This meal is delicious but expensive, but it is only five dishes and one soup, but it costs 2,000 yuan, especially the Australian lobster, which costs 100 yuan for a plate of drunken shrimp, 400 yuan for salted duck, 500 yuan because it is said that the local duck from a certain place makes two fried vegetables, which is about 50 yuan. Together, 100 radish ribs soup and 300 yuan of rice are not money.

The couple wolfed down the salted duck, which is an authentic southern native duck. It usually comes to make soup. Just to buy it, it costs one or two hundred yuan. The meat is tender, tender, abnormal and nutritious. Naturally, the price is expensive, and this duck is about six pounds. As a result, all three people have eaten it. Not only this dish, but also lobster, drunken shrimp and other dishes, including soup, have been swept away. Of course, there are three martial arts practitioners who have a large appetite, but the couple didn’t eat two meals:
Chapter 163 Newcomer
However, when the bill was settled, the couple felt dreary exercise. Although it seemed that the amount was sufficient, Shang Tang Lian called directly telling the clerk to deduct it from her chips.
This is true, but after all, these are obviously a family, so it is still possible to do so for convenience.
When three people were having dinner, Marco didn’t idle himself for the first time to tell Brother Seven about this matter. Brother Seven’s first reaction was to promise something strange. Why did Marco even ask himself about this trivial matter? Otherwise, it was such a trivial matter that he couldn’t find himself, especially Marco, who had never been right with himself, was so careful to accompany him, which made Brother Seven wonder what was wrong with it.
The seventh brother here also pulled out Marco and said this little thing. Marco’s family can finally get through it. Marco just said what happened just now again, focusing on the performance of a Shang Tang lotus.
This seven elder brothers finally solved the puzzle, but their hearts were depressed. Marco could have thought that seven elder brothers could never have imagined that it was not luck that seven elder brothers could sit in this position, but their brains may not be better than Marco’s, but they must be the same.
Seven elder brothers can’t help cursing Marco’s old fox in their hearts. What is natural because Marco is now equal to fighting with Seven Elder Brothers’ higher level than him? He threw this hot potato to Seven Elder Brothers. Let’s go back to Shang Tang Lotus. If there is any conspiracy, Seven Elder Brothers will be prostrate. It’s not allowed, is it? Shang Tanglian’s fifteen million dollars can be taken away today. Although the casino seems to have no loss, it is also equivalent to doing nothing. Even if it’s in his own body, the seventh brother can’t easily decide. Looking at Marco’s smiling face, he will know that Marco can’t have a good thing to do when he finds himself.
Just as Brother Qi and Brother Marco pushed the matter around, the door was pushed, and they were furious. Who came in without knocking? I want to die, right? I don’t know if things are being discussed in it now, and I dare to be so casual.
Immediately, it was rare for these two people to agree to show the people who came in. As a result, when they saw the people, their anger dissipated, they smiled and of course they respected them.
See two people respectfully bent down to say hello to people "hello, young master".
Seeing people nodding, Brother Qi couldn’t help asking, "Why did you come here today?"
Come to humanity. "There is nothing I heard that you have something to discuss. Let’s not see if there is anything that can make Marco undecided and make you two argue. This is somewhat interesting. If you don’t mind, Marco, tell me what is the big deal that can make you two so entangled."
Marco is in conflict with Brother Seven, but he knows all about it. When he heard that Marco was going to ask Brother Seven for advice, he was interested. He came in on a whim to visit.
Marco didn’t dare to elaborate on what happened before, and then Marco stopped talking and looked at the bearer.
People didn’t even listen to Marco’s explanation, but they also thought of the same problem. Besides, outsiders were also very interested. I don’t know who was so powerful and wanted to meet it. I don’t know how to hear about it. People thought of a girl he had met before. That girl was also cold and informal. Of course, there were some weird things. Marco said that when he accidentally thought of each other, he was also interested in the little beauty in Marco’s mouth and wanted to meet it.
The bearer waved his hand and said, "All right, leave this matter to me. You can go to work, Marco. If they come over later, you can bring them to me and I will solve it. If the other party is harmless, then this is not a problem."
Marco and Brother Seven don’t know this truth, but there is no objection to seeing people say so. What’s more, people are willing to take over, and they are also welcome. They are worried that this hot potato has nowhere to throw.
Immediately Marco and Brother Qi respectfully said, "It’s a young master." Then Marco added, "I’ll take them to find the young master when they come over."
When the bearer nodded with satisfaction, he didn’t know how long the other party had eaten this meal. After thinking about it, he left a bodyguard there and took others around for a tour.
Just when Shang Tang Lian and the other three found it, the bearer had just made a patrol. It wasn’t long before I heard that Shang Tang Lian had come, looked at the remaining space and left.
Into the room, people looked at sitting there waiting for people to be shocked. It was rare for Shang Tang Lian to have a flash of surprise in her eyes. They didn’t expect to meet each other in life. They didn’t expect to meet again soon.
Huangfuying spoke first. "Shang Tang Lotus is really you. How did you come here? Did Marco just say that it was you?"
Shang Tanglian took a look at Huangfuying. Compared with the previous look, he looks pale and looks much better now. Presumably, his body injury is almost the same. Today, Huangfuying is wearing a white trench coat, and the whole person looks tall and handsome. Compared with the misty light that day, Shang Tang Lotus looks more clear today.
Shang Tang Lotus nodded slightly. "Well, I see that your face is much better and your body is hurt."
Huangfuying nodded, "Well, it’s all good once, thanks to your help."
Marco followed Huangfuying and heard that Shang Tang Lian had come and followed him. He wanted to introduce them to each other. Who knew that his young master knew each other and immediately surprised, "Young master, do you know this business lady?"
Huangfuying said, "I happened to meet once before." Although Marco had several questions in his heart, Huangfuying didn’t explain the meaning to Marco.
Now that they know each other, it will be easier to handle this matter. There is no problem for the young master to make decisions. Marco is also relieved, so he said to Huangfuying, "Young master, in this case, let me know when the young master has the results. I’ll go to work first."
Huangfuying nodded. "Well, I see. You go first."
Although I know Shang Tang Lotus, I still have to ask clearly what Shang Tang Lotus is going to do. I doubt that Shang Tanglian is a spy sent by the other party. Huangfuying has no doubt that if the spy can make moves, it will ruin the opponent’s half-life happiness, which is enough to pull hatred. If so, Huangfuying also recognizes it:
Chapter 164 Silly
The Huangfuying also asked Shang Tang Lian "What did you ask your parents to do in our casino? Where did you learn gambling skills?"
Shang Tang Lian didn’t admit that she had the other side to confuse her gambling skills. Her parents didn’t care if it was Huangfuying. Shang Tang Lian picked her own answer. "I can tell you that my purpose is simple, and you don’t doubt who sent me. I just want to exercise them. It’s best to let them learn some management techniques and get in touch with some management things for reasons. Please tell me, of course, they can avoid some things involving secrets in your casino. I will also tell them not to be too curious. After half a year, they can leave, but I ask not to know the horse.
"What are the requirements" HuangFuYing really don’t know Shang Tang lotus think this is not a requirement that what is a requirement?
Shang Tang Lian said faintly, "My request is very simple. My parents come to your place as Dutch officials, so the salary and salary are the same as yours. These are secondary, mainly because I ask my parents that if they meet the promotion conditions, you must give my parents a promotion regardless of their qualifications. As I said just now, I am training their management ability."
Shang Tang lotus, after all, for this reason, it is natural to ask the other party for some qualifications. After all, this is to let the other party give a back door or a big back door. Shang Lian explained one.
Huangfuying hesitated for a long time. Although I don’t know what Shang Tang Lotus is going to do and exercise her parents, this statement is really strange. However, after listening to Marco’s report today and her contact with Shang Tanglian that day, Huangfuying is somewhat clear. It seems that Shang Tang Lotus is really strong and even takes charge at home.
Want to see this Huangfuying nodded with a smile. "I agree with you, but we can see his qualifications, but others may not necessarily be in this period. If something happens, don’t blame us for some interpersonal relationships and don’t think about how we can protect them."
Shang Tang Lotus nodded, "That’s good. You can stick to the rules and do things without hurting your life. Everything else is good to say. If something incalculable really happens, you can also call me to get involved in life. I want to exercise them, not let them experience it." Shang Tang Lotus also has this meaning. What Huang Fuying said is just what she wants. She is very worried that Huang Fuying will give the couple too many back doors, and she also emphasizes that she is letting the couple exercise.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t bother with Huangfuying politely. He solved what he wanted to do and had a good meal. At present, the little handsome boy is as beautiful as ever. Shang Tang Lian is in a good mood. "I will let them come to class on a good day."
Huangfuying said, "But I’ll let Marco arrange it."
"Thanks for these chips, I’ll give them back to you." Shang Tanglian kept his word.
Huangfuying said, "Leave five million. This is the loss left in our casino. I’m in charge. You can take it back." Anyway, this five million has made up for the loss, and Marco won’t deduct the money left. Huangfuying can see that Shang Tanglian won’t be the thing in the pool. Maybe it will be her time later.
Shang Tang Lian is also welcome, so it’s better. She has earned 10 million more, which is much better than working hard in the stock market.
After things were agreed, Shang Tang Lian took the couple home.