Words Dan Gang, two wings tiger lion beast has jumped to the front of Chicheng Mountain disciple. These two big guys, who had been in the beast bag for a long time, were sulking when they were suddenly called out. They couldn’t help yelling with joy. Two pairs of sharp teeth with golden light ran straight to the disciple of Chicheng Mountain, and their eyesight was as good as that of Xi Fangping, but they couldn’t see their movements clearly.

Almost within two interest rates, nine disciples of Chicheng Mountain fell four and a half times, and each of them got a claw on the head, and the top of the skull was scratched, and the brains flowed all over the floor. The protective shield that was rushed up had no effect on the two-winged tiger lion beast, just like paper, it was broken when it was scratched. Xi Fangping just took out the cloud bow from the storage bag, ready to get rid of the dead disciples of Chicheng Mountain. However, the bow and arrow had just been put on, and the bow had not been pulled up, and the battle was over. Two tigers and lions stood there leisurely, making a low roar, as if blaming Xi Fangping for finding a few so poor opponents to practice their hands.
XiFangPing opened his mouth wide, even wearing a cloud bow almost fell to the ground. This is the first time he saw the tiger, lion and beast. He didn’t expect that the tiger, lion and beast had such a strong fighting capacity. According to legend, tigers and lions fighting by their own quality are twice as effective as monks of the same rank. Sure enough, even if there are nine monks standing opposite, tigers and lions have the ability to annihilate them one by one, what’s more, they are only nine monks in the air-entraining period.
Xi Fangping reluctantly put away the cloud bow. Mama of, if I had known this, he should have let the tiger, lion and beast out long ago when all the scattered practitioners fled, which saved him so much trouble and made him nervous for a long time. It seems that in his subconscious, personal heroism is too serious. Every time, he waits until the most urgent time to release the celestial beasts to clean up the mess, and often puts himself in danger. This can’t be the case in the future. The celestial beasts are originally used for fighting. In this respect, compared with other monks, Xi Fangping is indeed a bit soft-hearted.
After calling the reluctant tiger, lion and beast into the spirit beast bag, Xi Fangping put away all the storage bags of 18 bodies on the ground, and then went to the rocky pile to find the other two bodies, and put away their storage bags together with the cloud-piercing arrows inserted in his chest. This just swaggered towards the row of houses where Chicheng Mountain disciples were originally stationed. Inside the house, Xi Fangping found a storage room for all kinds of substances. There are about 10,000 pieces of lingshi alone, of which only a part was collected by disciples of Chicheng Mountain in recent days, and most of them were left by disciples of Yunmenjian before. In addition to lingshi, Xi Fangping also found some low-grade herbs, dozens of low-order instruments, some talismans and a large number of Dan medicines. The grades of these Dan medicines are not high, mainly Huang Jingdan, which was sold by Yunmenjian to Fenghai City. Now it is all owned by Xi Fangping. XiFangPing don’t want to hand in these pills, anyway, YunMenJian also not bad this little thing, and XiFangPing take these things, how many can change some spirit stone flowers.
Looking through the 20 storage bags in hand again, Xi Fangping’s eyes suddenly lit up. In fact, there is nothing in it. Lingshi always adds up to two or three thousand pieces. Other Dan medicines and herbs are converted into Lingshi, which is about a thousand pieces. What interests Xi Fangping is that he found 14 pieces of intermediate low-order fenglei symbols and nearly 30 pieces of instruments in the storage bag, including 12 pieces of high-order instruments. Take these instruments out and sell them, and at least you can sell them for 10 or 20 thousand pieces of Lingshi.
After frowning and thinking for a while, Xi Fangping took out a small flying sword from the storage bag and carved several big characters on the wall of the house: "Killer, the king of Qinglang Mountain is stunned." The word crooked, how see how uncomfortable, however, quite in line with the character of Wang leng dressed by Xi Fangping. Then, XiFangPing played a wisp of small flame and nodded the furniture in the room. In the blink of an eye, the whole row of houses were on fire, and the smoke was rolling, which could be seen clearly dozens of miles away.
Xi Fangping knows very well that those scattered practitioners must not have gone far. They will definitely stay at the seaside and wait for news. It won’t be long before the scattered practitioners will return to Fenghai City to see what happened. It won’t be long before everything in Fenghai City will spread to hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang, and his name will be heard, and the disciples of Chicheng Mountain will soon know. At that time, they will go all over the sky to find Wang Leng, and maybe they will send some troops to Qinglang Mountain to have a look. Virtually, the troops that besieged Yunmenjian will be a little less. Don’t underestimate this little bit. Yunmenjian and Chicheng Mountain have the same strength in the air-entraining period, Dan-knot period and Yuan-baby period. Their only advantage is the monk in the gas-condensing period, and the monk sent to Qinglangshan can only be the monk in the gas-condensing period. As a result, Zhang Zhangtou’s life will be easier.
After all this, Xi Fangping returned to the market, cut off the heads of nine Chichengshan disciples killed by tigers and lions, and prepared to throw them into the lake. The nine monks died in a different way. People with discerning eyes can see at once that they died under the powerful monster beast. If you think for a while, you might suspect that Xi Fangping was on his head. After all, Xi Fangping was a modest person in Yunmenjian. His sudden disappearance is likely to attract the attention of you, so you can guess that it was Xi Fangping who made trouble in Fenghai City and make corresponding arrangements. Now that Xi Fangping is alone, everything must be careful.

Chapter 59 Shihushan (on)
Three days later, Xi Fangping came to Shihu Mountain. Shihu Mountain is a small hill in the mountains, which is named because it is full of strange rocks and looks like a hip flask. From the information given by Yunmenjian, Xi Fangping learned that there are fifty-two disciples of Chicheng Mountain stationed in Shihu Mountain, including two disciples at the initial stage of gas condensation, ten disciples with fifteen layers of air-entraining, ten disciples with twelve to fourteen layers of air-entraining, and thirty disciples with less than ten layers of air-entraining. Those disciples who bleed air below 10 floors don’t play much role in the battle. Their only task is to be laborers and carry out destructive mining of Shihushan Lingshi Mine. As a result, even if Yunmenjian takes Shihushan Lingshi Mine back in the future, there is not much left.
Shihushan Lingshi Mine is located at the foot of Shihushan Mountain. The view at the entrance of the cave is quite wide. There is nothing but stones outside the entrance of the cave. It is difficult to sneak under the cover of trees, and it is unlikely to be attacked by surprise. At the entrance of the cave, there are two rows of houses. One row houses disciples of Chicheng Mountain, and the other row stores tools. Lingshi collected from Lingmai is directly put into the storage bags of two monks who are in charge of guarding this Lingshi mine during the condensation period.
In seven or eight miles away from the mouth of the cave, Xi Fangping lowered the little black sword and hurried to the mouth of the cave on foot. He knew very well that the detection range of the Godsworn’s knowledge in the early stage of condensate gas was about three times larger than that of the fifteen-story Godsworn. Everything in Fiona Fang’s four miles could not escape the Godsworn’s knowledge in the early stage of condensate gas. He didn’t want to be attacked by dozens of disciples in Chicheng Mountain as soon as he landed.
Since seeing the power of the tiger, lion and beast, Xi Fangping has more confidence in this task. Nine disciples in the air-entraining period didn’t even have much chance to take out the multiplier to resist in front of the two tigers and lions, and inside his belt, there were two Sanwu snakes and five fire dragons and lizards, and their fighting capacity was absolutely no less than that of the tigers and lions, that is to say, they really wanted to be released without scruple. It is estimated that the fifty-two monks would be wiped out in a short time. Just, XiFangPing don’t want to do this, he didn’t want to let his own strength exposed so early, after all, the task given by YunMenJian, for his XiFangPing, is just a small matter, even if the task is not completely, he doesn’t have any psychological burden. For him, accepting the task this time, to a greater extent, is just taking it out on Sima Jin. If people all over the world know his real strength for such a trivial matter, it will be a bit of a loss.
When I walked about five miles from the mouth of the cave, Xi Fangping stopped. If I go any further, I may be caught by the other side. XiFangPing don’t worry, anyway, Zhang Zhang didn’t give him time limit, he can slowly with these bastards Chicheng Mountain. He looked around, found a hole, and hid in it. He knew that the other party could never stay in the vein forever, and it would always come out. At that time, one would come out and kill another. When the killing was almost over, the people inside would naturally be disturbed, and Xi Fangping could fight guerrilla warfare with them all over the mountains. After five years in the secular world, Xi Fangping has a lot of experience in using various terrains to deal with superior enemies. Now his opponent has changed from a mortal to a monk. However, Xi Fangping knows that these experiences are equally applicable.
The hole Xi Fangping chose is quite good, just halfway up Shihu Mountain, which is equivalent to the height of the friar’s flying sword in the air-entraining period. Once the friar passes through the air-entraining period, because he is in the air, his posture is inconvenient, and under the attack of the cloud-piercing arrow, there is no escape. Moreover, Xi Fangping’s current detection range of gods is about three miles. Compared with the friars at the initial stage of condensate gas, it is only a mile away. Its aura in the body is almost the same as that of the friars at the initial stage of condensate gas. Coupled with its vigorous posture and tough body, even if it meets the friars at the initial stage of condensate gas, it also has the ability of World War I. If you count the jade bee pulp, you don’t have to worry about the exhaustion of aura. Then, if the other party only comes to a monk in the early stage of condensation, even if he doesn’t use the celestial beasts, he is sure to win the battle.
After observing the surrounding terrain again, Xi Fangping got into the hole, sat cross-legged, and then took the cloud bow out of the storage bag and put it on his leg, which was leisurely adjusted. Before pranayama, he also took out a bottle of red bee pulp from the storage bag and gulped it down. After the Battle of Fenghai, he arrived here almost non-stop, and with his efforts to listen for news along the way, he hardly had a good rest these days, just taking this opportunity to adjust his physical fitness to the best state.
Everything comes to him who waits. After three days of meditation in the cave, Xi Fang found that a guy was flying out of Lingshi Mine and heading for his own hole. In great joy, Xi Fangping quickly grabbed the cloud bow, held his breath, quietly walked out of the hole, hid behind a small tree outside the hole, and rolled up the cloud bow.
It’s a friar with 12 layers of air bleeding, which makes Xi Fangping quite disappointed. Mama of, it’s just a little unwilling to come to Carrier City for the first time. However, no matter how small the ant’s legs are, there is more or less meat on them. Based on Xi Fangping’s experience in robbing these days, in the storage bag of the friar with air bleeding on the twelfth floor, everything else adds up, and there should be more than a hundred pieces of lingshi. The wealth is accumulated bit by bit, and more than a hundred pieces of lingshi are not bad. In those days, he spent ten years collecting herbs, but he could only sell a dozen or twenty pieces of lingshi and more than a hundred pieces of lingshi, which was really great wealth for Xi Fangping in those days.
Xi Fangping’s breath-holding technique was really wonderful. The hapless guy ShiRan passed through the hole and didn’t respond at all. Xi Fangping’s arrow in the cloud has been pointed at that guy, but he didn’t shoot anxiously, but waited until the other side turned his back on himself and stayed away from Lingshi Mine, and he shot an arrow firmly. The distance of 40-50 feet is just a piece of cake for the current arrow, which is much faster than the sound of the bowstring, silently pointing directly at the opponent and penetrating into his back. The disciple of Chicheng Mountain didn’t even have time to scream, so he fell from his flying sword and dropped a trail of blood in the air.
After a successful blow, Xi Fangping immediately set foot on the little black sword, flew out of the hole, and collected the storage bag of the disciple of Chicheng Mountain as quickly as possible. Then, he lifted the body of the disciple of Chicheng Mountain and threw it into a deep and secluded cave not far away. This cave, however, has been detected by Xi Fangping for a long time, and it is specially used to hold unfortunate bodies, so as not to be seen by others. After all this was done, Xi Fangping returned to his original place and sprinkled a layer of soil on the ground to cover the blood. Only then did Shi Shiran return to the invisible cave. He is convinced that the unlucky guy has never come back, and he will definitely send his disciples to search. At that time, he can go to Italy again.
Xi Fangping did the same thing. In one day, he actually killed six disciples of Chicheng Mountain, including two monks with fifteen floors and four monks with twelve floors and thirteen floors, and got about six or seven hundred lingshi and several instruments. When night fell, Xi Fangping withdrew from the mouth of the cave and came to an ambush on a hill not far from Lishihu Mountain. The terrain here is different from Shihu Mountain, with towering trees. For Xi Fangping, who is used to mountain trees, the terrain here always gives him a feeling of being at home.
There are six masters who didn’t go back in one day. Xi Fangping knows very well, and the other party will definitely come out for a big search. However, according to his estimation, there will not be too many people coming out this time. After all, keeping Lingshi Mine is the most important task of the other party. Sure enough, when the moon first rose, Xi Fang was flat, and sixteen figures flew out from Lingshi Mine. After wandering in the surrounding air for a while, he came towards the mountain where he stayed. Xi Fangping hurriedly cast his breath and hid his body. Sixteen gods swept Xi Fangping, and one of them was particularly powerful, a little stronger than Xi Fangping’s gods. Obviously, he was a monk in the period of gas condensation. However, even the monk in the period of gas condensation did not have Xi Fangping who was holding his breath now.
There was a figure passing through the treetops. Xi Fangping rolled up the arrow that pierced the cloud and released it lightly. The figure immediately fell from the flying sword, and a scream broke the silence of the mountain forest. With a successful blow, Xi Fangping immediately displayed his posture and ran towards the side. Sure enough, only a few minutes later, more than a dozen monks came from all directions, and Xi Fangping in the Woods even heard the voices of some disciples in Chicheng Mountain.
A gloomy voice sounded in the air: "Where Daoyou, since you dare to attack and kill my Chicheng Mountain disciple many times, don’t you have the courage to talk to Long for a while?" The voice is obviously full of aura, Fiona Fang can be heard within four or five miles, and it should be the friar who led the team in the early stage of condensate gas. XiFangPing chuckled, mama of, Lao tze now in the dark, life is quite happy, why want to go out to meet you? If you really want to go out with the tiger, lion and beast, it is estimated that your boy will run as far as he can without even saying anything.
After a while, the gloomy voice rang again: "Since Daoyou refused to come out to meet each other, don’t blame us for being heartless. I will make you regret being born in this world when I find you out later."
As soon as the words sound just fell, an arrow shot silently from the Woods and went straight to the chest of the monk named Long. The monk named Long was a monk in the early stage of gas condensation. Suddenly, a shield appeared on his hand and covered it in front of him. The cloud-piercing arrow was blocked by the shield, bounced out and fell into the Woods.
The friar named Long was secretly surprised. The strength of the arrow was too strong, almost equivalent to a friar in the early stage of condensing gas. If the arrow was fired at any other disciple present, they could not have escaped.
Brother Long’s face darkened: "Since Taoist friends have such a sharp weapon, they must not be idle people. Can you tell Longmou why Taoist friends are against Chicheng Mountain?"
Xi Fangping deliberately hoarse and burst out laughing: "The boy named Long, it is your disciple of Chicheng Mountain who wants to embarrass your uncle. Your uncle can’t wait and die, but he can only spend the end with you Chicheng Mountain."
Brother Long’s voice changed: "Are you Wang Leng who killed 20 of my masters in Chicheng Mountain in Fenghai City?"
Xi Fangping said with a smile, "What happened in Fenghai City was your uncle’s doing. What can you do to your uncle, boy named Long?"
Long surname Xiugan laughed instead of anger: "Very well, very well. After killing 20 of my masters in Chicheng Mountain in Fenghai City, Daoyou even had the courage to go to Shihu Mountain to provoke. It seems that Daoyou are really determined to fight Chicheng Mountain with us to the end. It is estimated that Taoist friends have some kind of spirit device that can hide their breath. It is no wonder that all 20 masters in Fenghai City were killed in Taoist friends’ hands. However, with the cultivation of Daoyou’s bleeding period, do you think you can escape the pursuit of Longmou? "
"Escape, why did your uncle escape?" Xi Fangping burst out laughing. "Yes, your uncle is a treasure that hides his breath. Only by this, your uncle has the strength to challenge you. Now that you Chicheng Mountain have released malicious words to spend with your uncle to the end, your uncle will naturally not be polite. If you don’t toss you half to death, your uncle will not easily escape. "
While speaking, 14 air-entraining monks have lowered their flying swords and jumped at the place where Xi Fangping spoke, while the monk named Long remained in the air, with a sword in his hand, eyes wide open, staring at the Woods tightly, and with his divine knowledge, he couldn’t stay there now. However, since Xi Fangping dared to make a sound, the monk named Long was confident that he could force him out and kill him again.
Seeing each other surrounded, Xi Fangping stopped talking, moved to the right for more than twenty feet, and took out the escape needle from the storage bag. This kind of needle-shaped spirit, which is almost invisible, is most suitable for use in the dark. Of course, it’s a bully to use the escape needle to deal with the monks in the bleeding period. What’s more, it’s a sneak attack. Just, for Xi Fangping, as long as he can kill his opponent, he doesn’t care about bullying. When he was a bodyguard, his mace, which weighed one thousand pounds, hit a robber who only knew some fur kung fu, and it was the same. He never felt bullied.
In order to hide his figure, Xi Fangping kept his gods’ knowledge, and watched everything around him carefully with the naked eye. The forest was quite dark, and a few rays of moonlight came in through the cracks in the trees, but it didn’t play a big role. However, for Xi Fangping, who can see things freely in the dark, the dark Woods are the most suitable. XiFangPing hiding behind a big tree, as far as possible the body close to the trunk, head around, looking at everything around.
A figure appeared five or six feet away, with a weapon in his hand, and crept to search for progress. However, he obviously didn’t have the ability to see things at night. Xi Fangping was not far from him, and he didn’t see it. Xi Fangping pinched the escape needle in his hand, transported the powerful aura in the body, and poured it into the escape needle. When the monk just turned his head and his chest was facing himself, Xi Fangping shot the escape needle like a ghost with a wave of his hand, and disappeared into the chest of the disciple of Chicheng Mountain in the blink of an eye. The escape needle is a low-order spirit in the true sense, and its lethality is serious. As soon as it sinks into the opponent’s chest, the powerful aura contained in it spews out, instantly smashing the major meridians of the friar in the bleeding period. The friar in the bleeding period even breathed his last before screaming, and his body slowly fell down.
A successful blow, XiFangPing micro pinch tactic, light needle silently flew back to his hands. According to the plan, Xi Fangping is ready to kill all the friars in the bleeding period first, and then release the tiger, lion and beast to get rid of the friar named Long. With his cultivation, it is possible to defeat the monk named Long. However, once the battle is started, it is impossible to get rid of him without a few incense sticks. Moreover, the degree of Xi Fangping is limited. If the wind escape operator is not used, the monk named Long may escape completely. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the monk named Long in the shortest time, you must use the tiger, lion and beast, or other celestial beasts.
Xi Fang Pingxun moved ten feet to the left, but he didn’t expect that he almost bumped into a disciple of Chicheng Mountain because he moved too fast and didn’t dare to use his knowledge. Fortunately, Xi Fangping’s reaction was quick, and when the disciple of Chicheng Mountain was unable to judge the enemy or the enemy, he shot out the escape needle in his hand and went straight into the body. However, due to the hasty hand, the disciple of Chicheng Mountain gave a scream and exposed the position of Xi Fangping.
There was a rushing sound from the head. Obviously, the monk named Long was jumping straight from the sky, and the sword in his hand shone brightly and stabbed Xi Fangping. Not the kui is a monk in the gas condensation period, and his speed is completely unexpected for Xi Fangping. However, Xi Fangping is not easy to be with his peers. When he was busy, he twisted his body and missed the attack range of a long sword. With the fastest degree, he flicker behind a big tree. Only heard a few loud noises, a few small trees with thick bowls fell to the ground, and Xi Fangping secretly wiped a cold sweat. The monk’s attack ability during the gas condensation period was really extraordinary. The trees with thick bowls were not much different from a few grasses in front of them.
Brother Long’s surname missed a blow, so he immediately offered a shield and covered his whole body to prevent Xi Fangping from taking the opportunity to sneak attack. However, he didn’t expect that Xi Fangping would have hid more than twenty feet away by taking advantage of this space, and the escape needle was offered again and shot into the back of a passing disciple of Chicheng Mountain. Just cast the light needle for three times, and Xi Fangping felt that the aura in the body had consumed more than half, and he was weak. Not the kui is a spirit device, although it is only low-order, but the required aura is also half dead. With the cultivation of Xi Fangping, it is really impossible to use it many times.

Chapter 60 Shihushan (in)
Xi Fangping hid behind a tree, took out a bottle of jade bee pulp from his belt, swallowed a drop, and immediately there was a warm current in the abdomen. The warm current flowed through the whole body meridians in the blink of an eye, which was warm and quite comfortable. Xi Fangping felt that not only the aura in the body suddenly recovered, but also the whole body meridians seemed to be expanded a little. Xi Fang was calm and exultant. It seems that the jade bee pulp not only has the function of supplementing aura, but also is quite beneficial to improve his self-cultivation. This is the first time that Xi Fangping used royal bee pulp, and it was taken in battle. It seems that I have to take more in the future. Anyway, Xi Fang is so rich now, and there is plenty of jade bee pulp in his belt, which is enough for him to waste.
After careful calculation, he has killed three monks in the bleeding period. In the dense forest, there are twelve monks in the bleeding period besides the monk named Long. It’s just a dozen. Under the condition of holding one’s breath, Xi Fangping doesn’t care about these air-entraining monks at all. The only thing worth considering is the monk named Long. However, since I am pregnant with a tiger, lion and beast, it is only a trivial matter to kill the monk named Long. If Xi Fangping hadn’t been afraid of missing one or two guys, thus revealing his secret, he would have released the tiger, lion and beast to kill.
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping grabbed the trunk of a tree and climbed slowly. When he climbed to a height of about two feet, he stopped, holding an escape needle and looking at the bottom closely. Being in a high position, the line of sight is good. Xi Fangping immediately saw that there were three Chicheng Mountain disciples within a range of about twenty feet from himself, two of whom were on the left and one on the right. Unable to release the divine knowledge, Xi Fangping doesn’t know how these three guys practice, but what is certain is that it is not the monk named Long. Chicheng Mountain disciples’ clothes are very distinctive. Friars wear red clothes during the bleeding period, while friars wear yellow clothes during the condensation period. Even in the dark, Xi Fangping can easily recognize them.
Slowly sliding to the ground, Xi Fangping crept away toward the right with an escape needle in his hand. Since I don’t know what my opponent is doing, it’s natural to find someone to be overbearing. After judging the position, Xi Fangping turned left and right, and finally turned to a bush, bent down and hid his figure in a bush one person high, waiting patiently. Sure enough, only after a while, the disciple of Chicheng Mountain crustily skin of head came along, and Xi Fangping could even see the frightened expression on his face. Also, in the dense forest, it is a little difficult to deal with a monk of the same order who is good at hiding his figure. For those who have always been bullying, it is no wonder that his face is dismayed.
Escape light needle shot again, into the opponent’s body, the opponent’s vitality instantly cut off, and the body slowly fell down. Xi Fangping rushed forward, held the opponent’s body that was about to fall to the ground, gently put the body on the ground, and at the same time conveniently stuffed his storage bag and multiplier into his own storage bag, which slowly hurried to the left. There are two monks on the left. It is really difficult to kill them silently. He has to find a way to do it.
After walking more than twenty feet, two red figures appeared in front of Xi Fangping, one with a shield and the other with a sword, cooperating with each other and groping forward, only about one foot apart. Xi Fangping wanted to think, first touched each other’s front, then pulled out the hammer from the storage bag and held it in his hand. When one of them came to a distance of only about ten feet from himself, Xi Fangping’s hand shook, escaped the light needle, and sank into the body of the monk holding a sword far away from him. At the same time, the small hammer rose in an instant and smashed toward another monk holding a shield. Because of the short distance, the monk couldn’t hide at all, so he had to try his best to dance the shield and forcefully block it. There was a loud noise, and the hammer smashed the shield together with the monk. This is a friar with only 12 layers of air bleeding. Compared with Xi Fang’s sample, his aura in the body is really far away. Even if he fights face to face fairly, it is impossible to block Xi Fangping’s all-out blow, let alone fight in a hurry.
Just, that unlucky guy before he died, but out of a scream, once again exposed the position of XiFangPing. XiFang calm down slightly surprised, don’t even take the storage bag, hurriedly jump to run to the side. There was a loud noise, and five or six monks were arranging branches with instruments and running towards the sound site. Some monks were even a few feet away from Xi Fangping. Such a good opportunity, XiFangPing naturally don’t want to miss it, escape light needle while disorderly injection, again to two Chicheng mountain disciple’s life.
Only in a short time, there were only seven of the fifteen disciples in the air-entraining period. The constant screams made the monk named Long angry. He offered his flying sword, jumped into the air, and his fingertips were filled with aura. White fireballs were constantly ejected and hit the jungle aimlessly. XiFangPing frightened, this old guy is not bad, besides himself, there are seven masters of Chicheng Mountain in the dense forest, and he even blew up his own master regardless.
In the dense forest, the rumble continued, and many towering trees could not bear the bombardment and collapsed. The whole scene was in chaos, and Xi Fangping could vaguely hear one or two screams. Obviously, the monk named Long accidentally hurt his master. Xi Fangping constantly changed direction in the dense forest, while trying to find a big trunk to hide, while staring at the monk named Long in the air tightly. In such a chaotic situation, he can’t guarantee that the friar in the bleeding period is already dead, so he doesn’t want to release the tiger, lion and beast for the time being.
After more than 20 fireballs in a row, the monk named Long finally stopped. The fire thunder consumes a lot of aura. Although he is a monk in the gas condensation period, there is no way to shoot it. More than 20 fire thunder have already consumed about half of his aura. If the fire thunder is cast unscrupulously, it is estimated that after the fire thunder is released, he can only wait for Xi Fangping to kill himself.
The monk named Long stood under the flying sword, concentrating all his energy and exploring everything around him with his knowledge. He was very disappointed. Not only did he not have his current opponent’s place, but even the position of the other seven masters disappeared. Under such a powerful attack, the seven monks in the bleeding period were estimated to have been blown up by their own fire and thunder. Brother Long’s surname is very regretful. He was so angry just now that he didn’t think there were seven masters under him. He just wanted to drive Xi Fangping out of the jungle. Unexpectedly, that damned Wang Leng didn’t come out, but his master was killed by himself.
The friar named Long is not sure whether Xi Fangping is dead or alive. After all, he has a treasure that hides his own breath. Even if he is killed, he can’t detect it. After thinking about it, the friar named Long lowered his flying sword, flew into the dense forest, and looked for it carefully in the dense forest. In the dense forest, the thick trees at the mouth of the bowl are littered upside down, the trees folded by one person are rickety, and there are more than 20 pits on the ground. The trees at the edge of the pit are slowly burning, and the forest is a little brighter. However, it is a bit gloomy and scary.
With the help of light, the friar named Long searched for a long time in the dense forest, but nothing was found except a few charred bodies. It’s not the same thing for the monk named Long to be annoyed in his heart and die a few masters in the bleeding period. However, if this thing gets out, his face will be lost in the early stage of condensate gas, and half of the people he led will die in his own hands. Even if the sects don’t pursue it, the eyes of those monks in the same order will be enough to kill him.
Suddenly, there was a cold feeling on his back, and the monk named Long was not surprised, but he was happy. The counterparts finally couldn’t hold back, and they released their gods to detect their existence. The opponent’s god knowledge is slightly weaker than his own. As soon as his god knowledge is released, his position will be exposed immediately. As long as he can kill this hateful counterparts, he will have a confession when he goes back.
The friar named Long hurriedly quickened his pace and jumped at the hateful counterparts. He had already detected that the hateful counterparts were about 60 feet away from himself. If there were not too many trees around him, he simply didn’t have to chase them, and he just offered a flying sword to kill each other. The opponent obviously knew that he was coming towards him, but he didn’t mean to hide his figure at all. He just wanted to explore around with his gods, and he should be checking if there were any disciples of Chicheng Mountain who were bleeding around. Brother Long’s surname is overjoyed, and his opponent is so arrogant. At that time, he has to be tortured to get rid of his own hatred.
Only twenty feet away from Xi Fangping, the monk named Long suddenly stopped, and his heart somehow felt a panic, as if there were some tigers and beasts waiting for his arrival. Just now, the friar named Long just wanted to lock Xi Fangping with his gods, so as not to let him escape from his detection range again, which was a little neglected. Now his heart is in a panic, and he can’t help but stop, and all his gods are released, and all the places around four kilometers are enveloped.
The expression of Godsworn (the surname of Gansu) changed. Now, in his own sky, where he had just bombed the dense forest with fire and thunder, there were two huge creatures, and powerful coercion was released from them unscrupulously, firmly locking himself. Godsworn’s face suddenly turned white. These are two six-order monster beasts. Although I don’t know what they are, they are really two six-order monster beasts. They don’t know where they came from. Then, they exercise to hide their breath, until they come to the sky above them. Only then do they release all their breath and lock themselves up.