It’s really your ghost crying elders who see Guo Xiaosi nod and admit that when they say that you have a fairy with a handle that can kill the master of cultivating immortality, the master of cultivating immortality in the eyes of ghost crying are all masters who are about to break through the knot Dan period and reach the realm of refined gasification God.

Well, Guo Xiaosi stared at the ghost crying elder and whirled around in his mind, secretly estimating that the ghost crying elder asked what this meant. Why do you ask this?
Hehe, Elder Ghost Cry shook his head with a wry smile. He was unlucky to meet a little devil with such powerful equipment. Fortunately, Guo Xiaosi didn’t bring the fairy handle early in the morning, otherwise it would have become a part of heaven and earth. You may not know that Mongolia listed your wanted object as a magic weapon, Dan medicine reward, and took your life. Elder Ghost Cry smiled wryly, but people who have seen the fairy have given up the idea of taking your life. Although the reward is very good, it’s a pity that you will die to take it. It’s so abnormal to get the fairy.
Oh, Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that he would become a wanted man, so he didn’t take it to heart. Really, anyone who dares to think of himself will never let go, but it’s also Guo Xiaosi who doesn’t seem to keep a low profile. It seems that it’s best not to expose his identity, but it’s necessary to change his image, or sooner or later, some greedy people will find you.
If you want to avoid these greedy pursuit of cultivating immortality, you should first inquire about the situation, so as to attract recruits and achieve a low-key state. When Guo Xiaosi asked the ghost crying elder, did you give me a detailed description?
Well, I have a blue sword in my hand or a woman named Liu Mei is good at the secret sword tactic. At the same time, the fire operator is wearing a ruler-shaped fairy with some Dan medicine. The ghost cries and the elders silently recall the description of Guo Xiaosi. It seems that these others don’t remember much. After all, I also know that my strength even Zhang Tianhua died in your hands, and I am even worse.
Guo Xiaosi listened to the words of the ghost crying elders and was deep in thought. I’m afraid Liu Mei Liu Jian, a group of Liu family members, Nangong brother Huang Wei, and others didn’t know that they were good at law. But now that they have said that they are good at law, they can say that they are familiar with their own people and take refuge in Mongolia, and the most likely person is Liu Jian.
When Guo Xiaosi asked, did Nangong Sect take refuge in Mongolia?
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Anji City
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Anji City
Hearing Guo Xiaosi’s words, Elder Ghost Cry laughed well. Nangong Sect took refuge in Mongolia when the master of cultivating immortals in Mongolia attacked again, and your detailed information base was Liu Jian, the patriarch of Nangong Sect.
However, it’s Liu Jian
Then Guo Xiaosi shook his head and didn’t go to these things. He took the ghost to cry and walked to the abode of fairies and immortals and stepped on the jade feather and drove off towards Anji City.
Stopping outside Anji, Ling Cuiyu Guo Xiaosi looked at the ghost crying elder and said, I’m going to let my brow kill you or let Xiaobai kill you. It’s not a violation of my oath. When I heard Guo Xiaosi’s words, the ghost crying elder’s face changed and he immediately recovered. Guo Xiaosi really wanted to do this early, and he wouldn’t tell himself so bluntly.
But you cooperated very well and didn’t engage in any intrigue. Guo Xiaosi smiled and smiled. That’s why I appreciate you. I hope that everything that happened today will rot in your stomach. We have never met. After all, it’s not good for anyone if things go wrong.
Thank you, Elder Ghost Cry, for nodding again and again, so that you will definitely not tell others that although you have lost your care for decades, it is very cost-effective to change your life
Guo Xiaosi, look at the ghost crying. Elder Honky is crying. What are you worried about? Don’t worry when you laugh. The medicinal properties of that pill I gave you will disappear in three hours. You can rest assured.
After listening to Guo Xiaosi’s words, the ghost crying elder thoroughly felt at ease and said to Guo Xiaosi that the Guo brothers would meet later.
Guo Xiaosi also said that after the meeting, he saw the ghost crying and the elders disappeared in the jungle. Honky cried and the elders wanted to wait until the medicinal properties of his body dissipated before going to town. Everyone was here to mix. Who would have no enemies?
Brother Guo, did you get the blazing sun in the abode of fairies and immortals? When the ghost cries, the elder leaves the arch eyebrows and quickly comes to Guo Xiaosi.
Hehe, you’re Guo Dage. Will the Jockey Club fail? Guo Xiaosi smirked and didn’t intend to tell her that Liujian had taken refuge in Mongolia. Even if Liujian didn’t have an arch eyebrows, it was just an increase in anger.
Xiaomei, now that the situation in the cultivation of immortals has changed, we must seal up our mana and not reveal it, otherwise it will cause too much trouble. Guo Xiaosi will get the situation department from Ghost Cry and tell Liu Mei.
After listening to Guo Xiaosi’s words, Liu Mei was shocked. She didn’t expect that it was only three years before the valley, and now the world has become so chaotic that she even cultivated immortality and killed it. It was to get a reward from the mortal emperor. At the same time, Liu Mei had to admire the Mongolian Khan for condescending to cultivate immortality. Unfortunately, I am afraid that the number of immortals will drop and the foundation of cultivating immortality will be affected.
Then Liu Mei shook her head and was not thinking about these problems. By virtue of her ability to change the current pattern, she took good care of herself and let herself be born in this troubled times. At present, it is the most important thing. When Liu Mei slowed down the operation speed of body mana to a standstill according to Guo Xiaosi’s instructions, she would not find her self-cultivation status unless she surpassed herself.
Xiaomei hasn’t walked around the world for a long time, so let’s take a good stroll on the street. When we see Liu Mei’s eyebrows, we hide a little sadness. Guo Xiaosi quickly diverts Liu Mei’s attention from shopping.
Ok, I haven’t been shopping for a long time, either. I started shopping. My brow sorrow suddenly dissipated and I rushed into Anji City. Guo Xiaosi shook his head with a wry smile and followed behind Liu Mei. I don’t want Liu Mei to do anything.
Walking into Anji City, hawking, bargaining, laughing and talking poured into my ears. Guo Xiaosi followed closely behind the arch eyebrows and looked at them like a little girl. Look at this, touch the little figurine snacks and so on, and raise a happy smile on his face.
At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also found that in this city, there are still many bodies vaguely magical. Unfortunately, they don’t look like cultivating immortals. This makes Guo Xiaosi very curious. It should always be the world. In Guo Xiaosi’s view, those who call Wulin experts say Wulin experts have to turn their mana into their strength because they haven’t cultivated immortality or their qualifications are too poor. And through observation, it is found that these people are still vaguely connected. It seems that they are all together.
Guo Xiaosi is not interested in who they are. When he took a few glances and mixed them in the city, two or three people followed behind arch eyebrows after cultivating immortality in the state of rotating photos.
Let the carriage be careful. At this time, a carriage rushed over. Guo Xiaosi hurriedly pulled the arch eyebrows to avoid the collision of the carriage. The arch eyebrows were pulled by Guo Xiaosi and poured into Guo Xiaosi’s arms. When she saw that it was Guo Xiaosi, her face suddenly blushed and quietly relied on Guo Xiaosi’s arms.
Guo Xiaosi also wanted to feel warm for a while, but passers-by looked at him with surprised eyes, which made him embarrassed to get close to Liu Mei. When Guo Xiaosi took Liu Mei’s hand and walked in the street, they enjoyed the fun, delicious food and beautiful juggling.
Holding hands by Guo Xiaosi, Liu Mei didn’t run around crazily anymore. She was quiet and slightly shy. Guo Xiaosi wandered in the street. The wonderful love taste slowly spread and grew in both of them. At this moment, Guo Xiaosi was tempted to go to eternity, to eternity and to eternity.
Not only did Guo Xiaosi think so, but arch eyebrows also wanted a generation, so Guo Xiaosi walked hand in hand
At the moment, Liu Mei doesn’t know that Guo Xiaosi’s thoughts are more worried than sweet feelings. Guo Xiaosi has put his heart on Liu Mei, but Guo Xiaosi knows that there are too many secrets in his body, and the biggest one is that he can become a monster and a monster.
Guo Xiaosi wanted to tell Liu Mei that he could become a monster, but he was always afraid when he was about to say something. Guo Xiaosi was afraid that when Liu Mei knew about it, he would leave himself and be afraid of himself.
These are not things that Guo Xiaosi wants to see. The thing is that although Guo Xiaosi Liu Mei is very happy and full of happiness when she is together, there is timidity and fear hidden in the bottom of my heart, and she has kept a certain distance from Liu Mei and has not broken through the last low line.
Guo Xiaosi Bai Ai hurts more and more.
Anji city is not so big, but it is a good city in this remote area. The streets are wider and there are more pedestrians. There is no shadow of war from their faces. Perhaps it is best for the people to look forward to the future.
Let’s drive for a while before the carriage sped again. The previous difference is that this time we followed many soldiers behind the carriage. It seems that there are people with more status sitting in this carriage.
Just then, those martial arts experts who were mixed in the crowd suddenly drew their weapons and roared, "Kill the dog officer and kill the Mongolian lackeys."
Seeing this emergency, Guo Xiaosi pulled the arch eyebrows aside as far as possible away from this right and wrong. It seems that when these so-called martial arts experts attacked the carriage, four or five people wandering around the city gathered here to cultivate immortals, and they also vaguely saw the surrounding battle.
Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi immediately realized that this was just a trap for these martial arts masters. Looking at this group of martial arts masters full of blood feelings, Guo Xiaosi shook his head and the martial arts master Xiu Xian lost. It must be the martial arts master’s side.
When soldiers at the back of the carriage saw this group of martial arts experts attacking the carriage, they rushed to resist the attack of martial arts experts, but they were just ordinary people who usually did some ordinary physical training. If hundreds of soldiers were involved, these martial arts experts might be captured by these soldiers. Unfortunately, at present, only a dozen soldiers are doomed to become the ghosts of this group of martial arts experts.
Wulin experts rushed into the dozen soldiers and didn’t notice that they had been surrounded by four or five immortals, and they didn’t seriously think about what happened, such a terrible thing as assassination. People in the carriage could still stay.
At the time of the assassination, everyone in the street had already run far away, including Guo Xiaosi, and they didn’t want to get into trouble.
When the soldiers who acted as bait were killed by these martial arts experts, these martial arts experts rushed to the carriage, and when they uncovered the curtain of the carriage, their fierce expressions hung in their faces, and their eyes were filled with doubts and surprises.
Too bad, among this group of martial arts experts, there are finally some clever people who have become white-haired. What has happened has turned pale and their eyes are full of fear. Since this is a trap set by others, what will the other party do to deal with themselves?
At this time, a martial arts expert has seen the five people surrounded by them, feeling each other’s strong mana fluctuations and crying with horror. Their eyes are completely frightened instead of them. That is to say, the cultivation of immortals is not something they can deal with.
In the distance, Guo Xiaosi arch eyebrows stared at the changes in the field and wanted to know what the five immortals would do to solve these martial arts experts.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Magic Yu Pei