Yan Tianqing is here, too. Good Wuzong genius, hey hey, will have a good chance to refine his hand. Meng Fei looked at the arrogant Yan Tianqing in white and suddenly escaped a sneer.

Forty-one million, another VIP room has reached a sound. Meng Fei depends on who is bidding. That Yan Tianqing actually said forty-five million.
Meng Fei was shocked again, and the attitude of Yan Tian Qing treated 45 million huge wealth as if it were an ordinary mouthful of utensils, which really held huge wealth.
46 million a stereo sounds like a show fairy. She seems to be testing.
50 million Yan Tianqing did not hesitate to shout a price that shocked everyone.
At this price, you can buy a magic weapon.
Field crow
Finally, he bought this golden dumpling dome.
Hey, hey, it seems that Yan Tianqing is also an adventurer, and it is very likely that he will get the same experience as Yan Nanfei, but even if he gets the adventure, he can’t compete with me. Every day, I have a steady stream of huge wealth, and it is not difficult for my wealth to crush their two brothers in time, Meng Fei thought to himself.
The golden dumpling dome, the highlight of the treasure-selling conference, was bought, followed by the second treasure, but it was nine one-man tall gourds filled with five lines of holy water
Although the five elements of holy water is a good thing, it is not uncommon for all major sects to buy it in Meng Fei at a slightly higher price of two million pieces.
That Yan Tianqing didn’t auction it. It seems that he can’t see this thing.
As soon as Meng Fei got the five lines of holy water, he immediately lost all the names on the gods list. After eating Jinlong, his body flashed a little yellow light, which seemed to increase some strength, but he still didn’t break through the boundary.
There are too few holy water in the five elements, which is far from enough for me to break through the realm. Look at that five-element warrior. Since it is a unique warrior, it is at least as much as a big pond, which can make me break through the realm.
It’s incredible that an absolutely five-element warrior of God of War contains five elements of qi, which has been drawn from the back and forth for decades. It’s far from enough to condense and refine the sacred water of Wang Xing.
That time, when Jinlong rose to the level of speaking, it took effect because he drank the seven leaves of the demon king, which was equivalent to half a pond and five lines of holy water.
Every time it rises, it needs five lines of holy water to cultivate to immortality, even a surging sea can satisfy it.
Jinlonglai’s strength is definitely an immortal master of spirit. Now it takes enough five lines of holy water to recover without boundary bondage, and it can soar directly.
However, there are so many five elements of holy water in a vast sea that even the Northern Yuan Empire is hard to get it.
Compared with ordinary cultivation, the five elements of holy water are still very precious. Although it is nothing to the immortal level, it takes a lot of effort to refine it.
Now, if Jinlong wants to completely restore its strength, it must take 100 immortal levels to learn from the aura of heaven and earth and take five lines of holy water from it for at least 1000 years, otherwise there is absolutely no way.
Its only chance now is to wait for Meng Fei to enter the immortal realm and then slowly help it recover. The rest is a drop in the bucket and cannot solve the root problem.
Meng Fei, you see, it’s an auction. It seems that you entrust someone to consign this kind of thing, the soil mother. I don’t know how many mountains are piled up in your field. Why did you consign a small plate?
Jinlong suddenly yelled. In the middle of the store, the third treasure has been auctioned. It looks like a small khaki crystal sand, but people with strong spirit feel that this small khaki crystal sand contains huge soil energy.
What do you know about the precious anomalies of soil-retaining mother? Don’t look at the ancient mountains piled up in my field. A handful of soil-retaining mother can be used to control water, and a flood can be stopped by a vast dam. This treasure is also the best material for refining soil and fighting warriors. After refining, it will be a special magical power to resist water.
Interest mother
Taigu has great power to control water.
Grab a dam and throw it at will, and stop the flood for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years, so that the people of Lebanon can live and work in peace and contentment without floods.
Generally, the master avatar will stop the flood and temporarily build a dam, which will be washed away in a few decades.
You must also know that this is the earth relic, the earth mother. This kind of relic is not only the best treasure to cultivate the earth magical power, but also the greatest place to strengthen the field and cultivate the elixir in the field.
You can build an unbreakable connection between heaven and earth by integrating the soil mother into your field. Not only can other people’s magical powers be unbreakable, but the length of planting elixirs in the field will increase several times.
Starting at 5 million pieces of Lingxing stone, the price increase shall not be less than 100,000 each time. The barefoot fairy introduced the benefits of this land-saving mother, and many people secretly nodded and knew that they meant what they said.
The biggest advantage of this kind of treasure is that the construction field is more integrated than that of Meng Fei, and even a few realm experts who are higher than him will attack without moving. It can be said that the nest is built like an iron wall.
What’s more, in the field of long-term cultivation, the mother of soil will also produce a lightning bolt. The enemy’s attack will move and condense the vitality of the earth, and the demon will be eliminated in the lightning bolt.
However, one bite is 5 million Lingxing stones, which is not affordable for ordinary people.
In the field of Meng Fei, this kind of fallow mother has accumulated into a small mountain peak. How many Lingxing stones would it take to auction at this moment? It is only now that Meng Fei knows that the mysterious guardian has given himself a huge fortune.
Actually, it’s my own consignment, and Meng Fei is welcome. He shouted a piece of 5.1 million for his own things, but he didn’t mind being a trustee to drive up the price.
Five million two hundred thousand, followed by a person called Meng Fei, who looked at it, but gnashed his teeth as if he were going to buy this baby with all his worth.
Meng Fei smiled to see that this man’s cultivation is a magical power of the earth, and that the true spirit has gained this land. If he goes back and realizes it carefully, maybe he can get the true spirit to transform and achieve spiritual truth.
After the spiritual qi is achieved, it is not far to condense Fadan.
However, Meng Fei knows that this person can’t buy such a baby as a fertile mother. It is really very difficult to photograph this thing without strong financial resources.
However, a person in the VIP room directly shouted 5.5 million
The man who just stepped into the level of speaking is frustrated, and the ball is limp. Obviously, 5.2 million is already his ruin.