"Good bye!"

I hung up after I finished, and I didn’t even have a ripple in my heart. Only then did she realize that the man’s influence on himself was not as deep as I thought. Maybe it was that making a dream by myself had no practical significance!
"hey!" High holding Xia Shuang came along.
"Huh?" Miao put away her mobile phone and returned to reality.
"You accompany Xia Shuang to get something to eat first, and I’ll arrange an aunt’s funeral!" Gao Qing knew at a glance that the father and daughter were inexperienced. In this hot weather, the body must be placed in an ice coffin and there must be a place for the ceremony.
"That will trouble you!" Miao held Xia Shuang and was very grateful for such help.
☆ Chapter 56 Being near means hurting.
In Gaoqing, Zhang Yun’s mourning hall was quickly decorated. The Shu family was a foreign immigrant, and there were no relatives and friends to mourn. The base was all neighbors.
Everyone is very resistant to such a result, but they feel a little overwhelmed by the summer sea, so a good home is ruined, except for sighing, and everyone will sigh!
Xia Shuang quietly stood beside Zhang Yunling, and there was no excitement or self-control. She had already left her white mother.
"Drink some water!" Gao Qing slowly came to Xia Shuang’s side, and there was cherish in his deep eyes.
"Thank you!" Xia Shuang just took the mineral water in Gao Qing’s hand. "It is estimated that there is no way to accompany Feifei these days. I hope you can help me explain it to them!"
Gao Qing caressed Xia Shuang’s cheek involuntarily. "Just take care of yourself!"
Xia Shuang said goodbye to his head awkwardly. "Thank you!"
The man took back his big hand in embarrassment. He knew he was reckless, but such a lovely woman really worried him!
The scene of interaction between Gao Qing and Xia Shuang has been seen in her eyes and put in her heart. Although she doesn’t know Gao Qing very well, she can’t accept the saying that birds of a feather gather together and people are divided. Since they are together, they must recognize each other.
She has suffered a loss in this respect, so she must never let Xia Shuang suffer the same loss. She is very grateful to men for helping her, but she cannot let her guard down because of this.
"Mr. Gao, can I talk to you?" Miao approached Xia Shuang’s side with a high smile, which was very kind.
Gao Qing nodded slightly and followed Miao to the outdoor.
"Mr. Gao is very grateful for your help!" I still expressed my gratitude first.
"You’re welcome!"
"Xia Shuang and I can be called sisters, which I believe you have already felt." Miao quickly cut to the chase. "You and Lu Fengxing believe that you already know what I paid, but Xia Shuang doesn’t know all this. I don’t want her to be sad."
Gao Qing is really ashamed to think of those who thought of their bad tastes in the past!
"I can do that just because I don’t want Xia Shuang to get hurt. I also know that you saved her when she was drunk. I am very grateful that you didn’t take advantage of people’s danger. I believe you are a soldier! But we are too far away from you. You are close to many times, which means that it is very sad to hurt Xia Shuang! "
High with displeasure frowned "do you think I will hurt her? Is this too arbitrary! "
The following faint smile "Mr. Gao, you should not deny that you belong to Gao Fushuai this category! Do you think this charm is harmless to women? What’s your idea of being so close? What if Xia Shuang is tempted? What kind of result can you give her? "
The man was silent. He never thought about these problems. He felt that he was willing to get close to the woman, so he naturally did it, but he didn’t think about what it was and what kind of result he wanted.
Section 25
"Xia Shuang’s mind is very pure and clear. When you don’t think about it, I hope you still keep some distance. Although we are small, we are independent. We are used to being overwhelmed by big winds and waves, but our feelings are hurt. Do you think she can still withstand it now?"
Miao believes that Gao Qing is much taller than Lu Feng, which can be seen from taking care of Xia Shuang’s drunkenness. At this moment, she believes in the personality charm reflected by this straight military uniform. She always has a feeling that this man will not hurt Xia Shuang.
Maybe it’s the words that remind men, or maybe men really have important things to deal with. It wasn’t long before Gao Qing said hello to Xia Shuang and left first.
There are only three people left in the huge mourning hall and Xia Dahai’s father and daughter. Xia Dahai didn’t have a good rest to watch gambling these days.
"Dad, you and mom go back to rest first and bring Uncle Xia back! Xia Shuang and I will be here! " Miao knows that Xia Shuang must think so, too. Her dad is really annoying.
Wu looked at Yuan Qing and looked at it again, showing that there was no state. Xia Dahai shook his head. "Ok, we’ll go back first. You take care of Xia Shuang!"
"Don’t worry, I will!"
Both Wu and Yuan Qing sighed, so what can they do but accept?
Xia Dahai was helped out of the mourning hall by Mr. and Mrs. Wu. It was dull when she didn’t look good.
☆, Chapter 57 VIP good
"Shuang Zhangyi has already left, but I still have to go!" Miao sat next to Xia Shuang. "She must not want you to be so sad!"
"following what you said my mother don’t want me? Do you think I just don’t want her when I move out? " Xia Shuang lay quietly in tears, thinking deeply in sorrow.
"How come?" Miao took Xia Shuang’s shoulder. "We came out to live with Zhang Yi to support her and want to protect her. How can you have a mother who doesn’t love children?"
"Then why did she leave me? Doesn’t she know how important she is to me? " Xia Shuang sobbed in pain.
Miao stroked Xia Shuang’s back. "Shuang, we all know that Zhang Yi’s life is very difficult. Your father’s life is not the same for a day or two. It must be very hard for a woman who can’t get a man to love her. Maybe she wants to free herself. You have grown up and are so independent. She should rest assured. Let’s not blame her for making her feel uneasy, okay?"
Xia Shuang sobbed and leaned her shoulder. "I really miss her!"
"Then we must strive to make her feel more at ease with us and make her proud!"
"Well, don’t keep crying. Zhang Yi will feel distressed!"
"It’s a quiet mind when people leave, Zhang Yi. Why can’t we let down at this point?"
Xia Shuang wiped her cheeks with tears. "I must find a man who knows that I love me. I must be happy! I will never abandon my children! "
"well! Come on! " Miao gently helped Xia Shuang wipe the tears. "We must be happy!"
"I am your only relative!" Xia Shuang is very precious and pulls the hand.
I hold Xia Shuang instead. "We will always be good sisters and family!"
"Come on!"
A loud report sounded behind two people, and Xia Shuang turned around in unison. A young soldier bought a big bag that should be takeaway food.
"Hello! This is what Gao Tuanchang asked me to send! " The soldier put his pocket on the next table. "Colonel Gao said that people are iron rice and steel. I hope you can cherish your health."
The young soldier said that it was a beautiful military salute, and then he left with a silly smile. When the two pan-leng women reacted, the person had already disappeared.
"High head? Is that Gao Qing? " Xia Shuang thoughtfully looked at the following.
"It is estimated that it is him, and there is no one else!"
"It’s very troublesome this time. I don’t know how to thank him!" Xia Shuang has some worries.
"If you want to thank others first, you can’t live up to their kindness!" Miao pulled up Xia Shuang and walked to the table.
"But I really seem to have no appetite!"
"Who wants you to have an appetite? Now is to let you finish eating! " Miao unceremoniously pressed Xia Shuang on the stool next to the table. "Hey, it’s quite rich!"
There are two boxes of exquisitely packaged Yangzhou fried rice in the bag, as well as cut fruits and some cakes and snacks, and many kinds of drinks are prepared. It’s really a detailed dinner lunch.
"So much trouble? I owe him a lot again! " Xia Shuang bitterness holds up the bar.