However, the middle domain is huge and completely surpassed Yang Tian’s imagination. According to A Luan, the middle domain can almost catch up with the other four domains.

It can be seen that Qingyun City’s arrival at Taihuang City is equivalent to crossing an eastern distance.
In Luan’s chat, Yang Tian also knew that the location of the Great Buddha Temple was in Taihuangcheng, which made Yang Tian secretly happy.
I haven’t broken my mind about coming to Jinyin Yangtian, but I have been forbearing to go to Taihuang City to attend the fairy-proving conference because I am weak and weak. It is a rare opportunity not to try my luck.
Yang Tian and his party were calm for a rare period of time because they drove the treasure horse and the jade emperor’s sign all the way without any trouble and obstacles.
After more than three months, the famous Imperial City is finally in sight.
Yang Tian, a few people in Taihuangcheng are bigger than Qinglong City at most, and how much difference should there be between others? But I didn’t know how big the gap was until Taihuangcheng.
In front of our eyes, there are many fairy mountains with swords hanging upside down. Every fairy mountain has a palace tower, and at the foot of those fairy mountains, there are still many streets criss-crossing, and the palace and the world are integrated into a super fairy city.
Each peak of those fairy mountains represents a fairy gate in Taihuang City or the peak height of a big family means the status, and those weak factions or immortals can live at the foot of the fairy peak.
Jade Emperor Sect is located in the center of Taihuang City, surrounded by Tianfu Taihuang Mountain in the middle area, and the nearest Xianfeng Mountain is the one.
After entering Taihuang City, I can’t even see a guard. No one cares about you. Everything comes and goes
Yang Tian and his party flew directly to the gate of Jade Emperor Zongshan in Tianma Baodi before stopping.
The temple is back.
No sooner had Baochai stopped several flatteries than he followed, but several fairy servants dressed up.
Princess Luan is Princess Luan. Princess Luan is back.
When they ran to the crowd, they saw that it was not the Treasure Hall, but the three strange young people of A Luan were shocked and stood still, and immediately they enlarged and cried as if they had seen something shocking.
A Luan could frown and sigh, but she didn’t stop them from greeting several people in Yang Tian.
The shouts of those people have alarmed the Jade Emperor Zong, and soon a large number of people will come, men, women and children alike.
The first man wearing a golden robe and wearing a flat crown was greeted with a hug when he saw A Luan.
Luan, although she showed no concern outside, jumped like a bird and wept bitterly at this moment.
Many other people, such as others, don’t know whether it is true feelings or posturing.
At this moment, Yang Tiansan obviously felt dozens of confused eyes scanning their bodies. They were curious, but Yang Tian was very understanding, but there was contempt in his eyes, which meant that it was not a friendly hospitality.
However, most people who are high in the rich and powerful look down on people with low status because they have an innate sense of superiority, which is a law to change the facts.
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Kindly refuse
Luan soon left her father’s arms and introduced Yang Tiansan to everyone. Her sweet expression knew that she was extraordinary.
Although some people greeted warmly, they looked contemptuous and looked gloomy again at once.
However, A Luan Torre seemed genuinely grateful to the three people for warmly welcoming them into the Jade Emperor Zongyingbin Hall and receiving them personally.
The Jade Emperor lived in san huang, and the four emperors were also present to accompany him, but their attention was not on Yang Tiansan, and their hearts were Luan.
Jade Emperor Zong Five Emperors Jade Emperor Ren, that is, Jade Emperor Daddy, has been promoted to the status of Daluo Fairy Palace, which is extremely expensive. He seldom comes here at ordinary times.
The meaning of the Second Emperor Jade Emperor is Luan Er’s father and the first head of the Jade Emperor’s clan.
San huang Jade Emperor Rites Four Emperors Jade Emperor Wisdom Five Emperors Jade Emperor Letters are also in a very high position in the Jade Emperor Sect, second only to the patriarch Jade Emperor Yi.
In the face of three unfathomable strong Yang Tiansan, they feel great pressure, especially the jade emperor, propriety and wisdom. Every look in their eyes can make Yang Tiansan feel jumpy.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. The three gentlemen are from Wucheng in the East, and the name of Duke Dugu is well known to us.
When I learned that Yang Tiansan had come to Wu Cheng, Jade Emperor Yi immediately laughed.
The jade emperor’s eyes are as contemptuous as those of the worm, but after hearing the name of Dugu Chang, his eyes have changed slightly and he is no longer so contemptuous, which makes Yang Tiansan feel much less stressed.
Seeing the Jade Emperor’s righteousness doesn’t look like a polite speech, which makes Yang Tian surprised. I didn’t expect the cheap Torre brand to be so loud that even the Jade Emperor’s righteousness and other top figures in the five domains praised him for this.
A Luan can come safely this time thanks to the three men who specially escorted us. I am very grateful. Since the three men are here, please stay here for some time and let us express our gratitude.
Jade emperor righteousness and sincere way
To tell you the truth, we really came to attend the fairy-proving conference to send A Luan back, or it’s a small matter to be grateful to the patriarch.
Yang Tian understated that he didn’t refuse to live in Jade Emperor Zong, which saved him from finding another place to stay.
Hehe, second brother, it’s not enough for us to be grateful. It’s time to cash the reward. We can’t believe it.
Four emperors jade emperor wisdom suddenly smiled ChaYan wake way
This Yang Tian three people feel embarrassed, Luan’s little face also changed slightly.
That’s right. When Yang Tiansan first rescued A Luan, he paid a million rewards. Besides, A Luan often did it along the way, but I don’t know when it happened. That’s a joke.
For more than a year, Yang Tiansan had already treated Aluan as a lovely little sister, but it was a kindness in his heart to earn this gratuity to send her back.
Hehe, yeah, yeah, I’m confused. This is the million-dollar crystal three gentlemen.
Jade emperor yi smell speech suddenly smiled when he had taken a million yuan crystal and gave it to Yang Tiansan.