Walking into the mountains and forests, it seems that the sky is getting dark, and a faint sense of depression hangs over everyone’s mind. Listening to the distant place, the beast growls at people’s faces and smiles are slightly gathered. It is not unusual to lose your life if you are cautious and careless in this place.

Obviously, there are a lot of teams entering the mountains. Just moving in their direction is to see more than a dozen people. These teams are more or less wary of each other. After entering the mountains, they are separated.
For these people, such as Lin Dong and others, they have never met Tao Lao and others. Obviously, they are prepared to hand in the extremely detailed map of Tianyan Mountain Range, which omits the kind of "searching for a line of people", that is, they are directly facing the deep mountains in a straight line.
As the team flies into the rear, the noise is gradually disappearing, and the same old Tao and others look dignified and alert. The monster beast in Tianyan Mountain is rampant, and there is no lack of that kind of strength. During this period, I don’t know how many lives have been lost in this mountain.
Lin is riding on the back of the tiger, but his spirit is a little bit infiltrated and he observes every move around.
There are a lot of people in the front team. The smell of blood is not that the monster team is alert to move forward. At first glance, an experienced middle-aged guard suddenly stops and tracks down.
go straight
It’s not surprising that Tao nodded slightly. Everyone here is from the Tomb House, but everyone else is competing. This kind of disagreement is a big thug. It’s not uncommon in Tianyan Mountain.
See Tao old didn’t detour to those guards also nodded, but the sword in his hand is slowly clenched.
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly at the lush front of the shade. Not far away, he could feel a lot of breath. Where was it? He also sensed a very weak breath. The breath should also be at the level of Yuan Dan in dzogchen.
For this breath, the forest movement of the earth is also able to sigh in my mind that the Y force of the ancient tomb house is really not as big as usual. It didn’t take long for it to enter the Tianyan mountain range, but it turned out that it was met with such a force that was not weaker than the blood wolf gang.
When Lin moved in the heart, the team was already passing through the trees, and then dozens of figures appeared in front of a piece of land.
When Lin and his party are here now, dozens of people are resting in that place. Lima is grasping the sword beside him and staring at him with poor eyes.
The atmosphere is almost instantaneous, but it has become tense.
Lin’s eyes swept in the crowd, and then there was a meal in the center. A man with a big body and a strong body was red, and his arms were covered with ferocious scars, which made him look full of ferocity. This appearance is the kind of character who often adds blood to the blade.
Yuandanjing dzogchen
Lin’s eyes are slightly narrowed. It seems that this person should be the mind of this group of people. This strength is really not weak, and it is obvious that the tacit understanding of these people should belong to the same force, that is, I don’t know which city it belongs to.
Return the two Yuan Dan to perfection.
Lin eyes swept the man and then paused at his side. I couldn’t help but be surprised that this strength is stronger than the blood wolf gang.
Tao’s old eyes swept through this group of people without saying much, waved and led straight away.
See Lin and others don’t flash, don’t avoid going straight, and this group of people’s eyes also pass some fierce colors, holding the palm of the sword that is still stained with blood is also more powerful.
When the two teams approached slowly and stayed within a few feet of each other, the atmosphere was a sign of solidification.
I brushed past the group of people who led the team by Tao Lao, but just as everyone was about to pass smoothly, a palm suddenly reached out and was pressed against Lin Keer to ride a white horse.
Hey, hey, what a beautiful girl. Can you come and play?
When I heard this, I smiled with a flirt. Lin Keer’s face suddenly became cold. She didn’t hesitate. Y hands were raised and a cold mountain was shot in the sleeve.
Cold mountain shot but the palm master is obviously also on guard against the back of the knife to resist that cold mountain, but its juli still knocks him back two steps.
Almost at the same time when people stopped Lin Keer, Lin moved there, and a long knife was drawn in front of him. The one who stepped into Yuan Dan’s territory was completely strong and tilted his head at him. Give me your mount, OK?
Before his voice fell completely, a sharp sword shadow was suddenly amplified in his eye pupil, which made him step back several times.
The sword shadow hit hard on the back of the knife, and the strong strength directly caused the shock to numb his arms and make a hasty retreat, and he almost sat down on the ground.
Qiang Qiang
This J-hand almost broke the atmosphere in an instant, and the two sides shook their swords and immediately pulled out a force B, which was also in this land.
Lin looked calm. He glanced at the guy who was shocked by him. After this moment, his face was fierce and he stared at her eyes with a strong sense of murder.
Lin Dong glanced at this man. He could see that these guys are all a little crazy. Obviously, they are really fugitives. These people are perverse and reckless, and they don’t care what your status is. If you don’t have the strength now, he will dare to do things.
Eyes once again swept this group of people. Lin’s eyes suddenly flashed in their central position, and his eyes were slightly coagulated.
Tao’s old face became gloomy when these guys started work. He stepped on Yuan Dan’s territory in dzogchen and kept a storm surge.
This majestic momentum also makes those guys face ferocious. Although they act recklessly, it is also necessary to watch how hard they are.
When Tao Lao showed his strength, the man with scarred arms finally opened his mouth. With a wave of his hand, those guys with ferocious faces slowly let go of their weapons, but the eyes looking at Lin Dong and others were still biting.
Hehe, in Song Dao’s misunderstanding, my brothers don’t know much about the rules. I hope you’ll forgive me. The bare-armed man smiled and bowed his hand at Tao’s old arch.
Tao old light glanced at him, but his eyesight was to see that this guy either wanted to test his strength. If his strength did not reach Yuan Dan’s territory in dzogchen, I’m afraid this group of guys should really start work.