Win at the beginning of Qing dynasty, I have never seen this kind of princess Yangzi horrified and appealed to her, "Yangzi! I thought the dirt said just now! Her all right … "

Princess Yangzi’s eyes shot two folded mans with a LiSenRan, and even won the early Qing Dynasty, I couldn’t help feeling that my mind was stiff and it was difficult to give birth to a little rebellious mind! At the same time, Li Jingxiu and the real magic were also shocked by such high ground momentum. Although Li Jingxiu was born in the queen, he had never seen such a condescending momentum of heaven and earth, but the real magic was older and more antique. He was still an ordinary brother in the East China Sea’s Langya Taiwan magic teaching! At that time, Huang Dong visited Langya, and he had been to the general altar of magic religion. The real magic still clearly remembered that even his arrogant master was kneeling to meet him! At that time, he was folded by that kind of king’s bearing, and four years later, he became the leader of Qin Jun Guards. Today, he saw this momentum again, and the long-forgotten memory in the heart of the real demon rushed out. I thought that the teacher died tragically and that the closest teacher younger brother would sneak up on him at the location of the magic leader! The real demon couldn’t help crying, "Princess! Princess hall! Minister Xianyang leads the corps commander Qin Mo to visit the Princess Hall! I don’t know the princess temple visit … I … "
They are even more shocked. I didn’t expect this real demon trapped here to be.
The legacy of daqin!
Yang Zi a slight frown light way "! You are the father and the minister who need to be polite to me. "
Win early qing was awakened by the real magic "princess, we really want to … I’m afraid positions may not agree …"
Yang zi’s eyes flashed a trace of pain and cold way "when my father was soft-hearted, otherwise how could the country be ruined!" Destruction and rebirth is a natural cycle of heaven and geography, and it is a natural cycle. Now, since it is a law to avoid catastrophe, his daughter will do it! What’s more, if my husband wants another world, how many people are needed? If he is immortal, when will he have to wait? "
At the moment, everyone has completely affirmed that this is by no means the usual Yang Zi. Perhaps it is her self-consciousness locked in the depths of her heart at ordinary times. It seems that the death of hundreds of millions of people is an understatement. In her mind, two people think that one is her father, and the other is her husband. But can it really drive Leitian Wang Jian to be such a arrogant soldier with only one national decree? And where are the millions of iron lions in Daqin?
Yang Zi coldly looking at the dark empty way, "The first blow to destroy the world will come from me in the future, and what merits and losses will be recorded in my Yang Zi." Then he said that the decree of the country suddenly released a golden light, and this gloomy star was extremely bright, followed by a sharp break, and everyone’s intuition suddenly condensed a huge force.
I’m afraid that huge energy can destroy a Fiona Fang county with one blow! I don’t know how many tens of thousands of people will die …
"ah!" Win early qing exclaimed a "princess! Can’t … Tu Min’s extinction will be condemned by God! "
Princess Yang Zi smiled but feared, "The scourge? Heaven has no right to punish me! ? What’s more, if my husband can live in the future, I will always hide in the’ pure land of bliss’ and naturally I am not afraid of the world’s Tianwei. If my husband can’t live, I will die in Tianwei. Aunt! You go now! I believe that those people have just felt the power of the national decree, and no one dares to violate the will of the national decree! "
I feel Yang Zi’s strong confidence and determination to win at the beginning of Qing Dynasty. It’s also worthwhile to nod and look back for a flash and go back to people …
Yi Yu felt as if someone was pulling his "pure land of bliss", but he never broke free. He felt that a huge force came from his feet and then he fell to the ground.
Yi Yusi looked at this place, and the sky was dark and burned. The sky was covered with dark clouds like lead. Thousands of miles were gray, which made people feel like a big stone was blocked in their hearts. Several mountains were bare, and the stone was gray. It seemed that they didn’t even owe a little green grass to grow and be angry. The top of the mountain was surrounded by dark fog, and it was like a piece of magic clouds, which was about to be pressed at any time.
Yi Yu wondered, "What is this place? Did I cross again? This is ridiculous! No! This is definitely in the original. I was pulled by a force along that light beam just now, and that light beam should come from the celestial world. Is this the celestial world? " However, I think it’s too different to look at the four scenic spots here. If this is the underworld, it can still make people believe that this is the celestial world, which is pure nonsense!
Yi Yu got up and heard her feet "cut", which was very similar to the sound she heard just now in "Keith. Lu Large Array"! He looked down at his foot and trampled a creature’s skeleton, the shape of which could not be seen clearly, and some finely crushed bone fragments were left to make a sound, but fortunately, it was not covered with bones, and it didn’t make people feel too gloomy and horrible.
Yi Yu scolded a "niang! What the hell is this place … I used to take my family everywhere, but now I wish the Pure Land of Blissfulness had just broken down and I got here alone! Don’t know is a blessing or a curse "touched the waist Qin Jianfang feel Ann.
Back to the four hundred and fifty-third celestial chaos ()
Back to Yi Yu in the’ Keith. Lu Large Array’, I don’t know what people have touched an unknown and strange world. I don’t know where it is, but I don’t know where it is. Although this place is desolate, Yi Yu feels an extremely strong true element floating in the air, which is no less than a land blessed by people, and as the spirit continues to extend into the distance, it seems that the energy is even stronger.
Yi Yu couldn’t help wondering, "Is this hellhole really immortal? Otherwise, how could it be so strong?"
Just when Yi Yu was puzzled, he suddenly felt a cold wind coming from behind, followed by a loud bang, such as the sound of a road roller. Looking back, he saw a round hill not far away, which looked like a pangolin-like animal curled up into a meat ball, but it was much bigger than a foot, with a gray nail leaf shining brightly.
Yi Yu frowns, flies up and stares carefully at the huge pangolin. Although I have seen many fierce animals in the past, it is still the first time that this beast covered in aura has seen anything unusual. However, the huge pangolin seems to have never seen Yi Yu from the hillside and crawled away slowly.
But just as Yi Yu just relaxed a little, he suddenly heard "Shu …" A long sound and a gray flash went straight towards the pangolin.
When I heard the sound of "bang", I saw that a huge Shan Ying with a wingspan of not five or six feet was falling on the pangolin’s back, and the claws like steel hooks were severely buckled into the leaves as hard as steel armor, and there was a very harsh sound of gold and iron. "Squeak" stung people at all.
Soon the huge Shan Ying wings saved two whirlwinds at a stroke, dragging the pangolin up unexpectedly! When he left, he glanced at Yi Yu, but probably because he was too small but didn’t have much meat, he was too lazy to pay attention to the fact that lions never prey on flies to satisfy their hunger.
After a pause, Yi Yu was horrified. "What are these heterogeneous monsters? I’m afraid that the eagle is not slower than me just now. If we meet, I’m afraid we may not be able to win completely." But at the same time, he is also quite glad that he has seen living animals, although he hasn’t seen humans yet, but he also said that there is a biosphere here, not a dead Jedi.
Yi Yu walked slowly, and his heart became more careful. Just now, when Shan Ying was so fierce, other creatures living here must be equally outstanding. Before he got out of the baizhang, he found a skeleton that had rotted. It was better to make Yi Yu feel amazed. When the skeleton was not far away, a flying sword was still lost. Although I don’t know how long it had been left there, the aura was almost lost, but Yi Yu still saw at a glance that it was a flying sword and it was a flying sword comparable to a purple and blue double sword.
Yi Yu looked at the bones again. The body is tough and the bones are harder than fine steel’s, but the pale bones with fine teeth were actually chewed out by some unknown animals. At the same time, there was a terrible scar on the neck bone, mostly by fierce large carnivores. Yi Yu sighed and picked up the flying sword handle. There are still some real spirits surging faintly. Those who can reach this sword will definitely not be ordinary people, but it is really shocking to sigh here.
I got up and crossed the skeleton and moved on. I haven’t gone out yet. I turned a mountain on the left for 300 feet, but I saw that there were actually 300 bones lying in front of me in the small mountain! Although some of them have lost water and dried up, most of them haven’t corroded into skeletons, and the stench rises to the sky, but this place is strange. I don’t know how long these bodies have been here, but they haven’t attracted a scavenger to eat!
From a distance, there are quite a few bodies with spears and daggers and a small hole in their heads, which is the trace of Yuan Shen’s escape. It seems that this place is not attacked by wild animals, but these monks are killing each other and dying! Yi Yuxin couldn’t help more horror andao "how did this happen? How can these monks kill each other on such a large scale? Is this the fairyland after all? "
Yi Yu carefully leaned on the past and just approached the place about ten feet outside the bones, and suddenly there was a burst of white light, followed by a sudden surge of extraordinary force. Yi Yu had long been on guard in his heart and quickly stood up and set Jian Qin to resist hearing the "bang". He actually vibrated more than ten feet, and then look at the flash of the tree. It was a burst of light and laser to hit the earth and stone flying around.
"It’s good to be overbearing!" Yi Yu exclaimed, gently stroking Ding Jian Qin, and I couldn’t help but feel surprised. "No wonder there are no beasts gnawing at those bodies. It turns out that there are such powerful forbidden arrays to protect what beasts still dare to get close to see this disposal method. It seems that I sent two instruments and dust arrays with the same effect. Is it that I sent my predecessors to stay?"
With Yi Yu’s mind moving, he also believes that maybe this.
Like the celestial land, it is really the celestial land! Look at this. Although the aura is full, I don’t know what it will be like. It’s no wonder that some people don’t want to come here even if they die. If people are really more like the fairyland by comparison, let’s borrow a sentence from Mr. Lu Xun,’ Maybe there is no fairyland in the world, and more people will become fairyland’
In Yi Yu’s heart, I couldn’t help sighing, but suddenly I felt a strong energy fluctuation rushing here and then two powerful monks flying here. Yi Yu couldn’t help but be surprised. Heart andao "What a powerful breath! I’m afraid it’s even better than granduncle! Is it just that I touched the array and alarmed the people? "
However, although Yi Yu was surprised, he didn’t panic. At this time, because he didn’t fly, there was almost no real fluctuation. At this moment, the bearer is far from being sure. Now he Yi Yu quickly closed his mind and was hidden in a rock. But this time, he seems to have gone too far, and his roots are not directed at him. It seems that the bearer is not here.
I’m afraid that Yi Yu’s thunderbolt-shock-light evasion method may not be much better than the other three, but these three people are strong at the moment, but they seem to be in a mess. They run away and chase after each other, but they are a little desperate. The three people’s energy fluctuations are almost the same. The two monks behind them are chasing after each other closely to see if they are murderous. I’m afraid there is a great hatred that doesn’t kill each other enough to calm their resentment.
Yi Yu couldn’t help but feel even more dismayed. "This place is really alive! I’m afraid that watching some people build strong momentum is mostly the predecessors who used to soar to fix the truth. Otherwise, there would be no such repair. When he hesitated in his heart and went somewhere, suddenly a black shadow flashed not far away, followed by a very bright golden light, which came with ferocity, fierceness and horror.
"ah!" Yi Yu exclaimed in a flash to offer a sacrifice to the woman, resist the incoming sword light, and listen to the "bang" a deafening noise. Yi Yu felt like a sledgehammer hitting his chest, but his voice was so sweet that he was almost shocked out with one mouthful blood! He was even more amazed at the strength of the other party and flew out of the Baibaizhang view.
Seeing that the man is a very ordinary-looking old man in a shabby light blue robe, bronzed face, bald head and a few strands of hair scattered, it seems that an old road has such amazing repairs, but it is even more surprising for Yi Yu that this old road is actually a unique skill tactic of Qingcheng School! Although the strength of the golden flying sword is strong, Yi Yu has long been familiar with it, so that the invading body can be easily resolved. Otherwise, I really wanted to be shocked and vomited blood just now.
Similarly, the road also revealed doubts and stared at Yi Yusen coldly. "There are some things that are so small! You are human! Why haven’t you seen it before? Are you new! "
Yi Yu frowned in his hands and decided that Jian Qin had been filled with mana. He stared at the old road coldly. Although he had just felt his opponent’s toughness, Yi Yu was not afraid that he was filled with fairies in the "Pure Land of Blissfulness" at this time.
Although most of them don’t work, it can also be said that it is a near-limited ammunition depot. He squandered his magic without any worry
Yi Yu cold so way "hum! Old things are a gift! Don’t you dare to talk nonsense and ask people the origin before you attack? Don’t you know you have to give yourself a name first! Or have you stayed in this wilderness for a long time and forgotten who you really are! "
When the old man’s eyes lit up, he looked at the sword tactic in Yi Yu’s hand but relaxed. Suddenly he smiled, "You little thing are interesting and somewhat similar to bliss. Is it his brother?"