Julien suddenly said, "We are the fleet of Hydra’s dark side. We have been ordered by the organization to go to a certain area to explore the wonders of the universe. Please make it convenient for everyone to travel out of the galaxy. It is very difficult to go once."

"Hum the third galaxy hydra organization? Dare to strike a lighter home site. The captain is too lazy to talk nonsense. Hurry up and take these broken boats back to the place where you should go. "The arrogant tone is a commanding tone
Lin momo looked at the screen fire patrol. A total of six bow boats are elite, and five of them are B-class. This force is not strong, and the confrontation may be weak. Maybe the Tianzhu fleet will be damaged. Can it be said that the fire family found the debris of destruction? Now it’s easy to rush, or what can the firemen do if they don’t let go of a ship?
"Even begin" Lin momo extremely flat and agile Phantom of the Opera hull a slight flash display ship lighter feather drifted to the fire home patrol near.
There is a certain distance between the two fleets, but this distance is close at hand for the Phantom of the Opera, and at the same time, the Blood Reward disappears.
Since Lin momo decided to make moves, he didn’t let go of the other party’s plan. The incarnate son has started the record list, and the unified force shocked the universe and spread it in all directions.
"Warn the other side that the record score has reached the fourth floor. Because the ship is in the core of coercion, its strength is being reduced, it is warned again …" The arrogance of the fire patrol fleet sounded a similar alarm and disappeared completely.
"Impossible what will be the fourth floor? Is it odd level "fire home several captains in utter amazement, although they are from the fire home, but they are not important people. When they meet odd level, they are also scared to stand on the spot.
The first galaxy of Firefighters has a long reputation. The six Firefighters’ captains are lucky that this "odd class" is trying to be overbearing. After all, will there be any good results if they rashly fight with the "odd class" at different levels?
Lin momo bluffing plan is very successful. Maybe elite star cruises can reach the third floor of the record list, but most of them have already reached the odd level if they want to reach the fourth floor of the record list.
Every second counts in the battlefield, the Phantom of the Opera, let alone the odd level. Actually, it is not even a B-level strength. The Phantom of the Opera has an ordinary elite star cruise ship. Unfortunately, it still lacks several mobile turrets.
The solar sail of Phantom of the Opera revealed the outline of the giant, and sixteen bloody epiphyllum competed for development. Then the giant opened his mouth and spewed out a pale beam of light. There was a hissing sound in the wave frequency, and the communication between the ships appeared for a few seconds.
At the same time, the difficult and dark sound spread to all directions, and someone whispered, "The five-star blood ban may be a semi-god-based phantom of the Red Lotus super C-class ship."
"Rumble …" The center of Phantom of the Opera blooms a vast purple light cloud outward, and then a spiral magneto-optical beam comes in, and the strongest magneto-optical beam attacks the elite star cruise ship of Firehouse Patrol.
"Hey this attack? The other party can’t be a strange level. "The captain of the fire house is not low in quality, and he knows that he has been deceived. Although he is still suppressed by the record list, his fear is not so strong.
"Quick counter-offensive organization counter-offensive" The fire captains reacted and couldn’t wait to run to the battery area to kick the gunner.
Do you still want to counterattack under such circumstances? The Phantom of the Opera has opened the lighter of four patrol boats, the energy shield and the blood reward are attached to the elite star cruise ship near the fire house, and the high-strength firepower instantly covers the enemy ships, and the battle is hot.
How far away is Zeus? It is different from adding snow and frost to the Firehouse patrol that the ship moves and the lighter is full of false and real light beams.
Houfulong, Blade, Langqi, Black Rose and Feiyu rushed to the crowd like wolves. There is nothing to say. It is the best policy to try your best to kill Huojia patrol.
The cannon light covers more than 100 kilometers in Fiona Fang. The Firehouse patrol was in the wind from the beginning, and there was no chance of winning when the Tianzhu fleet came to siege. The elite star cruise ship ran first and the speed was quite fast.
The Phantom of the Opera pursues the elite of Firefighters. How big can it be for Julien to command five B-class star cruise ships with their shells peeled off? Lin momo’s only requirement before leaving is a quick victory.
Firehouse elite star cruises released five mobile turrets and hit three bombs to save lives. Only then did they feel that high pillow worry was a strange scene. A ridiculous sailboat flashed sky purple light and unexpectedly rushed through the energy impact zone caused by the bombs to kill the crowd.
Volume 12 War! Star rolling Chapter 64 Slay
Even if a ship escapes to find the real black hand fleet, it will be even worse. It is hard to say whether these six ships have escaped from heaven.
The bomb of destruction, as its name suggests, will bring destruction to the enemy. Who made the Second Galaxy of Linsiso get a large amount of purple paint? This is a defensive relic of the Elves. Who knows how it got into the hands of the organization of gods?
There is purple paint to protect Lin momo. Although he was extravagant during the battle, the peacock has a strong miser hostage. These elves will not cut off the sacred objects.
The Phantom of the Opera rushed to the stern of the elite class of Firefighters with incredible speed. Lin Sisuo hardly knew the name of this elite class, but then again, is it really necessary to know its name?
Hundreds of medium-and-micro-explosive bombs were ejected from the Phantom of the Opera battery area, and five turrets near the elite star cruise ship were suspended, and dozens of black hole bombs were encountered. Although the turrets were not sucked away by small black holes, the short-term method formed an effective offensive.
The turret was temporarily pinned by the black hole bomb, and the micro-explosive bomb, also known as the Firehouse, slowed down for half a beat, and then the Phantom of the Opera crashed straight into the crowd, Malta, and it slammed into the propeller of the enemy ship.
"Boh ….." Fire home elite star cruise ship ass behind rising momentum Lin momo this extremely negative which have stabbed from somebody else’s ass? However, this move is really effective, and you can’t run away from the elite race of Firefighters.
The elite star cruise ship is very strong. Marta’s collision angle is embedded in a depth of five meters. The Phantom of the Opera is the fastest to go backwards. After pulling out the collision angle, it is another hip movement.
In star wars, it’s always life-and-death to win the final victory. What’s fair? It’s not illegal to take part in the star-studded competition.
Phantom of the Opera, the energy shield appeared in the channel. Three brothers and sisters Xuanyuan and Mollie carried water guns across the past. They aimed at the broken propeller of the elite star cruise ship.
Clouds of solution hit Malta and opened cracks. The substance expansion agent can widen the distance and make the surface of the substance soft. Pieces of weathered metal fragments fall off, and the cracks in the hull are increasing.
"Ready to launch" Mo Liede made a gesture to Xuanyuan three brothers and sisters and threw gold pieces of black grenades along the crack.
Active corrosion agents will automatically look for enemies in the hull of elite star cruise ships. This is Lin momo’s consistent wind.
At the same time, the Phantom of the Opera issued a crazy cannon light to block the mobile turret attack. I have to say that Harley’s cover was very successful and the operators were not hurt.
Lin momo pinched his fingers when calculating the active corrosive agent, which can solve the problem that Brother Wu met with a slightly higher level. Brother Wu has no place, and if the enemy ship has a pharmacist, he will have to cut three points.
Six minutes later, Lin momo grew up and the elite star cruise ship was extremely resilient, especially when five turrets kept shuttling outside, and it was still crazy to bombard and delay the outcome. Now the only way is to board the ship.
Ranging from Lin momo to the enemy ship, seven fire brothers Wu rushed out, and the crew of both sides fought the Phantom of the Opera, and the bow of the ship became a battlefield.
Brother Firehouse Wu, the lowest repairer, Lin momo is at the same level, and there is also a master near the peak who deserves to be an elite star cruise ship. You know, brother Wu at the tenth level is relatively rare, and you must be a master bring up the rear if you want to win.
Is the Phantom of the Opera short of experts? The answer is that there is no shortage of Athena and Jun God bless, and there are still foreign foreign aid like Mo Lie and Man Man. Lin momo is too lazy to summon the colorful beetle, and seven fire brothers Wu are in a bad situation.
"Luo Luo fire home is very good! The more noble the family status is, the more enjoyable it is to kill. "Athena smiled and waved Darwin’s crystal coils of golden halo to spread out the battlefield and it became her personal show.
After all, Athena, the master of fire home near the peak, was a long way from being struck several times, and she was born again. The master of fire home immediately realized that it was going to be unlucky today.
Bring up the rear, the bow of the Phantom of Athena, and Yu Xuanyuan, the beater of Jun God Bless, and Odin are also not provincial oil lamps and Christine are ready to govern the seven fire brothers Wu.
Lin momo’s brain leaps with a silver flame to see his body flashing and moving into the enemy ship’s body flashing again. The Dark Phoenix silent gun has been set to his arm.
If this elite star cruise ship of Fireman is in good condition, then even if Lin momo’s source-seeking ability is magical, he can move in. There is no enmity between the two sides. At most, the Fireman’s exports are inferior, but Lin momo has failed to consider so many eyes and is willing to kill.
Phantom of the opera, released back and forth, most of the attacks are directed at this elite, and the negative energy cannon is specially used to corrode the energy shield. Before the Phantom of the Opera hits, the elite of the fire house loses its energy shield.
Some people will say that this elite ship is stupid? Why don’t you use your boat skills? There’s nothing I can do about it. What kind of stuff will it be to lead the patrol? It’s not that it doesn’t work, but that it doesn’t work much.
There are many types of ship’s fighting skill, such as the blood reward. The ability to come and go is also an auxiliary ship’s fighting skill. It has no attack ability. What’s worse, the Phantom of the Opera is nailed to this elite ass?
Lin momo’s speed is very fast, and he breaks through to the outside of the main control room of the enemy ship. Suddenly, the tangible force field oppresses him. If he falls into this place, it will be difficult to go out again.
Dark Phoenix silence cannon throughput light a beam of light boom master control room door almost instantaneous energy and melt the door Lin momo see master control room scene slightly zheng.
Star cruises have developed to be superior in terms of elite energy interest rates. The main control room is simply another place where you can’t feel the breath. I’m afraid it will be dangerous to enter casually.
"Too bad so many force fields are piled up together. It’s the first time to see the turret outside so difficult. Even if Harley can block the cannon light, it will be bad for Phantom of the Opera." Lin momo thought of here and slowly lifted the Dark Phoenix Silent Gun. After half a breath, a beam roared out and the force field in front appeared a shake.
"Hey? Dark Phoenix’s silent gun actually works. "Lin momo was surprised when the silver flame fluctuated and a colorful Guanghua Ran Ran rose.