"If you’re afraid that I’ll take your credit, you can rest assured that I won’t start work as a witness … after all, I want to see people die and see the body."

"I knew this old thing didn’t believe me." The snake demon scolded 1 but didn’t stop Yu Zhong from extending the snake letter for a moment. He said hoarsely, "This way."
The wind urged the snow to follow the snake demon in silence until the snake demon took him through the bushes to a hidden cave and opened the slate outside to reveal the long and narrow tunnel inside.
The snake demon’s face smiled bloodthirsty and "found it"
Said the snake demon then turned to look at the wind and urged the snow. "You won’t rob me-"
The blade of the snow sword swished across the face of the snake demon with a splash of bright red blood, and the expression of consternation still stopped, so it fell into the grass with its head cut off.
"Thank you" wind snow cold way
The long, narrow and tortuous tunnel runs through the whole Tianxin Jianpai mountain range.
Go in along the tunnel and gradually widen. There are killing marks along the way, and there are several monster bodies upside down. There are many monsters in it, and everyone knows them. One is a good soldier at the end of Feng Qing’s hand, and the other is a good soldier.
The wind drives the snow into the depths of the tunnel to see what Xie Chen looks like.
There are many dark marks on the top surface of dark black’s robe button, except that his clothes are a little messy, and he still looks like a gentleman.
Even in the dark and humid cave, the other party’s dark black robe is still neat and the top looks like that gentleman.
….. If it weren’t for each other’s patience, lip color, blue cheeks and an unnatural rosy forehead, it might seem more serious.
Hearing the familiar footsteps, Xie Chen opened his eyes slightly and frowned lightly. In the pupil, it was no longer clear in the past, and there was a bit of forbearance.
Chapter 139 Chapter 139
Previously, the force was so weak that the snow was driven by the wind, or Xie Chen helped him sit up with his skin touching and pulled the snow-driven thoughts back to last night with a limp and numb quiver.
Xie Chen carefully checked the wind and snow to make sure that there was no sign of poisoning. "Are you still unwell now?"
As soon as the wind urges the snow, there are some words "I am too uncomfortable"
I said no, but the other side is still so deep, and the endless wind makes the snow blush and I feel uncomfortable somewhere again.
However, Xie Chen suddenly became nervous and began to pull the wind to urge the snow to look at it again and again. He also wanted to stop the pulse when it was driven by the wind. "I’m not poisoned, but … I feel uncomfortable elsewhere."
Xie Chen instantly understood the meaning of wind and snow, and his ears turned red. "It’s my fault. Why don’t I get you some hot water?"
"I will try my best to make it up to you when I get back to the sect."
"… how do you want to compensate?" The wind makes the snow laugh.
"I will try my best to find whatever you want for you. After we are lovers, half of Tianyan School is you." Xie Chen made a solemn request, and then asked himself again, "Let’s be lovers."
"Now that we have a husband and wife, we will hold a couple ceremony when we get back, such as?"
It turned out that it was not an illusion to hear it when I was only half asleep, but I still felt that I was definitely not awake when the wind urged the snow. Otherwise, why did Xie Chen change his cold attitude and want to be with him just because of the spring breeze overnight? !
"Do you want to be responsible for me?" The wind makes the snow turn white in an instant.
"You and I have paid a lot, and I will not fail you."
The wind and snow opened his mouth and Xie Chen’s sudden straight ball caught him off guard.
"Ah … no, no, I’m not a girl’s family." The wind urges the snow to laugh, and my eyes wander. "You don’t need to be responsible for it."
Xie Chen way "is not only responsible for actually I-"
"I really don’t need it!" The wind and snow suddenly interrupt him.
Xie Chen saw a moment of panic in the eyes of the wind and snow, which was not afraid of trouble but … difficult.
Xie Chen is a little puzzled. Previously, he repeatedly expressed his love for him, but now he says that it is difficult to ask him to help him.
Last night, Xie Chen stayed up all night after the wind and snow passed out. He thought for a whole night before deciding to think about it, not only because he wanted to be responsible, but also because he suddenly found that it was very pleasant for the wind and snow to go hand in hand.
"I think … we can keep it like this. There is no need to have a couple." The wind urged the snow to pull out a stiff smile at Xie Chen.
"You don’t want to be with me?" Xie Chen got to the bottom of it and wanted to ask a definite answer.
Be Xie Chen dribbling staring at the wind to push the snow some fidgety. Previously, he tried every means to pursue Xie Chen even if there was no hope that he would pay the same price to him. I still hope that Xie Chen could respond. Even yesterday, two of a kind gave his life to help Xie Chen. He also held some selfishness-if he had a skin kiss, would he be closer to Xie Chen’s heart?
But he never thought Xie Chen would want to be with him.
Feng Qing has been suspicious of him, and it’s not yet time to turn against Feng Qing completely. If he and Xie Chen are betraying the lich King again, it’s not yet time to turn against Feng Qing completely.
Now turn your back on him, not to mention what the lich king will do to him. Just knowing the truth and spreading it the day after tomorrow will make him doomed.
This sudden white-headed commitment comes at a bad time, and it is deeply sad to follow after that brief joy.
But if you think about it carefully, you can also be white. Xie Chen always wants to follow the rules and wants to be responsible for himself, but he doesn’t mind that it is not impossible to make people love by having sex.
If he is Cui Ya, he will surely be delighted and promise to tie Xie Chen to his side for a long time, but it won’t take long.
If he’s Cui Ya,
"I didn’t don’t want to. Haha, I think it’s too early to say couple now? I’m not ready to pretend to be shy. I didn’t expect my senior brother to make a blockbuster without telling me. It’s too unpredictable.
"Where’s not ready?" Xie Chen’s eyes are deep as if he had penetrated his shy mask and resisted "I will prepare for the wedding ceremony. You don’t need to do anything."
Xie Chen is pressing hard to avoid the wind and snow. He always tells lies and opens his mouth. But this time, Xie Chen’s fierce eyes are like a young man who can’t tell lies. He doesn’t know how to react.
The wind urged the snow to be silent for a while and spit out a sigh of frustration. "I hope we can get along like this. There is no need to change any senior brothers, and there is no need to feel that it is only a small matter that I am responsible for it."
"Little things?"
The wind urged the snow to open its mouth. "No, I mean, this kind of thing is very common. It’s not a big deal …"
"Very common?" Xie Chen frowned and asked
The wind urges the snow to feel that the explanation is unclear. "I mean, you don’t need it. Last night, things took you half a generation. Besides, last night, it was an emergency to detoxify you. You don’t have to be too stressed. You need to calm down and think about it, and you will know that it is not a wise choice to be with me."
Have to
Xie Chen’s eyes were heavy, staring at the wind and the snow. Yesterday, the situation was vivid. In the eyes of the wind and the snow, the affection could not be fake. Now I have to say that I had to chase myself to express my love. Now I am looking for excuses to shirk when it is convenient for a couple.
Are you worried that they are together and others will know?
It suddenly occurred to Xie Chen that the wind and snow seem to seldom show special intimacy to himself in front of others, and only when people are around can he be reckless.
So when you are away, will the wind and snow also look at others as affectionately as you look at yourself?
Xie Chen suddenly remembered the scene in the tinker the other day. It was so tender and affectionate to look at Tang task if people get along with each other.
Xie Chen got up and the fiery light in his eyes gradually went out, leaving a dark and commanding look at the wind and snow. "You mean last night was a very ordinary thing that I need to care?"
When the wind urged the snow to hear each other say this, they immediately breathed a sigh of relief and nodded like garlic. "Uh-huh."
"I am white" Xie Chen indifferent way
In his mind, it is important to agree on a lifelong husband-and-wife ceremony. In the eyes of the other party, it is nothing more than a night of spring breeze. Before that, the admiration of the other party may not be just for him, but for the other party, he is just chatting and having fun.
He considers himself to be a solemn promise, and the request of the couple may be a shackle of freedom in the eyes of the other party.
It is because he is so naive that he thinks that he is always full of empty words and urging the snow to be faithful to him.
It’s a good thing that Xie Chen is not white, but the other party doesn’t have a couple again.