Make it clear that Zhang Sheng asked with a jerk in his heart.

Wolf took a stack of photos from the handbag and handed it to Zhang Sheng. This is a photo taken by our satellite. It’s really magnificent. I guess it’s really a great Indian god.
Zhang Sheng took a stack of photos. The photos are very simple. A huge black monster has a long dark green horn and emits strange black gas. The black flame is constantly spraying in his mouth. The black flame actually devours the resurrection ability. Wherever the black flame goes, it will become ruins.
Several Buddhists are in heaven and Christians are working together to deal with this monster, but despite their good strength, the monster is still too different. Almost every time this monster sprays a flame, it will die, and a large number of people will practice in New Delhi, and they will be shrouded in an atmosphere of fear.
One photo after another can give a general idea of the situation at that time.
Buddhists are big in heaven, but Christians are not the monster. The opponent’s battle is one-sided, but just when this monster is going to attack the urban area, a vague figure is now in hand, and a huge sword is actually used to force the monster back, but this monster is quite intelligent, and the huge figure has already arrived in the urban area in a flash.
Black flame New Delhi is not angry at all. Zhang Sheng seems to have heard the screams of several people. Even if Zhang Sheng doesn’t like India, he can’t help but feel a little pity for these ordinary people. You have set free fierce beasts for your own interests, but in the end, it’s just these people.
A few photos were taken, one of which was covered with the vague figure, and the last photo clearly recorded the fighting situation of the monster. The vague figure had to launch the strongest attack, but it was because of this different attack that a New Delhi was completely turned into a dead city.
What spectacular pictures! After these photos are taken to Hollywood, they will be excellent materials. Zhang Sheng smiled faintly.
The wolf sighed, but this happened in the real situation of people. It seems that the vague figure is one of the great gods in India
It must be that kind of tough attack. Even the other day, Huang Feihu couldn’t do it. Zhang Sheng frowned and said with a wry smile
It’s a good thing this monster didn’t come to China, otherwise it would be really troublesome.
Zhang Sheng said with a cold eye that even if he came, he couldn’t pick it up like me.
By the way, director, there is another thing that needs to be told. The Roman church has been rebuilt. The Pope has invited you to go to Rome.
Oh, Zhang Sheng’s heart moved, and the Pope’s peerless face could not help but nod and smile in his mind. Tell the Vatican that I will attend on time.
What about the monster alliance? After this question, the wolf asked again
Monsters Alliance: My God, if you don’t, I’ll forget what they want. I’m not in the mood and energy to go to their headquarters. Zhang Sheng patted his forehead and said, "I can’t bear it."
Wolves smiled faintly and said that they demanded legal status, and human beings could not arrest them at will, and they promised not to kill a good man at will.
It’s a good thing to ask, but you should do it, but you should put your posture higher and let them know the truth that they beg us, not us.
The wolf nodded, of course, and the director will go to Europe in three days. It seems that Europe still has unfinished business.
After the wolf walked, Zhang Sheng sat on the spacious sofa and looked up at the luxurious ceiling. Thinking back to the strange life in recent years, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. From a person who knows how to eat and drink for himself to the strongest person in the world, things often change.
Zhang Sheng has made a decision to get things right in Europe. It’s time for him to take a break.
Three days later, Zhang Shengyuanjue and his wife left for Europe.
Yuan Jiao, I still find that you are much more relaxed than me. Two people are flying at a high speed with Zhang Sheng twist a head and look at it. Yuan Jiao can’t help but say
Don’t, don’t say that. Yuanjue shakes his head again and again. I’m sorry, Mr. Zhang. You are the strongest person. If there are not many things, it will be strange. Me, however, is just a nonsense sesame official in the China Monastery League. I should be idle
Seeing that you are so carefree, I’m angry and won’t fight.
Then I’m willing to be so tired if you give me all your adventures. In a few years, you’ll be busy when your legs soar to the celestial world and you’ll be strong in places like the celestial world
When it comes to celestial Zhang Sheng can’t help but smile bitterly, and there is no progress at all. Zhang Sheng can barely make the first move in the other seven strokes, and he can’t even touch the way to practice, let alone practice.
It seems that people in front of Yuan Jiao suddenly said
Zhang Sheng nodded and felt who it was long ago. It’s just that he can float in the middle. Zhang Sheng is waiting for repairs at this time, even if he is hundreds of miles apart, he can still perceive his opponent’s repairs.
It’s not ridiculous that people in front can’t live naturally, but it’s not ridiculous that these people dare to block people’s strongest way.
The way is that the faces of two young people are already showing tender Zhang Shengyuan’s smile and stopped to wonder what these two people want to do.
You brought your magic weapon, but an older young man opened his mouth to rob them.
Zhang Sheng Yuanjue held back his laughter. Zhang Sheng looked very experienced. Are the two Taoist friends trying to rob us?
That’s right, we are the strongest people, disciple Zhang Sheng. Recently, my master needs to cultivate a powerful weapon and some magic weapons to induce you to bring them quickly.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four World pattern
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four World pattern
The two men were startled by Zhang Sheng’s efforts to stop laughing. You are Zhang Sheng’s apprentice.
That’s not true. The two teenagers’ faces changed, and the older teenagers shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense. My master is still waiting. If you annoy the master."
Zhang Sheng’s face became serious, and a faint murderous look gradually enveloped the two teenagers. Suddenly, they just swaggered, and their faces changed. Both of them had a cold sweat on their foreheads.
I don’t think it’s brave for anyone to take my name around and cheat you. Let’s not say that your disciples will be idiots like you, and I have seen monasticism. I don’t know how to write the word "death" at a young age.