Yeah, Gu Mengmeng wiped the tears on his coat. Conway shook his head again because of his childish behavior.

If you want to step, the phone bell rings again.
Gu Mengmeng surprised limit picked it up and saw it was Commander Kang’s home landline.
She quickly connected again.
Hello, this is MengMeng. Is it Mom and Dad?
This time, something magical happened, and suddenly, I often speak very fluently.
Words are thinking of children’s daughter-in-law He Shanyun calling and asking her that Conway’s happy tone has changed since she was together.
Happy Chinese New Year, you little ancestors
Gu Mengmeng stick out your tongue and smile and put the words into Conway’s hand to let him say.
Conway took the phone hug Gu Mengmeng to parents elder brother sister-in-law also great aunt wu New Year.
In the words, it is faint that Ningning is called the music of the video-machine joint party, and it is still full of reunion.
After chatting for a while, I just talked about the signal problem, and my mobile phone snapped and broke.
The two men looked at each other and couldn’t help sighing about the coverage of China Mobile. Why not take care of Yimu River?
Later, they received Enya Gu Jingxi’s New Year greetings intermittently, which made them lose their temper in the middle. Enya said that He Yang would return to Beijing after the New Year, which would bring Gu Mengmeng a surprise and make her look forward to it.
What is it?
Enya Heyang went through all the hardships to come to the wedding or not.
With a hint of doubt, she snuggled up in Conway’s arms and found the most comfortable position to hold him and fell asleep.
After the Spring Festival, the Yimu River is still cold, but every day we go forward, it is getting warmer and warmer in spring. In a few months, the snow and ice will melt. In summer, the remote mountains of the Yimu River are full of green and refreshing scenery, and the frontier flavor will be different.
The soldiers are looking forward to a good day.
The one-week training course is more strict than before at the beginning of the year. Conway requires elite troops from various border defense companies to form sharp knives. Even the soldiers are good at training hard, not afraid of hardship, and strive to master the advanced training essentials brought by instructors.
Gu Mengmeng is busy losing subsequent manuscripts in the computer room every day.
On the eve of leaving, the editor-in-chief replied in her message that last year, you missed the Dutch competition award ceremony because you were absent from Iraq. It’s a pity that the first prize in journalism that belongs to you was awarded to someone else. This year, your new touch immediately attracted great attention from the jury, and they just sent an invitation letter to the newspaper asking you to go to Amsterdam for a half-year lecture.
Is it true that she froze in and didn’t believe that she seemed to pinch her arm?
Shake hands and knock on information. Really? How can she not know that the qualification of the most powerful event in the international professional photojournalism competition is limited to making a sudden contribution? Photographer, an unknown person, has she been invited by China Junbao Photography?
The editor-in-chief responded with a big smile. The jury urged you to arrive in Amsterdam before mid-March and asked you to give them a reply.
Can I go, editor-in-chief? She’s still dreaming.
The editor-in-chief gave an angry expression this time, and he can definitely go. The newspaper has already replied to you and agreed to the invitation of Jose.
Thank you, editor-in-chief. Thank you, editor-in-chief Gu Mengmeng, covering her lips and saying goodbye.
Luck blessed her and made her dreams come true perfectly. Last year, she saved her lover in Holland, and she never gave up her obsession. She passed the high point of her life without hope, but everything turned around and was full of hope. Chapter 212 Yimu River whistle in the morning.
It was confirmed that the helicopter from the military area command would pick them up. After the arrival of the helicopter the next day, all the frontier defense companies fell into the former depression.
For the magic soldiers, getting along with Kang instructors in just a few months has brought soldiers not military technology advancing by leaps and bounds, but also a noble personality. They can’t forget that he braved the wind and snow to complete several times his workload, and he can’t forget that he was wise and astute in facing the enemy. He can’t forget that the training ground was amazing and captured the enemy, and he can’t forget that his comatose comrades ran back to the tall figure during the patrol.
Instructors are still a tall and straight pine tree standing in the snow. The colder the snow is, the more noble his pride can be revealed. They are not afraid of the harsh environment for young Kang instructors to come to the frontier sentry to interview Gu Ji. In addition to admiration or admiration, they are moved or moved.
Young soldiers don’t know how to express their respect for him, but they can silently look forward to doing every little thing around them. They get along with each other day and night, and the instructor and his wife say goodbye.
The weather was fine that day.
Conway Gu Mengmeng got up very early. After washing in the house, Gu Mengmeng finally picked up the cleaning bed table, thermos, tea jar and desk lamp, and wiped them carefully. Conway went to get the tools to repair the broken latch.
There are too many beautiful memories for them here, and Gu Mengmeng, a military wife, has enjoyed the family leave for the first time, which is worth remembering for a generation.
Looking at a few steps away and concentrating on repairing Conway, she was moved by words.
Go over and stick to his warm back from behind, and feel the little condensation in my heart silently.
Conway smiled and patted her watch to appease.