Qu Feiyan got up and said, "Uncle Er, just think of me as you. How did he attack you at that time?"

JiRebin wanted to think, "He made a total of two moves. Although I was unprepared, they were all aboveboard. I was not as good as others …"
Then he courageously stood up and put on a boxing rack to detain the fur all over his body. At first, it was short and flat, and it was blown like a hedgehog’s temple. It was more like being bitten by a big mosquito and bulging up half an inch. The whole person cried and became alive and energetic.
When Qi Yufeng came to drink water slowly, he immediately spat on the ground and cried in panic, "Don’t be energetic. You have to tear down my house with one stamp. You can’t do it with gestures."
Qi Ruobin nodded, breathed a sigh of relief, followed his chest as if choking, and asked, "How do you collect this magical power?"
Qi Yufeng said in distress situation, "You’ve taken the avatar. You’re a monkey. I’ll teach you later. Just tap it now."
Jirebin was awkward and twisted his feet suddenly, but his right foot took a step forward. His spine was straight, his knees were not bent, his hand was stretched straight, and he punched and punched his wrist.
Although he makes this slow, his fist is like a pike, straight and straight. The rhythm is fresh, simple and rich in natural beauty. Qi Ruofeng and Qi Ruocheng look at each other and see it clearly. "Is this Xingyi Boxing?"
Qi Yufeng continued to drink a mouthful of water and laughed. "This good-looking Xingyiquan has a bearing from Ji Jike’s generation. When I’m healed, I can’t father go door to door and ask him to rely on this kung fu …"
JiReFeng turned to nu way, "Xiao Feng, let’s put the family to eat without martial arts. Why do you smash people’s business for no reason? You can’t bully the weak even if your martial arts are high."
Qi Yufeng laughed. "How many times did you say it when I was a child? When did my classmates find my parents? I’m just saying … "
JiReBin read badly in addition to their own martial arts contact is not much also strange way "this is xingyi quan? I really have never seen it. "
Qi Ruofeng said, "This is the fist-drilling posture in Xingyi Boxing. This footwork is Xingyi Boxing’s ten forms and one horse shape. It seems that some people in Shanxi want to seize the market and expand the business scope?"
Although he had reprimanded Qi Yufeng, it was not easy to expect, but this time JiRebin almost died. How can he swallow this tone? His heart has been extremely dissatisfied with Xingyiquan’s pulse.
JiRebin nodded his head and thought, "But his second move is different from this one. I don’t think it is necessarily a xingyi quan expert."
Immediately, he slowly bumped his shoulder forward.
JiReCheng cried, "This looks like a bear, but it’s not Xingyiquan …"
He didn’t finish his words, but he saw JiRebin take two steps and suddenly punch his arms like a spiral. One punch hit Qufei Yanmian, and the other palm hit her chest.
After this move, he touched his forehead and said, "This man hit my chest with a palm and hit my forehead with a punch, and then … I don’t know anything …"
Qu Fei smoke was two feet away from his front. Although he didn’t exert himself, his arm still couldn’t help but bring out a trace of true qi and strong wind to blow her hair back.
After he finished the trick, her white and defective face was blown away by the wind, showing a trace of ruddy. Seriously, "Clean as a pear core and reflecting the morning glow again" can’t help but blink and wonder, "What is this trick? Can such strange tricks hit people? "
While Qi Yufeng suddenly frowned and his face showed a little confusion. He got up and said, "Two people …" Suddenly, he was unstable and almost fell.
While Chen Shuai hurried over to help him, he shook his head and said, "Mom, I’m fine." Then he held the sofa in one hand and wandered into the living room and said, "Is that true, Uncle?"
After that, he gasped, his arms swelled and flashed a punch, a palm and a left palm, which collapsed forward like a twisted wire; The right hand actually walked an arc in the middle, and the strength of the force was in front of it.
JiRebin cried to shine at the moment and cried, "Yes, this move of yours makes it slower but clearer than me. It is such a move."
Qi Yufeng heard but saw no joy. He was stupefied for a long time before he murmured, "This is in big trouble." He went into his room without explaining it to everyone.
A bunch of people feel puzzled. Qi Ruocheng can’t help but ask, "Do you know what his skill is?"
Qu Feiyan shook his head and said honestly, "I don’t know if this style of play is soft and just like Taoism and Buddhism, but it’s a little gloomy and not like decent martial arts."
JiReFeng see her recruit incredibly summed up so many rules can’t help but shame immediately said, "this martial arts is decent? I don’t know how to divide it? "
Qu Fei said, "I’m not sure, but this kind of martial arts looks weird and hurts people. If it’s a tournament, most people don’t dare to use it."
JiReFeng nodded and said, "It’s a little bit of a loss, but it’s really effective. That’ spiral strength’ is a bit close to the meaning of checking boxing."
But Qi Ruocheng said, "Isn’t that Tai Ji Chuan in spiral strength?"
"Tai Ji Chuan is a theorist now, who dares to really hit you when your second brother pokes his feet for nothing?"
"Isn’t there spiral strength in Wing Chun Boxing?"
"Old four, you just don’t know nonsense every day. If you look at Bin and Xiao Feng, it’s Tai Chi and Wing Chun. Don’t use your head! "
"Hey, hey, I am not anxious to find a way?"
"Don’t guess" Qi Yufeng walked out of the room and glanced at the crowd. "This is White Lotus Kung Fu."
Chapter 24 There are security guards at home
"White Lotus?" There are three brothers and two sisters-in-law sitting in the living room. Hearing these three words, they can’t help but look at each other, which is somewhat puzzling.