This is an open plan, a plan that people can see through at a glance, but they can break the law unless they come out or are caught red-handed. Hehe, even if they are caught, they won’t say that the mastermind is a frost!

But this is also a trick.
"A little too much!" Glancing at the words, waking up the frost
"Why don’t you just say that I’m cruel and cruel? But you know what? My second brother has sent dozens of killers to kill me. I was born in the imperial family. There are some things that must be done. We are no longer that naive. After fighting, an apology can explain everything. You know better than me that we have to do things ourselves! "
"Okay, you take care of her and I’ll take care of Wang Peng."
Take a deep breath and get up.
"Catch a glimpse. Don’t kill me."
Green rose hurriedly struggled in the chair again, looking at the frost and the glimpse with a full face of horror. She didn’t expect the glimpse to say such a sentence.
Glimpse turned to stick the green rose face and said, "There must be an explanation for things here. You are the best choice." Then Glimpse turned away.
The wind in the other hospital is cool, and I can’t help but tighten my tight robe. The cry of Green Laura is still vaguely around my ears. Not many people have died in the past few years, but it’s not less. Many of them are koos, but they are still dead for the same reason as the glimpse told Green Laura. That’s all.
Push the door of Chuqinghe, the lights are on in the room, and Chuqinghe sits quietly in the bed room. Wang Pengli is lying on the ground, trapped by a white ribbon, with a piece of cloth in his mouth.
"There you are."
"Don’t explain one? I think you must know more than me. "
"There is nothing to explain that he is one of our own."
Said the glance off to take Wang Peng mouth cloth.
Wang Peng hurriedly want to say something.
"It’s okay. I just met your Lord. We are together."
"Thank you for saving my life."
Wang Peng’s hand was caught by a glimpse and he quickly bent down to salute.
"No, it’s also my negligence that I didn’t say hello to the teacher elder sister first to make you suffer. Come to your Lord’s side soon! Tell her I’ll solve things here. "
"Little people obey"
Wang Peng, who had a narrow escape, glanced at the bed and closed his eyes. The latter seemed to be aware of all this. Wang Peng didn’t want to stay here for a moment and hurried to the door.
"Wait!" A glimpse suddenly stopped Wang Peng.
Wang Peng’s words haven’t finished yet, and the severe pain has turned his words into painful whining. He shouldn’t say shouting because his neck was severely broken by blue frost. Wang Penglian has no ability to call for help.
In Wang Peng’s puzzled eyes, I caught a glimpse of him for a change, wiped his clothes clean, and then threw him out of the door
"Who is one!"
Finally, Chuqinghe opened his eyes and looked at the glimpse with cold eyes.
Wang Yue
Glimpse firmly and slowly highlights two words.
Chapter 11, spoony hurts the most
"I forbid you to touch him!"
Similarly, Chuqinghe is also slowly and firmly highlighting six words.
"Although it is very naive, I want to tell you that he is in the wrong team. You should do it for nothing, which is much better than the frost." Although he knew that these were all in vain, he still tried to persuade her, although it was impossible
Sure enough, Chu Qinghe shook his head slowly. "Can’t you count on the teacher elder sister to beg you once?"
The same glance shook his head. "You heard what he said. Even if I let him go and publish what you did, he wouldn’t love you anymore. Are you bitter?"
Chu Qinghe bowed his head and held the edge of the bed tightly with his slender fingers. "So that I can see him again?"
"Not good!"
I didn’t want to have any more troubles, but I couldn’t help but agree when I looked at the pleading eyes of the third martial sister.
"thank you"
Chuqinghe slowly got into bed and had a fierce battle. The room was already in a mess, but Chuqinghe still sat on the dresser and slowly painted makeup. His every move was charming, but he felt sour at the glance.
What it’s like to love someone? Although I can’t say it, I can really feel the happiness and heartache from my heart.
One last time? Maybe it’s the last time!
"Do I look good?"
Suddenly, Chuqinghe turned around and smiled at the glimpse.
I nodded slightly because I just wanted to answer, only to find that a red smoke filled the room at the moment.
It’s not good to catch a glimpse. I’m surprised that my body can want to retreat, but I don’t know why I can’t make a little effort to fall to the ground.
"This is purple smoke."
The body lost its ability and fell to the soil and said
"Yes, I’m sorry, Xiaoqi." Chuqinghe gently put a purple pendant on his chest and walked beside him.
"You’re crazy. You can’t escape this time." I tried my best to struggle, but how could the seven artifacts be so easy to break free?
"Don’t waste your energy and stay here for the last time!"