"Husband, what kind of business are you taking this time? I always feel that my heart is not practical!" Chen Lan tightened the man’s waist for fear that men would leave them.

"Don’t worry, I won’t do these things that worry you anymore." Sun Tianning comforted his wife and made up his mind. "What do you think of our own small restaurant now that we have money?"
"Good!" Chen Lan got excited. "I think this is my old job. It shouldn’t be very hard. Let’s just work hard ourselves!"
"Wife, I must be down-to-earth this time. We must be good!" Sun Tianning held his wife in his arms tightly, and his heart was steadfast.
On that day, after a long separation, the couple talked a lot. Chen Lan talked about the bitterness and experience of her and her children in the United States. Sun Tianning was heartbroken, and she felt sorry for her wife and daughter, which blocked her heart. God is really long-sighted. Bad things must never be done! Sun Tianning hopes that God will give him another chance to live his life quietly with his children and his wife!
The night is always quiet. After Wen Zezong and Jin Yuying left, the house was especially quiet. It’s really a little uncomfortable. I will come to the company early every day, and it’s always good to stay in the company for a while with or without things.
As soon as the shadow came from behind the car, there was a hot call, and there seemed to be an unacceptable stench coming over.
Shadow hand covered his nose and turned around in surprise. A tall man seemed to be crawling out of the garbage. It seemed that his leg was still hurt. The man’s face was dirty, but the handsome edges and corners still showed his handsomeness. There was something that could not hide his extravagance.
The man’s eyes are full of concern, yearning, affection, excitement and excitement … The shadow is stunned and always feels that there is a shadow that suddenly flashes into his mind but can’t say why.
"I finally see you again!" When Lu Fengxing feels finished, it is dawn.
"Sir, shouldn’t you clean yourself up first?" The shadow is very difficult, and the taste of a man is really flattering. "My name is Shadow because I told you that the shadow looks like it!"
Looking at the man in front of him, it seems that there are some ways to accept the sample shadow and some can’t bear it. "Well, you go back with me and clean it up first, and I’ll explain it to you slowly!"
"You say you are not the following?" How could it be that Lu Fengxing didn’t believe that his ears sounded and looked like this, that this swollen lower abdomen was not his own?
"If you don’t believe me, you can call Miao and there will be another woman who will answer the phone!" Shadow sorry smiled to the man’s eyes that hurt a sense of cherish.
Lu Fengxing was stunned. He didn’t believe that the woman in front of him was not awkward, but the woman’s expression really didn’t look like lying. Looking at the woman’s pain was unbearable. He also knew that his taste was unbearable. It was Richard who wanted to see the little woman so badly that he hid himself in the garbage truck without thinking.
"Miss, do you really want to take him back to the apartment?" The driver came over to the shadow, covering his nose, which was a bit unacceptable.
"If you don’t send me back, just give me the key!" It’s hard to see the driver. The smell of a man is really smoky. She has to take care of it, but she can’t drag others to suffer.
The driver took out the key without thinking. He is the driver of this company and doesn’t have to suffer this kind of crime.
"I’ll do it!" Lu Fengxing took the key directly from the driver and went to the driver’s seat. He didn’t know what a woman said that she was not a car, but she still didn’t drive like this.
"Thank you for thinking about it, but you seem to have a leg injury now, which will make you more uneasy to drive. Let me do it!" Shadow said that she had already taken the key from the man and helped him hit the back door. "Let’s deal with the car!"
Lu Fengxing frowned, and the little woman said that it made sense. He can guarantee absolute safety in this way now, and he didn’t hesitate any longer. The man went straight to the back seat, and even he couldn’t stand it now.
Anyway, the little woman is just around the corner. It’s always right to be together!
"Wipe it first!" Shadow turned and handed the man a pack of wet wipes. "What’s your name?"
Lu Fengxing froze and took over the wet wipes handed by the woman. I believe this little woman really doesn’t know herself! Is her face too dirty for her to see his true face?
Seeing that the man didn’t answer, the shadow couldn’t help but straighten his nose to ease his embarrassment. "Forget it if you don’t want to say it!" Then he turned and twisted the car engine and moved the car with a calm face.
The small appearance of the little woman’s longitudinal nose made Lu Fengxing’s heart immediately have a cheerful beat. He decided that this woman must be the little nose movement. He was too familiar with it, that is, the little woman’s signature movement!
But what happened to her that she didn’t even know him and herself?
Lu Fengxing frowned tightly again. He didn’t know what the house waiting for him would be like for a while. Should there be other men?
Absolutely not! After all, women are pregnant with children. How can there be other men?
Lu Fengxing kept speculating and denying that if it weren’t for his terrible body, he would definitely hold the little woman in his arms and never let it go again.
Shadow always feels that there are a pair of hot eyes staring at himself. Think about men’s rich and complicated eyes. Women are really messy. What kind of person is this? There are so many men who are obsessed with it
Wen Zezong was her college classmate for four years. Who is this man? It won’t be the current husband!
While thinking about the car, I try to relax myself, but there is a feeling of heartbeat or legal control. Men are too persistent in their eyes to make her flustered!