Sue should Zhang Jinghong heart a loose hurriedly hand way

Su ying
Zhang Jinghong
The barefoot girl smiled and said, "Aren’t the two brothers going to invite your little sister to sit down?"
Su Ying Zhang Jinghong glances smiled and stretched out his hand to invite him to say with smile "Girl please"
With a smile on her face, the girl walked leisurely, and the jade bird fell off the boat. The wings of the jade bird behind her turned into a maid, and the girl followed her closely.
"Sure enough, mother bird!" Niu Shan beamed and made eyes at the bluebird.
The girl glared at him mercilessly and then looked up and ignored him. He was very proud and charming.
Su Ying asked the barefoot girl to sit down and smiled. "The girl should be passing by this time. I don’t know what I want to do with my brothers?"
"My surname is Su Ming Sunset, and this is my sister, Qingqueer Little Sister. You won’t take the liberty to visit two brothers, will you?"
Su Sunset laughed. "Just now, my little sister came on her way and suddenly she saw someone huffing and puffing and heard two breathtaking sounds, so she came to see the two brothers. She was relieved and malicious."
She has a strange charm. Although she is very straightforward, she does not hesitate to tell her stories directly, but it makes people feel good about her.
Su Ying said with a smile, "It’s just a temporary breakthrough that will make you lose your breath."
He didn’t explain the story. Su Ying, a vegetarian and a profound scholar, should guess that even if Zhang Jinghong teamed up with him, he would not be a rival.
When they talked, Zhang Jinghong thought for a moment, but then he suddenly looked up and said with surprise, "You are a sunset!"
Sunset Zhan Yan smiled and glanced at Zhang Jinghong and nodded, "Little sister is."
Su Ying looked at Zhang Jinghong with a suspicious face. This bitch seems to know a lot about this woman. Then she listened to him and explained, "It’s really what I said. Ahem, let me introduce it again. My name is Zhang Jinghong from mending the magic religion. This is my brother. Su Ying is a saint who shoots the venerable man."
As soon as Su Ying and Zhang Jinghong heard of Su Sunset, one of them was a mending-heaven magic sect, and the other one was even worse, but it was actually said that he was a younger brother of the venerable master.
Suddenly, the beautiful eyes looked at Su Ying for a few more times and then laughed. "It turns out that both of them are big sects, especially this Su Xiong turned out to be a younger brother."
Su Ying took a look at Zhang Jinghong, but when she saw this bitch staring at Su Sunset with a smug look on her face, she suddenly asked, "I wonder who the girl is?"
Before sunset talk aside Zhang Jinghong immediately beat way "bro, you are really ignorant! I don’t even know Miss Su. "
Sue should give him a hard stare. This bitch keeps showing off if she wants to have a beautiful woman next to her.
"Miss Su is a heavenly maid!"
Sunset nodded and smiled "Zhang Xiong said yes"
"Tianyao Palace?"
Sue should slightly think lining suddenly suddenly hand way "turned out to be a virgin cry cry"
The so-called Tianya Palace is the same as the Western Region, but the demon temple is one of the two major sects.
The demon temple is located in the south of the western regions, and the demon palace is in the middle of the wild forest in the north of the western regions.
It is said that the temple of the demon was a pulse phase, and then it was separated from the temple of the demon because of some changes.
When these two companies merged, they were collectively referred to as the Heavenly Demon Palace. Later, the Demon Temple stood on its own feet, and another group of demon families founded the Heavenly Shake Palace. When they came to commemorate the once heavenly demon Gong Er, they took a soaring attitude.
Because the demon family in this heavenly palace is a family of birds.
Su Ying looked up slightly and said, "Saint, it’s not just curiosity, is it?"
Day shake saint gently took a sip of tea for a moment before slightly laughed "it is not".
Chapter 349 Enlightenment
Su Ying, who sipped tea gently in the sunset, smiled. "The saint has something to say, and my brothers can do their best."
"Not bad, not bad"
Zhang Jinghong blinked and smiled. "It’s my pleasure to play for Saint."
Sue should leave the pie mouth and wait for the sunset without speaking.
"Both of them are dragons and phoenixes, and they are already dragons and tigers at a young age. In the future, they will become the top figures of their respective clans. Little sister wants to discuss it with you."
Su Sunset quickly cut to the chase and said, "To tell the truth, the reason why my little sister came to the door this time is because those two fascinating voices are still immature, but I can see that the potential is poor. My little sister wants two brothers to help."
"Miss Su, please speak."
Su Sunset smiled thoughtfully. "It’s a long story. Little sister has an enemy who has been after us. This time she came here to join hands with me to fight against the enemy. Of course, the benefits of two brothers are indispensable afterwards."
"What? I cann’t believe someone dares to kill you Miss Su, who are you talking about? This will cut him off. "Zhang Jinghong was outraged and rubbed his hands.
However, Su Ying shook his head slightly and looked cool. "It’s not good."
As soon as he said this, the two of them immediately looked at the sunset and asked, "What’s wrong?"
Su Ying said with a smile, "Girl, you are joking. If I’m not mistaken, at least you can’t cope with your enemy. Plus, Zhang Xiong and I are also fighting with each other. So forget it."
He saw clearly that there was no factor that the sunset promised to move.
Su Sunset nodded and looked strangely at Su Ying. She was confident and beautiful. It was inconvenient for her to shake her arms and shout. She killed many people, but the boy didn’t move at present.
Although Zhang Jinghong was confused by her, it was not stupid. Su Ying said that his heart was a little bit awkward and he didn’t say much.
"Master, you can help the vegetarian girl Bai, just as an old cow can also contribute." Niu Shan Su asked behind him to speak with a face of pleasing to look at the green sparrow behind the vegetarian sunset, but the other party was cold hum a root and ignored him
Sue should face a smoke in the heart can not help but dark scold this rammed goods.
"Go away."
He light drink a Niu Shan suddenly a face of shan shan stepped aside face also quite some not.
Su Ying secretly shook his head in his heart. This stupid thing is still good for this business. Su Ying is already a dragon and tiger, but he is still not enough to see the master of the fetal environment.
Su’s sunset repairs are less advanced than Yuan’s second child. This kind of repairs will be pursued. Su Ying and others have also sent food.
If others sue, by the way, they should also sell vegetarian sunset, even if it is not good, it is considered that the palace has a little friendship, but this is a life-threatening situation
Imagine losing your life. There’s another advantage.
"In that case, the little sister won’t force the two brothers."
Su Sunset chuckled. "By the way, my sister is a little tired after several days of traveling. I wonder if you can rest for a few days."
The first promise was Zhang Jinghong and the second was Niu Shan.
Damn it, these two idiots!
Sue should shake her head again and again. What do you mean unexpected trouble? This is called unexpected trouble!
However, if a beauty wants something, he can’t refuse it face to face. Nai nodded, "Go ahead, Miss Su."
The ship slowly flies. Zhang Jinghong’s room is practicing Niu Shan to please the green sparrow. Sue should be alone in the ship and look at the stars at night. I don’t know what to think.
Suddenly, he felt a sense of movement that someone came from behind without answering, "Miss Su doesn’t rest so late?"
"Brother Su didn’t have a rest either?"