Yan Tianqing is here, too. Good Wuzong genius, hey hey, will have a good chance to refine his hand. Meng Fei looked at the arrogant Yan Tianqing in white and suddenly escaped a sneer.

Forty-one million, another VIP room has reached a sound. Meng Fei depends on who is bidding. That Yan Tianqing actually said forty-five million.
Meng Fei was shocked again, and the attitude of Yan Tian Qing treated 45 million huge wealth as if it were an ordinary mouthful of utensils, which really held huge wealth.
46 million a stereo sounds like a show fairy. She seems to be testing.
50 million Yan Tianqing did not hesitate to shout a price that shocked everyone.
At this price, you can buy a magic weapon.
Field crow
Finally, he bought this golden dumpling dome.
Hey, hey, it seems that Yan Tianqing is also an adventurer, and it is very likely that he will get the same experience as Yan Nanfei, but even if he gets the adventure, he can’t compete with me. Every day, I have a steady stream of huge wealth, and it is not difficult for my wealth to crush their two brothers in time, Meng Fei thought to himself.
The golden dumpling dome, the highlight of the treasure-selling conference, was bought, followed by the second treasure, but it was nine one-man tall gourds filled with five lines of holy water
Although the five elements of holy water is a good thing, it is not uncommon for all major sects to buy it in Meng Fei at a slightly higher price of two million pieces.
That Yan Tianqing didn’t auction it. It seems that he can’t see this thing.
As soon as Meng Fei got the five lines of holy water, he immediately lost all the names on the gods list. After eating Jinlong, his body flashed a little yellow light, which seemed to increase some strength, but he still didn’t break through the boundary.
There are too few holy water in the five elements, which is far from enough for me to break through the realm. Look at that five-element warrior. Since it is a unique warrior, it is at least as much as a big pond, which can make me break through the realm.
It’s incredible that an absolutely five-element warrior of God of War contains five elements of qi, which has been drawn from the back and forth for decades. It’s far from enough to condense and refine the sacred water of Wang Xing.
That time, when Jinlong rose to the level of speaking, it took effect because he drank the seven leaves of the demon king, which was equivalent to half a pond and five lines of holy water.
Every time it rises, it needs five lines of holy water to cultivate to immortality, even a surging sea can satisfy it.
Jinlonglai’s strength is definitely an immortal master of spirit. Now it takes enough five lines of holy water to recover without boundary bondage, and it can soar directly.
However, there are so many five elements of holy water in a vast sea that even the Northern Yuan Empire is hard to get it.
Compared with ordinary cultivation, the five elements of holy water are still very precious. Although it is nothing to the immortal level, it takes a lot of effort to refine it.
Now, if Jinlong wants to completely restore its strength, it must take 100 immortal levels to learn from the aura of heaven and earth and take five lines of holy water from it for at least 1000 years, otherwise there is absolutely no way.
Its only chance now is to wait for Meng Fei to enter the immortal realm and then slowly help it recover. The rest is a drop in the bucket and cannot solve the root problem.
Meng Fei, you see, it’s an auction. It seems that you entrust someone to consign this kind of thing, the soil mother. I don’t know how many mountains are piled up in your field. Why did you consign a small plate?
Jinlong suddenly yelled. In the middle of the store, the third treasure has been auctioned. It looks like a small khaki crystal sand, but people with strong spirit feel that this small khaki crystal sand contains huge soil energy.
What do you know about the precious anomalies of soil-retaining mother? Don’t look at the ancient mountains piled up in my field. A handful of soil-retaining mother can be used to control water, and a flood can be stopped by a vast dam. This treasure is also the best material for refining soil and fighting warriors. After refining, it will be a special magical power to resist water.
Interest mother
Taigu has great power to control water.
Grab a dam and throw it at will, and stop the flood for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years, so that the people of Lebanon can live and work in peace and contentment without floods.
Generally, the master avatar will stop the flood and temporarily build a dam, which will be washed away in a few decades.
You must also know that this is the earth relic, the earth mother. This kind of relic is not only the best treasure to cultivate the earth magical power, but also the greatest place to strengthen the field and cultivate the elixir in the field.
You can build an unbreakable connection between heaven and earth by integrating the soil mother into your field. Not only can other people’s magical powers be unbreakable, but the length of planting elixirs in the field will increase several times.
Starting at 5 million pieces of Lingxing stone, the price increase shall not be less than 100,000 each time. The barefoot fairy introduced the benefits of this land-saving mother, and many people secretly nodded and knew that they meant what they said.
The biggest advantage of this kind of treasure is that the construction field is more integrated than that of Meng Fei, and even a few realm experts who are higher than him will attack without moving. It can be said that the nest is built like an iron wall.
What’s more, in the field of long-term cultivation, the mother of soil will also produce a lightning bolt. The enemy’s attack will move and condense the vitality of the earth, and the demon will be eliminated in the lightning bolt.
However, one bite is 5 million Lingxing stones, which is not affordable for ordinary people.
In the field of Meng Fei, this kind of fallow mother has accumulated into a small mountain peak. How many Lingxing stones would it take to auction at this moment? It is only now that Meng Fei knows that the mysterious guardian has given himself a huge fortune.
Actually, it’s my own consignment, and Meng Fei is welcome. He shouted a piece of 5.1 million for his own things, but he didn’t mind being a trustee to drive up the price.
Five million two hundred thousand, followed by a person called Meng Fei, who looked at it, but gnashed his teeth as if he were going to buy this baby with all his worth.
Meng Fei smiled to see that this man’s cultivation is a magical power of the earth, and that the true spirit has gained this land. If he goes back and realizes it carefully, maybe he can get the true spirit to transform and achieve spiritual truth.
After the spiritual qi is achieved, it is not far to condense Fadan.
However, Meng Fei knows that this person can’t buy such a baby as a fertile mother. It is really very difficult to photograph this thing without strong financial resources.
However, a person in the VIP room directly shouted 5.5 million
The man who just stepped into the level of speaking is frustrated, and the ball is limp. Obviously, 5.2 million is already his ruin.

With the passage of time, this severe pain has finally been gradually adapted to Yuan Yeli’s running and quarrelling. Day after day, he constantly sucks the rich strength around him. I don’t know how long it will be before Yuan Yeti’s respect for humanity has faint qualitative change.

In this scene, Yuan Ye was surprised and looked at this situation again. He was afraid that he would break through and immediately try to command the Tao Zun Li, and finally the Tao Zun Li operated faster and faster. At a certain moment, the Tao Zun Li had changed color and finally rushed to the last pulse. After completing a perfect cycle in the body, they returned to the lower abdomen again.
Tao Zun’s second turn to the peak succeeded. Yuan Ye’s eyes snapped open. He was already able to feel his own body, which was almost more powerful than before, and he was nearly several times more powerful.
Mom, keep practicing Ye Chen, and I’ll kill you when I get to the first one. Yuan Ye gnashed her teeth and suppressed Xin Yue’s eyes again.
Yuan Ye knew that his deputy armed forces had barely killed more than a dozen officials in the honour list. The root of his carelessness was not that his opponent had lost his armor to protect him. That Ye Chen was stronger and the seventy-one masters in the honour list would never be careless in the face of himself at the same time. That is, if he had broken through to the peak of the second turn, he might not be able to win even more. The Jianzong people in Kuangqing would never let himself go easily. The peak strength of the second turn was not enough. Only when he reached the realm of the Taoist statue and the third turn could he protect the official Honglie in Chapter DiYisijiu.
As the days passed, Yuan Ye was still practicing hard.
When forgetting, forget the place and forget yourself.
My heart is in that ethereal state of Xuan Ming. Once I enter that wonderful state, I may wake up in an instant, or I may wake up in three or five days, or I may wake up in ten years and a hundred years, which is very difficult to say. Once I close it, it will be a hundred years, and the Millennium may be over soon.
But now Yuan Ye has entered this mysterious state, and things can disturb him except uniting the world.
Blink of an eye is nine days in the past, and the spirit beast snaps up not far away. At this time, the spirit beast has recovered from his injury, and a terrible breath is also scattered from his body. The spirit beast waits for a terrible fierce eye to look at Yuan Yefang, and finally shakes his head and turns away.
Several hills around the huge Red Soul Mountain outside the cave are already surrounded by people.
More than 6,000 Xiaoyao Mountain, tens of thousands of Xiaoyao Army, a mountain and a mountain, carpet search, Qing Jianzong, Thousand Lakes Island, Wanjialou, and those who stand for power are clever, and few of them pay attention to the movement of Xiaoyao Mountain, so they can go to Xiaoyao Mountain as soon as they encounter the spirit beast, which is a big fight, and then several other major forces can immediately chase it. Finding Warcraft is this way to find that way, and Xiaoyao Mountain knows that this is also very resistant.
At this time, the camp of Qing Jianzong was stationed in the place where Qing Jianzong was stationed. Everyone’s face and expression were very serious. Qing Jianzong came to the four top-ranking masters this time. More than 200 Taoist and three-peak masters. This is definitely an elite. But today, there are only two people left here, Guan Ren Guan Yu Ying, leading dozens of people. Others are actually invisible.
Xiaoren, it’s up to you to tell your grandfather what happened recently when he comes here. He loves you the most. It’s up to you to say something better, officer. Rain Eagle looks hard to see Xiang Guanren.
At this time, Guan Ren’s injury has already healed, but he doesn’t look good when he hears this, but he still nods to me, Uncle Bai.
Ah, it’s just a narrow difference between success and failure. Even if the loss is bigger, it’s nothing, but we failed. Six top ranking experts were killed by that beast, and we were almost able to kill it. It’s just a little. Elder Jin Yu is also dead. Our Qing Jianzong lost two top ranking players in the blink of an eye. This loss is really too great.
Uncle should care that the beast’s strength is so strong that its body and soul can be absolutely far away. Generally, it’s not easy to catch grandpa when he comes. By then, with that soul, I can definitely reach the top 20 of the honour list. It’s not a good thing for us, Guan Ren said, but the soul has not been taken away, and he already wants it.
Well, it’s more difficult to hurt that beast than it is to look at the fifteen masters of the honour list. The wounds caused to it are all minor injuries. If it weren’t for the last cold night and autumn, Li Hongfu and the top ten masters of the honour list joined forces to attack its abdomen, I’m afraid the beast would continue to kill. It’s really terrible to reproduce it once.
Tell less patriarch two elders patriarch to a green sword ZongDi ran to kneel way
Immediately, the masters of Qing Jianzong walked towards the direction, and Guan Yu Ying Guan Ren was the first to meet them.
An old bridled man in a red robe walked slowly step by step. The old man looked quaint and surprised, and he didn’t have any momentum. You can’t see anything different from him in that gorgeous dress in the crowd, but if you look carefully, the old man also has a pair of eagle eyes, eagle eyebrows and official benevolence, which is somewhat similar.
The old man came around alone and didn’t even follow half his entourage. He is the first master of the ancient land, Wang Guan Honglie.
Meet grandpa
Meet your father.
Brother meets the patriarch
Guan Ren Guan Yu Ying also saluted those green swordsmen.
Well, officer Honglie should be a light.
Father, how can you be the only one to come to the official? Rain Eagle immediately asked carefully
How come I’m not an official by myself? Honglie sneered at the words with absolute faith. I stretched out my hand to help the official. I laughed. Ah, ah, ah, this battle for the honour of the soul is a big event. I’ll give it to you. If you succeed in the future, you will believe me. Now it seems like a pair of urgent things to call me here. Even if you win the honour of the soul, your prestige will still be difficult.
Guan Ren was wronged and looked at Guan Honglie. Grandpa didn’t want to work hard, but there were too many accidents this time. If you don’t do it, I’m afraid it’s hard to get the honor of the soul this time. The elders of Guanqing and Yukang are all dead. That’s all we have left to send good players.
What officer HongLie that GuBo surprised face finally changed color, immediately sink a way what’s going on? Tell me clearly.
It was Guan Ren who bent down and immediately said that this time we entered the Red Soul Mountain, and Yuan Ye, the free and unfettered military commander, actually blocked our way and refused to let us in. He also said that he would kill our grandchildren. You didn’t want to defeat him by fighting together.
Guan Ren knows that things born here will come back to Guan Honglie’s ear sooner or later, so it’s hard for him to hide it. It’s just to take the light and embellish it.
Yuan Yeguan Hong Lie is chanting this name, that is, the newly promoted 93-year-old master who ranks higher than you. Don’t be discouraged if you lose. It is not difficult for me to help you surpass him.
Officer rain eagle behind a listen to the face with a wry smile officer HongLie haven’t listen to the back.
Guan Ren continued, Guan Qing, the elder, couldn’t stand the challenge and didn’t want to be cheated by him. It turned out that his hand was killed.
Guanqing is the bold officer Honglie who killed Yuan Ye immediately roared.
Guan Ren arrived at once, and it was him and Grandpa’s strength improved very quickly. It is said that three months ago, he was a Taoist priest with three peaks and his strength was far from the list.
What did you say again? Officer Honglie was shocked by his body. This time, he was shocked far more violently than the last time. He has seen too much of the world. For this kind of genius, Officer Honglie has seen this officer Honglie, and he dare not forget the days when he was sharp and holy.
That Yuan Ye can practice from Dao Zun San Zhuan Feng to Zun Bang level when he is three months old. Guan Ren repeated.
Take a deep breath and look at Guan Honglie carefully. Tell me honestly whether your Yuan Ye has already made enemies.
Guanren hesitated for a while and finally nodded.


A Jintai fan flies two people, and the forest-moving magic ape seems to have made a feeling. Generally, it turns out that it is once again chasing the two people with a step of shaking the earth.
Seeing this, Liu Kui’s face suddenly changed into a shape, and at the same time, his mouth shouted, "You won."
Hearing this, the pace of drinking the huge magic ape just stopped, and then the light surged and the magic ape dispersed. Lin’s body shape was also exposed. He twisted his body and looked at Liu Kui, who was still wanting more, and said goodbye.
Smell speech Liu Kui two people’s faces can’t help shaking-they are pressing people, but today it is Lin Dong who is pressing hard to continue to fight, but it is just a humanoid sandbag. When two people sigh hard, they stop playing.
Hehe chengrong
Looked at Lin also can’t help but laugh, he knew that this first round he was successfully passed Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Emperor Puying.
On the north side of the huge temple, there is a high wall. Mo Jingtian, Lin Fan and many other powerful people are gathered here. There is a field not far in front of them, which connects the temple. People who can walk through these five channels will get five places in this selection.
There are light curtains on the high wall, which are flashing with various situations in the temple. Among them, the figures are flashing and the hands are extremely fierce, while Lin Fan and others are staring at the light curtains and straining their bodies, showing that they are very nervous about this quota. Therefore, even though this selection is still in the first round, they dare not relax at all.
They swept their eyes and suddenly looked at a light curtain, where three figures appeared, and when they saw these three figures clearly, they were tutting.
That’s two small mountain families, isn’t it? It’s lucky that they got together.
Then the third one seems to be the Lin clan, the Lin clan. Khakhalin Brahman seems that your Lin clan is unlucky enough. This kind of probability can be met by a powerful Lord. When you turn your head and look to one side, Lin Brahman’s brow is also wrinkled because of the scene in the light curtain. Although this same sect of people got together in the first round, he has never seen it before, but the probability is quite low. I didn’t expect that it would be touched by Lin.
Khakhalin brahman patriarch looks like you will lose in the first round of Lin clan. A tanned middle-aged man looked at the screen but couldn’t help laughing.
It’s not good for Mengshan to be happy too early. Lin Fan glanced at this middle-aged man who is the patriarch of this mountain.
That is called Mengshan big fellow smiled, but his face could not conceal his schadenfreude. Lu Hou was one of them. Maybe he would be upset when he met Lin Dong, but today they are together at the same time. This kind of anxiety disappeared immediately because of his tacit understanding. Even if Lin Dong joined hands, he could fight for the first world war. Even if Lin Dong was in the limelight recently, he might not win if he wanted an enemy.
Everyone looked at the screen and seemed to want to see what the man of the hour was capable of in the Great Inflammation Dynasty recently.
Lin Brahman’s complexion is quite calm. He has seen the level of Lin Langtian’s war on that day, even if it is unusual, it is extremely difficult to win. Although Liu Kui claims to be able to compete with it, they don’t know that even if it is true, the winning rate will not exceed 30%. Otherwise, Lin Zhi will not be beaten by Lin.
And in the crowd watching the screen, the three men also quickly exhibited atrix, but with the passing of time, Mengshan’s face gloated more and more, because the winning situation in his imagination did not happen now, but instead, Liu Kui and his two men were overwhelmed by the forest.
Especially in the final blow, it seems that the curtain is shaking around, and the main faces of those forces are flashing with a look of surprise, and then the eyes are slightly dignified and looking at the huge far-reaching ape in the curtain.
Hehe, the patriarch of Mengshan has accepted.
Lin Fan looked at the curtain of the tie and smiled, and then gave a sudden livid face, and Mengshan arched his hand. Now their two competitions in the mountain were directly brought to the end in the first round by Lin, which made him almost impulsive.
It’s fucking bad luck.
Mengshan grim-faced can mercilessly wave his sleeve robe. He also didn’t expect Lin’s strength to be so tough that even Liu Kui joined hands to get no benefit in his hands.
Haha, Brother Gong Lin and Brother Fan have joined the Lin clan. Both of them have made it through the first round, but some influential leaders around them are smiling and congratulating them.
Lin Fan smiled and reciprocated one by one. When Lin Dong successfully defeated Liu Kui, the other curtain Lin Langtian also easily defeated his two opponents, so Lin Dong Lin Langtian almost entered the round smoothly.
I don’t know who their opponent will be.
Looking at the screen, Lin Fan’s eyes became dignified gradually because he was better in the first round, but then it would be really tricky. After all, people who can enter the first round are definitely the best of these geniuses. I almost ran into those people who have the most chance to win places, so I’m afraid it would really be a bitter war.
The next two rounds are the most important two rounds in the selection.
In the hall, when Liu Kui gave up, the bronze door in the north of the hall was closed slowly, and Lin took a deep breath without much hesitation and stepped in directly.

Yeah, Gu Mengmeng wiped the tears on his coat. Conway shook his head again because of his childish behavior.

If you want to step, the phone bell rings again.
Gu Mengmeng surprised limit picked it up and saw it was Commander Kang’s home landline.
She quickly connected again.
Hello, this is MengMeng. Is it Mom and Dad?
This time, something magical happened, and suddenly, I often speak very fluently.
Words are thinking of children’s daughter-in-law He Shanyun calling and asking her that Conway’s happy tone has changed since she was together.
Happy Chinese New Year, you little ancestors
Gu Mengmeng stick out your tongue and smile and put the words into Conway’s hand to let him say.
Conway took the phone hug Gu Mengmeng to parents elder brother sister-in-law also great aunt wu New Year.
In the words, it is faint that Ningning is called the music of the video-machine joint party, and it is still full of reunion.
After chatting for a while, I just talked about the signal problem, and my mobile phone snapped and broke.
The two men looked at each other and couldn’t help sighing about the coverage of China Mobile. Why not take care of Yimu River?
Later, they received Enya Gu Jingxi’s New Year greetings intermittently, which made them lose their temper in the middle. Enya said that He Yang would return to Beijing after the New Year, which would bring Gu Mengmeng a surprise and make her look forward to it.
What is it?
Enya Heyang went through all the hardships to come to the wedding or not.
With a hint of doubt, she snuggled up in Conway’s arms and found the most comfortable position to hold him and fell asleep.
After the Spring Festival, the Yimu River is still cold, but every day we go forward, it is getting warmer and warmer in spring. In a few months, the snow and ice will melt. In summer, the remote mountains of the Yimu River are full of green and refreshing scenery, and the frontier flavor will be different.
The soldiers are looking forward to a good day.
The one-week training course is more strict than before at the beginning of the year. Conway requires elite troops from various border defense companies to form sharp knives. Even the soldiers are good at training hard, not afraid of hardship, and strive to master the advanced training essentials brought by instructors.
Gu Mengmeng is busy losing subsequent manuscripts in the computer room every day.
On the eve of leaving, the editor-in-chief replied in her message that last year, you missed the Dutch competition award ceremony because you were absent from Iraq. It’s a pity that the first prize in journalism that belongs to you was awarded to someone else. This year, your new touch immediately attracted great attention from the jury, and they just sent an invitation letter to the newspaper asking you to go to Amsterdam for a half-year lecture.
Is it true that she froze in and didn’t believe that she seemed to pinch her arm?
Shake hands and knock on information. Really? How can she not know that the qualification of the most powerful event in the international professional photojournalism competition is limited to making a sudden contribution? Photographer, an unknown person, has she been invited by China Junbao Photography?
The editor-in-chief responded with a big smile. The jury urged you to arrive in Amsterdam before mid-March and asked you to give them a reply.
Can I go, editor-in-chief? She’s still dreaming.
The editor-in-chief gave an angry expression this time, and he can definitely go. The newspaper has already replied to you and agreed to the invitation of Jose.
Thank you, editor-in-chief. Thank you, editor-in-chief Gu Mengmeng, covering her lips and saying goodbye.
Luck blessed her and made her dreams come true perfectly. Last year, she saved her lover in Holland, and she never gave up her obsession. She passed the high point of her life without hope, but everything turned around and was full of hope. Chapter 212 Yimu River whistle in the morning.
It was confirmed that the helicopter from the military area command would pick them up. After the arrival of the helicopter the next day, all the frontier defense companies fell into the former depression.
For the magic soldiers, getting along with Kang instructors in just a few months has brought soldiers not military technology advancing by leaps and bounds, but also a noble personality. They can’t forget that he braved the wind and snow to complete several times his workload, and he can’t forget that he was wise and astute in facing the enemy. He can’t forget that the training ground was amazing and captured the enemy, and he can’t forget that his comatose comrades ran back to the tall figure during the patrol.
Instructors are still a tall and straight pine tree standing in the snow. The colder the snow is, the more noble his pride can be revealed. They are not afraid of the harsh environment for young Kang instructors to come to the frontier sentry to interview Gu Ji. In addition to admiration or admiration, they are moved or moved.
Young soldiers don’t know how to express their respect for him, but they can silently look forward to doing every little thing around them. They get along with each other day and night, and the instructor and his wife say goodbye.
The weather was fine that day.
Conway Gu Mengmeng got up very early. After washing in the house, Gu Mengmeng finally picked up the cleaning bed table, thermos, tea jar and desk lamp, and wiped them carefully. Conway went to get the tools to repair the broken latch.
There are too many beautiful memories for them here, and Gu Mengmeng, a military wife, has enjoyed the family leave for the first time, which is worth remembering for a generation.
Looking at a few steps away and concentrating on repairing Conway, she was moved by words.
Go over and stick to his warm back from behind, and feel the little condensation in my heart silently.
Conway smiled and patted her watch to appease.

Walking into the mountains and forests, it seems that the sky is getting dark, and a faint sense of depression hangs over everyone’s mind. Listening to the distant place, the beast growls at people’s faces and smiles are slightly gathered. It is not unusual to lose your life if you are cautious and careless in this place.

Obviously, there are a lot of teams entering the mountains. Just moving in their direction is to see more than a dozen people. These teams are more or less wary of each other. After entering the mountains, they are separated.
For these people, such as Lin Dong and others, they have never met Tao Lao and others. Obviously, they are prepared to hand in the extremely detailed map of Tianyan Mountain Range, which omits the kind of "searching for a line of people", that is, they are directly facing the deep mountains in a straight line.
As the team flies into the rear, the noise is gradually disappearing, and the same old Tao and others look dignified and alert. The monster beast in Tianyan Mountain is rampant, and there is no lack of that kind of strength. During this period, I don’t know how many lives have been lost in this mountain.
Lin is riding on the back of the tiger, but his spirit is a little bit infiltrated and he observes every move around.
There are a lot of people in the front team. The smell of blood is not that the monster team is alert to move forward. At first glance, an experienced middle-aged guard suddenly stops and tracks down.
go straight
It’s not surprising that Tao nodded slightly. Everyone here is from the Tomb House, but everyone else is competing. This kind of disagreement is a big thug. It’s not uncommon in Tianyan Mountain.
See Tao old didn’t detour to those guards also nodded, but the sword in his hand is slowly clenched.
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly at the lush front of the shade. Not far away, he could feel a lot of breath. Where was it? He also sensed a very weak breath. The breath should also be at the level of Yuan Dan in dzogchen.
For this breath, the forest movement of the earth is also able to sigh in my mind that the Y force of the ancient tomb house is really not as big as usual. It didn’t take long for it to enter the Tianyan mountain range, but it turned out that it was met with such a force that was not weaker than the blood wolf gang.
When Lin moved in the heart, the team was already passing through the trees, and then dozens of figures appeared in front of a piece of land.
When Lin and his party are here now, dozens of people are resting in that place. Lima is grasping the sword beside him and staring at him with poor eyes.
The atmosphere is almost instantaneous, but it has become tense.
Lin’s eyes swept in the crowd, and then there was a meal in the center. A man with a big body and a strong body was red, and his arms were covered with ferocious scars, which made him look full of ferocity. This appearance is the kind of character who often adds blood to the blade.
Yuandanjing dzogchen
Lin’s eyes are slightly narrowed. It seems that this person should be the mind of this group of people. This strength is really not weak, and it is obvious that the tacit understanding of these people should belong to the same force, that is, I don’t know which city it belongs to.
Return the two Yuan Dan to perfection.
Lin eyes swept the man and then paused at his side. I couldn’t help but be surprised that this strength is stronger than the blood wolf gang.
Tao’s old eyes swept through this group of people without saying much, waved and led straight away.
See Lin and others don’t flash, don’t avoid going straight, and this group of people’s eyes also pass some fierce colors, holding the palm of the sword that is still stained with blood is also more powerful.
When the two teams approached slowly and stayed within a few feet of each other, the atmosphere was a sign of solidification.
I brushed past the group of people who led the team by Tao Lao, but just as everyone was about to pass smoothly, a palm suddenly reached out and was pressed against Lin Keer to ride a white horse.
Hey, hey, what a beautiful girl. Can you come and play?
When I heard this, I smiled with a flirt. Lin Keer’s face suddenly became cold. She didn’t hesitate. Y hands were raised and a cold mountain was shot in the sleeve.
Cold mountain shot but the palm master is obviously also on guard against the back of the knife to resist that cold mountain, but its juli still knocks him back two steps.
Almost at the same time when people stopped Lin Keer, Lin moved there, and a long knife was drawn in front of him. The one who stepped into Yuan Dan’s territory was completely strong and tilted his head at him. Give me your mount, OK?
Before his voice fell completely, a sharp sword shadow was suddenly amplified in his eye pupil, which made him step back several times.
The sword shadow hit hard on the back of the knife, and the strong strength directly caused the shock to numb his arms and make a hasty retreat, and he almost sat down on the ground.
Qiang Qiang
This J-hand almost broke the atmosphere in an instant, and the two sides shook their swords and immediately pulled out a force B, which was also in this land.
Lin looked calm. He glanced at the guy who was shocked by him. After this moment, his face was fierce and he stared at her eyes with a strong sense of murder.
Lin Dong glanced at this man. He could see that these guys are all a little crazy. Obviously, they are really fugitives. These people are perverse and reckless, and they don’t care what your status is. If you don’t have the strength now, he will dare to do things.
Eyes once again swept this group of people. Lin’s eyes suddenly flashed in their central position, and his eyes were slightly coagulated.
Tao’s old face became gloomy when these guys started work. He stepped on Yuan Dan’s territory in dzogchen and kept a storm surge.
This majestic momentum also makes those guys face ferocious. Although they act recklessly, it is also necessary to watch how hard they are.
When Tao Lao showed his strength, the man with scarred arms finally opened his mouth. With a wave of his hand, those guys with ferocious faces slowly let go of their weapons, but the eyes looking at Lin Dong and others were still biting.
Hehe, in Song Dao’s misunderstanding, my brothers don’t know much about the rules. I hope you’ll forgive me. The bare-armed man smiled and bowed his hand at Tao’s old arch.
Tao old light glanced at him, but his eyesight was to see that this guy either wanted to test his strength. If his strength did not reach Yuan Dan’s territory in dzogchen, I’m afraid this group of guys should really start work.

What a crazy woman! Yuan Ye muttered suddenly a long Fengming resounded through a valley.

Yuan Ye immediately looked up and stared at the distant day where it was violent energy.
Just ahead, Yuan Ye immediately stepped up.
Violent energy fluctuations in the blue sky constantly create a muffled thunder-like singing sound, even if Yuan Ye is far away from the fighting place, he doesn’t feel misty in his ears.
Eyes staring at the distant sky, where green and red are almost filled with half the sky, even the lazy white clouds are rendered with two colors of light.
There was a thunderous noise in my ear again. Yuan Ye swallowed a mouthful of saliva and couldn’t help but get excited. It’s been a long time since I met energy coercion.
At this time, the one-third firebird looks quite like a phoenix, but it has always been a phoenix confrontation. These two are actually not weaker than the quasi-honour level. On the other side, Yuan Ye seems to have formed a profound law. With this law, four people and another phoenix are barely intertwined.
Of course, Yuan Ye’s strength can’t see through these strong levels, but Yuan Ye has seen several storms, and these masters have their own momentum. A comparison of them will guess that they can’t leave Xue Lu.
The huge phoenix flutters its wings in vain, and it makes people tremble from the sky. The five beasts of the phoenix rank fourth, but the five beasts are more powerful in the same level, and the other three firebirds should belong to the phoenix variant.
Suddenly, Yuan Ye saw a beautiful figure on the ground. It was a gentle and graceful woman in a pale white dress with a veil covering her face. But at first glance, she knew that this woman was a purple fairyland. From a distance, Ke Qing Xue Lu came to me with a fresh and spiritual temperament. This is a distinctive and refined temperament. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but look around the woman and finally stopped at it. She was surrounded by a green belt and looked at the eye pupil of Yuan Ye with a willow waist. She was surprised.
Among the women Yuan Ye knows, Duanmu Yunji is the most beautiful, elegant, quiet and with a hint of cunning accomplishment, which makes people get along with each other, and her physical and mental appearance is more beautiful than nine days. Xuan Nv, I’m afraid that a person will not believe that the world is more numerous when she sees that woman, or that the woman shouldn’t be in the mortal world now. Rui Xi is the perfect combination of new soul, who is a stunner and wild, and her slender, hot and elastic breasts can’t help Yuan Ye’s eyes every time, but when you touch that girl, you will feel a kind of undying. The purity of dust makes you care for the little witch besides wanting to occupy it. Xu Ying is naughty, cute and refined, but she is also a man’s good material. It just happens that the little witch is also very man, and there is no wave. Her beautiful appearance is just a strange man. It is very familiar and simple, but if you really want to enter the little witch’s heart, I’m afraid it’s more difficult than going to heaven. I don’t know how much to recognize it. The little witch has failed to make the little witch dark, but she knows exactly what men are going to do. She is playing with men. It seems that Yuan Ye, the little witch’s greatest pleasure in life, is also a man. Yuan Ye, the little witch, can be said to be like water and fire, but then again, if the little witch really burns herself, Yuan Ye is really depressed. After all, the little witch is the first beauty he has seen in this world, and it is the first time in his life that he has seen a beautiful woman.
In front of the topic, although the woman in white dress can’t see clearly, her body is slightly tight in the mountains, and her clothes seem to be a little cold. Her slim figure and slender waist dance with the wind make men feel distressed. This is a woman who makes you look like holding her and taking care of her.
Xue Lu seems to hear footsteps slowly twist a head to see Yuan Ye.
Two pairs of eyes are so stay wait for a while looked at the scene is quite strange.
You, you are this time. Let’s hire a guard. Even the soft sound is so distressing.
It’s not easy for Yuan Ye to laugh. A big shot like you should know that you are hiring a bodyguard.
Xue Lu said nothing.
We don’t want to surf when it’s so busy. Yuan Ye looked up, but it was a pleasure to see that the three firebirds and phoenixes in the sky were not in the same strength and were the main fire, while the four ghost gods were all wind-attribute forces.
The wind is clear and clear, but the wind attribute is the same as the flame attribute.
The four ghost gods raised their hands at the same time, and with the palm of their hands, they raised a small blue tornado. Suddenly, the tornado appeared in the sky, the size of which was two meters at the beginning. However, a moment later, the tornado suddenly surged in the wind and the blink of an eye became a huge tornado of more than ten meters.
Finally, this huge tornado of more than ten meters merged together to form an extremely powerful energy belt, and the blue tornado of heaven and earth roared and rotated. The rocks and buildings on the ground were constantly forcibly pulled out, and then twisted into sawdust ripples all over the sky by violent cyclones.
Hum, the purple flame mountain range is not your human territory, and it’s not your turn to run wild. Looking at the increasingly huge tornado, the phoenix drank a sharp mouth and a sharp Fengming Fengming resounded through the mountain range.
As Fengming sounded the flame of his body, the light shone brightly, and the purple flame burned fiercely from his body, and the purple flame gradually curled up and churned, and finally gathered into a huge purple pillar of fire, which went straight into the sky. Even at a distance of thousands of meters, the hot temperature still made Fang Xuelu sweat.
Cold shrink clothes for a while, hot fragrance and sweating for a while. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but ask the beauty, you really can’t do it at all.
No Xue Lu light said
I’m drunk. The master of the first refiner in the Qing Dynasty can’t do it at all. Then how did you refine the treasure fire? Don’t tell you how to burn those extremely precious minerals with matches. Those materials for refining armor and swords are not ordinary. Fire can melt. It’s okay for you to direct others to refine a sacred device. If you can’t control the temperature of the immortal device a little, you will fail, let alone respect it. Other people can’t help it except yourself.
Xue Lu looks at Yuan Ye. You know a lot.
It’s okay for Yuan Ye to touch his nose. He’s just getting started and knows a little.
Xue Lu didn’t answer Yuan Ye’s doubts, but asked why a big shot like you wanted to be our hired bodyguard.
Well, it seems that we are talking for the first time. Let’s say we met for the first time. What do you mean, I am a big shot? Yuan Ye was surprised.
Xue Luyu’s hand refers to the fact that the weakest battle is the ordinary people of the ghost god, not to mention seeing and hiding here, but if you are calm, you must have seen a lot of such battles, knowing where to avoid the possible energy aftermath is that the ordinary people can see it once and have seen so many great people.
Wow, I don’t think you are so smart, but I think you are calm, and you are also a big shot.
I never said I was nobody, did I?
It’s also Yuan Ye who nodded his head. Ziluo Wonderland is no less important in Fengqing Big 6 than Shura Gate in Flame Big 6. Such a giant sectarian guest is a nobody. That Fengqing Big 6 is really not a big shot.
But beauty, you’d better let all your hands come, so that you won’t be here for a while and everyone will fight. I think you should also know that the victory rate is very slim. Yuan Ye looks at the sky and seems to be saying a very casual thing.
Xue Lu is charming for a while, and I won’t give up until I reach my goal this time.
Then what’s your purpose? Yuan Ye became interested immediately.
Xue Lu looked at Yuan Ye. You don’t know me that well, do you?
I’m really not interested in asking you anything with a shrug of Yuan Ye’s shoulders. What I’m interested in is how the phoenix here should be in Thunder Big 6.
At this moment, a huge blue tornado swept away in the four ghosts waving and carrying a crazy storm and screaming at the god beast Phoenix.

However, the middle domain is huge and completely surpassed Yang Tian’s imagination. According to A Luan, the middle domain can almost catch up with the other four domains.

It can be seen that Qingyun City’s arrival at Taihuang City is equivalent to crossing an eastern distance.
In Luan’s chat, Yang Tian also knew that the location of the Great Buddha Temple was in Taihuangcheng, which made Yang Tian secretly happy.
I haven’t broken my mind about coming to Jinyin Yangtian, but I have been forbearing to go to Taihuang City to attend the fairy-proving conference because I am weak and weak. It is a rare opportunity not to try my luck.
Yang Tian and his party were calm for a rare period of time because they drove the treasure horse and the jade emperor’s sign all the way without any trouble and obstacles.
After more than three months, the famous Imperial City is finally in sight.
Yang Tian, a few people in Taihuangcheng are bigger than Qinglong City at most, and how much difference should there be between others? But I didn’t know how big the gap was until Taihuangcheng.
In front of our eyes, there are many fairy mountains with swords hanging upside down. Every fairy mountain has a palace tower, and at the foot of those fairy mountains, there are still many streets criss-crossing, and the palace and the world are integrated into a super fairy city.
Each peak of those fairy mountains represents a fairy gate in Taihuang City or the peak height of a big family means the status, and those weak factions or immortals can live at the foot of the fairy peak.
Jade Emperor Sect is located in the center of Taihuang City, surrounded by Tianfu Taihuang Mountain in the middle area, and the nearest Xianfeng Mountain is the one.
After entering Taihuang City, I can’t even see a guard. No one cares about you. Everything comes and goes
Yang Tian and his party flew directly to the gate of Jade Emperor Zongshan in Tianma Baodi before stopping.
The temple is back.
No sooner had Baochai stopped several flatteries than he followed, but several fairy servants dressed up.
Princess Luan is Princess Luan. Princess Luan is back.
When they ran to the crowd, they saw that it was not the Treasure Hall, but the three strange young people of A Luan were shocked and stood still, and immediately they enlarged and cried as if they had seen something shocking.
A Luan could frown and sigh, but she didn’t stop them from greeting several people in Yang Tian.
The shouts of those people have alarmed the Jade Emperor Zong, and soon a large number of people will come, men, women and children alike.
The first man wearing a golden robe and wearing a flat crown was greeted with a hug when he saw A Luan.
Luan, although she showed no concern outside, jumped like a bird and wept bitterly at this moment.
Many other people, such as others, don’t know whether it is true feelings or posturing.
At this moment, Yang Tiansan obviously felt dozens of confused eyes scanning their bodies. They were curious, but Yang Tian was very understanding, but there was contempt in his eyes, which meant that it was not a friendly hospitality.
However, most people who are high in the rich and powerful look down on people with low status because they have an innate sense of superiority, which is a law to change the facts.
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Kindly refuse
Luan soon left her father’s arms and introduced Yang Tiansan to everyone. Her sweet expression knew that she was extraordinary.
Although some people greeted warmly, they looked contemptuous and looked gloomy again at once.
However, A Luan Torre seemed genuinely grateful to the three people for warmly welcoming them into the Jade Emperor Zongyingbin Hall and receiving them personally.
The Jade Emperor lived in san huang, and the four emperors were also present to accompany him, but their attention was not on Yang Tiansan, and their hearts were Luan.
Jade Emperor Zong Five Emperors Jade Emperor Ren, that is, Jade Emperor Daddy, has been promoted to the status of Daluo Fairy Palace, which is extremely expensive. He seldom comes here at ordinary times.
The meaning of the Second Emperor Jade Emperor is Luan Er’s father and the first head of the Jade Emperor’s clan.
San huang Jade Emperor Rites Four Emperors Jade Emperor Wisdom Five Emperors Jade Emperor Letters are also in a very high position in the Jade Emperor Sect, second only to the patriarch Jade Emperor Yi.
In the face of three unfathomable strong Yang Tiansan, they feel great pressure, especially the jade emperor, propriety and wisdom. Every look in their eyes can make Yang Tiansan feel jumpy.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. The three gentlemen are from Wucheng in the East, and the name of Duke Dugu is well known to us.
When I learned that Yang Tiansan had come to Wu Cheng, Jade Emperor Yi immediately laughed.
The jade emperor’s eyes are as contemptuous as those of the worm, but after hearing the name of Dugu Chang, his eyes have changed slightly and he is no longer so contemptuous, which makes Yang Tiansan feel much less stressed.
Seeing the Jade Emperor’s righteousness doesn’t look like a polite speech, which makes Yang Tian surprised. I didn’t expect the cheap Torre brand to be so loud that even the Jade Emperor’s righteousness and other top figures in the five domains praised him for this.
A Luan can come safely this time thanks to the three men who specially escorted us. I am very grateful. Since the three men are here, please stay here for some time and let us express our gratitude.
Jade emperor righteousness and sincere way
To tell you the truth, we really came to attend the fairy-proving conference to send A Luan back, or it’s a small matter to be grateful to the patriarch.
Yang Tian understated that he didn’t refuse to live in Jade Emperor Zong, which saved him from finding another place to stay.
Hehe, second brother, it’s not enough for us to be grateful. It’s time to cash the reward. We can’t believe it.
Four emperors jade emperor wisdom suddenly smiled ChaYan wake way
This Yang Tian three people feel embarrassed, Luan’s little face also changed slightly.
That’s right. When Yang Tiansan first rescued A Luan, he paid a million rewards. Besides, A Luan often did it along the way, but I don’t know when it happened. That’s a joke.
For more than a year, Yang Tiansan had already treated Aluan as a lovely little sister, but it was a kindness in his heart to earn this gratuity to send her back.
Hehe, yeah, yeah, I’m confused. This is the million-dollar crystal three gentlemen.
Jade emperor yi smell speech suddenly smiled when he had taken a million yuan crystal and gave it to Yang Tiansan.

Perfect control of Jin Jian element flight trajectory by close-range Yuan Ye method

thick and disorderly
Two golden lights were shot down directly, but in half Yuan Ye, there was a smile. At the same time, six golden lights were instantly fused into two three-point swords.
Die, Yuan Ye. Suddenly, the two three-point swords flashed into the abdomen of the golden-headed red snake. The golden-headed red snake borrowed money in half place, although it roared and slammed its tail.
Poof, poof, poof
Two three-point Jian Xun penetrated the front wound and directly pierced the golden head red snake’s body, instantly strangling the golden head red snake’s body, viscera and so on into pieces, crushing the viscera and organs, and the golden head red snake was also angry and unwilling to howl at last, so it fell from half.
The huge body of Pengjintou Red Snake was smashed, causing a crumbling boulder pile to collapse, and Yuan Ye followed.
Call this guy’s strength is worse than before I practice this time. Some golden heads are worse than red heads. So many Yuan Ye breathed a long sigh of relief beside the body of the golden head red snake. At this time, the soul beast on the other side also directly bit another golden head red snake in half, rather than eating it no less than a dozen red snakes, and fled desperately.
Thirty red snakes and two golden-headed red snakes were killed in the first world war. It can be said that the Warring States period was brilliant, and Yuan Ye was afraid of snake venom. This time, it was not so much, but it saved Yuan Ye a lot of trouble.
Well, Yuan Ye suddenly opened his eyes and saw that the abdomen of the golden-headed red snake was bitten to pieces by the spirit beast. It turned out to be a fist-sized stone. The golden-headed red snake was five or six meters long and the waist was thick. A fist-sized stone was too simple for it to eat, but this stone was not an ordinary stone, but reddish. There were three strange stones with white horizontal lines in the red stone.
Tri-prison red smelting stone
Yuan Ye hurriedly walked over and picked up the red stone of the third prison and looked around to hide his surprise. The red stone of the third prison is an excellent treasure for refining, especially for weapons of attack. It is comparable to saying that it will be hurt three times in a row by the red stone of the third prison. No matter who will die, the name of the red stone of the third prison will come from this. This is definitely a valuable treasure. Even if the red stone of the third prison is refined and armored, it will be invulnerable.
Moreover, the top ten refining treasures of Wanzunxing are the red stone of the 13 th prison, which contains a pure fire source and is swallowed by Warcraft, especially the red snake, which is a hot and angry monster, which is not small benefit for their strength or evolution. Yuan Ye blocked the first time I saw the red stone of the 3 rd prison, but it was in the belly of the red snake that it was obviously just swallowed or secretly swallowed before it was hunted by other red snakes.
The top social class of Warcraft Red Snake is very intelligent, and the hierarchy is also high. Similarly, some red snakes can’t resist the temptation to secretly eat the red smelting stone in the third prison.
General Yuan Ye finally got a piece of red stone from the third prison, and he knew where it was.
Without the slightest hesitation, Yuan Ye immediately threw the golden head and red snake’s belly poof-poof along the snake skin crack. Suddenly, everything suddenly scoffed at the sound, and the wound was expanding rapidly. But Yuan Ye was slightly disappointed that the golden head and red snake’s abdomen never had three prisons to refine the stone.
When Yuan Ye immediately turned his eyes to the golden-headed red snake that had been killed by himself, it was not long before Yuan Ye had already killed more than 20 ordinary red snakes, including two golden-headed red snakes with stomachs the size of two fists, and three prisons with red stones, which were barely enough to refine a sword, but who would have too many treasures?
No matter how many snakes are in your snake nest, I will attract 20 or 30 at a time to kill them for a few days. I will see if you are enough to kill these three prisons. The red stone must belong to me. I hope you don’t have too few golden red snakes. Hey, hey, Yuan Yexin has a plan. At the same time, on the other side, the soul beast has eaten nearly 30 Warcraft Dan. These Warcraft Dan, especially the two golden-headed red snake Dan, are going to be sold. The price is absolutely scary, but the soul beast has also made a lot of efforts. Yuan Ye can’t give the soul
Stay away from Yuan Ye’s soul and beast.
Not far from this area, there are fewer and fewer trees in the Mountain of Warcraft, and the temperature is getting higher and higher.
Mom, many of this Warcraft dare to fly around because they are strong here, but we can move forward cautiously. A lean bald man walked side by side, cursing that when we get the red stone from the third prison, we must kill some Warcraft and come back again, otherwise it will be difficult to vent my hatred.
Next to the Beastmaster, he smiled. Don’t worry. I feel that this should be a red snake environment. We are not far from them.
Well, suddenly walking in the front, the ancient domain king’s eyes narrowed and red snake
Immediately, the five masters leaned over carefully, and five people saw a lot of red snakes lying there. Immediately, the king of the ancient domain led one or two people from two directions, and no one dared to speak.
The golden-headed red snake is very sensitive.
One step, two steps and three steps.
People are cautious.
Yin, the Beastmaster, waved his hand and got the signal. The ancient domain king acted at the same time.
Swish swish.
The five masters rushed into the area from two directions, and the distance between the golden head and the red snake was about 100 meters. The five masters all looked at the distant epicenter, where the red snake didn’t move. Did the blood smell faint? Some of them were slightly dry.
Bad BM Yin’s face changed, and almost all the five masters rushed over to the pile of flesh and blood.
This is the mark of a sword cutting the snake skin. A beast’s claws or teeth biting its roots won’t be so full, and even a snake’s mother has been beaten by others. Beastmaster Yin looked at the golden-headed red snake’s abdomen and immediately cursed.
Bastard, the green sword Sect of Thousand Lake Island, Xiaoyao Mountain people all went to Red Soul Mountain to seize the soul energy, and even people robbed us of the ancient territory, Wang Lin Hailong, gnashing his teeth and looking ferocious.
In fact, the major forces over there can compete for them, and then they can look for the secret of the three prisons’ red alchemy and the three prisons’ red alchemy. No one knows, but if they lose the three prisons’ red alchemy, they directly give up the battle for the three prisons’ red alchemy, which is a big price. They can safely come here and slowly look for the three prisons’ red alchemy. This is what they have long recognized, but they didn’t expect that the three giants were led and others came and beat them to it, which made them content.
It’s a pity that Yuan Ye came here, but Yuan Ye knew the secret far more than they did a year ago, and they just knew it not long ago or they would have come long ago.
It seems that the guy should get some red stone from three prisons, and the one-eyed man is gloomy.
He must be walking around before the blood is finished. Beastmaster Yin’s eyes flashed with cold light and shouted, "Dare to snatch our food from the jaws of death? The red snakes will not pay back these twenty or thirty articles. We must kill this bastard and kill this competition before taking the red stone from the third prison."
Yes, he must be looking around immediately, but be careful to kill so many red snakes. His strength is absolutely not underestimated. Now he will come back quietly. Together, we must kill him. By the way, we must take away his red alchemy from the third prison. Wang Lin Hailong in the ancient area is also in a cold business.
It’s two adults, and the other three should be ordered immediately.
Find a murderous BM Yin and wave his hand, and the five masters will move forward carefully in five directions respectively.

Win at the beginning of Qing dynasty, I have never seen this kind of princess Yangzi horrified and appealed to her, "Yangzi! I thought the dirt said just now! Her all right … "

Princess Yangzi’s eyes shot two folded mans with a LiSenRan, and even won the early Qing Dynasty, I couldn’t help feeling that my mind was stiff and it was difficult to give birth to a little rebellious mind! At the same time, Li Jingxiu and the real magic were also shocked by such high ground momentum. Although Li Jingxiu was born in the queen, he had never seen such a condescending momentum of heaven and earth, but the real magic was older and more antique. He was still an ordinary brother in the East China Sea’s Langya Taiwan magic teaching! At that time, Huang Dong visited Langya, and he had been to the general altar of magic religion. The real magic still clearly remembered that even his arrogant master was kneeling to meet him! At that time, he was folded by that kind of king’s bearing, and four years later, he became the leader of Qin Jun Guards. Today, he saw this momentum again, and the long-forgotten memory in the heart of the real demon rushed out. I thought that the teacher died tragically and that the closest teacher younger brother would sneak up on him at the location of the magic leader! The real demon couldn’t help crying, "Princess! Princess hall! Minister Xianyang leads the corps commander Qin Mo to visit the Princess Hall! I don’t know the princess temple visit … I … "
They are even more shocked. I didn’t expect this real demon trapped here to be.
The legacy of daqin!
Yang Zi a slight frown light way "! You are the father and the minister who need to be polite to me. "
Win early qing was awakened by the real magic "princess, we really want to … I’m afraid positions may not agree …"
Yang zi’s eyes flashed a trace of pain and cold way "when my father was soft-hearted, otherwise how could the country be ruined!" Destruction and rebirth is a natural cycle of heaven and geography, and it is a natural cycle. Now, since it is a law to avoid catastrophe, his daughter will do it! What’s more, if my husband wants another world, how many people are needed? If he is immortal, when will he have to wait? "
At the moment, everyone has completely affirmed that this is by no means the usual Yang Zi. Perhaps it is her self-consciousness locked in the depths of her heart at ordinary times. It seems that the death of hundreds of millions of people is an understatement. In her mind, two people think that one is her father, and the other is her husband. But can it really drive Leitian Wang Jian to be such a arrogant soldier with only one national decree? And where are the millions of iron lions in Daqin?
Yang Zi coldly looking at the dark empty way, "The first blow to destroy the world will come from me in the future, and what merits and losses will be recorded in my Yang Zi." Then he said that the decree of the country suddenly released a golden light, and this gloomy star was extremely bright, followed by a sharp break, and everyone’s intuition suddenly condensed a huge force.
I’m afraid that huge energy can destroy a Fiona Fang county with one blow! I don’t know how many tens of thousands of people will die …
"ah!" Win early qing exclaimed a "princess! Can’t … Tu Min’s extinction will be condemned by God! "
Princess Yang Zi smiled but feared, "The scourge? Heaven has no right to punish me! ? What’s more, if my husband can live in the future, I will always hide in the’ pure land of bliss’ and naturally I am not afraid of the world’s Tianwei. If my husband can’t live, I will die in Tianwei. Aunt! You go now! I believe that those people have just felt the power of the national decree, and no one dares to violate the will of the national decree! "
I feel Yang Zi’s strong confidence and determination to win at the beginning of Qing Dynasty. It’s also worthwhile to nod and look back for a flash and go back to people …
Yi Yu felt as if someone was pulling his "pure land of bliss", but he never broke free. He felt that a huge force came from his feet and then he fell to the ground.
Yi Yusi looked at this place, and the sky was dark and burned. The sky was covered with dark clouds like lead. Thousands of miles were gray, which made people feel like a big stone was blocked in their hearts. Several mountains were bare, and the stone was gray. It seemed that they didn’t even owe a little green grass to grow and be angry. The top of the mountain was surrounded by dark fog, and it was like a piece of magic clouds, which was about to be pressed at any time.
Yi Yu wondered, "What is this place? Did I cross again? This is ridiculous! No! This is definitely in the original. I was pulled by a force along that light beam just now, and that light beam should come from the celestial world. Is this the celestial world? " However, I think it’s too different to look at the four scenic spots here. If this is the underworld, it can still make people believe that this is the celestial world, which is pure nonsense!
Yi Yu got up and heard her feet "cut", which was very similar to the sound she heard just now in "Keith. Lu Large Array"! He looked down at his foot and trampled a creature’s skeleton, the shape of which could not be seen clearly, and some finely crushed bone fragments were left to make a sound, but fortunately, it was not covered with bones, and it didn’t make people feel too gloomy and horrible.
Yi Yu scolded a "niang! What the hell is this place … I used to take my family everywhere, but now I wish the Pure Land of Blissfulness had just broken down and I got here alone! Don’t know is a blessing or a curse "touched the waist Qin Jianfang feel Ann.
Back to the four hundred and fifty-third celestial chaos ()
Back to Yi Yu in the’ Keith. Lu Large Array’, I don’t know what people have touched an unknown and strange world. I don’t know where it is, but I don’t know where it is. Although this place is desolate, Yi Yu feels an extremely strong true element floating in the air, which is no less than a land blessed by people, and as the spirit continues to extend into the distance, it seems that the energy is even stronger.
Yi Yu couldn’t help wondering, "Is this hellhole really immortal? Otherwise, how could it be so strong?"
Just when Yi Yu was puzzled, he suddenly felt a cold wind coming from behind, followed by a loud bang, such as the sound of a road roller. Looking back, he saw a round hill not far away, which looked like a pangolin-like animal curled up into a meat ball, but it was much bigger than a foot, with a gray nail leaf shining brightly.
Yi Yu frowns, flies up and stares carefully at the huge pangolin. Although I have seen many fierce animals in the past, it is still the first time that this beast covered in aura has seen anything unusual. However, the huge pangolin seems to have never seen Yi Yu from the hillside and crawled away slowly.
But just as Yi Yu just relaxed a little, he suddenly heard "Shu …" A long sound and a gray flash went straight towards the pangolin.
When I heard the sound of "bang", I saw that a huge Shan Ying with a wingspan of not five or six feet was falling on the pangolin’s back, and the claws like steel hooks were severely buckled into the leaves as hard as steel armor, and there was a very harsh sound of gold and iron. "Squeak" stung people at all.
Soon the huge Shan Ying wings saved two whirlwinds at a stroke, dragging the pangolin up unexpectedly! When he left, he glanced at Yi Yu, but probably because he was too small but didn’t have much meat, he was too lazy to pay attention to the fact that lions never prey on flies to satisfy their hunger.
After a pause, Yi Yu was horrified. "What are these heterogeneous monsters? I’m afraid that the eagle is not slower than me just now. If we meet, I’m afraid we may not be able to win completely." But at the same time, he is also quite glad that he has seen living animals, although he hasn’t seen humans yet, but he also said that there is a biosphere here, not a dead Jedi.
Yi Yu walked slowly, and his heart became more careful. Just now, when Shan Ying was so fierce, other creatures living here must be equally outstanding. Before he got out of the baizhang, he found a skeleton that had rotted. It was better to make Yi Yu feel amazed. When the skeleton was not far away, a flying sword was still lost. Although I don’t know how long it had been left there, the aura was almost lost, but Yi Yu still saw at a glance that it was a flying sword and it was a flying sword comparable to a purple and blue double sword.
Yi Yu looked at the bones again. The body is tough and the bones are harder than fine steel’s, but the pale bones with fine teeth were actually chewed out by some unknown animals. At the same time, there was a terrible scar on the neck bone, mostly by fierce large carnivores. Yi Yu sighed and picked up the flying sword handle. There are still some real spirits surging faintly. Those who can reach this sword will definitely not be ordinary people, but it is really shocking to sigh here.
I got up and crossed the skeleton and moved on. I haven’t gone out yet. I turned a mountain on the left for 300 feet, but I saw that there were actually 300 bones lying in front of me in the small mountain! Although some of them have lost water and dried up, most of them haven’t corroded into skeletons, and the stench rises to the sky, but this place is strange. I don’t know how long these bodies have been here, but they haven’t attracted a scavenger to eat!
From a distance, there are quite a few bodies with spears and daggers and a small hole in their heads, which is the trace of Yuan Shen’s escape. It seems that this place is not attacked by wild animals, but these monks are killing each other and dying! Yi Yuxin couldn’t help more horror andao "how did this happen? How can these monks kill each other on such a large scale? Is this the fairyland after all? "
Yi Yu carefully leaned on the past and just approached the place about ten feet outside the bones, and suddenly there was a burst of white light, followed by a sudden surge of extraordinary force. Yi Yu had long been on guard in his heart and quickly stood up and set Jian Qin to resist hearing the "bang". He actually vibrated more than ten feet, and then look at the flash of the tree. It was a burst of light and laser to hit the earth and stone flying around.
"It’s good to be overbearing!" Yi Yu exclaimed, gently stroking Ding Jian Qin, and I couldn’t help but feel surprised. "No wonder there are no beasts gnawing at those bodies. It turns out that there are such powerful forbidden arrays to protect what beasts still dare to get close to see this disposal method. It seems that I sent two instruments and dust arrays with the same effect. Is it that I sent my predecessors to stay?"
With Yi Yu’s mind moving, he also believes that maybe this.
Like the celestial land, it is really the celestial land! Look at this. Although the aura is full, I don’t know what it will be like. It’s no wonder that some people don’t want to come here even if they die. If people are really more like the fairyland by comparison, let’s borrow a sentence from Mr. Lu Xun,’ Maybe there is no fairyland in the world, and more people will become fairyland’
In Yi Yu’s heart, I couldn’t help sighing, but suddenly I felt a strong energy fluctuation rushing here and then two powerful monks flying here. Yi Yu couldn’t help but be surprised. Heart andao "What a powerful breath! I’m afraid it’s even better than granduncle! Is it just that I touched the array and alarmed the people? "
However, although Yi Yu was surprised, he didn’t panic. At this time, because he didn’t fly, there was almost no real fluctuation. At this moment, the bearer is far from being sure. Now he Yi Yu quickly closed his mind and was hidden in a rock. But this time, he seems to have gone too far, and his roots are not directed at him. It seems that the bearer is not here.
I’m afraid that Yi Yu’s thunderbolt-shock-light evasion method may not be much better than the other three, but these three people are strong at the moment, but they seem to be in a mess. They run away and chase after each other, but they are a little desperate. The three people’s energy fluctuations are almost the same. The two monks behind them are chasing after each other closely to see if they are murderous. I’m afraid there is a great hatred that doesn’t kill each other enough to calm their resentment.
Yi Yu couldn’t help but feel even more dismayed. "This place is really alive! I’m afraid that watching some people build strong momentum is mostly the predecessors who used to soar to fix the truth. Otherwise, there would be no such repair. When he hesitated in his heart and went somewhere, suddenly a black shadow flashed not far away, followed by a very bright golden light, which came with ferocity, fierceness and horror.
"ah!" Yi Yu exclaimed in a flash to offer a sacrifice to the woman, resist the incoming sword light, and listen to the "bang" a deafening noise. Yi Yu felt like a sledgehammer hitting his chest, but his voice was so sweet that he was almost shocked out with one mouthful blood! He was even more amazed at the strength of the other party and flew out of the Baibaizhang view.
Seeing that the man is a very ordinary-looking old man in a shabby light blue robe, bronzed face, bald head and a few strands of hair scattered, it seems that an old road has such amazing repairs, but it is even more surprising for Yi Yu that this old road is actually a unique skill tactic of Qingcheng School! Although the strength of the golden flying sword is strong, Yi Yu has long been familiar with it, so that the invading body can be easily resolved. Otherwise, I really wanted to be shocked and vomited blood just now.
Similarly, the road also revealed doubts and stared at Yi Yusen coldly. "There are some things that are so small! You are human! Why haven’t you seen it before? Are you new! "
Yi Yu frowned in his hands and decided that Jian Qin had been filled with mana. He stared at the old road coldly. Although he had just felt his opponent’s toughness, Yi Yu was not afraid that he was filled with fairies in the "Pure Land of Blissfulness" at this time.
Although most of them don’t work, it can also be said that it is a near-limited ammunition depot. He squandered his magic without any worry
Yi Yu cold so way "hum! Old things are a gift! Don’t you dare to talk nonsense and ask people the origin before you attack? Don’t you know you have to give yourself a name first! Or have you stayed in this wilderness for a long time and forgotten who you really are! "
When the old man’s eyes lit up, he looked at the sword tactic in Yi Yu’s hand but relaxed. Suddenly he smiled, "You little thing are interesting and somewhat similar to bliss. Is it his brother?"

The cracks in the flesh are now repaired at an alarming rate, and with the back-and-forth process of fracture repair, more and more vortex forces are torn and swallowed up by others and merged into the body.

This means of devouring the whirlpool force can only be put to good use if it weren’t for the devouring force of Jiuyou rattan, Meng Fei, who is busy at the same time, uniting into the whirlpool, not to mention devouring the force inside, even if the body is easily ground into dust.
At the same time, Meng Fei’s skill has increased at an amazing speed.
The improvement of skill means that the source strength is enhanced and integrated, and the convergence of the five elements is achieved.
Huang Hong’s touch of cyan is a slow but firm speed, and this touch of cyan is the source of Meng Fei’s most powerful qi.
This new source of students is still weak. When it is strong enough, it can open up a brand-new field, which is called the Five Elements World.
The transformation of domain power can break through when Meng Feixiu is completed at the same time, and the real king can be directly promoted to the hands of Zunjing. With the addition of five elements of world power, the strength of others will skyrocket to an alarming level.
In the end, we will have to wait until the realm of the five elements of truth is discovered before we can know that he has fired the fire source, the earth source and the wind source, and the five elements have gathered together.
If you want to master the water source Jinyuan later, then he may really unite a big world before the five elements.
Because when the time comes, in addition to holding the five elements, he will also hold the source of time, the source of stars and the source of killing. These are the four major sources of variation, and one of them is enough to practice madness.
If he has the opportunity to integrate these four sources into the five elements world, that is, the realm of respect, then what changes will happen in his field is unimaginable
A giant whirlpool in the abyss of the sea, Meng Fei’s body is a terror, and the black hole is wantonly devouring the whirlpool, and its power is constantly growing.
More than 30 figures in the sea area are full of three-dimensional breath, but the looming intimidation breath shows that they are strong.
The weakest of these practices is also the primary true monarch level.
The cat was in the first place and suddenly looked up to the depths at the moment.
A flash of light appeared in the line of sight, and then it approached here at an alarming speed, but it had reached a hundred feet away after several breaths.
Suddenly, there are more than 20 practicing figures in a shuttle-shaped magic weapon, and the first one is the statue of death, while the practice behind him is the strong one in the city of death. Although the number is small, the practice is slightly higher than that of the secret clan, and the two sides are evenly matched.
Before he left, he ordered some things to come late. Don’t take death for granted.
The cat’s face smiled and died, and Zongzong had just arrived, and Daoyou was not late
Death nodded slightly. Now that you and I have arrived, if there are other things, don’t delay you any longer. I’ll send them now.
Busy Sect also recruited some powerful clansmen. Presumably, their horses will arrive soon, and we will send them immediately when they are angry.
Death frowned, glanced at the cat’s face and nodded, then wait
Two old deathlessly quiet words behind them practice has looked up, although the surface is calm, but there is no lack of cold breath in the eyes has been many times.
The atmosphere gradually became dignified, and the two sides cultivated their eyes more and more recklessly and hated each other, hanging directly on their faces without any hidden chapter one hundred and one.
It’s well known that the secret of death is the death of two old immortals. If they don’t hear of each other’s disagreement, it’s hard to say that a fight will break out after entering the altar. At the same time, it will be too hypocritical to take care of these superficial things
Even though the two giant forces in the dead sea area are quite harmonious on the surface, how can they fight in secret without the secret? The death city is said to be an old enemy.
They won’t have a conflict before there is a difference of interest, and once there is a difference, it means that neither side will show mercy.
Fortunately, not long after, a small sea-going ship roared and stopped not far from the practice of the two major forces. More than a dozen practitioners have now appeared.
The first one-eyed old man handed in his hand and said, "You Taoist friends behind me were invited by Taoist friends, and then they came back later. When it was a little late, the two adults should not get angry."
The old monster’s smiling voice is quite disguised, but he directly picks the fact that they have joined forces.
Among the two giants, they want to protect themselves rather than identify the cannon fodder in their hands.
The cat’s eyes flashed slightly and laughed. Now that we have arrived, we immediately sent you friends to follow Zong, which means that he called a jade-like treasure with a wave of his hand and led the practice behind him into it.
Death statue eyes cold in the one-eyed old man swept dark cold hum a turned around and led the death city practice with.
One-eyed people always see that the cat was living in the city of death, and the two major forces have left one after another, and their faces have become gloomy. Be careful not to be calculated. Let’s go.
It was Mo Tianxing’s adult who practiced behind him and returned with him to a small-scale seagoing ship. He followed the cat behind the death city and roared away.
This trip to Shentai was completed by the combination of the three forces, the first two were evenly matched, and the death statue was super strong.