Qin Xiaobao nodded cleverly and blinked to signal Qin Dad to help her tear off the sealing glue first.

"You see, Dad forgot this." Dad Qin quickly tore off Qin Xiaobao’s mouth sealant and told him, "Remember when Dad Xiaobao talks to you."
"Dad, I am white" is completely free. Qin Xiaobao turned to look at Zhannian North, but this time she looked at him differently.
Her eyes rested on his hand, and the back of his hand was bitten by her alive. A piece of meat was still bleeding because the wound was not treated when it was not treated.
Fortunately, the amount of bleeding is not very large, otherwise, the tortoise king egg and bastard would have bled to death for such a long time
When Qin Xiaobao looked at Zhannian North, his eyes just fell on her. He said, "It is said that the deceased Da Shenyuan is dead. I will give him to you after the forensic doctor finds out his real cause of death."
Shen Yuan is Qin Xiaobao’s only blood relative. Giving Shen Yuan’s body to her for a good burial is also a filial piety of a younger generation to her elders.
"If you find out the cause of his death, please tell me." Qin Xiaobao looked at Zhannian Peking University and said.
War read north light hum a "what do you want to know his cause of death? Do you still want to avenge him? Don’t forget that your grandfather is guilty. "
Qin Xiaobao was so angry that he bit his teeth again. "A junior, I want to know if there is anything wrong with his death?"
Revenge Qin Xiaobao never thought of being their junior. Did she know the truth?
Seeing that the two men are going to quarrel again, Qin’s father quickly chimed in and said, "Xiaobao, let’s go back and wait for news."
"Dad, go back first. I’ll wait here for the news." Qin Xiaobao will stay here and wait for the news. She will never leave until the real reason for Grandpa’s death.
"Brother-in-law, you go home first. If this girl wants to stay here, let her stay here." Throw a message and read the north and wave her hand. "You two are here to guard the blockade site. No one is allowed to get close to anyone who is close to suspicious people. Arrest them for me."
I told him to look at Qin Xiaobao again after the war. "Why don’t you go?"
Qin Xiaobao stared at his head. "I said I wouldn’t leave until I heard the news."
"Look at the surveillance and look for clues", thinking about the north, saying that you will walk like you love it or not.
When I heard it, I watched the monitoring to find clues. Qin Xiaobao followed it in a hurry and followed it closely around Zhannian North. She followed him wherever he went.
Zhan Nianbei had all the prison videos pulled up. Strange things happened. Many cameras around Shen Yuan’s prison were broken at the same time, missing the most important information today.
Several cameras were damaged, which means that Shen Yuan didn’t commit suicide or accidentally die. He must have killed him.
The new of Shen Yuan’s murder soon reached Qin Yue’s ear.
Qin’s father didn’t want Qin Yue to worry that he had not confirmed that he was recovering well after coming back from Jiangbei Military Region, so he went home to take care of Qin’s mother.
It was Liu Yong who called to tell Qin Yue the news. Hearing the news, Qin Yue closed his eyes and thought about it.
Shen Yuan’s suicide and accidental death have been ruled out in Zhannian North, and it is confirmed that he was killed.
It stands to reason that Shen Yuan is now trapped in the Jiangbei Military Region.
There is no reason for those who want to take revenge on Shen Yuanchi who have been tortured by him before he will be disposed of, to spend so much effort to kill a person who will be executed sooner or later.
Section 225
Then there is a possibility that someone killed Shen Yuan to kill him.
Kill Shen Yuan to kill him?
Qin Yue quietly repeated the question in his mind.
I thought about Shen Yuan’s two medicines.
A few years ago, Shen Yuan was a spy against Jane Eyre.
This time, Shen Yuan’s other medicine hdr virus is also a** prescription.
Shen Yuyuan, such an important medicine for Party A, can get it again and again. Does that mean that Party A has his accomplices?
Or he was instructed by that person.
Now that Shen Yuan has been arrested, there is a great chance that his accomplices will kill them first for fear of being exposed.
Chapter 394 Suspected object
Qin Yue will arrest Shen Yuan and get rid of those minions around him, then he can greatly breathe a sigh of relief and live a happy family of three with him.
I didn’t know there was a mysterious murderer behind Shen Yuan’s sudden death.
This murderer can kill people in the Jiangbei Military Region under the jurisdiction of Zhannian North without leaving a clue.
The murder didn’t leave any clues that could lead people to find him.
It is creepy to think that killing people in the Jiangbei Military Region under the jurisdiction of Zhannian North can be done so cleanly without letting people catch any clues.
I don’t know if this murderer is from the a** team or the Jiangbei Military Region.
If the a** people can sneak into the Jiangbei Military Region to kill people, it seems that they have learned a lot about the Jiangbei Military Region over the years, and it is estimated that they are always observing the every move of the North.
If people in the Jiangbei Military Region killed people, why did this person want to kill Shen Yuan? Could the murderer have been lurking in the Jiangbei Military Region for many years?
Thinking of these, Qin Yue stretched out his hand and touched it for several times before touching it. The mobile phone was set aside to make a phone call to Zhannian North to discuss some key issues with him.
The phone that I just got was suddenly snatched away by someone, and a simple muffled voice sounded in his ear. "Didn’t Qin Leran’s father say that he would have a good rest and not be busy with other things?"
"There are some things that need to be discussed with Zhannian North." In the face of such overbearing Jane, Qin Yue really has no choice but to take her.
Jane shoved Xiao Ran to Qin Yue’s side. "However, you are here to chat with your father and watch him forbid him to do anything else. If he dares to do something else, you shout for mom."
"Dad, you have to be good." Xiao Ran looked at Qin Yue unblinkingly with two big eyes sitting beside Qin Yue.
She was sent by her mother to spy on her father, so that he could get better quickly. She must never let water go.
"Ok, ok … I don’t care about anything. Listen to my words and lie down and recuperate." What is more important for Qin Yue than to make him feel big?
The main purpose of everything he does is to make him live a good life and make them feel happy every day.
What’s the point of being so busy when he insists on doing things?
Qin Yue, of course, can think of things. How can you think that the captains of Jiangbei Military Region are fighting for the North?
After listening to two key clues, I can naturally figure out who has the motive to kill. His thinking coincides with Qin Yue’s.
The murderer is either lurking in the Jiangbei Military Region or a** party.
With this conclusion, Zhan Nianbei immediately ordered his cronies at hand to check in these two directions.
Qin Xiaobao has been with him all the time, and she has seen all his analysis.
When the war went north, the person who killed grandpa might be a Fang, and Pei Gong was the first thought in Qin Xiaobao’s mind.
But if you think about it again, Pei Gong is a Chinese, and he has no reason to kill his grandfather Qin Xiaobao, and immediately ruled out his suspicion of the number one.