Finally, Mr. Jiraiya is knowledgeable and proficient in all kinds of endurance, but what he is best at is that some small coptis and kakashi have been harmed by him. I think he will certainly harm more aspiring young people. In this respect, Mr. Jiraiya should be destroyed humanely! Yeah, PASS it off! Unqualified!

But … "
Jiu Xin Nai was just about to continue to criticize, which is not accurate. A group of Jiraiya said something nice, but it was caught by Gang Shou. "Okay, stop, you see, you can put up with these shortcomings. Why should I accept them?
No, is that a disadvantage? This is simply a human problem. He is really unfit to be a woman’s husband. He is fit to be a slut! "
"But but Gang Shou’s adult you also not suitable for staying at home? Because you don’t seem to like children …! " See face sick Gang Shou nine sinai gave a sigh of relief.
"No, you’re wrong. I really like children. You know, I have a younger brother! Brother! How could I dislike children? At the beginning, I would go home with him every day. It’s a pity … "Gang Shou’s eyes were misty and obviously thought of something.
"Oh, I’m sorry!"
"Nothing has passed for so many years. Besides, I also have a younger brother now. Although this younger brother is not his own, I am still very happy!" Gang Shou eyes almost smile narrowed!
Jiu Xin Nai muttered to herself that you are really hopeless, Mr. Jiraiya. You’d better accept your fate when you meet a monster like Little Martial Uncle! There’s nothing I can do! And Gang Shou’s adult is not a prosecutor, right? Zhengtaikong, right
Finally, the word "Zhengtaikong" occupied all the brains of Nai Nai ~!
Chapter 62 orochimaru "comfort"
Outside the house, sighing outside the house, sighing outside the house, I have you in my heart, and you and I are both in debt because of youth ~
Jiraiya didn’t even eat rice and left directly, while Gang Shou noticed that nothing had left. They all left the back room, and all four of them were silent. This meal tasted sour and I don’t know how to drop it. I can’t eat it anymore.
Orochimaru followed the toad smell and found Jiraiya, who was sitting on the tree and drinking the wine.
"What’s the matter? Sad? Who let you always be so indecent? Are you ready now? " Orochimaru directly mocked him. At this time, Jiraiya couldn’t listen to any comforting words. He could accept these naked pains.
Jiraiya grabbed orochimaru’s jar and now he is not in the mood to think about him. Now he wants to anesthetize himself.
"Jiraiya, we have been getting along for decades. I told you that if you really want to pursue Gang Shou, you will change all your problems. Unfortunately, you didn’t listen to me at that time.
On the contrary, you have become more and more’ ashamed’ of the little problem of the old man’s body. Your department has learned it, but you haven’t learned to be domineering! I told you at the beginning that you can’t drop Gang Shou. The closer you get, the deeper you get hurt. "
Orochimaru simply said these irrelevant words, and Jiraiya was more regretful with his ears.
"I know you must be complaining about yourself now, and there is something wrong with me. If I had supported you, maybe you could have won the beauty back!" I have to say that orochimaru’s words are still to the point. If he really helped Jiraiya in those days, then Jiraiya will certainly be able to win the beauty back now. You know, there are two effects with assistance and assistance.
"Do you want to the old man also have those problems what old man can embrace beauty? Actually, you really don’t know them. I mean Gang Shou and the old man. They both have a very special aura, which is called domineering! It can make people awe and fear, and it is easier for people to worship them!
You also know how the old man became the second generation of Huo Ying in the battlefield. Adults personally asked themselves that four old men were hiding Utatane Koharu Watergate Inflammation, but some old men were confident to lead their troops out of the encirclement of Yun Ren. None of them had that kind of verve!
Isn’t this old man very domineering? And adorable, right?
Gang Shou? Do you need to say more about her domineering? She is the only woman among the three of us, but do you think she is the first to fight? She has always regarded herself as the shield of our three-person squad, and at the same time, she also has the responsibility of a wet nurse. Generally speaking, she has two jobs.
Plus, she can become the first medical expert in the world. Do you think she is also very admirable? You may not know that there is hardly a woman in this world who doesn’t worship her! Even a strong man like Shui Ying really worships Gang Shou, so Gang Shou becomes Shui Ying’s ideal opponent! If she doesn’t acknowledge her achievement, she will choose Gang Shou as her own opponent?
And you lack such domineering! You can never lift your head in front of Gang Shou, so don’t even think about pursuing him! "
Jiraiya has finished drinking two altars of wine. He spread out the scroll and took out a lot of drinks again. Now the scroll food has become a habit of Konoha Ninja. In the past, they used to use scrolls to arm and equip corpses, etc. However, after the popularity of the tree-grown food Konoha, everyone gradually developed the habit of scroll food. Who can make people cook delicious food? Moreover, Shu Mao is easy to hide and eat, and it can still maintain delicious taste even if it is left for many days.
It is precisely because of this that Jiraiya also learned this trick to scroll to drink! And Jiraiya found that the scroll wine may be the most suitable for him, because he can fight with wine even in a combat situation! You know, wine with his fire escape power is not small!
Jiraiya took out the jar and glanced at orochimaru, which seemed to say, "You go on and I’ll continue to drink. Well, that’s quite good ~!"
Orochimaru a face of black line, especially old endowment is to comfort you, what is your eyes? Uncle Snake was unhappy and grabbed the Jiraiya scroll and skillfully took out an altar of wine from it. "Forget it, I guess you don’t want to hear it. I’d better drink with you!"
In this way, the two men sat on the trees and drank altar by altar. In the end, Jiraiya blushed like a monkey’s ass, while orochimaru was still pale and had no blood …
At this time, Jiraiya began to pour beans. "You and I don’t want to be domineering, but …"
Jiraiya took a sip again. "But I was a little domineering at first, but look, I was almost killed by Gang Shou!" Jiraiya opened his mind with two very obvious scars, one was left by Gang Shou, and the other was a reward from Naruto after demonization …
"I just said something frivolous. You see, she almost killed me! You say how can I get up ~! "
Orochimaru muttered, so this is the reason why you have fallen. Have you already seen the impossibility?
"Yes, I have long known that it is impossible, but I have been. I still have hope, but I am deceiving myself! What? I want to give up, but why can’t I let her go? What? "
"Well, your situation is really troublesome, and it will be disturbed when it is broken ~ that is, people like you! But now Gang Shou gave you a knife. I think she will help you break it even if you don’t want to! "
"Broken broken good! Haha, it’s good to break it! "
Jiraiya said so, but does orochimaru know that he can really let go? I guess if he could really let go, it wouldn’t be so painful, right? Well, mortal feelings are really not snakes. Can uncle understand that they are just breeding offspring? Is it difficult to draw some blood and cultivate one casually? Is it difficult? What makes you drink like this here? Uncle snake’s expression is understandable!
Chapter 63 Plain Huaguoshan