Jane has a deep affection for Ling Fei. If he goes out directly to stop Jane from listening, the best messenger is their family.

"Our baby is really a small jealousy altar!" Jane smiled and rubbed Xiao Ran’s face and added, "Let’s not go to the advanced house outside."
Chapter 649 Thank you for not letting me go.
It is not only Lingfeiyu’s first visit to the Qin family’s camp in the United States, but also her first visit. She was also surprised when she saw this large manor.
She has been incredibly proud of them in Jiangbei Nuoyuan. Many people have struggled for generations, but compared with the Qin family’s mansion in new york, USA, Nuoyuan is dwarfed.
Entering the pavilion and rockery fountain from the main entrance, all kinds of leisure facilities are alive. It is a modern leisure park, which is not like a private residence.
It can also be seen that Sheng Tian’s financial and material resources and Qin Yue’s leadership ability are far beyond Jane’s original imagination
It seems that she really knows too little about Qin Yue, which is definitely not a qualified wife.
Seeing Jane’s eyes scanning around, Qin Yue walked to her side and gently hugged her waist. Judo "I wanted to bring you back for a long time, but I was always caught up in things."
"No, I’m here now." Jane looked up and smiled at him and said, "I didn’t think much of anything. Don’t worry."
The two of them have been through so many things together, and she can’t understand how he treats her. How could she possibly misunderstand him?
"It’s good not to think much." Qin Yue rubbed her head. "When you are better, I’ll accompany you to stroll around for a while. I’ll let Xiaobao and Ran Ran show Miss Ling around."
Qin Yue is not very willing to take the initiative to introduce and visit that type of person. Lingfei is particularly curious about that type of person. He has no leisure and elegance to be a guide. It is most appropriate to give this to Qin Xiaobao and Xiao Ran.
"Well, let Ran Ran greet the distinguished guests for us." How about your physical condition? Jane Ran must be clear. At present, she still can’t blow the wind, and she can’t entertain Lingfei well soon.
Xiao Ran, however, is their baby, and she likes Lingfeiyu in particular, so Xiao Ran, however, is certainly happy to oppose Lingfeiyu.
"Jane!" Qin Yue suddenly stopped to hold Jane’s shoulder.
"Huh?" Jane looked up at his deep eyes.
Qin Yue pulled the broken hair from her forehead behind her ear and pushed her into her arms according to the back of her head. "How nice!"
He said two words without beginning or end, but he knew what he wanted to say simply.
He must mean to say that the two of them can still walk hand in hand as they are now, and he can hold her in his arms-how nice!
Not only does Qin Yue feel so simple, but also every minute and second they are together is so precious.
On the day of the explosion, she closed her eyes and couldn’t wake up.
Never see her again. Qin Yue never see her again. Xiao Ran never see the charming sunshine again.
When she was lying in a hospital bed, she was almost swallowed up by a black vortex several times and wandered around the edge of life several times. It was so difficult for her to wake up and never dared to think that she could get up and let him hold her beside Qin Yue. She snuggled in his arms and listened to his steady and powerful heartbeat quietly.
In this life, she has experienced many things, such as losing her parents, being disembowelled to recognize her thief father and so on.
But she doesn’t regret coming into this world at all.
Because among many bad things, she met Qin Yue, a man who loved her in his hand.
Because the other person is him, she is willing to spend a lifetime with him …
Because of him, the bad things that happened in her life are not so memorable. She remembers him, remembers him, remembers her well, and remembers their happy time together.
Qin Yue!’ She called his name softly and looked at him with burning eyes.
"What do you want to say?" Qin Yue asked.
"Thank you!" Jane said with a smile
Thank you for not thinking about letting me go in a bad environment!
Thank you for making me believe that there is true love in this world!
Thank you for making my life so unbearable that I can bloom the most beautiful flowers.
"Stupid?" Thank you again. Qin Yue frowned again. He didn’t want to hear her kind words with him.
"I’m not stupid!" Jane nestled in Qin Yue’s arms and listened to his steady and powerful heartbeat, reaching out and holding his lean waist.
No matter how bumpy the road ahead is, she won’t worry if she has him and Xiao Ran by her side.
"Jane, let’s go to the Aegean Sea before the 20th of this month." Qin Yue planned to surprise Jane with the wedding, and he planned to wait until the wedding day to tell Jane.
This is the most romantic thing he can think of for Jane.
"Why did you suddenly think of going there?" Aegean Sea is a holy place that Jane has always wanted to visit, but she has never had a chance to go.
"I didn’t agree to go and see it before." Qin Yue has been preparing for the wedding for a long time and has been delayed for a long time. This time, it can’t be an accident
"Good!" Jane made up her mind silently to take care of her illness and then go to the Aegean Sea so as not to hold Qin Yue back.
"Elder brother and sister-in-law, there are a lot of you two. Now you are very much in love. You should greet the guests to greet the guests. Sister-in-law should go to rest." Everyone in the family is busy, but today the protagonist is hiding in the garden, "cheating". Where can Qin Xiaobao, an eventful guy, see the past?
"You are an adult, it’s good for you to do things at home." Qin Yue was very dissatisfied with Qin Xiaobao’s jumping out of trouble at this time. He was simply going to the Aegean Sea.
Qin Xiaobao held back his mouth. "Mom asked you to go back to the house. When she came to the United States, she went to the temple and asked her sister-in-law for an amulet to formally give it to her."
Qin Yue wanted to say something else, but simply squeezed his hand. "Let’s go home. That’s mom’s wish. If you don’t take me, it’s the point."
Jane didn’t believe in Buddhism, but Qin’s mother believed in Buddhism and the elders asked for the amulet. It must be that the younger generation thought of the elders’ wishes, and she should take it well.
"That’s good" is a simple bite, and Qin Yue must obey it 100%.
It seems that he has always had no bottom line here, but he didn’t realize it himself.
"Sister-in-law, I really hate my brother more and more." Qin Xiaobao took Jane and stared discontentedly at Qin Yue. "Now he never cares about me."
Think about it. Before Qin Yue got married, Qin Xiaobao was the most important thing for Qin Yuegong.
Qin Xiaobao often makes trouble, and everything can make trouble. Qin Yue often follows her and cleans up her mess.
[ps recommends a "Billions of Favorite Marriages" by the West Lake]
Chapter 65 Let him smile more.
At that time, it seemed to be a pleasure for Qin Yue to clean up the rotten stalls for her, so Qin Xiaobao also happily created "fun".
Because her wooden brother is really a piece of cold ice outside work, if she doesn’t help him create some fun for his spare time, he will probably suffocate.
But all these things changed after Qin Yue got married.
After marrying Jane, Qin Yue’s attention is no longer outside Qin Xiaobao’s body work, but all the focus has shifted to Jane’s body.
His thoughtfulness to Jane is many times better than that to Qin Xiaobao.
Think about brother Mu no longer paying attention to himself. Qin Xiaobao is sometimes a little sad and jealous, but think about it again. Without brother Mu, she still misses the North.
Although the man who fought in the North never knew how to be fond of jade, she could slowly train him.