forty-five minutes!
And a day is only twenty-four hours!
That is to say, you can watch at most one TV play a day.
But what about Fang Siyi?
Because of the dream, after watching a whole TV play, he still has a lot of spare time to enrich himself during the day.
He can look at some basic materials, and he can try something according to his own preferences.
And these can’t affect his rest time
What’s more interesting is that stories in dreams can be clearly recalled!
You said you have a good memory, and you can remember it when you were a child, so can you remember how many words you said yesterday?
Can you remember which detail you saw in the film and television drama yesterday?
But Fang Siyi can
Therefore, his style transformation did not cause too many waves.
However, the problem is coming.
Fang Siyi’s change of style is Hua Qiangu.
This is a Xian Xia drama.
And Guo Siniang?
He became famous by virtue of last year’s fantasy drama "Fantasy City"
However, in this era, Xianxia and fantasy have just been divided, and there is no specific time to have any unique style.
In other words, many people’s fantasy is Xianxia Xianxia is fantasy.
I’m afraid this concept will not be officially changed until after the publication of Wandering Travel in 2008.
However, it is a pity for Fang Siyi that although he knows this novel in his memory, Fang Siyi has never seen it in his dreams.
And what I know is because there is such a sentence in a future TV play.
"Since five years" Wandering Travel "created the theme of fix true XianXia …"
Yeah, it’s gone
Fang Siyi knows that this novel will appear in 2008, but he doesn’t know exactly what the story is.
But good Fang Siyi is not bad as that one.
As mentioned earlier, it is precisely because people do not have an accurate positioning of Xianxia and Fantasy in this era that it is difficult to be compared when the two cities are in the same place.
Actually, I have seen it, and both of them know that this is two different stories.
Guo Siniang’s "Fantasy City" is more of a marketing tool that embodies a grand world outlook, a sophisticated writing style and, of course, a far-reaching literary accomplishment.
This "Fantasy City" is very popular.