"It looks like it should be." Mr. Cang also leaned in to watch.

"So, it should be that after Gu She Fairy left you, she gave birth to a child, and then waited for her body to reply slightly, and went to Fusang." Chu Yanqi said.
"Yes!" The desert fairy said, "This is exactly the same as what she sent me. After she left, she ran to the Poisonous Fire Bird Pool, gave birth to you in the eyes of a spiritual spring in the Poisonous Fire Bird Pool, and then kept it for a while. After replying, she took you to the Fusang Secret Land, in which she and I always had a voice contact. Then she went to the secret land of Fusang, and we broke contact. "
"Isn’t there a big problem with my age?" ChuYan habitat wait for a while however said.
"I don’t know!" The desert fairy shook her head, and there was a time difference of at least two years.
ChuYanQi some confused, in the heart is very regret, at the beginning in the fusang shakotan coast, didn’t ask the fusang queen, her mother exactly is the time to take him to fusang shakotan coast?
But one thing is, he should be the child. Otherwise, Queen Fusang would not recognize him at a glance.
"No!" Mr. Cang said, "I checked the birth of Chu Gongzi. He was born in Kunlan Town. This is something that everyone in the Chu family can testify. There is absolutely no mistake. Then Gu She never left Kunlan Town until Chu Gongzi was about three years old. She suddenly disappeared."
ChuYan habitat gawk trance, maybe. Can he be born twice?
The Desert Fairy and Gu She are close friends, and they have a good friendship. She definitely won’t talk nonsense.
But it is an indisputable fact that he was born in Kunlan town. This is known by many people, not only Chu family. Now, although most Chu family lineages were killed, if he wants to know. Ask someone, and you can still find out after all.
"Chu childe is eighteen years old this year, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "The desert fairy suddenly asked.
"Yes!" ChuYanQi nodded.
"Just last year, I received a call from Gu She. Let me take care of Yanqi. " Said the desert fairy.
"Last year, you received a message from Gu She Fairy?" Cang lang leng ran, if Gu She fairy had contact with desert fairy last year, why didn’t she contact others, and how could she disappear? But just now Yu Shuiqing said. He arranged the ancient shooting fairy in the spirit spring of the poisonous fire finch pool early in the morning.
"Yes, it was last year. I didn’t receive it until last year. However, that note was sent as early as fifteen years ago. " The desert fairy said, "In this way, that Zhang Chuanyin should be when Yanqi was three years old, that is, when Gu She disappeared."
"This is impossible." Sang Changfeng shook his head. "Isn’t it all instantaneous to pass notes?"
"Yes!" The desert fairy said, "Because of this, I began to feel a little worried, so I sent the two children, Jiuhou and Shisan, to Kunlan Town, and made further plans to directly bring Prince Chu to the West Desert."
ChuYanQi gently sigh, if the desert fairy can receive a call a few days in the morning, then, the original ChuYanQi wouldn’t die, he really died too wronged.
"Someone intercepted the passing note." Mr. Cang said, "There is only one such situation."
"Yes!" The desert fairy said with a wry smile, "I think about it. Only such a factor will lead to the delay of transmitting notes for fifteen years."
"If you want to intercept the passing notes without destroying them, this person’s cultivation is very high." Sang Changfeng said, "The point is that this person may even be a master of space."
ChuYan habitat corners of the mouth couldn’t help twitching all of a sudden, meet all these requirements, only one person-and it seems that only he, is necessary to intercept GuShe fairy notes.
Yu Shuiqing-originally Chu Hua, his adoptive father.
Chu Yanqi found that he didn’t understand Chu Hua more and more. What did he want to do?
If Yu Shuiqing hadn’t intercepted the notes of Gu She Fairy, the genuine Chu Yanqi would have been taken away by the desert fairy as early as fifteen years ago. Even if the desert fairy was closed, she would have ordered her disciples to take Chu Yanqi away.
In this way, even a person with a closed mind can live a luxurious life.
Wrong … ChuYanQi suddenly feel back a burst of hot, cold sweat dripping down, his spirit qiao seal, should be caused by jade water clear.
If he hadn’t met a pervert like Xiao Nu, it would have been impossible for him to lift the seal.
Of course, ChuYan habitat thought of jade water, and they all thought of him together.
"This man is really strange. Since it was intercepted fifteen years ago, he wants to send you a message after fifteen years?" Mr. Cang frowned.
According to the time recommendation, the desert fairy received the note, which should be after the mulberry family proposed marriage. In this case, he can completely give ChuYanQi to mulberry home, there is no need to find a desert fairy.
"It turns out that King Dacheng’s brain is sick." ChuYan habitat didn’t good the spirit said, he for jade water, is really don’t know what to say, even he doesn’t know, he should hate him, or should be grateful to him.
If he hadn’t let it go, the real Chu Yanqi wouldn’t have died, and he wouldn’t have come to this world. He doesn’t know the innate conditions of possession, but he always needs some opportunities to think about it.
So, when he woke up, there was not much resentment for Chu Yunjie and others.