Guteng has never seen that female ghost from beginning to end, let alone now.

The two men sat on the big stone again, picked up the juice and ate it with all kinds of snacks. They had a fight and needed to make up for the energy consumption.
Jiang Aitong, who is particularly curious, looks at the half-ghost, observes her physical changes and calculates when she melts.
Flat valleys are easier to walk than bushes in the forest, and many marks are especially easy to find.
Guteng smiled with his car on his back and walked easily through the valley. Jiang Aitong still followed closely behind him.
In this way, full of physical strength, 40 miles per hour, careful and obstructive progress.
About two hours later, the three of them chased a beautiful hillside with many rough trees in twos and threes. The thinnest trees all have a diameter of one meter and can reach nearly three meters in diameter.
And along the way, the mark disappeared here, and two camouflage figures had to stop
Jiang Aitong carefully searched around the trees and almost got into the grass without finding killer elite’s team to leave a mark.
Guteng also slightly wrinkled two knife-shaped eyebrows and looked around at the tree in silence and thought.
"Uncle, let me go. I’ll look at the little flowers next to you." The sound of waxy waxy waxy smacks of coquetry.
Che Xiaoxiao felt that he was going to be spoiled by Guten, and he would be more and more twisted into a little girlfriend in front of him.
Despise, despise, seriously despise yourself.
Guteng looked carefully at each tree in the sequence direction where the mark disappeared for a while and finally found the top of the hillside
The big trees at the top of the hillside are all about the same size, with a huge and dense crown of three meters, which fully shows that the big trees at the top of the slope are sunny and growing well.
Guteng’s tall camouflage figure stood still in one of the trees.
"Captain, there is no mark on the tree here." I broke out in a big sweat. Jiang Aitong took my head camouflage hat in one hand and then habitually disturbed my short hair and followed him around Guteng.
"Hey, hey, instructor, you lost, uncle found the trace of the corpse king before you did." Accompanied by Gu Teng, he smiled and picked up a withered little purple flower from the grass and gently inserted it in his ear to pay homage to the lost life.
"Of course, captain, he is the strongest … except for playing ghosts." Jiang Ai’s children’s voice is like a baby face in the rainy season, with a face of pride first and then a face of wonder
"Ha, ha, ha, instructor, you are so funny." Looking at the cute baby-faced car in front of me, I couldn’t help laughing.
"Hee hee hee ….." Accidentally Jiang Aitong secretly glanced at Guteng and found that his captain had no displeasure before he breathed a sigh of relief.
Che Xiaoxiao finished chatting and looked at Jiang Aitong’s expression in his eyes. He couldn’t help but move him. "Instructor, my uncle is not as stingy as you think. What are you nervous about?"
Wait for a while listened to Jiang Aitong’s face change, raised his hands and put them anxiously. "Laughing classmates, I didn’t recognize the captain as stingy. Don’t put my foot in my mouth!"
"Oh, just talk, instructor. Don’t be guilty." Che Xiaoxiao’s oval face is full of grins.
Mm-hmm. This time, Jiang Aitong stopped waving his hands and covered his mouth tightly. He stopped talking.
This Xiao Ni, she can twist anything he says into another flavor, and there is no way to stop talking about her.
Sure enough, the car looked at it with a smile and he stopped talking.
At this moment, the tall camouflage figure beside me gently moved and whew, and went straight through the dense branches and jumped to the top of the tree-
"Uncle …"
142, don’t have a tree hole Xanadu
142, don’t have a tree hole Xanadu
After the flowers at the moment broke through the thick leaves for a while,
Che Xiaoxiao looked back at the flaxen little head and looked at the familiar tall body disappearing into the dense branches.
"Instructor, there are about a hundred trees here. Uncle, why does he pay attention to this tree?" She turned to look at the same accident Jiang Aitong.
Jiang Aitong disturbed his flat head again, and then pointed to the ground leaves and explained, "Captain, he must have found that this tree has more fallen leaves than other trees, so he suspected it here."
"But this tree is not much different from other trees. Instructor, look, these fallen leaves are almost the same." Che Xiaoxiao turned his little head and looked around at other fallen leaves with a puzzled face.