Atlantis Hotel is located in an artificial island in Dubai. This artificial island is a tree-shaped island called’ Palm Island’. There are a large number of villas and apartments for sale. The whole emirate of Dubai has added many beaches that are in short supply.

Dubai Palm Island, built at a cost of 1.4 billion US dollars, is known as the "world’s greatest miracle"
The Atlantis Hotel is said to have a high degree of ancient civilization. The theme of Atlantis covers an area of 113 mu and costs 1.5 billion US dollars. It is located on the most Ushizo island in the world.
The hotel is luxuriously decorated and elegant, and there are many star-rated restaurants, nightclubs and business centers.
Li Fanzhi was invited to the hotel to participate in the auction. Four people stayed in two luxury rooms. There were 15 rooms in the hotel. Ji Tianci was shocked when she saw the room price. The cheapest room also cost 59 cents, and the rooms they stayed in were all 29 cents a night.
Professor Ye and Li Fanzhi live in the same room, and Ji Tianci and Lu Manwen are also in their room at this time.
Ji Tianci once again summoned Mo Xie Mo Xie, who was very excited and told everyone that the sword was on the top floor.
Li Fanzhi sighed that the top floor was the auction venue, and the auction officially started at 9: 00 pm, and the auction started with at least one million dollars.
Li Fanzhi didn’t pay too much attention to this auction. He originally wanted to go on holiday and didn’t plan to attend the auction. Because this auction was "too expensive", he just waited for himself to auction it out and take the money and leave.
Fang Li Fanzhi said to the three of them, "Do you know who held this auction?"
They shook their heads.
Li Fanzhi went on to say, "Think about what this hotel is called Atlantis."
Ji Tianci pondered for a moment. "Atlantis first appeared in the Dialogue by Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher. It was described as a city-state with a high degree of cultural development. The kingdom of Atlantis was founded by Poseidon, the sea god, and Zeus was a brother in Greek mythology. Is this hotel owned by European temples?"
Li Fanzhi nodded "exactly! Although Atlantis is a folk hotel, there are many temples behind it. At this time of year, auctions are held here, mostly for things in the mortal world, but every five years, there is an extraordinary auction here.
You should all guess that the Fengshen Cup is also held every five years, and the extraordinary auction here is just to catch up with the Fengshen Cup. The auction held the year before is the extraordinary auction.
I’ve also heard that the finale of this auction is a well-known artifact’ Seafood Trident’, saying that it was once the weapon of Poseidon, and the temples would auction it because none of them could make it again.
The second time they bought Thunder, their vitality has been greatly weakened, and the whole Greek economy has been affected. This time, they must want to sell Seafood Trident at a high price to make up for the loss of the national treasury. "
Professor Ye heard this and asked Li Fanzhi, "Do you have any information about this auction? Since it is an auction, customers can know what will be auctioned before, right? "
Li Fanzhi smiled awkwardly. "I didn’t plan to buy anything before, so I didn’t pay much attention to you. I’ll go to the organizer to get an auction album."
When Li Fanzhi finished speaking, he walked out the door. As soon as he got out of the ladder, he saw two "security guards" standing at the door. Behind the security guards, there was a warning sign saying "Do not enter unless" in various languages.
These two security guards are Europeans, and Li Fanzhi can tell at a glance that they are extraordinary temples and both are C-class extraordinary.
Li Fanzhi took out an "invitation letter" from his pocket and handed it to the security guard. When he saw it, a security guard took the invitation letter and took it in his hand. Then he looked down at the invitation letter and two blue lights came out of his eyes.
In a second, the security guard returned the invitation letter to Li Fanzhi and then made a "please" to let Li Fanzhi enter the venue.
The venue is divided into the front hall and the back hall. The front hall is a magnificent lounge, and the back hall is the auction venue. The door is locked and has not been opened yet.
At this time, most of the anterooms are workers, and there are many large screens hanging in the lobby, which show in detail that the auction is about to take place.
Li Fanzhi didn’t look at these screens too much. He glanced at them and found a wide steel sword in them. He asked a beautiful young worker to bring him a thick atlas, which also contained detailed information.
After getting the atlas, Li Fanzhi went back to the room without stopping.
Ji Tianci tossed and turned around this album, and when he turned to the steel sword, Ji Tianci summoned Mo Xie again.
When Mo Xie saw the atlas, he shouted excitedly, "It’s him. He’s my husband’s lieutenant."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Conversation Luan
Everyone looked carefully at this steel sword atlas and explained it in detail. This sword is an epee with a length similar to that of Mo Xie, but the width is 33. The pattern of the body is bare. I don’t know if the photographer’s "skill" is strong or what. This photo steel sword seems to be emitting cold light.
The armguard of this sword is slightly wider than the body, and the parameter says 35, but the hilt is 366, which must be for people to hold the sword with both hands.
Looking at this sword again, it weighs 99kg. It is very difficult for ordinary people to lift it, let alone make it.
In addition to the photos, there is also an introduction on the side of the album that this sword was bought by the people in the 1950s, and experts have studied it for many years, but they still don’t know that this sword is made of a kind of material, even if it is A-class extraordinary, it can’t leave traces.
This sword has been kept by many temples, and everyone suspects that it is an unsealed artifact.
After reading the introduction, Li Fanzhi told everyone, "I estimate that this sword has been auctioned many times and has not been sold to the Tibetan temples. It is deliberately said that this sword may be an unsealed artifact just to sell it at a higher price. I think the bottom price of this penultimate auction will not be too low.
They don’t know the magic of this sword, but they also know that this sword is not made by any sword. They will set a higher starting price and would rather auction it in their own hands for decoration than sell it at a low price. "
Professor Ye pondered for a moment and asked, "So it is very likely that we will buy this sword at the starting price, but we just don’t know what the starting price will be. Do you have any news?"
"There will be a genius to announce the starting price, and there are no acquaintances in my temples. Now playing obedient will attract the attention of the other party, and maybe it will raise its reserve price.
Let’s prepare more money first. Yesterday, Professor Ye and I raised some money and raised enough $100 million. The starting price of this sword will never exceed $100 million. Generally speaking, ordinary artifacts will be the starting price of $100 million, and this sword is a’ suspected artifact’. I think the starting price should not be too high. If there is no competition, $100 million can definitely be taken. "
Lu Manwen thought for a moment and then asked, "Should I say hello to my father first? If I want to make a big deal, I also need my father to authenticate me. I’m afraid he will come if I contact him again."
"I’ll talk to him later if you have a video conversation."
Ruman Wen Dian nodded and immediately dialed his father’s words. More than three people waited for Ruman Wen to say hello outside the video range, and Ji Tianci was a little nervous at this time.
The words were quickly connected to the screen of the mobile phone. A middle-aged man with elegant appearance, Ji Tianci, had seen photos of Luan, and Luan wanted to look younger. At this time, Luan was a little old and tired in the video.
Luan saw her daughter smile at the moment. "Man Man, how did you think about calling Dad today? Is it awkward with your little boyfriend? "
"Dad, how do you know God-given?"
Lu Manwen has never mentioned Ji Tianci to her father. She is going to take Ji Tianci home directly during the Chinese New Year.
"Of course I have to worry about my daughter. You two schools are so high-profile. Just ask any classmate."
"Dad is by my side" LuManWen glanced at JiTianCi some shyness.
Ji Tianci Ma went to the video range "Hello Uncle"
Luan observed it carefully for a while before Ji Tianci said, "Young man, you shouldn’t be burdened with Manwen. Although I have some status in Lujia Jiuyou, I don’t want my daughter to find an expensive brother. If only she could be happy, you shouldn’t fail her."
"Uncle, I won’t visit you with Manwen in a few days."
Luan gratified smile "You held an art exhibition in Art City the other day, and I also saw the photos. I didn’t expect you to have such accomplishments at a young age, and you can already be called a master. You are just too handsome when you are young. Don’t be like that."
Lumanwen couldn’t help laughing when I heard that. JiTianCi also looked at the side with a strange face.
Li Fanzhi finally couldn’t help it. He was embarrassed to gather his head together. "I am always coughing up Lu."