The housekeeper was embarrassed to say, "Well, we all came out of Jiaocheng by car this time. Because no one has aged for a long time, I’m afraid there is a safety hazard, and Sir Zhong has something urgent to go back to Beijing. I wonder if you can give us a lift at a familiar time?"

Shen Xinyu thought that if he borrowed a car, she could consider it, but she wanted to plant Gu Zhenglin for a ride.
Let her go with that malefic?
Shen Xinyu’s heart is a little resistant. Although she spent a short time together that day, she still doesn’t want to get too close to her family.
"Don’t be difficult, girl." At this time, the man who hasn’t spoken came over. He wore a woolen black coat that reached his knees. If he hadn’t known something about him in his previous life, I’m afraid he would really be an ordinary noble gentleman.
"Let’s just wait." The man smiled and looked at Shen Xinyu’s soft voice.
"But Mr. Jing Bei can’t be the first class, and it will take the team at least two hours to get here. We have no problem but you."
"I didn’t." Gu Zhenglin still looked at Shen Xinyu with a smile on her lips, looking like a particularly spoiled junior elder.
Shen Xinyu was a little uncomfortable by this look, as if she didn’t allow Gu Zhenglin’s car to blow cold air here for two hours.
It’s a little scary to think about that scene
I don’t know if Gu Zhenglin’s smile is true or false. If she doesn’t agree with this person, she should retaliate against herself.
"Well, that’s my rudeness, Miss Shen."
The housekeeper looked at Gu Zhenglin with a sad face and remorse.
I can still hear other anxious voices on the other end, saying that there is something wrong with the car. It seems that things are quite big.
Shen Xinyu bit her lip and thought about the flashing blind necklace again and nodded, "If you don’t dislike Mr. Gu, come with us."
Guanjia noodles yixi
Gu Zhenglin’s expression is not much different. The corner of his mouth is "thank you."
So handsome?
Shen Xinyu can ignore the strange feeling in his heart. Looking back, he wants them to pick a car at will. When they sit, they will see the housekeeper bend over and pull her to sit in that car and invite Gu Zhenglin in.
Shen Xinyu’s eyes widened in disbelief. When the housekeeper saw it, she was embarrassed to explain, "Thank you, Miss Shen. My master’s lumbar spine is not good. I still have to take care of some cars all the way."
Shen Xinyu ""
After buying milk tea, Aunt Wu was a little confused when she saw this situation, but one of her servants didn’t speak and handed the milk tea to Shen Xinyu and took the initiative to sit in the front position.
The car goes slowly
The housekeeper snickered and covered her mouth. The man opposite ordered, "Rest in place for half an hour before going."
It’s always wrong with the car in front, otherwise it’s not good to be found
Seeing Mr. Zhong take a girl’s car and leave, people are not shocked, especially Xiao Beilai’s head is not working well. It took him a long time to reach a shocking conclusion. Oh, my God, Mr. Zhong, is this about Tang Shiyan’s fiancee?
Shen Xinyu was a little unnatural in the car. Why did she agree? She was really crazy to believe that housekeeper’s nonsense. If she remembered correctly, Gu Zhenglin had a private jet. How could she blow cold air for two hours?
Section 314
Lean against the window and drink a cup of milk tea. Shen Xinyu quietly glanced at the man next to him.
This man didn’t say a word from the car, and it seemed like a real car ride.
However, it seems that there is nothing worth plotting for her. It should be a coincidence.
It’s also comfortable to think of Shen Xinyu in this way, but after two hours, we will go our separate ways when we arrive in Beijing North.
Gu Zhenglin felt that the little girl around him had been on alert, and he relaxed his expression and casually ticked the corner of his mouth.
My mind is quite sensitive.
The atmosphere eased almost. The man knocked on his knee and asked, "The horse is going to have a holiday. What are you doing in Beijing alone?"
Shen Xinyu is still holding the cup of milk tea and looking at him. He said, "I have something to do temporarily. Our tutor asked me to go back."
The man nodded and knew enough. Instead of asking questions, he changed the subject and said, "Do little girls like cherries?"
"Huh?" Shen Xinyu looked puzzled at the cup in his hand and then smiled, "It’s okay, not everyone likes it, but I think it’s quite delicious."
"That’s good."
The man speciously vomited three words from his mouth, like a sigh of relief. Shen Xinyu turned his head and looked at it.
These eyes are moist and crystal clear, but they are somewhat like the dream he once had. It’s like thinking that this man smiled and said, "I just feel that no one in my home has a place to eat cherries."
I just painted the backstage for a long time, and it’s a little late.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Doctor Liao is going to live abroad for a long time?
"Do you grow cherries?"
Shen Xinyu felt that she had been frightened recently. It was really one after another that Gu Zhenglin gave her expensive gifts to meet her, or talked to her in a whisper and rubbed her car. She also said that she would give them to her when the cherries in his garden were ripe.
Not only that, they also chatted about other fruit trees in his garden, such as apples, persimmons, peaches, grapes and so on.
So Shen Xinyu attention was attracted to the past.
Sitting in the front seat, Aunt Wu sighed softly, and said, Miss Shen is really a silly girl. This is to give her what she wants, and she didn’t even notice it.
Although she is a servant, she often goes in and out of this rich family, and her sight is much broader than ordinary people. I have to say that this Mr. Gu is more experienced than his own husband in pleasing girls, and he is also very skillful in talking. It is very accurate to master when to associate with others. More importantly, it is the safest to fight snakes and hit seven inches to face Miss Shen, which is sensitive and cautious.
The atmosphere was good all the way. Gu Zhenglin returned a business card to Shen Xinyu before leaving, saying that when the fruit trees bear fruit in spring and summer, she would be invited to go shopping with Tang Shiyan. Although this was polite, she brought Tang Shiyan to Shen Xinyu and smiled.
Shen Xinyu, accompanied by Yu Kai Zhang Cheng, arrived at the crew and recorded a song overnight.
The next day, before she came to have a good rest, she was taken to a publicity meeting by the crew, so she sang a song of her own. It was then that she found that her fans were already many, and many fluorescent lamps were written with her name Evodia.
It is much more pleasing to the eye than fish.
When it was noon, Shen Xinyu came back to Jiaocheng. As a result, Yu Kaizhang stayed to discuss which company to sign. Later, there was an emergency saying that the crew wanted a variety show before the Spring Festival. The director wanted to take her and let her show up to sing a song without recording the later programs.
This variety show is one of the best traffic programs in China, and it is broadcast once a week and later in prime time.
Yu Kaizhang hung up and Shen Xinyu set out for the program. Fortunately, Tang Shiyan left a stylist in Beijing North, or Lao Yu was really busy alone.