That song … that song …

That’s when men and women express their love for their loved ones.
He asked himself what this meant.
She’s a little upset …
Seems to know the answer, but dare not be sure.
How is that possible?
She has only been with him for a few days.
She can’t believe that he likes her.
"You shouldn’t blow that song by Cousin Moon Lo to me …" [
It took her courage to say this in a weak voice.
Ji Yue Yun Luo Zheng then hooked his lip angle and smiled gently. "What?"
He never took his eyes off her face.
Gazing at her face tenderly with a shallow charming smile
Dark and bright eyes give off a bright luster.
If you swallow your saliva, you will be hesitant because of nervousness. "Do you know the reason …"
Well, he’s really a bad guy.
Know what you want to say that, and deliberately play dumb with her …
Even seven-year-old children should know that this song "The Most Lovesick" can’t be played to others casually.
Ji Yue Yun Luo sat down beside her, picked up the paddle and rowed the boat a little bit towards the middle of the lake.
There is a gazebo in the middle of the lake.
There is an old man selling grilled fish in the pavilion.
I heard that that fish he bake is very delicious.
"Is there anything wrong with me playing it for you?"
He asked with a serious expression, turning his eyes to her beautiful little face from time to time. Section 516: A good marriage is destined to be 56
She looks really beautiful when she blushes.
I can’t get enough of it.
"Of course not …"
If you cherish a wrinkled and delicate eyebrow and blush with shame, "I … I’m not the person you like. How can you just blow it to me?"
Ji Yue Yun Luo raised his head with a scorching light in his dark eyes [
Like a fire burning in his eyes.
The heat from that bur flame made her little face hot.
Her consciousness just wants to avoid such eyes …
But he wouldn’t give her a chance.
Suddenly he took her little hand.
Despite her struggle, she held tightly and said urgently and enthusiastically, "What if I didn’t blow it to you casually?"
She is so clever …
We should understand what he is saying.
If cherish was stuck …
"Silly girl …"
He lovingly rubbed her head.
How could he just blow it to her?
He himself has made it very clear.
In fact, she has already lost his mind, right?
She’s shy. She just pretends not to know.
She shivered gently …
I feel that his hand is also like a hot air …
She shrank back …
He held out his hand to hold her little body [
I took her into my arms with a little effort.
She is really petite and soft …
A small ball curled up in his arms like a cat.
Her hair exudes a charming fragrance …
Light fragrance smells great …
"You … you let me go …"
Although if cherish with Chu month from also had such intimate behavior.
But the feeling is completely different
Where did her heart beat so hard …
Where will blush so much …