Then Mu Nianci turned to the tent and shouted, "Come out, mother-in-law, it’s the purple blood Taoist."

Then Ping Li figure leaned out from the tent and saw that it was indeed Zhang Ping. He quickly called out, "Zhang Daochang turned out to be you. Jinger told me that he was separated from you at that time. This didn’t happen without you, but Jinger, several other teachers and Tiger Tiger came? I haven’t missed them for a long time. "
Zhang Ping then smiled and replied, "I’m afraid this will disappoint Mrs. Li. Jinger’s seven masters should still be in Jiangnan at this time, and naturally follow Xiao Ying’s elder sister and Brother Sheng, but there are really some things I want you to discuss next time. Let’s go in and say again."
Ping Li, after hearing this, quickly said, "Where do you listen to Jinger? If it weren’t for the Taoist priest, Jinger, a silly little boy, doesn’t know how many times he has died in the Central Plains. If you have anything, just tell him."
Then the three of them went into the tent together. Mu Nianci Zhang Ping poured a large glass of koumiss. Zhang Ping first took a long drink before continuing to say, "This koumiss is rough, but it also has a unique flavor. But Mrs. Li, I came here this time to make sure that Jinger is well now. Second, I want to persuade Jinger to take you back to Jiangnan as soon as possible."
Ping Li heard what Zhang Ping said and didn’t ask Zhang Ping about this so-called thing? So? He replied generously, "Zhang Daochang’s remarks are very much to my liking. In fact, I have long wanted to go back to the former residence of Niujia Village in Lin ‘an to see this Mongolian life. Although it is good, it is not that I grew up in the south of the Yangtze River. When I am old, I always want to return to my roots."
In fact, all this suggestion of Zhang Ping was a whim. After seeing Li Ping, Zhang Ping suddenly recalled in his mind that Li Ping refused to persuade Guo Jing to attack the Song Dynasty and finally killed himself in Guo Jing, Mongolia. Since Temujin turned against Zhang Ping sooner or later, he naturally had to prepare early. Seeing Ping Li’s objection to returning to Jiangnan, Zhang Pingxin was even more happy.
So Zhang Ping continued, "Well, then Mrs. Li, you should prepare for it. When Jinger comes back to me, he told him to resign here and take you back to Jiangnan as soon as possible."
However, Zhang Ping, Ping Li and Mu Nianci waited until late, but they didn’t wait until Guo Jing came back. Zhang Ping went out to find a small tent to sleep first.
The second day early in the morning, Zhang Ping just came to Ping Li tent to have some breakfast after finishing the morning class and mixing Yuan Gong, and suddenly he saw Mu Nianci running in with red eyes.
Li Ping didn’t know before asking that yesterday, Xu Jin Guo joined forces with some non-Temujin tribes to launch a crisis. Guo Jing took the lead in helping Temujin win a big battle and killed three people who came to sneak attack on Temujin. Temujin, a master of Xu Jin Guo, was rewarded for his work last night. At this time, he had already regarded Guo Jing’s husband Mu Nianci as crying and ran back after hearing the news.
Seeing this, Zhang Ping said to Mu Nianci, "Miss Mu is fine. I’ll go and see Guo Jing, and you will wait for me here."
Then Zhang Ping went out of the tent to display her flying skill and ran all the way to Temujin Camp. The guards at the gate of Temujin Camp didn’t know Zhang Ping. Not only did he not let Zhang Ping in anyway, but he also wanted to arrest Zhang Ping as a spy of Xu Jin Guo. However, just a few Mongolian soldiers were really ants in Zhang Ping’s serious situation.
Without saying anything about long sleeves, Zhang Ping stormed several people into Temujin’s tent. At this time, a large number of guards came from all directions to surround Zhang Ping for three times. However, in the face of invulnerability, it is difficult to hurt Zhang Ping. These Mongolian soldiers have the courage to be true, but they are by no means brainless. It is meaningless to let them die in vain. Most people will not do this kind of thing.
Just as these soldiers were pushed back by Zhang Ping step by step, suddenly a long cry came from Temujin’s tent, "Who dares to come here to assassinate and sweat?" Then a lithe figure swept out, and Zhang Ping’s eyes caught a glimpse and found that Guo Jing had arrived.
Guo Jing saw Zhang Pingyuan’s aggressive expression and immediately changed into a darling lamb. He stopped drinking nearby Mongolian soldiers and quickly greeted Zhang Ping. Then he said, "Master Zi Xue is well. Have you come to Mongolia to see me?" Jing son is really very happy to see you. "
Zhang Ping said directly to Guo Jing regardless of the reaction of Temujin and others who followed him. "Jinger, I came to Mongolia this time to ask you a question. What would you do if Mongolia were to raise an army and attack the Song Dynasty one day?"
Guo Jing stare big eyes incredible way at this time "how is it possible? Mongolia and Dasong are allies. How can Khan attack the Song Dynasty? " Guo Jing also specially turned to look at Temujin. Temujin listened to a translator and said to Guo Jing, "We Mongols are the most particular about being sincere and will never have a Covenant ally."
Zhang Ping said to Guo Jing at the sight of this, "Silly little, if Xu Jin Guo is destroyed, is there any covenant between Mongolia and Dasong? Besides, now that the Song Dynasty is in a mess, the captaincy is fighting against the border army. Ask Temujin if he can guarantee that Mongolia will never attack the Song Dynasty? "
At this time, in the face of Guo Jing’s eyes and translation here, Temujin pondered for a long time and finally said, "Temujin’s words and deeds have kept Mongolia and Dasong friendly from generation to generation, and no one can guarantee anything."
Zhang Ping then said to Guo Jing, who was puzzled, "There will be a war after the death of the Jin State in the Great Song Dynasty of Mongolia. Now you are helping Mongolia to destroy the gold, which is actually to help Mongolia destroy the Song Dynasty. Think about it from yourself, but if you want to leave me, no one can stop you. This may be your master, me and you do the last thing. Come to your mother to find me when you think about it. I will not force you to support you in any decision you make."
Then Zhang Ping suddenly displayed her flying skills like a bird. After several ups and downs from the surrounding Mongolian soldiers’ heads, she disappeared, leaving something to be said. Then Guo Jing remained in a daze with a face of distress to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Shooting Carving Volume End
Back to the tent in Ping Li, Zhang Ping, regardless of Guo Jing’s final decision, said that after Ping Li and Mu Nianci talked about it, he quietly thought about his future plan.
In fact, after the castration of Yin Zhiping, Zhang Ping can leave this world at any time. However, there are still some things that have not been dealt with. Zhang Pingcai spent a lot of time. After Zhang Ping’s character killed Song Ningzong and Zhao expanded, he should leave directly.
However, Zhang Ping’s only apprentice, Guo Jing Zhang Ping, is always assured that he doesn’t have to come to see the situation in Guo Jing to help this silly little arrangement before Zhang Ping can leave at ease.
After listening to Zhang Ping’s words, Ping Li and Mu Nianci have different thoughts, but Zhang Ping doesn’t have much time to think about these at this time. What he is considering now is whether Temujin will be seriously injured again if he finally wants to kill himself, just like killing Song Ningzong Zhao Kuo.
However, Zhang Ping also thinks about this. Zhang Ping doesn’t like to rock the boat at this moment when he is about to leave the key. He will grab Temujin and find a mountain bandit and rogue guy to give him a knife. Can the dragon spirit itself be itself?
It’s Ping Li and Mu Nianci, who meditate and practice Jade Gong at ordinary times, regardless of packing.
When it was getting dark, Guo Jing finally came back to this tent, but he was accompanied by Temujin, Torre, Hua Zheng and others.
Temujin laughed when he saw Zhang Ping. "You saved Temujin’s life in those days, Zixue Daochang. Temujin has always been a grudge. For your sake, Temujin promises you that I will never attack Song Ru in my lifetime?"
Zhang ping saw this heart andao "you attack song I do? Don’t you know that even the Emperor of the Song Dynasty was sent by me to report to the terrifying? "
Then Temujin added, "The purple blood Taoist priest is a Taoist master. Temujin heard that learning Taoism can make people immortal. I wonder if it is true?"
After listening to Zhang Ping, he laughed, "Immortality is just a good wish. If people can’t fail, Shou Yuan will dry up, but it is no problem for Taoism to practice breathing and breathing to prolong life in the depths."
Temujin was overjoyed and quickly said, "Please ask the Taoist priest to teach me how to be a Taoist priest in the future, but Temujin will do his best if he needs it."
Zhang Ping then said to Temujin, "Don’t be impatient with me, Khan. Can my disciple Guo Jing say something?"