If the water is not deep, the dragon is the spirit.

Here, the immortal hidden dragon looms in the landscape.
Quiet house, this hidden feng shui brings together Fang aura.
It’s like being congratulated by a hundred officials
"What is this place?"
Su Yu stared at the small house in front of her eyes and unconsciously made ripples.
The feng shui here is excellent, and there are no signs of people living here.
However, it seems that people often come here to clean it, which shows that the owner of the quiet cottage is very fond of it.
Such a precious place will be lent to myself and my father?
Su Yu’s heart is confused, but Su Long is already stirring at the moment.
Quiet cottage, elegant waterside pavilion, lotus pond cyan and lotus stand on its feet.
These are all what she once said!
She’s-she’s really!
"Feather, let’s live here."
Su Long suddenly debuted, and he looked excited and looked around with nostalgia.
Su Yu gave a silent hand and waved back Anfu.
Such a precious place must be owned by my mother who has never met before.
Being such a treasure doesn’t mean that you can get it.
Unless the mother is in a very high position!
Thinking about wearing the Oracle since childhood, Long Pei Su Yu’s eyes are dark.
Anfu quietly back out when he saw this.
Everyone knows that Su Yu, the Emperor of Yanhuang, is ruthless and decisive, and he can laugh and kill a star field when he treats aliens with iron and blood.
But at the same time, the Emperor Yanhuang and Su was a man who was kind to the people and held a high position in his hand.
However, people know that the good name and the bad name are neck and neck, and the Emperor Yanhuang is a complete filial piety.
Feeling at the same time, Anfu heart also has some doubts.
This quiet cottage is one of the few treasures in Ziya Mountain.
Although Su Yu is an emperor of Terran and the first saint of Xinghai, can she live in this quiet cottage?
What is intriguing is that the construction of the quiet cottage originated from the request of the Virgin of Ziya Mountain.
Don’t Terran Su Yu Notre Dame have any connection?
Anfu secretly thought about it and quickly went to report the situation to the bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain.
942 Chapter 942 Chapter 942 Zhang Anzhi Confucianism Calculation
Back to Ziya Mountain, the ancestral mountain!
Anfu told me everything that happened.
The bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain naturally knows what happened at the entrance of Ziya Mountain, and the bodhi old zu is more willing to listen to Anfu to say what he thinks.
A dazzling twenty years have passed.
Seeing Su Long and Su Yu again, he couldn’t help feeling deeply.
I still remember that after the return of An Yuxin, he ordered people to build that quiet cottage.
After the cottage was built, she devoted herself to cultivation and ranked first.
Purple cliff mountain bodhi old zu staring at the bottom of Anfu eyes flashed a little thought.
Is it time to announce that the original owner has returned to Ziya Mountain as a minor theme?
Before he could speak, an announcer hurried in.
"The ancestors have something important to report."
The announcer knelt down toward the bodhi old zu low way
"Come on, there are no outsiders here."
The bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain came to Anfu to smell the news, and his mind was shocked and his heart was ecstatic.
The bodhi old zu regards him as a confidant!
"The bodhi old zu Gu Tianjiao joined Liao and fell."
The bodhi old zu turned his mind to Ziya Mountain, and it was a little late to send the news today.
The announcer’s voice stopped and Confucianism immediately showed surprise.
Gu Tianjiao joined Liao. That’s a semi-dragon Tianjiao!
Who is so powerful that even Gu Tianjiao was killed!
"Is it a human place?"
Ann check Confucianism hurriedly asked
"It’s the first saint of Xinghai. The most terrible thing is that he didn’t even move his spiritual power, which led to the explosion of the ancient tianjiao."
"The celestial pride of Yan Huang only produced nine saints who killed dozens of scorpions, snakes and semi-dragons."
"Even the semi-dragon Yaolongtang was destroyed by Yanhuang."
The informant said in a low voice that his voice was a little unsettled.
Anyone who knows this kind of news will be shocked.
"This news can be taken seriously! ?”