Ash’s ice arrow then hit the big mouth accurately.

Then there is the night maple robot with a Q-skill mechanical flying claw
I have to say that although many hero combination skills make them strong in League of Legends, heroes like robots, who eat all over the world, can also bring great trouble to the opposite side in many cases.
The victory or defeat of the game may have been decided in the blue side taking the big dragon or earlier team battle. When the big mouth on the other side of this wave was directly pushed off by the second middle road, the night maple robot once again made meritorious deeds and pulled the single waist, and then five people surrounded it.
At the same time, the other side also chose to surrender directly …
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Add no friends
"But my god robot won my recognition in this competition!"
"The objective analysis shows that it is the essence that I didn’t lie down the robot several times."
"Add autumn sister paper friends, ask the boss and autumn sister paper to double row"
"It’s nice to play with the autumn sister paper ADC."
A group of fans in the night maple live broadcast also started typing after the game.
When is sis paper alway that focus of men’s eyes, especially those of a group of men?
Even in the live broadcast of the virtual network world, a group of viewers started to brush the screen and asked him to add autumn friends.
Ye Feng was equally hesitant after the game.
After his rebirth in Nanling University, he never made up his mind whether to go to Lian I, a woman who is like a brother with him, but he didn’t expect the gear of fate to turn back to its original place.
After thinking for a while, Feng ordered a friend to apply and sent it.
At the same time, fish live on the moon.
"The goddess of autumn and my good friends are arranged together."
"I don’t like autumn sister paper and other men’s double-row autumn sister paper."
"It’s time for you to get up and move bricks. Zhang Dahua, the head of the village, is waiting for you to go home and marry her."
Soon a friend application popped up in the right corner of Yuyue’s client.
"That’s all for today’s live broadcast. I’ll broadcast it to you tomorrow." Suddenly a crisp sound came out in the live broadcast and then it went live directly.
"Go? Really? "
"Autumn sister paper shy?"
"Really go? My god charm is too bad, isn’t it? How come the autumn sister paper was directly scared away? "
The sudden departure in autumn also caused the live broadcast to explode immediately. No one thought that it was a friend of GODEYES’ application, but autumn was so direct.
Just when her live fans were in uproar, everyone in the night maple live broadcast was also jubilant when they saw the night maple send out a friend invitation.
But three seconds passed quickly, and I didn’t see the autumn ID in the friends column.
"Is the network delay so bad? Why don’t you accept the autumn sister paper? "
"My god invited the double platoon directly. Maybe she didn’t pay attention to you."
"Agree to invite the double platoon directly!"
"Don’t wait, people are playing games. Congratulations on my failure to pick up girls."
"Line? True or false? "
"The real line is 666666666666"
"Make sure the line is 666666"
The live broadcast quickly re-brushed a wave of rhythm, especially some fans who went to the autumn live broadcast and returned after confirmation, even gave Ye Feng a crazy’ taunt’
"Huh?" Ye Feng also saw it soon, and immediately he opened the webpage and entered Shengmeng V to find the autumn live broadcast directly.
Sure enough, the live broadcast should be that the live screen has become-the anchor is on his way.
Autumn actually went online directly after he applied to be a friend? Is it with him? Or coincidence?
"The boss’s instant crash was rejected by the autumn sister paper!"
"I’m so excited that all the grass in the world is out in autumn, can winter be far behind?"
"Autumn sister paper is dry and beautiful, boss. Please allow me to make a sad expression (laugh/)"
It’s still the ordinary apartment. The girl sitting in front of her head is staring at a photo in front of her. The figure is impressively night maple’s picture when she takes part in the Kirin Internet cafe competition. Night maple is absorbed in staring at the screen in front of her, her face is playing a game, and her mouth is smiling with confidence. In the left corner of the photo, she is dreaming of life-four beautiful small words stand leisurely.
GG team base night maple is also a little bitter. Looking at the live broadcast of Fish Month, he carefully recalled that he should not know Fish Month in this life, so Fish Month’s disagreement with adding his friends can make sense.
After all, when a well-known anchor broadcasts live, fans will apply to add your friends almost every minute. No matter what kind of anchor, it will form the habit of applying as a friend
Regardless of whether there is a fish-and-moon game friend, Ye Feng’s training match will continue to receive several games. Ye Feng’s luck is extremely poor. He didn’t get his favorite position. He didn’t say that his teammates were either given an advantage on the line or didn’t cooperate with each other in the team battle. He went to five games in a row and lost four.
The next day, everyone got up earlier than usual. Many hospital notices have already set the date. Today is the day when Yamamoto underwent surgery. Although it was not life-saving surgery, all teammates decided to accompany Yamamoto to finish the operation.
"You’re here." The mountain saw the crowd coming and sat up from the hospital bed with a smile on his face.
No matter what kind of people go to the hospital, they will always be lonely.
Shan is no exception, and he is obviously happy to see everyone coming.
"How to hang water? So serious? " Ye Feng noticed that Shan was lying in the hospital bed and his right hand was dripping.
"The doctor said that the wrist condition was a little more serious than originally expected. At the beginning, the choice was no longer established, and the operation was already necessary." Han Xiaoyi whispered.