"Are you going to play in the recreation area?" Liu Ziyan is going to order food in the building.

"yes!" Sun Xiaoyu has taken action.
"I’m sorry, that little girl is my granddaughter. Could you please take a look at it for me? I’m going to buy her some food! " Liu Ziyan saw a person who was almost as old as she looked next to the amusement park, perhaps a few years older than her.
"Is that it?" The man stared at Liu Ziyan for half a minute and then stretched out his hand and pointed to Sun Xiaoyu to make a determination.
"It’s your trouble!" Liu Ziyan believes that the other party must also be here to see their children.
"Go without you!" Men seem to have a good accomplishment and speak slowly. Liu Ziyan really feels that she has met a gentleman.
"Thank you!" Thanks again, Liu Ziyan Lou went to buy Sun Xiaoyu’s favorite dessert and juice.
"Thank you, Sir!" After Liu Ziyan came back, she put a plate of special sweets in front of the man. "I invite you and the children to eat!" "
"children?" The man puckered his forehead slightly with wrinkles, and he didn’t know what consciousness a woman was.
Section 434
"Didn’t you come with your children?" Liu Ziyan also felt a little abrupt.
"Oh!" The man knew that he had been misunderstood and shook his head slightly. "I didn’t bring my children here. I came here myself!" "
"Sorry, I made a mistake!" Liu Ziyan smiled shyly.
"Grandma, is my dessert here?" Sun Xiaoyu excitedly calling
"You can come out to eat!" Liu Ziyan waved at the child.
"Are you from China?"
"Do you understand Chinese?" Liu Ziyan has some surprises.
"no!" The man smiled and shook his head. "My wife is from China, too. I know her mother tongue is like this, that’s all!"
"Oh!" Liu Ziyan’s mouth opened wide. "Do you have a wife from China? Great! "
"Maybe!" The man shrugged his shoulders and seemed to have a feeling of resistance in it.
"What, are you unhappy with your wife?" See Sun Xiaoyu didn’t mean to come over immediately. Liu Ziyan just sat opposite the man. She thought it was pleasant to chat like this.
"My wife and I have a great distance in age and background culture. Sometimes we feel that there are some obstacles in communication, and she seems to prefer living in China. Every time she goes back, she seems to have no desire to come back!" Men also find it strange that they would be willing to communicate with a stranger in a different place like this, and it seems that it feels good.
"It’s common to have a big age gap between husband and wife now. I believe her vitality and youth must be what you like. Is it not a loss to properly package her sexuality and naivety?" Liu Ziyan and Miao have been getting along for a long time, and her character has also gained a lot of tolerance.
"If you think she grew up in China, I think you can go with her. There are many beautiful places in China, and I think it’s good to walk together. Why not act? Missing needs to be expressed! "
"Your marriage must be very happy!" The man looked at Liu Ziyan with admiration in his eyes.
"That’s really disappointing to you. I also lost my partner and lived until I was so old!" Liu Ziyan didn’t whitewash her fault. She was glad that she finally lived in vain in a limited period of time.
"Grandma, I want to eat dessert!" Sun Xiaoyu suddenly cheerful came running interrupted two people chat.
"Go and wash your hands first and say hello to grandpa!" Liu Ziyan got up from the chair.
"Hello, Grandpa!" Sun Xiaoyu greeted her in standard English.
"Hello!" The man lovingly rubbed Sun Xiaoyu’s hair, but his heart was slightly awkward. If his present wife really gave birth to a child for him, wouldn’t it be smaller than his grandfather’s child? It’s so tangled!
"Then we won’t bother. We’ll go there!" Liu Ziyan nodded slightly at the man and took Sun Xiaoyu to the other side of the world.
"Who is grandma’s grandfather?"
"Grandma doesn’t know. She should be a kind grandfather!" Liu Ziyan has a good impression on men.
"Didn’t grandma say not to talk to strangers?" Sun Xiaoyu pouted and felt that Liu Ziyan had done something very dangerous.
"Yes, grandma can’t learn from her if she doesn’t behave well!" Liu Ziyan smiled and put the sweet in front of the child. "Let’s eat. Grandma will take you to the supermarket later!"
"I love my grandmother!" Sun Xiaoyu narrowed his eyes and smiled very cute.
It is very comforting to watch the child finally come out of the shadow of losing her parents. In the process, she also gained a sincere feeling, which seems to make up for her many emotional deficiencies. This child is like an angel given to her by God.
Liu Ziyan and Sun Xiaoyu are happy, and the pictures are all seen by men. There is something in their eyes that I can’t tell. I don’t know, but he is the father of two sons and two daughters. What do you rarely experience like this? Are you too greedy or running too fast and missing a lot of good things?
"Excuse me, can I invite two ladies to have dinner together?" Surrounded by loneliness, the man slowly came over with a very modest attitude.
"But we don’t know you!" Sun Xiaoyu is still very principled
"Can you call me Lao Mo now?" Men seem to be particularly patient with children.
"Mr. Mo won’t be broken. If you want to eat, you can come home at any time. We will be very welcome!" Liu Ziyan thinks it’s a bit much to go to dinner together just after we met.
"But we are going to eat out today, aren’t we?" Sun Xiaoyu defected if he didn’t
"Then can we be together?" The man cast a look for support at Sun Xiaoyu.
"Well, it’s really boring for you to eat alone. Grandma and I will accept you!"
"Small language!" Liu Ziyan didn’t expect that it’s embarrassing for children to dare to be in charge now.
"You just invited me to eat sweet, and now it’s my turn to invite you to dinner. I think it’s very reasonable, isn’t it?"
"well, if you insist!" Liu Ziyan also feels that she is not melodramatic when compared with men.
At a dinner, Liu Ziyan told men a lot about China customs and communication habits in order to help men better understand themselves. China and his wife talked about art, social development and so on. Liu Ziyan had not talked about Kan Kan for a long time, but she was in a particularly good mood. She could feel that men were in a very good mood.
"I see that you have become good friends, but you can leave a phone number for each other, which will make it easier to get back together!" Sun Xiaoyu gave his own advice with Ba in his hand.
"Children are not allowed to interrupt when adults are talking!"
Liu Ziyan really seems to find a crack in the ground. How can this child take the initiative to ask someone for a number? What a shame!
"Is it convenient for me to leave you?" When Liu Ziyan was still educating Sun Xiaoyu, Lao Mo had already called the clerk to bring a pen and paper.
"Of course!" Liu Ziyan took the pen in the man’s hand.
It’s a good thing to have one more friend in this strange city, and then chat with one more audience. Liu Ziyan didn’t expect men to have such an idea, and her heart suddenly comforted a lot.
From that day on, Liu Ziyan had another friend. They always went out for coffee and chat together on weekends. Although Sun Xiaoyu was always around, it didn’t seem to affect the smooth and pleasant communication at all.
Liu Ziyan never asked Lao Mo’s name, and Lao Mo never asked Liu Ziyan’s background. It seems that they are just the simplest friends. It was not until one day that Fei Er was angry in front of her that she realized that the so-called Lao Mo was Fei Er’s current husband Morant.
"I don’t see why it makes sense for you to show me these photos?" Liu Ziyan looked at herself and Morant in the photo and was very calm in her heart. She felt that the result was somewhat diaphragmatic.
"Ms. Liu, you are also a person who has experienced marriage and ups and downs. I don’t think you are stupid enough to want to destroy my family!" Phil is not at all polite to talk.
Liu Ziyan and Miao, the mother and daughter, have long been hated by Feier! The daughter robbed her first love, and my mother robbed her current husband. The world is really crazy, and now she is a widow. She doesn’t know what this old woman in Xu Niang is trying to do.