Perfect control of Jin Jian element flight trajectory by close-range Yuan Ye method

thick and disorderly
Two golden lights were shot down directly, but in half Yuan Ye, there was a smile. At the same time, six golden lights were instantly fused into two three-point swords.
Die, Yuan Ye. Suddenly, the two three-point swords flashed into the abdomen of the golden-headed red snake. The golden-headed red snake borrowed money in half place, although it roared and slammed its tail.
Poof, poof, poof
Two three-point Jian Xun penetrated the front wound and directly pierced the golden head red snake’s body, instantly strangling the golden head red snake’s body, viscera and so on into pieces, crushing the viscera and organs, and the golden head red snake was also angry and unwilling to howl at last, so it fell from half.
The huge body of Pengjintou Red Snake was smashed, causing a crumbling boulder pile to collapse, and Yuan Ye followed.
Call this guy’s strength is worse than before I practice this time. Some golden heads are worse than red heads. So many Yuan Ye breathed a long sigh of relief beside the body of the golden head red snake. At this time, the soul beast on the other side also directly bit another golden head red snake in half, rather than eating it no less than a dozen red snakes, and fled desperately.
Thirty red snakes and two golden-headed red snakes were killed in the first world war. It can be said that the Warring States period was brilliant, and Yuan Ye was afraid of snake venom. This time, it was not so much, but it saved Yuan Ye a lot of trouble.
Well, Yuan Ye suddenly opened his eyes and saw that the abdomen of the golden-headed red snake was bitten to pieces by the spirit beast. It turned out to be a fist-sized stone. The golden-headed red snake was five or six meters long and the waist was thick. A fist-sized stone was too simple for it to eat, but this stone was not an ordinary stone, but reddish. There were three strange stones with white horizontal lines in the red stone.
Tri-prison red smelting stone
Yuan Ye hurriedly walked over and picked up the red stone of the third prison and looked around to hide his surprise. The red stone of the third prison is an excellent treasure for refining, especially for weapons of attack. It is comparable to saying that it will be hurt three times in a row by the red stone of the third prison. No matter who will die, the name of the red stone of the third prison will come from this. This is definitely a valuable treasure. Even if the red stone of the third prison is refined and armored, it will be invulnerable.
Moreover, the top ten refining treasures of Wanzunxing are the red stone of the 13 th prison, which contains a pure fire source and is swallowed by Warcraft, especially the red snake, which is a hot and angry monster, which is not small benefit for their strength or evolution. Yuan Ye blocked the first time I saw the red stone of the 3 rd prison, but it was in the belly of the red snake that it was obviously just swallowed or secretly swallowed before it was hunted by other red snakes.
The top social class of Warcraft Red Snake is very intelligent, and the hierarchy is also high. Similarly, some red snakes can’t resist the temptation to secretly eat the red smelting stone in the third prison.
General Yuan Ye finally got a piece of red stone from the third prison, and he knew where it was.
Without the slightest hesitation, Yuan Ye immediately threw the golden head and red snake’s belly poof-poof along the snake skin crack. Suddenly, everything suddenly scoffed at the sound, and the wound was expanding rapidly. But Yuan Ye was slightly disappointed that the golden head and red snake’s abdomen never had three prisons to refine the stone.
When Yuan Ye immediately turned his eyes to the golden-headed red snake that had been killed by himself, it was not long before Yuan Ye had already killed more than 20 ordinary red snakes, including two golden-headed red snakes with stomachs the size of two fists, and three prisons with red stones, which were barely enough to refine a sword, but who would have too many treasures?
No matter how many snakes are in your snake nest, I will attract 20 or 30 at a time to kill them for a few days. I will see if you are enough to kill these three prisons. The red stone must belong to me. I hope you don’t have too few golden red snakes. Hey, hey, Yuan Yexin has a plan. At the same time, on the other side, the soul beast has eaten nearly 30 Warcraft Dan. These Warcraft Dan, especially the two golden-headed red snake Dan, are going to be sold. The price is absolutely scary, but the soul beast has also made a lot of efforts. Yuan Ye can’t give the soul
Stay away from Yuan Ye’s soul and beast.
Not far from this area, there are fewer and fewer trees in the Mountain of Warcraft, and the temperature is getting higher and higher.
Mom, many of this Warcraft dare to fly around because they are strong here, but we can move forward cautiously. A lean bald man walked side by side, cursing that when we get the red stone from the third prison, we must kill some Warcraft and come back again, otherwise it will be difficult to vent my hatred.
Next to the Beastmaster, he smiled. Don’t worry. I feel that this should be a red snake environment. We are not far from them.
Well, suddenly walking in the front, the ancient domain king’s eyes narrowed and red snake
Immediately, the five masters leaned over carefully, and five people saw a lot of red snakes lying there. Immediately, the king of the ancient domain led one or two people from two directions, and no one dared to speak.
The golden-headed red snake is very sensitive.
One step, two steps and three steps.
People are cautious.
Yin, the Beastmaster, waved his hand and got the signal. The ancient domain king acted at the same time.
Swish swish.
The five masters rushed into the area from two directions, and the distance between the golden head and the red snake was about 100 meters. The five masters all looked at the distant epicenter, where the red snake didn’t move. Did the blood smell faint? Some of them were slightly dry.
Bad BM Yin’s face changed, and almost all the five masters rushed over to the pile of flesh and blood.
This is the mark of a sword cutting the snake skin. A beast’s claws or teeth biting its roots won’t be so full, and even a snake’s mother has been beaten by others. Beastmaster Yin looked at the golden-headed red snake’s abdomen and immediately cursed.
Bastard, the green sword Sect of Thousand Lake Island, Xiaoyao Mountain people all went to Red Soul Mountain to seize the soul energy, and even people robbed us of the ancient territory, Wang Lin Hailong, gnashing his teeth and looking ferocious.
In fact, the major forces over there can compete for them, and then they can look for the secret of the three prisons’ red alchemy and the three prisons’ red alchemy. No one knows, but if they lose the three prisons’ red alchemy, they directly give up the battle for the three prisons’ red alchemy, which is a big price. They can safely come here and slowly look for the three prisons’ red alchemy. This is what they have long recognized, but they didn’t expect that the three giants were led and others came and beat them to it, which made them content.
It’s a pity that Yuan Ye came here, but Yuan Ye knew the secret far more than they did a year ago, and they just knew it not long ago or they would have come long ago.
It seems that the guy should get some red stone from three prisons, and the one-eyed man is gloomy.
He must be walking around before the blood is finished. Beastmaster Yin’s eyes flashed with cold light and shouted, "Dare to snatch our food from the jaws of death? The red snakes will not pay back these twenty or thirty articles. We must kill this bastard and kill this competition before taking the red stone from the third prison."
Yes, he must be looking around immediately, but be careful to kill so many red snakes. His strength is absolutely not underestimated. Now he will come back quietly. Together, we must kill him. By the way, we must take away his red alchemy from the third prison. Wang Lin Hailong in the ancient area is also in a cold business.
It’s two adults, and the other three should be ordered immediately.
Find a murderous BM Yin and wave his hand, and the five masters will move forward carefully in five directions respectively.