Will it be hated? Will the other party have a rest so late? Will this sentence be misunderstood?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wang Yuehuan smiled heartily, raised his hand and patted Meng Qingzhuo’s arm. "If you don’t talk, go back first. She is much better. Let her change gradually when you have to give it to her."
After all, Lin Tingfei’s significance to Gao Shenran is too great and special, and she is the most concerned about her. They can’t encourage her to change her state rapidly. That’s not really good for her. I believe Meng Qinglong is so focused because of this consideration.
"Oh," Meng Qing-long’s darling pupils generally nodded, and then remembered what to do with their mouths and asked Wang Yuehuan, "I’ll take you home, elder sister."
Wang Yuehuan gave a hand, "No, Ning Tiannuo is just outside the community. I am with him."
Just then, Ning Tiannuo’s words came in impatiently again. Wang Yuehuan got Meng Qinglong and shook his mobile phone. The white light was projected on his face as if a night bead was shining with charming and bright light at night.
"Speak of the devil. I’m leaving. Goodbye."
Wang Yuehuan raised his hand and said goodbye. He turned to leave the country and turned on Ning Tiannuo.
"Don’t push your life?" Jiao explained while complaining about going forward. "You don’t know that women need patience and so on. Do men who are impatient know that they will be spurned by women?"
What Ning Tiannuo specifically said in the words is unclear, but simply listening to Wang Yuehuan, he can probably guess that Ning Tiannuo’s solemn face and eyebrows should be tightly wrinkled.
I turned around and thought that maybe I had a misunderstanding, just like myself. When a man is in an endless state, the seriousness of missing another person will weaken somewhat.
He never thought that one day he would be like a fool doing nothing in another building.
Then if you are like yourself, Wang Yuehuan is Tiannuo’s wife, and the similar situation will not be less than yourself.
And he seems to have selectively forgotten that Ning Tiannuo’s attitude towards Yingying Yanyan around him is far less sincere and decisive than his.
It took Wang Yuehuan half a minute to find Ning Tiannuo’s car. He should have asked the driver to take a vacation and come by himself.
A tall man with his back against the window, the lights are on in the early autumn night, and his eyebrows are light not far away, and a cigarette is burning on his right index finger and middle finger, leaving him soft all over.
She smiled and walked two steps. She hooked her hands on his left arm and put her head around his shoulder. She asked, "Have you never waited for a woman?"
Look at him with burning eyes when asking questions, but there is no real intention to wait for his answer, because she then said, "You should get used to this waiting."
Ning Tiannuo gave her a dark and stunning glance at her side face, and her eyes swept across the woman’s self-talk, as if she could care nothing about her face and eyes, and her emotions were unknown and profound, leaving others scratching their heads.
Wang Yuehuan also didn’t want to know his true emotional meaning, quietly holding him like him leaning against the car glass and looking at the brightly lit signs of various light boxes.
Relatively peaceful, when he burned out half a cigarette in his hand and crushed it on the soles of his feet, she suddenly became stunned when he suddenly raised his hand and pinched her cheek.
His fingers were slender and clean, and the tip of his nose was quickly occupied by the faint smell of lemon-scented hand sanitizer. She looked at him strangely.
She is not an ordinary beauty, but her cheeks are round, so she feels very good when she is pinched in the palm of her hand.
He tightened his fingers in an ostentatious manner, and she suddenly jumped to hide with a painful white eye.
"What’s wrong with you, psycho?"
Turn around and pull the passenger car door and take the lead in it yourself.
But in fact, after a moment of stagnation, the heartbeat always betrayed her true feelings like a storm.
This is not normal. Ning Tian Nuo has made her confident and calculated that life has deviated from the established track
The blink of an eye made Ning Tian feel lost, the fingertips rubbed, and the warm touch of the fingertips made my heart wet and confused.
He really feels something different about her.
Che Ning Tiannuo’s car was moving at a constant speed and didn’t take the initiative to talk to Wang Yuehuan. He needed to figure out what his clue was, and he needed to make sure that it was clear.
Wang Yuehuan is not a person who is particularly good at talking. It is her habit to reach out and broadcast and listen to music when she is in a good mood or in a bad mood.
A long time’s journey home has probably been over half. Ning Tiannuo’s one-handed car put one hand in his pocket and took out something and threw it to Wang Yuehuan.
Wang Yuehuan secretly rubs the three-character sutra to greet him. Ning Jiazu’s two generations have a smoke and a smoke, which is not the same as neurotic patients.
What fell in Wang Yuehuan’s hand was not big. She had not yet come to feel it carefully. When Yu Guang bowed her head and saw the whole appearance, her body was stiff for a moment.
"How did you get this?"
Wang Yuehuan swallow a mouthful of saliva nervous and slightly carefully asked
Ning Tiannuo looked at her crimson lip and asked, "Isn’t this what I should ask you?"
The wedding ring belongs to her. Why is it in the hands of some hooligans, and those people are going to sell it when they are patrolling the store. He caught it red-handed
Although their marriage was like a joke, he didn’t plan to spend much time, except for this ring, which she asked her to say she needed a beautiful diamond wedding ring that was unique in the world.
He really didn’t want to pay attention to her. Because of that pretty face, he pretended to be a poor kitten. He let go and agreed.
Wang Yuehuan continued to swallow saliva. "But I really don’t know how this thing got to you."
It’s her ring. Look at the surveillance to find evidence and put it in the hospital security room. Originally, she planned to take thousands of dollars to redeem it the next day, but she forgot about it because of Chen Jiaoyang’s continuous persecution early in the morning and her own day of discharge.
And when she remembered to find the security room again, the two men were not in class, and then she went to look for them, saying that they had been dismissed from the hospital because of their dirty hands and feet.
Wang Yuehuan "
Because of the cold war with Ning Tiannuo, she lost her mind, and it was better to lose the last tie in this marriage and end it altogether.
Later, I didn’t expect Ning Tiannuo to come and take her back to Ning’s home, and she didn’t intend to divorce. So she had a moment’s worry that if he found out that he had tried his best to get the wedding ring and she lost it, she would turn against her and kill her.
After a few days of fear, nothing happened, and the breath gradually relaxed.
She thinks so, too. His concern and respect for this marriage is probably limited to the red one that registered their names. He won’t bet a cent on it. How could it be uncovered one day?
She was completely at ease about what to do and think too much, which was not good for her at all.
What do you mean now? How did this ring come back to him?
Ning Tiannuo found out in the shopping mall that this was Wang Yuehuan’s wedding ring when she changed hands to get this ring. At this time, she thought it was an ordinary thing and her mood was more violent and more ups and downs.
He came to Gao Shenran to meet her as soon as he was in class one, just to ask her for an explanation, but she actually said something about "stuff"
NingTianNuo disorder smiled.
Wang Yuehuan knew that her gaffes were not completely out of Ning Tiannuo’s control after all. In fact, she should be more interested. He likes to listen and say that this is the right solution.
In an instant, her face changed, and even her attitude followed a 100-degree turn. She put her wedding ring on her left finger and showed it to him, saying, "Make sure to stick it firmly on this finger in the future and never give up."
Don’t explain, don’t pretend to be stupid, be clever when you are a fool, and you will follow his wishes and listen to his orders.
Ning Tiannuo didn’t ask if she could look at the bottom of her eyes. Her fingers were slender and white, and they were tender, as if they had peeled shallots. His eyes flashed and he thought this scene was especially beautiful.
In fact, since he appeared in Gao Shenran’s house half an hour later to call her to let her go, he had a faint feeling that things were going in an unpredictable direction.
As Wang Yuehuan said, if Ning Tiannuo found out that her wedding ring was missing before or if she showed the slightest attitude of not caring about the ring, Ning Tian Nuo would be angry.
But today, instead of being generous to her.
Wang Yuehuan’s head is tilted by less than half an inch, and she carefully looks at Ning Tiannuo’s face thoughtfully at him. She shows 12 white teeth and laughs abnormally.
Ning Tiannuo "
Such a changeable, hypocritical and fickle woman doesn’t know what’s true and what’s false. Why does he suddenly feel very cute?
Ning Tiannuo’s forehead must be caused by too much contact and too much poisoning recently.