What a crazy woman! Yuan Ye muttered suddenly a long Fengming resounded through a valley.

Yuan Ye immediately looked up and stared at the distant day where it was violent energy.
Just ahead, Yuan Ye immediately stepped up.
Violent energy fluctuations in the blue sky constantly create a muffled thunder-like singing sound, even if Yuan Ye is far away from the fighting place, he doesn’t feel misty in his ears.
Eyes staring at the distant sky, where green and red are almost filled with half the sky, even the lazy white clouds are rendered with two colors of light.
There was a thunderous noise in my ear again. Yuan Ye swallowed a mouthful of saliva and couldn’t help but get excited. It’s been a long time since I met energy coercion.
At this time, the one-third firebird looks quite like a phoenix, but it has always been a phoenix confrontation. These two are actually not weaker than the quasi-honour level. On the other side, Yuan Ye seems to have formed a profound law. With this law, four people and another phoenix are barely intertwined.
Of course, Yuan Ye’s strength can’t see through these strong levels, but Yuan Ye has seen several storms, and these masters have their own momentum. A comparison of them will guess that they can’t leave Xue Lu.
The huge phoenix flutters its wings in vain, and it makes people tremble from the sky. The five beasts of the phoenix rank fourth, but the five beasts are more powerful in the same level, and the other three firebirds should belong to the phoenix variant.
Suddenly, Yuan Ye saw a beautiful figure on the ground. It was a gentle and graceful woman in a pale white dress with a veil covering her face. But at first glance, she knew that this woman was a purple fairyland. From a distance, Ke Qing Xue Lu came to me with a fresh and spiritual temperament. This is a distinctive and refined temperament. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but look around the woman and finally stopped at it. She was surrounded by a green belt and looked at the eye pupil of Yuan Ye with a willow waist. She was surprised.
Among the women Yuan Ye knows, Duanmu Yunji is the most beautiful, elegant, quiet and with a hint of cunning accomplishment, which makes people get along with each other, and her physical and mental appearance is more beautiful than nine days. Xuan Nv, I’m afraid that a person will not believe that the world is more numerous when she sees that woman, or that the woman shouldn’t be in the mortal world now. Rui Xi is the perfect combination of new soul, who is a stunner and wild, and her slender, hot and elastic breasts can’t help Yuan Ye’s eyes every time, but when you touch that girl, you will feel a kind of undying. The purity of dust makes you care for the little witch besides wanting to occupy it. Xu Ying is naughty, cute and refined, but she is also a man’s good material. It just happens that the little witch is also very man, and there is no wave. Her beautiful appearance is just a strange man. It is very familiar and simple, but if you really want to enter the little witch’s heart, I’m afraid it’s more difficult than going to heaven. I don’t know how much to recognize it. The little witch has failed to make the little witch dark, but she knows exactly what men are going to do. She is playing with men. It seems that Yuan Ye, the little witch’s greatest pleasure in life, is also a man. Yuan Ye, the little witch, can be said to be like water and fire, but then again, if the little witch really burns herself, Yuan Ye is really depressed. After all, the little witch is the first beauty he has seen in this world, and it is the first time in his life that he has seen a beautiful woman.
In front of the topic, although the woman in white dress can’t see clearly, her body is slightly tight in the mountains, and her clothes seem to be a little cold. Her slim figure and slender waist dance with the wind make men feel distressed. This is a woman who makes you look like holding her and taking care of her.
Xue Lu seems to hear footsteps slowly twist a head to see Yuan Ye.
Two pairs of eyes are so stay wait for a while looked at the scene is quite strange.
You, you are this time. Let’s hire a guard. Even the soft sound is so distressing.
It’s not easy for Yuan Ye to laugh. A big shot like you should know that you are hiring a bodyguard.
Xue Lu said nothing.
We don’t want to surf when it’s so busy. Yuan Ye looked up, but it was a pleasure to see that the three firebirds and phoenixes in the sky were not in the same strength and were the main fire, while the four ghost gods were all wind-attribute forces.
The wind is clear and clear, but the wind attribute is the same as the flame attribute.
The four ghost gods raised their hands at the same time, and with the palm of their hands, they raised a small blue tornado. Suddenly, the tornado appeared in the sky, the size of which was two meters at the beginning. However, a moment later, the tornado suddenly surged in the wind and the blink of an eye became a huge tornado of more than ten meters.
Finally, this huge tornado of more than ten meters merged together to form an extremely powerful energy belt, and the blue tornado of heaven and earth roared and rotated. The rocks and buildings on the ground were constantly forcibly pulled out, and then twisted into sawdust ripples all over the sky by violent cyclones.
Hum, the purple flame mountain range is not your human territory, and it’s not your turn to run wild. Looking at the increasingly huge tornado, the phoenix drank a sharp mouth and a sharp Fengming Fengming resounded through the mountain range.
As Fengming sounded the flame of his body, the light shone brightly, and the purple flame burned fiercely from his body, and the purple flame gradually curled up and churned, and finally gathered into a huge purple pillar of fire, which went straight into the sky. Even at a distance of thousands of meters, the hot temperature still made Fang Xuelu sweat.
Cold shrink clothes for a while, hot fragrance and sweating for a while. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but ask the beauty, you really can’t do it at all.
No Xue Lu light said
I’m drunk. The master of the first refiner in the Qing Dynasty can’t do it at all. Then how did you refine the treasure fire? Don’t tell you how to burn those extremely precious minerals with matches. Those materials for refining armor and swords are not ordinary. Fire can melt. It’s okay for you to direct others to refine a sacred device. If you can’t control the temperature of the immortal device a little, you will fail, let alone respect it. Other people can’t help it except yourself.
Xue Lu looks at Yuan Ye. You know a lot.
It’s okay for Yuan Ye to touch his nose. He’s just getting started and knows a little.
Xue Lu didn’t answer Yuan Ye’s doubts, but asked why a big shot like you wanted to be our hired bodyguard.
Well, it seems that we are talking for the first time. Let’s say we met for the first time. What do you mean, I am a big shot? Yuan Ye was surprised.
Xue Luyu’s hand refers to the fact that the weakest battle is the ordinary people of the ghost god, not to mention seeing and hiding here, but if you are calm, you must have seen a lot of such battles, knowing where to avoid the possible energy aftermath is that the ordinary people can see it once and have seen so many great people.
Wow, I don’t think you are so smart, but I think you are calm, and you are also a big shot.
I never said I was nobody, did I?
It’s also Yuan Ye who nodded his head. Ziluo Wonderland is no less important in Fengqing Big 6 than Shura Gate in Flame Big 6. Such a giant sectarian guest is a nobody. That Fengqing Big 6 is really not a big shot.
But beauty, you’d better let all your hands come, so that you won’t be here for a while and everyone will fight. I think you should also know that the victory rate is very slim. Yuan Ye looks at the sky and seems to be saying a very casual thing.
Xue Lu is charming for a while, and I won’t give up until I reach my goal this time.
Then what’s your purpose? Yuan Ye became interested immediately.
Xue Lu looked at Yuan Ye. You don’t know me that well, do you?
I’m really not interested in asking you anything with a shrug of Yuan Ye’s shoulders. What I’m interested in is how the phoenix here should be in Thunder Big 6.
At this moment, a huge blue tornado swept away in the four ghosts waving and carrying a crazy storm and screaming at the god beast Phoenix.