At the same time, Situhao let Mu Ling’s hand pretend to be tired, and closed his eyes slightly, which looked like a resting place. Mu Ling couldn’t help but have a fainting impulse again.

Situhao is so ridiculous.
Just then our headquarters came in, followed by Ye Xueyue.
Sister Ling, this is our immortal-burning patriarch.
Ye Xueyue came in and said directly to Mu Ling. At the same time, her eyes fell on Situhao’s face and face immediately filled with doubts.
Situhao is still alive and kicking. She didn’t come back from a trip in the past. How did she become like this? It seems that she hasn’t slept for hundreds of years.
Aya’s son gave the elder Anmu Aya. Although it is a fairy tale and martial arts, it is our headquarters. Anyway, it is also Grandpa Situhao. She can’t disrespect him.
Our headquarters saw that Mu Ling’s face was full of surprises. She nodded kindly. Don’t bother to see me after the ceremony. It’s like seeing one of our own. Although you are the younger brother of Cang Ling, after burning immortals, it’s your home. If you don’t mind, you can call me grandpa. Call me grandpa after you marry Hao Er.
Mu Ling didn’t expect that the first big door of the magic way would be so kind to the patriarch. Her heart was restrained and immediately disappeared, and then she didn’t mention it to Grandpa.
Hehe, that’s a good boy. Hao’s eyes are really good
Grandpa is joking.
Grandpa, after I stole the Soul Yuan from the Immortal Sect, I just rushed back to the Immortal Sect, which can be described as exhaustion. Now I don’t want to give you peace or salute you. You must forgive me. Ha Situhao’s words are full of exhaustion and facial expressions. He really wants to have a good sleep for hundreds of years.
Why don’t you take a white look at Stuart and be polite to grandpa? Since you are so tired, just sit down. I don’t care about those empty gifts.
Mu Ling looked at Situhao sitting there with his legs crossed, and said such words with great expression. The lifelike words seemed to be really exhausted. No one in front of her, I’m afraid she couldn’t help laughing.
On the other side, Ye Xueyue’s face became more confused, but she couldn’t imagine that Situhao would become so sleepy in such a short time.
Does he already talk to Mu Ling during this period?
But it’s not right. Mu Ling is not dressed neatly at this time, and her face is not tired. It doesn’t look like she has done that kind of thing.
Besides, it’s not so weak for Situhao to show his fighting capacity when he entered his boudoir at night.
Ye Xueyue thought that Situhao might have longed for Ling to do that, and her heart became heavy, but when she thought that it was impossible for two people to finish that thing, her heart would become relaxed again.
However, as far as Situ Hao is tired, she is always wandering between the two of them whether they do it or not, and her heart is sometimes heavy and sometimes relaxed.
In this mood, she turned and walked into the side to make tea.
Hao son, are you looking for the soul? Xian zong’s headquarters didn’t have Ye Xueyue’s mind. He went to one side and sat down in a chair and asked Situhao directly.
This is also the question that Situhao made him curious.
Desire for Soul Xianzong is an ancient clan that has been inherited for tens of thousands of years. It has always been a mystery, but Situ Hao didn’t find it in a few months and stole the soul yuan of Zongbao in Desire for Soul Xianzong Town. Anyway, this is something that our headquarters can’t figure out.
At this time, Ye Xueyue was carrying a small wooden tray and everyone had made a cup of tea.
Hey, hey, hey, I was lucky enough to meet my brother, and then I followed him all the way, so I found him and stole the soul yuan Hualien.
Obviously, I have never heard of Ye Xueyue, the immortal of desire for soul, and their faces are full of doubts.
Soul Yuan Hualien wants the soul. Zongbao in Xianzong Town should not be easy to steal. You can steal a petal from Soul Yuan Hualien to reunite Ling Er’s soul and realize that you are still young.
Grandpa, you are wrong.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground and his face immediately looked confused. I was wrong. How was I wrong?
I did not steal a petal from Soul Yuan Hualien, but stole Soul Yuan Hualien.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground and his face changed greatly. The teacup in his hand was directly dropped to the ground. What did you say?