"It’s too late to find out. We’ve done our best!"

Suddenly, Xia Shuang came behind him and cried. The sound was so painful that the listener wept and sobbed. Yuan Qing was also choked up.
Xia Shuang staggered to Zhang Yun’s body and trembled slightly, and took a white cloth on his mother’s face. "Mom, why don’t you be cool?" What are you going to lose me? You know you’re the only relative I have. How can you bear it? "
Xia Shuang shook Zhang Yun desperately. Maybe there is a miracle in this world, and mom will wake up. She will definitely wake up!
"Cool you don’t do this! Zhang Yi has gone, so let her go with peace of mind! " Miao grabbed Xia Shuang intensely.
"no!" Xia Shuangli broke free from "she didn’t go, she can’t go, she can’t leave me alone! No way! Blare-"
"Child, your mother has suffered enough in this generation. Let her relax! After that, you are an aunt and a child is a sister. "Yuan Qing cherishes patting Xia Shuang’s shoulder and tears have already covered his cheeks.
"Aunt yuan-"Xia Shuang threw himself into Yuan Qing’s arms "My mother can’t leave me! Blare-"
Gao Qing has been silently in front of his eyes not far away, and sadness deeply infects all his thoughts. He didn’t expect that such an optimistic girl should be burdened with so much sorrow. What a strong and self-reliant it is!
Xia Dahai was finally found by Wu in the casino and stumbled to the hospital. He was already in tears. He didn’t expect that he had been regretting to accompany his wife, so he left a call and was full of regret.
It’s a pity that everything is too late!
"You are an asshole!" Xia Shuang saw that all the hatred in the summer sea attacked her heart and beat her father like crazy to keep him away from her mother. "You don’t deserve your wife’s father. Why don’t you die?" Why don’t you die! "
"Xia Shuang, how can he be your father? Don’t do this!" Powerful pull Xia Shuang.
"He doesn’t deserve it! He is a scum and he killed his mother! " Xia Shuang resented and glared at his father. "Summer sea, I hate you! I will always hate you! "
Suddenly, the tall shadow leaned over, and Gao Qing took Xia Shuang’s grief to the extreme into her arms. The solid arms tightly gripped the woman’s madness and let her vent in her arms.
"She killed my mother! I hate him! "
Xia Shuang freely vented her tears in Gao Qing’s arms, and soon wet the man’s chest, and the man’s atrium was dizzy with warmth and humidity. Gao Qing held her arms tightly, and the sad woman hoped to give her strength and make her stronger.
Holding his shoulders high is too eye-catching, and his behavior makes people have an idea.
"What are you and my daughter? How can you cuddle like this? " Xia Dahai immediately posed for his father.
"I don’t have a father like you, and my affairs are none of your business!" Unequal height Qing answered Xia Shuang and flatly refused.
"Old Xia, let’s take care of my sister’s affairs first!" Wu is also very talkative about Xia Dahai, but he can’t see his determination to repent.
Xia Dahai sighed heavily and knew that his good days were over. The capable and virtuous wife and the woman he took whatever he wanted were really gone. Now no one will care about him anymore!
Miao’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated in her pocket, and she took a breath of herself. Miao scooped out the number of the mobile phone, which she didn’t know.
"hey!" The jar jar gas is connected.
"Are you crying? Did you encounter anything? " There’s ink and wash cutting sound
I heard the ink sound as soon as I heard it, but my heavy mood didn’t get better.
"Are you all right?" There is a faint worry in the man’s voice.
"well! Our friend’s mother died and we are still in the hospital! " I wiped my tears or made a simple explanation.
"Oh!" Ink painting is relieved. "I have a new arrangement today and I can’t show you my secret. Let’s make an appointment another day!" "
"No, you are busy!" Miao doesn’t have these thoughts at the moment.