With the passage of time, this severe pain has finally been gradually adapted to Yuan Yeli’s running and quarrelling. Day after day, he constantly sucks the rich strength around him. I don’t know how long it will be before Yuan Yeti’s respect for humanity has faint qualitative change.

In this scene, Yuan Ye was surprised and looked at this situation again. He was afraid that he would break through and immediately try to command the Tao Zun Li, and finally the Tao Zun Li operated faster and faster. At a certain moment, the Tao Zun Li had changed color and finally rushed to the last pulse. After completing a perfect cycle in the body, they returned to the lower abdomen again.
Tao Zun’s second turn to the peak succeeded. Yuan Ye’s eyes snapped open. He was already able to feel his own body, which was almost more powerful than before, and he was nearly several times more powerful.
Mom, keep practicing Ye Chen, and I’ll kill you when I get to the first one. Yuan Ye gnashed her teeth and suppressed Xin Yue’s eyes again.
Yuan Ye knew that his deputy armed forces had barely killed more than a dozen officials in the honour list. The root of his carelessness was not that his opponent had lost his armor to protect him. That Ye Chen was stronger and the seventy-one masters in the honour list would never be careless in the face of himself at the same time. That is, if he had broken through to the peak of the second turn, he might not be able to win even more. The Jianzong people in Kuangqing would never let himself go easily. The peak strength of the second turn was not enough. Only when he reached the realm of the Taoist statue and the third turn could he protect the official Honglie in Chapter DiYisijiu.
As the days passed, Yuan Ye was still practicing hard.
When forgetting, forget the place and forget yourself.
My heart is in that ethereal state of Xuan Ming. Once I enter that wonderful state, I may wake up in an instant, or I may wake up in three or five days, or I may wake up in ten years and a hundred years, which is very difficult to say. Once I close it, it will be a hundred years, and the Millennium may be over soon.
But now Yuan Ye has entered this mysterious state, and things can disturb him except uniting the world.
Blink of an eye is nine days in the past, and the spirit beast snaps up not far away. At this time, the spirit beast has recovered from his injury, and a terrible breath is also scattered from his body. The spirit beast waits for a terrible fierce eye to look at Yuan Yefang, and finally shakes his head and turns away.
Several hills around the huge Red Soul Mountain outside the cave are already surrounded by people.
More than 6,000 Xiaoyao Mountain, tens of thousands of Xiaoyao Army, a mountain and a mountain, carpet search, Qing Jianzong, Thousand Lakes Island, Wanjialou, and those who stand for power are clever, and few of them pay attention to the movement of Xiaoyao Mountain, so they can go to Xiaoyao Mountain as soon as they encounter the spirit beast, which is a big fight, and then several other major forces can immediately chase it. Finding Warcraft is this way to find that way, and Xiaoyao Mountain knows that this is also very resistant.
At this time, the camp of Qing Jianzong was stationed in the place where Qing Jianzong was stationed. Everyone’s face and expression were very serious. Qing Jianzong came to the four top-ranking masters this time. More than 200 Taoist and three-peak masters. This is definitely an elite. But today, there are only two people left here, Guan Ren Guan Yu Ying, leading dozens of people. Others are actually invisible.
Xiaoren, it’s up to you to tell your grandfather what happened recently when he comes here. He loves you the most. It’s up to you to say something better, officer. Rain Eagle looks hard to see Xiang Guanren.
At this time, Guan Ren’s injury has already healed, but he doesn’t look good when he hears this, but he still nods to me, Uncle Bai.
Ah, it’s just a narrow difference between success and failure. Even if the loss is bigger, it’s nothing, but we failed. Six top ranking experts were killed by that beast, and we were almost able to kill it. It’s just a little. Elder Jin Yu is also dead. Our Qing Jianzong lost two top ranking players in the blink of an eye. This loss is really too great.
Uncle should care that the beast’s strength is so strong that its body and soul can be absolutely far away. Generally, it’s not easy to catch grandpa when he comes. By then, with that soul, I can definitely reach the top 20 of the honour list. It’s not a good thing for us, Guan Ren said, but the soul has not been taken away, and he already wants it.
Well, it’s more difficult to hurt that beast than it is to look at the fifteen masters of the honour list. The wounds caused to it are all minor injuries. If it weren’t for the last cold night and autumn, Li Hongfu and the top ten masters of the honour list joined forces to attack its abdomen, I’m afraid the beast would continue to kill. It’s really terrible to reproduce it once.
Tell less patriarch two elders patriarch to a green sword ZongDi ran to kneel way
Immediately, the masters of Qing Jianzong walked towards the direction, and Guan Yu Ying Guan Ren was the first to meet them.
An old bridled man in a red robe walked slowly step by step. The old man looked quaint and surprised, and he didn’t have any momentum. You can’t see anything different from him in that gorgeous dress in the crowd, but if you look carefully, the old man also has a pair of eagle eyes, eagle eyebrows and official benevolence, which is somewhat similar.
The old man came around alone and didn’t even follow half his entourage. He is the first master of the ancient land, Wang Guan Honglie.
Meet grandpa
Meet your father.
Brother meets the patriarch
Guan Ren Guan Yu Ying also saluted those green swordsmen.
Well, officer Honglie should be a light.
Father, how can you be the only one to come to the official? Rain Eagle immediately asked carefully
How come I’m not an official by myself? Honglie sneered at the words with absolute faith. I stretched out my hand to help the official. I laughed. Ah, ah, ah, this battle for the honour of the soul is a big event. I’ll give it to you. If you succeed in the future, you will believe me. Now it seems like a pair of urgent things to call me here. Even if you win the honour of the soul, your prestige will still be difficult.
Guan Ren was wronged and looked at Guan Honglie. Grandpa didn’t want to work hard, but there were too many accidents this time. If you don’t do it, I’m afraid it’s hard to get the honor of the soul this time. The elders of Guanqing and Yukang are all dead. That’s all we have left to send good players.
What officer HongLie that GuBo surprised face finally changed color, immediately sink a way what’s going on? Tell me clearly.
It was Guan Ren who bent down and immediately said that this time we entered the Red Soul Mountain, and Yuan Ye, the free and unfettered military commander, actually blocked our way and refused to let us in. He also said that he would kill our grandchildren. You didn’t want to defeat him by fighting together.
Guan Ren knows that things born here will come back to Guan Honglie’s ear sooner or later, so it’s hard for him to hide it. It’s just to take the light and embellish it.
Yuan Yeguan Hong Lie is chanting this name, that is, the newly promoted 93-year-old master who ranks higher than you. Don’t be discouraged if you lose. It is not difficult for me to help you surpass him.
Officer rain eagle behind a listen to the face with a wry smile officer HongLie haven’t listen to the back.
Guan Ren continued, Guan Qing, the elder, couldn’t stand the challenge and didn’t want to be cheated by him. It turned out that his hand was killed.
Guanqing is the bold officer Honglie who killed Yuan Ye immediately roared.
Guan Ren arrived at once, and it was him and Grandpa’s strength improved very quickly. It is said that three months ago, he was a Taoist priest with three peaks and his strength was far from the list.
What did you say again? Officer Honglie was shocked by his body. This time, he was shocked far more violently than the last time. He has seen too much of the world. For this kind of genius, Officer Honglie has seen this officer Honglie, and he dare not forget the days when he was sharp and holy.
That Yuan Ye can practice from Dao Zun San Zhuan Feng to Zun Bang level when he is three months old. Guan Ren repeated.
Take a deep breath and look at Guan Honglie carefully. Tell me honestly whether your Yuan Ye has already made enemies.
Guanren hesitated for a while and finally nodded.