"Will Feiyang be a brother to little Yangyang?" Miao pulled Liu Feiyang into her arms. "Will you wait for your father to come back and pick you up at your aunt’s house?"

Liu Feiyang is Liu Ma Sun. Now that Liu Ma is gone, the child’s father has no landing, and the child’s mother is lying in peace. How can she have the heart to push the child into society?
Although Jia Xue committed suicide and brought trouble to Chen Lan’s mother and daughter, but the child is a koo, she is also quite wronged. It is necessary to wait for a few days, and Lu Fengxing also wants her to slow down. Why is this mother so impatient? Or are you too guilty to know that there is no reason to ask for many things?
"Feiyang wants to wait for his father and mother to fly in his own home and not go anywhere!" Liu Feiyang leaned against his shoulder and began to cry sadly.
"Aunt knows that you are sad, and that you always need patience to wait for mom and dad. We have learned that we can’t delay our studies. Today is Saturday, the Lantern Festival is over, and we have to go to school after the weekend. Do you think you can do it yourself?" Miao gently patted Liu Feiyang’s back. "Go home with your aunt, and she will take good care of you!"
"hey!" Miao is still comforting Liu Feiyang, who is very popular. He rushed over like a flash and took it directly from Miao’s arms. Yangyang carefully checked "Is the child okay?"
"It’s okay to check everything!" Tears of guilt overflowed from the corner of Miao’s eyes. "I’m sorry that I didn’t take good care of the children, but my mother was incompetent!" "
"How can you be blamed?" Looking at the tears, my heart is going to break, and I am excited to hug the little woman in my arms. "It’s all that woman who is so vicious that it deserves to die for a baby to be able to hand!"
If you think about it, you will feel regret. If you knew this woman was so unrepentant, you shouldn’t let her go easily. You should have let her go to prison. It’s all your own thoughts that led to today’s big mistake. It also brought trouble to Chen Lan’s mother and daughter. Think that Sun Xiaoyu is so small that she will lose her mother. Lu Fengxing really feels that she can’t feel avenged by cutting Jia Xue to pieces.
"Popular-"Miao gently pulled the man’s sleeve in the hope that he could notice Liu Feiyang’s mood.
"What’s the matter? Am I wrong?" Lu Fengxing’s anger at the bottom of my heart can be curbed by the thought that my son has experienced that emotion. "She has lived enough by herself, so forget it. Why do you bring trouble to Chen Lan’s mother and daughter?" Xiaoyu is only six years old and has to face life without a mother. Do you think such a bad woman deserves sympathy? "
"My mother is not a vicious woman or a bad woman!" Liu Feiyang’s anger rushed to Lu Fengxing. "You are the bad guy. You don’t let your mother see your aunt. You caused your mother to have an accident! You are a bad person, you pay for my mother! Blare-"
Liu Feiyang was disorganized, and he frowned tightly when he hit the landing. Before he could speak, Song Yang had given Liu Feiyang the strength to build a child. How could he compete with such an adult? Song Yanggen didn’t give Liu Feiyang a chance to break free. He struggled and kicked.
"It’ s very pitiful that the children who have just lost their mothers are popular!" Miao feels that Liu Feiyang needs to be pregnant now.
"He doesn’t even have a sense of right and wrong at least. Do you think he will be any better than his mother?" Lu Fengxing has long been impatient with this matter. Seeing that his arms have just experienced a disaster, he will never be kind again!
At the moment, the brain is a mess, and there is no mind to argue with men. She silently looks at Ang Lee and hopes that Ang Lee can take care of Liu Feiyang first. How to arrange it later is really not the time to arrange it.
Ang Lee understood the following meaning and took the initiative to walk to the front of Song Yang to pull Liu Feiyang into his arms.
"Young lady, it’s not good to take the children back to rest early and feed the people hungry!" It’s long past lunch now, and I’ve fed the baby again. I’m sure I’m hungry. Ang Lee woke up and took his wife away.
"Let’s go home and talk about it!" There is no wife to eat and sleep well in the world, and it is popular in mainland China that I should take Miao back. I don’t know if I should cancel meeting my friends like this after I do.
"Flying, please!" Miao earnestly looked at Ang Lee and Cai Yi’s love for Feiyang.
"Don’t worry, Ang Lee and I will arrange him!" Choi also came to Feiyang’s side, hoping that Ying could relax.
I sighed in my heart, but I still followed the popular trend. What happened to this world? It seems that everything has become different in the blink of an eye. When I came out in the afternoon, there were still three people who went back now. I really don’t know how to explain such an accident.
"The popular sister Lan was killed by a car to save Yangyang!" When I think about Chen Lan in Taiping, I feel a kind of sadness. It will be very cold if I lie in the cold cabinet like that without temperature. I must miss my daughter very much. There must be a lot of disappointment and sadness!
"I’ll arrange her funeral and I’ll take good care of her. It’s my duty!" Lu Fengxing took Miao into his arms and sighed silently.
"It’s popular not to tell Xiaoyu that Sister Lan had an accident, but to say that Sister Lan has gone to the United States to do things and will come back when it’s done, okay?" Miao suddenly felt that it was cruel to tell the child such cruel news during the Lantern Festival. She would rather give the child a false hope than let the child fall into the darkness of hell as soon as he got there.
"hmm!" Lu Fengxing nodded his head stiffly because he didn’t know if the children could understand their kindness and accept the regret of not attending their mother’s funeral.
Cai Yi and Ang Lee brought the children home. Cai Yi now lives in the same year that Wenzezong gave the suite to Miao, which is more spacious than Ang Lee’s. After that, Liu Feiyang can be arranged with a separate room, and both rooms are big beds, which is also convenient for Ang Lee to stay with him.
"Is it okay for Feiyang to stay here with his aunt first?" Cai Yi led Liu Feiyang to visit a whole room. "Auntie usually lives alone and is afraid that you will stay with me?"
Section 335
Liu Feiyang silently bowed his head and didn’t speak.
"Feiyang, maybe you still can’t understand what happened in the adult world to make you accept that the situation is indeed cruel, but the fact is often that it is hard to resist. Be strong and we will come with you!" Ang Lee squatted in front of Liu Feiyang. "You forgot that you and your mother said that you want to be a man, but you must be strong!"
"Is mom never coming back?" Willow flying silently raised targeting top would have been full of tears.
"Mom and grandma went to the same place. Let’s wish them a good journey in our hearts!" Ang Lee patted Liu Feiyang on the shoulder like an adult. "If we put them in our hearts, they will not leave us and will silently watch our efforts and struggles in the sky. Are you willing to cheer?"
"hmm!" Liu Feiyang nodded with tears in her eyes. "I will be a man!"
"Ang Lee, go back to your room with Feiyang and sleep for a while. I’ll call you when I’m ready to cook!" Cai Yi thinks that Liu Feiyang really needs company now and should take a rest. He must be tired after crying for so long.
"Well, that’s hard for you!" Li Anchong Cai nodded and took Liu Feiyang into another bedroom.
Considering everyone’s mood, we made light rice porridge and some side dishes before we set the table and walked into the children’s bedroom, while Ang Lee and Liu Feiyang were already asleep.
Flying face is still covered with tears and nose is red. It’s really distressing to look at it. It’s always good to fall asleep. Maybe when you wake up, you will know that some things have to be faced. When you fall asleep and wake up a few times, many things will be different, just like when you were so miserable, you feel that you can’t live any longer. After you get over it, you will find that life is made up of several pains. Living is to learn to bear it!
I helped two people to cover it gently and was quietly retired by Caiyi. It feels good to be able to take care of others. It seems that I still need Caiyi to consider it, such as arranging the Lantern Festival.
Miao was already asleep on the way home. The thrilling experience was really vigorous. Things were ups and downs. The mood and sadness made women feel collapsed in men’s arms and soon fell asleep.
"Song Yang, no one is allowed to say anything in Luzhai today!" Lu Fengxing ordered Song Yang to die. He didn’t want the family to follow him, mainly because he didn’t want to show any flaws in Xiaoyu.
"I know!" Song Yang drove the car and answered very calmly.
"This is the last mistake. If there is such an accident again, you will quit!" Lu Fengxing’s voice was as cold as moving an iceberg and pressing it on Song Yangshen.
"It was my poor protection that frightened the young lady and young master. It won’t happen again!" Song Yang knows what Miao and Yangyang mean to Lu Fengxing. Lujia is good to him. He can’t let Lujia down.
"I hope you keep your word!" Lu Fengxing looked at the baby chair, and the sleeping child felt a lot better. God really loved him.
Miao was carried back to the bedroom, groggy, and didn’t wake up. Maybe she didn’t want to wake up. She really didn’t know whether to face the small language inquiry or avoid it first.
Wang Ni accompanied Sun Xiaoyu for an afternoon, and it was almost the same time. She was still worrying in her mind. I don’t know if Jia Xue was too difficult. I saw Lu Fengxing coming back with Miao, but she did wait for Song Yang with her child for a long time and didn’t see Chen Lan coming in.
"Why didn’t mom come back?" Wang Ni is still thinking about what the situation is, and the immature voice of the small language rings.
"It is estimated that there are any arrangements. Ask the young lady in the afternoon and you will know!" Wang Ni rubbed his small hair top "can you play in the room for a while? The teacher should go back! "
Wang Ni is in a hurry now. She especially wants to know what happened. She always feels that Lu Fengxing looks particularly ugly today. Song Yang looks a little embarrassed. Something must have happened. Otherwise, how could Miao be held back? It’s so weird!
"Goodbye, teacher!" Sun Xiaoyu didn’t travel with Wang Ni. She exercised very independently when she was in the United States. It’s no problem to wait for her mother outside the shop, let alone wait in the room.
"Goodbye!" Wang Nichong Sun Xiaoyu waved and picked up her bag and walked out of the Liu Zhai.