My mind is not stable. After Su Ling thought for half a day, I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand and pull away the burn-in dust and hug her arm. Then I got up from the wooden couch with a very gentle gesture. When she was softly on the ground, she glanced at the sleeping burn-in dust and made a perfect sleep for him, and then I walked out of the wing.

And just as she turned and left the instant soft couch, the sleeper suddenly opened her eyes, and a pair of bright eyes like obsidian were not sleepy!
In the middle of the night, Su Ling sat alone at the front desk of the wing with her hands dragging her cheeks, and some gods stared blankly somewhere.
Now I can make heartless Su Ling become so taciturn. I have no choice but to burn my third child!
Suddenly, in the silent night, whenever there is a little noise, it will be particularly clear. When Su Ling was still in a daze, there seemed to be a tiny step outside the door, which completely awakened Su Ling’s mind
The moonlight shone brightly on the door. When the black shadow was exposed by the door, Su Lingfeng’s eyes suddenly changed and narrowed, and danger flashed out. Dark mans hands stood up according to the round table and moved lightly to the door when they heard someone whispering outside.
"Rao younger sister, do you think it’s ok for me to go in now? If I disturb the prince and the princess, I still have a life? "
This is Yushu sound!
On hearing Yushu’s remarks, Yu Suling was all alert and vanished. Nai looked at the two shadows outside and whispered!
But Yushu wouldn’t want to come in and disturb it if it wasn’t for something late at night! Now they’re in Xiangfu. If it’s the palace, we can talk about it in the daytime, but if it’s not …
At this time, I was sleepy at the vigil outside the door, and I was so shameless that I kept approaching her, which also made her suddenly awake a lot.
But see Brigitte Rao turned around and looked at the wing and immediately provoked a side eyebrows leering at Yushu and said, "What do you want to say now? If you want to die, I won’t stop you. Feel free! "
Yushu "…" is really what kind of master has what kind of slave!
Say something! Ah!
Yikes …’ A Yushu was thinking about communicating with Birao again when the door behind them opened when Su Ling stepped out.’ What can I do for Yushu?’
At the sight of Su Ling suddenly appearing like a ghost in the middle of the night, Yushu almost didn’t kneel! Lianqu looked surprised. Yushu looked behind her through Su Ling’s shoulder. Did he see the old figure burn? He couldn’t help but start playing drums. He didn’t know if he could tell the princess about the news he had just received!
But he can’t decide if Shinohara is too young!
Su Ling was cautious as dust. When she carefully observed Yushu’s expression, she saw that his eyes were smart and slipped around, and then she looked at Yushu with her brow. "Aren’t you going to say it?"
Every time Su Ling’s little eyes turn around with malicious intent, it’s white. She must be trying to punish herself so many times again. It seems that it’s time to learn a lesson!
When Yushu word directly to Su Ling front step moment quietly said, "the princess breeze to news that shinohara snow Tainv really met an ambush on the way back! But the other party has let the breeze settle! They will probably leave the boundary of Qi and Chu at noon, and the news will come back when the breeze comes! "
"Sure enough?" Su Ling muttered a good-looking arch eyebrows with a sarcastic radian, squinted slightly and sipped her lips, and suddenly asked, "Did you check the identity of the other party?"
Yushu shook his head "no! The news in the breeze said that those people should all be dead, and once they are caught, they will kill themselves immediately! There were thirty people in this ambush except one who escaped and died! "
"good! I know! " Su Lingqiao’s face was tense after listening to Yushu’s explanation, and then she put on her clothes and looked at Yushu and said, "You stay here and watch me go out!"
"Ah?" Yushu one leng looked up at the sky. What’s the princess doing out in the middle of the night? !
Is it suitable? !
Su Ling, who is in Yushu dazed leng, has already handed Bi Rao a look. If two people are close to each other, they have reached the exit of the West Wing Arch. Yushu doesn’t even have a chance to ask, so they put it together!
He seems to feel that when the prince wakes up and finds that he can’t find the princess, does he have to lose his skin?
Princess, please let go!
The night is the deepest and most quiet in the middle of the night. Red lanterns are hung on both sides of the streets of Beijing. In the night wind, they keep swinging from side to side in the streets. The dim light is like being covered with a floating golden awn.
"Miss, where are we going?" I haven’t followed Su Ling for a long time. Bi Rao is not sleepy at all. I think the number of times she and Miss acted late at night was really countless!
"Come from afar!" At the moment, Su Ling is wearing a cloak of moderate thickness, and she is carrying a beautiful butterfly in front of it in the hazy light of the street. The cloak behind her is like a blooming flower, which keeps lingering behind her.
After answering Bi Rao, she was silent for a moment in the middle of the night. Soon after, Su Ling asked again, "What did Aunt do recently?"
Bi Rao is not stupid, especially when she has been with Su Ling for a long time. The angle of view is no longer as simple as it used to be. As early as when Feng Shuang Yuan Zhulin caught fire, she vaguely smelled a little conspiracy.
Now Su Ling is asking Bi Rao, and the in the mind is even more Bai Xiangfu. Even people who have a heart for disaster secretly recalled the moment Bi Rao approached Su Ling and said, "The big lady has nothing to do every day, but she and her wife seem to be more intimate recently! I will meet my mother almost every day, and sometimes I will walk around the backyard! "
Bi Rao was thinking of saying a few more words. In the blink of an eye, she found that there was no Su Ling around her. She was just about to start shouting when she heard a faint voice behind her, "She is really dishonest!"
Brigitte Rao was a quiver in situ wait for a while looking back a look secretly sighed a young lady, can you walk suddenly stopped!
What the hell!
Today, Wan Geng, this is Yi Geng!
Zhang Baisi arranged for the Bao family three brothers!
"What happened to the girl?" Tian Yagyu on the second floor of the restaurant looked at what he was looking at with a sleepy face. Su Ling secretly yawned and asked, "The eyes are ruddy."
At the same time is Tian yagyu behind some embarrassed package three brothers are also looking at Su Ling also some doubts.
Su Ling took a sip of her teacup, sighed and raised her eyebrows and said, "I’ll find the three of them. Go to bed first!"
"Oh?" Tian yagyu smell speech turned around and looked at the Bao family three brothers blinked and nodded without saying much, then took the lead in leaving the second floor room.
At that time, Su Ling’s silence left in the wing made the three of them play drums in their hearts. After all, it’s been a long time since the second capital office, and the news of Jing Zhaoyin has never come out again!
It is said that the new mega-Yin in Beijing is personally pulled by the dust king, and the government office has changed its position. Now it is still in ruins and people always dare to have too much to say about it.
During their stay in the restaurant, the three brothers have never had a chance to see Su Ling, and they can understand her true attitude. Now, when she suddenly visits in the middle of the night, anyone will feel nervous!
"Are you three ready for me to do something?" Su Ling looked at the three brothers with dribbling eyes. Although they can give them comfort in the restaurant, if they really choose to follow themselves, they will inevitably start running around to comfort themselves in the future.