"Why did you hit your sister?"

"She just pushed Ruyi not to play with their toys!" Kidney beans are righteous and have no intention of giving in at all.
"Then you can play sister? It’s a shame for you to hit a girl by a boy! " Sun also don’t know the end.
"Well, it’s all children. It’ll be all right soon!" Ping Li and the mud.
"Jiao Jiao, will you and Sasha take your sister to play together?" Ping Li called Tang Jiao, who was a little scared.
"Sasha, can you tell mom what’s going on?" It seems that Kou Jing is the most patient. She wiped her tears and gave her a full hug before she patiently asked why.
"Jiao Jiao and I were playing with each other. When my sister came, she made trouble and took our tableware away. I pushed her when I was in a hurry!" Kousha obviously knew she was wrong and bowed her head with a guilty conscience.
"Oh!" Kou Jing nodded seriously. "Did the wishful sister cry?"
"no!" Kousha shyly shook his head.
"That wishful sister is so strong!" Kou Jing gave a thumbs-up directly. "I hope Sasha can be stronger later, okay?"
"hmm!" Kousha’s expression softened a lot without being criticized.
"Ruyi’s younger sister is over one year old, and she still can’t understand the rules of your play house. She is also upset. You and Jiao Jiao are sisters, so you should learn to take care of your younger brothers and sisters. This is the most meaningful play house, don’t you think?" Kou Jing guides children’s way of thinking
"I know!" Kousha has no sad feeling.
"Then should we apologize to Ruyi’s sister?" Kou Jing finally got to the point.
"hmm!" Kousha nodded seriously and went straight to Xiao Ruyi to apologize.
"Well, you all go and play!" Sun was relieved or took a symbolic pat on the ass.
"Mommy, can I go to play too?" Tang Jiao blinked and asked Ping Li for instructions.
"Go ahead!" Ping Li kissed Tang Jiao on the forehead and let the child go on playing.
"Quiet, you are so patient!" The following is really folded
"It’s okay!" Kou Jing gently reminded the lip angle.
"I don’t know how many times your method is better than mine!" Sun directly from sigh.
"children actually have their own criteria for judging right and wrong. Sometimes we need to be patient and touch them. When they are emotional, we also need to play a listening role, so that she will feel valued, have a desire to communicate and find the real crux of the problem."
"I think we need to ask you more later!" I nodded and agreed with Kou Jing.
"Let’s explore together. Children are different. The methods suitable for each child are definitely different. It is also a pleasure to grow up with them!" Kou Jing looked at the children with a faint happiness in his eyes.
It’s easy for people to see many problems clearly after a lot of experiences. Kou Jing is in this state now. It seems that nothing is a big deal for her. Nothing is unacceptable. It is understandable that she wants the same thing for her children.
"Miao Miao, your son is so focused on digging sand that he almost doesn’t move when sitting in the bunker!" Ping Li was amused by Liu Xiaoyang’s show of cuteness.
"Nonsense! You can all go. He has a climbing level, and they must feel very unbalanced, so they seek self-entertainment from the project! " Miao has long found that she is persistent.
"This kind of child’s attention is very rare, usually three minutes of heat!" Kou Jing also participated in the discussion. "It seems that your family can’t sit still after school!"
"I hope so!" Miao really doesn’t ask too much of Liu Xiaoyang, but he can also ask others, but she didn’t want to be the best one, but at least she can’t be the worst one. That’s all.
I don’t know if my expectations are too negative, but I always feel that this life has a decision for my life. She doesn’t want to manipulate him too much, just want him to take good care of himself and have a strong heart!
After the weekend, I explained everything in my hand, took my children and my parents to embark on a flight to new york, and Ji Hucheng accompanied me.
There are too many stirring memories on the other side of the ocean, but they found each other in all kinds of chaos anyway, but now she really lost him, and there is no possibility of holding hands anymore!
Looking at the white clouds outside the window, I really hope that the man will suddenly appear in front of me. Forget it, close your eyes and sleep and dream realistically! Pulling the blindfold directly ruined my sleep
I don’t know if God didn’t go with her on purpose, but since I got home, I haven’t dreamed that Lu Fengxing slept every night, which is more practical than Mao Meng’s. Sometimes I wonder if the man has forgotten her after drinking Meng Po Tang.
"Aunt-"just got her luggage and walked out, and she heard a small voice shouting. The little girl in the crowd had cheered and waved to them. Liu Feiyang was also excited with delicate and charming roses in his hand.
Miao smiled and waved and pushed the child out with his parents.
"Sister Liu hasn’t seen you for a long time, okay!" Yuan Qing took the flowers from Liu Ziyan’s hand and gave a warm hug directly.
"That’s right. It’s almost half a year ago. Are you all right?"
"It’s all right. This life can be counted as a few more years!" Yuan Qing took Liu Ziyan’s arm and began to talk at home.
"Master!" Liu Feiyang still dedicated the flowers in his hand to Wu
"hey! You’ve come here to learn western style! " Wu took the flowers and teased, "It seems that your grandmother didn’t treat you badly!" "
"Yangyang, have you missed your sister? My sister misses you!" Sun Xiaoyu took a mouthful of Liu Xiaoyang’s neck. Liu Xiaoyang had a lot of complaints and rubbed his face. He always felt that the girl in front of him was too crazy and stared at Sun Xiaoyu for a long time.
"Aunt Yangyang doesn’t seem to know me!" Sun Xiaoyu is somewhat injured.
"No, this is just waking up on the plane and going home slowly!" After rubbing the top of smiles send us light’s hair, I feel that the child has changed in a few days, and he has really grown taller.
"Sister, I’ll push it!" Liu Feiyang took the initiative to accept the luggage cart from Miao, and it seemed natural that he found his height advantage as soon as he got close to Miao.
"Do you still adapt to flying?" After a pause, I still feel that I am looking at a big boy.
"I’m fine!" Willow flying slightly hook lips handsome face has been very attractive.
"Xiao Yan Feiyang’s brother already has a girlfriend!" Sun Xiaoyu is very interested in tattling.
"Oh?" I am a little surprised that this is absolutely not allowed in China.
"Sun Xiaoyu, why are you so divinatory!" Liu Feiyang really wants to kick Sun Xiaoyu directly home with one foot, so it’s out of the way.
"Feiyang, you can’t do that at your age, so you still have to study hard!" Wu was nervous and taught seriously.
"Don’t worry, the root is nothing!" Liu Feiyang scratched his head and felt a little annoying.
"What about Ida?" Sun Xiaoyu is very angry and asks.
"Ida?" Following some scratching their heads.
"Ida is uncle Richard’s niece who runs to our house all day and flies. Brother or classmate flies. Brother Ji is her full-time partner!" My girl confessed everything she knew and didn’t leave Liu Feiyang a face.
"Oh!" I smiled and didn’t comment, so I don’t really need to think too seriously about my age. Facing different national conditions, everyone needs an adaptation process.
"Don’t listen to gossip. There’s nothing wrong with Adagen!" Liu Feiyang doesn’t know what the meaning of a’ oh’ is, but his heart is directly uncertain.
"I know!" Miao smiled and hugged Liu Xiaoyang out of the car. It seems that this problem is not a problem at all.
Is to let the following didn’t expect is now Sun Xiaoyu mouth heroine has been waiting in the living room at home.
"Grandma is good, grandpa is good, and aunt is good!" Ida greeted them politely when they came back.
Adalai wanted to call Sister Liu Feiyang together, but she immediately changed her mind when she saw Miao. She thought it was easier to call Sister Liu Feiyang and Miao.
"This child is so clever and so sensible!" Yuan Qing smiled and pulled IDA to sit on the sofa. "I heard that you are Feiyang’s classmate. Are we doing well in school?"
"Feiyang’s grades in the class are the best. Everyone likes him very much!" Ida’s face felt proud that Liu Feiyang was her home.
"So powerful!" I rubbed Liu Feiyang’s head. "I’ll treat you well tonight!"