Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Goodbye White Tiger Phantom

I noticed that Chu Fei inserted the key of the secret room into the oval hole one-third instead of inserting the key into the oval hole at one time.
A few seconds after the secret room Shimen Chufei inserted the secret room key into the oval hole, we slowly sank to the ground in front of us.
Chufei Shimen took the key out of the oval hole in Shimen after the reaction of sinking into the ground.
As the front stone gate slowly sank into the ground, I saw a swinging room in the front stone gate.
There is another stone gate as far as the eye can see. The stone gate has oval holes exactly like the stone gate that is slowly sinking into the ground.
Chufei took my grandmother and me straight to the front of the second stone gate. This time, I inserted the key into an oval hole and tried my best.
This time, the keyhole selected by Chufei is different from the first stone gate.
The same scene reappears the second stone gate and slowly sinks into the ground in front of us.
At this time, Chu Fei said that since the establishment of the Snake Chamber, there are only two keys to open the Snake Chamber, and it must be done in accordance with the correct method.
After hearing what Chu Fei said, I asked Chu Fei what would happen if he copied the key to open the chamber of secrets.
Chu Fei told me that no matter how high the imitation key is, it is the secret chamber Shimen. This problem is a word of mouth of the leaders of the Snake Sect.
If the high imitation key opens the Shimen of the Chamber of Secrets, it will not only fail to open the Shimen of the Chamber of Secrets, but also lead the people who were in the tunnel to fall into a trap.
I glanced at grandma and picked her eyebrows. Grandma shook her head and smiled.
Behind the second stone gate is still a swing, followed by the third stone gate.
The third secret room of Shek Mun and the Snake Sect is finally presented to us.
There are stone cabinets with large and small boxes on three sides in the Snake Sect Secret Room.
Chufei went straight to the cupboard and took a box from the cupboard and handed it to grandma with both hands.
Grandma hit the box and took out the red inside.
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Pass me the box after the cloth is wrapped. I took the box and looked into grandma’s hand. I saw grandma hitting the red cloth and there was another square seal in it.
In front of another square seal, I saw in a small village in Zi Shan that the shape of the square seal was exactly the same, and there was indeed a lifelike white tiger phantom in the square seal.
It’s the white tiger phantom in the square seal in grandma’s hand that poses differently.
If two square seals are put together, are the two lifelike white tiger phantom postures head-to-head or tail-to-tail?
Grandma can’t hide her excitement with that seal.
At this time, Chufei told me and grandma that there were two snake seals, and the other one was lost before the seal.
When I heard that Chufei was always another square seal before the Snake Sect, I frankly told Chufei that the other square seal before the Snake Sect was in the hands of my grandmother and me at the moment. I simply told Chufei that there was a female ghost in a small village in Zi Shan.
Chufei was a little stunned and nodded and said, then it’s good to say that the snake sent the seal or it would fall into other people’s hands.
Before looking at it, it became mature and steady overnight. Chu Fei couldn’t help sighing in my heart.
I reached out and patted Chufei on the shoulder and told Chufei that everything would get better. Chufei smiled faintly and said that he knew how to ask me why Xie Yiming didn’t come with us.
I said that Xie Yiming had gone to experience with his master, and Chu Fei said that he wanted me to tell Xie Yiming that I missed him for many days.
I didn’t realize that I hadn’t contacted Xie Yiming for more than half a month.
After leaving the Chamber of Secrets, I urged Chufei to go back and have a good rest. Chufei nodded and agreed to ask Grandma if he could help me.
Grandma said it was time for us to leave the snake pie when she didn’t say it was okay.
Chufei some stupidly, and then tried to keep my grandmother and I for a few days, saying that he hadn’t had a chance to catch up with me.
Grandma shook her head and refused to say that what we are going to do next is not suitable for snake pie, and it has been more than half a month since my summer vacation, and she will take me somewhere else to learn more.
Chufei reluctantly agreed to send me and grandma away from the snake pie.
Chufei, at the gate of the dilapidated courtyard on the ground where the snake was sent, pursed his lips with tears in his eyes.
Seeing that Chufei is now looking like a teenager, I gave Chufei a big hug and said to Chufei with a smile, I will see you later, and said with a smile that Chufei is now a snake faction leader and a man with indomitable spirit.
Chufei’s face appeared and he said with a smile that he also knew that men don’t flick when they have tears.
Pat Chufei on the shoulder again. I smiled and waved goodbye to Chufei and left with grandma.
I didn’t go back to take another look at Chu, but I could feel that Chu Fei had always set up a snake Sect and kept his eyes locked on my grandmother and me at the gate of the courtyard.
If you don’t give up, you can’t change it. You always have to leave the ending, and then you have to live hard. These are all experiences in growing up.
Away from the snake pie, I asked grandma where she was going next.