It’s a lie to say you’re not grateful, but …

This kind of thing really pays attention to a fate.
Now that Fang Siyi is about to be promoted to his father, it is naturally not his problem, that is to say …
The problem is likely to appear in her body!
Take it out for a checkup?
Gao Yuanyuan thought so.
Chapter 7 Family Dinner
To tell the truth, she is not so eager for children.
In fact, in most cases, she prefers to be alone quietly.
However, the expectation of the elderly at home still gives Gao Yuanyuan a headache
But she has no reason to refuse.
Father’s original words are that you should get something for Gao’s family, so you can do whatever you want in the end.
Although in modern society, one’s own family is also a family, but that’s the case, and this patriarchal thinking is becoming more and more serious.
Here Gao Yuanyuan was thinking, and there was a sneak attack by Yingbao. Ya Ya had already turned against the guest host.
"Feed you two here to show off to who? I’m not single dog! " Gao Yuanyuan looked up and saw two people laughing with anger.
"Ha ha," ya ya said with a slight petite body holding Yingbao. "Who made Yingbao comfortable to hold? I can’t help it! "
"I’m not a pillow!" Yingbao said with some chafing
"Yes … you are a big doll!" Ya ya quipped with a smile.
"Hum!" Yingbao although very proudly hum a but did not refute.
Just chatting Fang Siyi came in.
"aye? What about power sister? "
"I sent her back to the bedroom when she was clamoring for sleep." Fang Siyi sat and looked at her holding Yingbao and said naively, "You two didn’t really bend, did you?"
"Why not?" Yingbao hooked her neck and said discontentedly, "You are not as good as a cucumber now!"
"Me? Cucumber? " Fang Siyi laughed angrily. "Do you dare to say it again?"
"You yellow … ah!" I was about to say that Yingbao was directly grabbed by Fang Siyi and then turned around and was pressed by Fang Siyi’s leg.
"pa! Bang! Hey! "
The other two with an easy grace ate their dinner happily, or they were chatting in a low voice.
"This one is louder than before."
"This technique has been quickly exercised."
"You … you …" Yingbao wanted to cry.
She was beaten!
Why don’t you step on her without comfort?
"Come on, are you addicted?" Ya Ya rolled her eyes and said grumpily, "He is not afraid of his own PG flowering every day!" "
"Sister Ya!" Yingbaogong face egg JiaoChen way "it’s not you … blare-"
Ignored the two idiots, and Fang Siyi’s eyes fell on Gao Yuanyuan.
"Sister Yuanyuan, do you have something on your mind?"
Fang Siyi’s voice is light, but his eyes are very serious.
"I …" Here are all "belonging to the family" and Gao Yuanyuan doesn’t want to hide anything and directly tells his troubles.
Gao Yuanyuan, a big girl in Beijing, rarely hides anything.
"This ….." Fang Siyi also embarrassed.
After all, this kind of thing can really follow fate.
"That Yuanyuan elder sister, aren’t you going to start counting days?" Yingbao smiled heartlessly. "I remember that this is the time when you came to visit your relatives in a few days …"
"Silly girl!" Gao Yuanyuan naidi said, "Are you really not angry or are you playing the fool? This kind of thing … shouldn’t you stop it? "
Another woman, her husband and lover want a child, and they have tried their best to get rid of it. Where can they make fun of this one as heartlessly?
"I can’t control him!" Yingbao discontentedly skimmed the pie mouth and said unhappily, "Besides, did I say this sentence?"
Gao Yuanyuan choked.
"Come on, come on, you two … how old are you?" Ya ya said naively, "This kind of thing … goes with fate."
"Yes," Fang Siyi dared to answer Naidi at this time. "Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to have a better pregnancy … What are you doing in such a hurry?"
"Hum! I can support myself! " Gao Yuanyuan took a white Fang Siyi and said grumpily.
But the brow depression has dissipated a lot.
"yes! Yes! Our big dollar is the best! " Fang Siyi perfunctory said
"You … Hum!" Gao Yuanyuan was short of breath, so he took a fancy to such an asshole!
Suddenly there was an extra person at the door of the restaurant.
Looking back, it was a little fox rubbing his eyes with a doorframe.
"aye? Aren’t you sleeping? How … "Fang Siyi hurriedly to help.
"Hungry," the little fox muttered, rubbing his eyes
Then two people came to the table.
However, Fang Siyi is surrounded by Yingbao, which makes people a little embarrassed. Yingbao just doesn’t get up as if he didn’t see it.
Fox steps at Fang Siyi.
To tell the truth, Yingbao is being ridiculous.
This kind of thing is really not suitable for him to speak.
There is no way to look at Gao Yuanyuan around me for help.
Gao Yuanyuan sighed in the heart and didn’t want him to get up and sit down beside Ya Ya directly.
Fox just sat and looked at Yingbao and didn’t speak.
The atmosphere at the table is somewhat depressing.
Fang Siyi nai sighed for two people uncomfortable and some headaches.
I have the heart to persuade him, but he is wrong in this matter. If I persuade him again, I am afraid it will be counterproductive.
But don’t advise to see two people like this every day Fang Siyi also has some headaches.
"Eat!" Finally Fang Siyi can also stiffly throw out such a sentence.
However, this attitude naturally makes Yingbao feel extremely unwilling.